2023 WWE Night of Champions Odds, Predictions and Latest Rumors

Night Of Champions Picks And Predictions

On Saturday, May 27, the WWE returns to the Jeddah Super Dome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for their Night of Champions PPV event. This card features numerous world title matches and plenty of WWE’s top stars like Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins and AJ Styles.

Speaking of Rollins and Styles, these two superstars will face each other to crown the first WWE World Heavyweight champion. The feud between Rhodes and Lesnar continues in what should be a very physical encounter. And, we have The Bloodline facing Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn one more time, but there is dissention within the family.

WWE betting sites have odds up for the announced lineup. Let’s step inside the squared circle to examine the latest WWE odds, courtesy of BetOnline, take a look at some WWE rumors, and make our Night of Champions predictions.

WWE Night of Champions Card

As of this writing, the following card has been confirmed for Night of Champions:

WWE Intercontinental Title Match

  • (c)Gunther (-5000)
  • Mustafa Ali (+1000)

I really don’t even understand why this match was made other than the continued push of Gunther. Even if that is the case, this bout could easily have been on TV.

The WWE is very high on Gunther and view him as a future main event star. Outside of his terrible name, Gunther is definitely a future world champion. He’s held the Intercontinental Title for almost a year and there’s no sign of Gunther losing it anytime soon.

As you can see, sports betting sites firmly believe that Gunther will continue his IC reign as they’ve listed him as the largest favorite for the entire event.

There’s no reason to even bet this match. Mustafa Ali isn’t worth a flier and Gunther’s odds have absolutely no value. But, if you insist on a wager, then take Gunther as he will easily win this match.

The Bet

RAW Women’s Championship Match

  • (c)Bianca Belair (-200)
  • Asuka (+150)

Both women were drafted to SmackDown and it didn’t take long before the WWE decided to book them in a title match. There’s a rumor that Bianca Belair could turn heel in the near future. However, I don’t see that happening this weekend.

These two stars wrestled at WrestleMania 39 where Belair defeated Asuka to retain the RAW Women’s title. Asuka returned to WWE TV for the first time since WM 39 and immediately went after Belair by spraying her in the face with blue mist.

This match will be entertaining inside the ring. The two women are superstars and will try to steal the show. With that said, I hope Asuka doesn’t lose cleanly again. After all the momentum she had going into WrestleMania, it was surprising to see her take the clean pinfall.

Belair is the smart bet for this matchup. She continues to be one of the top workers for the women’s roster and there’s no indication that WWE is ready to take the belt off of her.

The Bet
Bianca Belair

WWE Singles Match

  • Brock Lesnar (-160)
  • Cody Rhodes (+120)

These two men squared off at WWE Backlash earlier this month and Cody Rhodes came away with a major victory over Brock Lesnar. But can he win two matches in a row against ‘The Beast Incarnate’?

Currently, Lesnar is the slight betting favorite over Rhodes for this rematch after being the underdog at Backlash with odds of +200. Rhodes was the -300 favorite in that encounter.

This bout really comes down to how far the WWE wants take this storyline. Do they want to milk it for a third match or end it now and move Rhodes to another feud?

I’m on the side of the fence that believes the WWE should keep pushing Rhodes to the top and an eventual rematch against Roman Reigns. There’s still a large contingency of fans and pundits who feel that Rhodes will be the one to end Reigns era of domination.

How they get to that rematch is going to be interesting. Nevertheless, it starts with Rhodes surviving a massive beating by Lesnar this weekend and pulling out the victory from the jaws of defeat.

From there, he should win the Money In the Bank briefcase and then challenge Reigns at Summer Slam where I see The Usos helping Rhodes defeat their cousin Roman Reigns.

Take the Rhodes moneyline of +120 odds as there’s plenty of value and plenty of reasons to believe the WWE is not done with pushing him as their top babyface.

The Bet
Cody Rhodes

Undisputed WWE Tag Title Match

  • (c)Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (-500)
  • The Bloodline: Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa (+300)

I was hoping the Owens and Zayn feud with The Bloodline would’ve ended by now. But the WWE has created a compelling twist within the most dominant faction that the company has seen since The Shield.

There’s dissention within The Bloodline as Reigns has returned to his evil ways of belittling and harassing his cousins The Usos. Caught in the middle of this family feud is Solo Sikoa who is the brother of The Usos.

Rumor has it that The Usos are going to split from Reigns and that Sikoa could stay by the side of The Tribal Chief. In fact, some believe that Sikoa could be the one to bounce his brothers from The Bloodline faction.

This family feud is at the heart of the match and will be the storyline that most fans tune in to see. With that said, there’s no reason to think that Owens and Zayn will drop the titles after winning them at WrestleMania 39 against The Usos.

In fact, there are whispers that The Usos could help their former friend Sami Zayn and his partner Kevin Owens win this bout.

Oddsmakers have the tag champs as a large favorite for this matchup and it’s mostly due to the impending blowup of The Bloodline faction. Take the champs to retain the titles and look for a messy finish to this match.

The Bet
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

  • Seth Rollins (-1000)
  • AJ Styles (+500)

Night of Champions has some compelling storylines, but there’s nothing that I’m more excited to see than this bout.

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles are going to tear the house down. These are two of the greatest workers of this generation and they will showcase their talents in what should be an instant classic.

The WWE can’t go wrong with either man as their inaugural World Heavyweight champion. With that said, I see the WWE putting the gold around Rollins’ waist.

AJ Styles is one of my favorite wrestlers, but Rollins is a “WWE guy” and the clear favorite for this matchup. Furthermore, he’s going to have a notable role in the upcoming Captain America: New World Order film. That’s a golden opportunity for the WWE to take advantage of as they have Rollins doing media tours with the belt.

Although only one man can win the title, it’s the fans that will win in the end because of this match. And that’s not something you can say on a regular basis when it comes to WWE booking.

There’s a rumor that NJPW legend Kota Ibushi could make an appearance at Night of Champions. The superstar is still a free agent and did have a feud against Styles back in 2015. I think this is more of a pipe dream than a possibility. But if he does show up, it could be a reason for Styles to lose the match.

The Bet
Seth Rollins
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