2024 WWE WrestleMania Betting Odds, Predictions, and Best Picks

2024 WWE WrestleMania Betting Odds, Predictions, and Best Picks

We have plenty of WrestleMania 40 odds available, so it’s time to explore what the best WWE betting sites have to offer for the two-day event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The long-awaited return of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to professional wrestling will coincide with a tag team match alongside Roman Reigns on WrestleMania XL’s first night. The all-Samoan tag team is slated to take on Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a blockbuster showdown at Lincoln Financial Field.

We have odds for these matches and many more that I cover below. I also share my 2024 WrestleMania predictions and best bets.

All odds in this article are from BetUS, and I expect more to appear as more matches are added to the schedule.

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Women’s World Championship Odds, Prediction, and Betting Pick

  • Becky Lynch (+250)
  • Rhea Ripley (-400)

Our 2024 WrestleMania predictions begin with a pick on the Becky Lynch vs. Rhea Ripley match. Ripley will defend her WWE Women’s World Championship against the former champion.

Lynch is attempting to keep her hot streak after winning the Elimination Chamber match in Ripley’s home country of Australia. The 37-year-old Irish superstar is a six-time WWE Women’s World champion.

She most recently conceded the NXT Women’s Championship to Lyra Valkyria in October 2023. Is it time for WWE to put Lynch back on top with the Women’s World Title?

Since taking on more of a solo career, Ripley has been on fire in the WWE. She’s arguably the biggest attraction in women’s professional wrestling right now.

The 27-year-old native of Australia has held the Women’s World Championship belt since defeating Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39. Aside from messing up a good thing, there is no reason for WWE to stop Ripley’s momentum.

It would be in the promotion’s best interest to allow her to continue the steep ascent in the business. Her career is blossoming, and it shouldn’t end with a loss on WWE’s grandest stage.

Lynch probably deserves another title run before retiring. She’s been absent from the Women’s World Championship picture since 2022. Having said that, Ripley needs this win more to cement her superstardom in the women’s division.

Beating Lynch at WrestleMania is the best strategy to send Ripley way over the top even more than she already is in WWE. While the odds are fairly low, consider Ripley for your 2024 WrestleMania betting picks in April.

The Bet
Rhea Ripley

Iyo Sky vs. Bayley Odds And Prediction

  • Iyo Sky (+500)
  • Bayley (-900)

Former allies of Damage CTRL Iyo Sky and Bayley will settle the score on the big stage at Lincoln Financial Field. Roughly a month ago, on SmackDown, Bayley turned on Damage CTRL after revealing that she was aware of the other members talking behind her back in Japanese.

The 34-year-old native of San Jose, California, challenged Sky to a match at WrestleMania 40 for her WWE Women’s Championship title. As Damage CTRL attacked Bayley, there was a huge face turn occurring as well.

Even as a heel, she has been a well-liked superstar during her tenure with the WWE. Bayley turning face was one of the least surprising storylines to come out of the Damage CTRL faction.

She should be able to gain a big push separating from Damage CTRL and becoming a solo star again. Bayley held the Women’s World Championship for a year from October 2019 to October 2020. It’s likely a good time for her to assert her dominance as a babyface again.

On top of that, Sky’s reign as champion has been slightly on the underwhelming side. She’s a draw and has a strong fanbase, but I don’t believe WWE is using her right, and Sky’s acting is often questionable. 

No doubt that she is terrific in the ring and has a personality, but it almost feels like something is amiss. Sky has been the champ for over 200 days since August 5, 2023.

It lasted a month or two too long. The transition from Sky to Bayley as the Women’s champion should go over well with the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field.

WWE goes from Sky to Bayley who exudes confidence and charisma. She is a valuable member of the WWE women’s roster. The betting odds for WrestleMania 40 afford Bayley an implied chance to win of 92.3% at online betting sites.

The star is most likely going to win the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, but the odds are too low for a pick, so stay away from this one.

Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens vs. Logan Paul Odds, Prediction, and Betting Pick

  • Randy Orton (+425)
  • Kevin Owens (+400)
  • Logan Paul (-450)

After Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, and Logan Paul were defeated in the Elimination Chamber, the three received a consolation match at WrestleMania 40 for the United States Championship in a triple threat match.

Orton has been a regular on WWE programming since making his return to the ring. “The Viper” had been on the injury report since May 2022 with a severe spinal injury.

WWE has been very fast in putting Orton back into the squared circle. He has competed in 15 matches since November 2023. So, what are Orton and Kevin Owens doing competing for a mid-tier title like the United States Championship?

Betting on WrestleMania successfully is about being able to identify what makes the most sense for WWE’s bottom line. Do Orton and Owens need a United States Championship run?

I would have to say confidently that they don’t. The United States Championship belt doesn’t move the needle for either superstar at this stage of their careers.

Owens is 39 and Orton is 43— both are well over with fans. Winning here doesn’t advance their careers in any way.

If Orton wins, would it generate a huge pop at WrestleMania 40? Sure, but it has to be the WWE Championship or bust for him at this juncture. If he remains healthy, it may happen before Orton retires for good.

Meanwhile, I am sure that he would be fine with losing to Paul, who has become a massive marketing draw for WWE. In addition to people tuning in when he’s on TV, Paul’s PRIME sports and energy drink is sponsoring the PPV with a logo in the center of the ring.

Would WWE really advertise his drink during the PPV and then have Paul lose? It doesn’t add up. Nor does the belt going to Orton or Owens do anything for business aside from getting a loud pop.

With 2024 WrestleMania betting odds of -200, this is more of a value line as opposed to Bayley and Ripley. You may not like it, but Paul most likely successfully defends his United States Championship.

Update: a few days before WrestleMania, the odds for Paul have dropped to -400, confirming that my initial bet was a good value. I don’t the current price makes sense, though, so I advise you against betting on the match.

The Bet
Logan Paul

AJ Styles vs. LA Knight Odds, Prediction, and Betting Pick

  • AJ Styles (+400)
  • LA Knight (-700)

This is one of those matches on the WrestleMania 40 card that fans are either going to love or hate. Some wrestling enthusiasts may use this time for a bathroom break, while others will be on the edge of their seats for AJ Styles vs. LA Knight.

Personally, I don’t care much for this match compared to the rest of the card, but as someone who is betting on 2024 WrestleMania, there is an opportunity to potentially win big bucks here. At -500, Knight has an implied probability of 83.3% to beat Styles.

That’s fairly heavy odds in favor of Knight winning. Are these betting odds for WrestleMania 40 justified? I’m not sure.

On an episode of SmackDown, Knight called out Styles in a promo backstage. The encounter garnered a solid response from the fans in attendance. As the heel of the feud, Styles gladly accepted the challenge from Knight.

At the Elimination Chamber PPV, Styles viciously assaulted Knight with a steel chair inside the chamber. Styles as a heel works with me and the spot was well executed by both performers.

The WWE appears to be holding Knight back from his full potential. The guy is 41 years old and a fan favorite, so he deserves a stronger push at some point. Nevertheless, laying -500 odds isn’t a wise selection in this fight, especially if you consider how WWE skipped on other opportunities to boost his career.

The way I see it, Knight has less than an 83.3% chance of beating Styles. Until the WWE provides him with better storylines, dropping -500 odds to back Knight is not good value. Rather than back the favorite, consider the underdog for your WrestleMania 40 best bets.

Update: the odds for AJ Styles are even better than my initial wager several days before WrestleMania, so I stand behind this pick.

The Bet
AJ Styles

Rhodes & Rollins vs. Reigns & The Rock Odds, Prediction, and Betting Pick

  • Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins (+350)
  • Roman Reigns & The Rock (-600)

It’s a busy WrestleMania for Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. All three are pulling double duty with appearances in two matches.

Currently, BetUS does not have WrestleMania 40 odds for Reigns vs. Rhodes and Rollins vs. McIntyre, but the lines for the tag team match are available.

The Rock is the main attraction of WrestleMania 40. While those championship matches should be entertaining, this is likely going to be the most viewed fight of the weekend.

This is going to be a one-off for The Rock until at least next year. He’s a busy man that seems to be everywhere these days. WWE will not be a full-time gig, so teaming up with Reigns is more of a novelty match instead of something that will develop into a deep, consistent storyline.

Fans have been clamoring for Reigns and The Rock in the same ring together at WrestleMania for several years now. That time has finally arrived, as they team up to attempt to take down Rhodes and Rollins.

For the most anticipated fight in Philadelphia, consider adding this one to your WrestleMania 40 picks.

It isn’t going to be the most athletic match of WrestleMania 40, these four superstars in the ring together should be something special.

As far as my WrestleMania predictions for this one, it is tough to fade The Rock in his special match. Despite him being a heel for this run, fans are going to Lincoln Financial Field to witness history with him and Reigns winning.

However, there could be some tension between The Rock and Reigns after the final bell rings. This could be to set up a potential match at a future WrestleMania or SummerSlam.

Regardless, The Rock isn’t returning to WWE to lose at “The Showcase of the Immortals”. I expect an entertaining match, with Reigns & The Rock prevailing at WrestleMania 40. The odds are short, but the outcome looks almost certain.

The Bet
Roman Reigns & The Rock

Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes Odds, Prediction, and Betting Pick

  • Roman Reigns (+250)
  • Cody Rhodes (-400)

After the historic tag team match with The Rock on the first night, Roman Reigns will defend his WWE Universal Championship title against Cody Rhodes.

The current champ has held the WWE Universal title for over 1,300 days1. In August 2020, “The Tribal Chief” defeated Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman to collect the title at WWE Payback.

With over three years as WWE Universal champion, is it finally time for Reigns to relinquish the belt? If it’s going to happen, it will be versus Rhodes, who has been receiving a strong championship push recently.

It hasn’t only been in WWE, Rhodes has gained traction in mainstream media. In January, he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in a silly skit with Dwyane Wade and Ken Jeong.

This wasn’t to promote any WWE event, which suggests the company wants Rhodes in the spotlight. On Wednesday, he was on NBC’s TODAY to promote WrestleMania. Interestingly, it wasn’t Reigns — another sign that WWE wants to push “The American Nightmare”.

Why? He’s a tremendous storyteller and a babyface that many people love to like. The younger audience, in particular, are big fans of Rhodes. That’s great for business. If the wrestling gets into the movie business in the future, it won’t be much of a surprise.

WWE finally found a strong gimmick that works for him, and it paid off handsomely. A year after Reigns edged out Rhodes at WrestleMania 39, expect the belt to change hands. It wouldn’t be a shock to see The Rock interfere and help Rhodes win here.

I projected the WrestleMania 40 odds to be at -700 to -800 for this match, so the current price is actually pretty good.

The Bet
Cody Rhodes

Sami Zayn vs. Gunther Odds, Prediction, and Betting Pick

  • Sami Zayn (+250)
  • Gunther (-400)

Reigns is on a legendary run as the WWE Universal champion, but the Intercontinental Championship is amid a historic streak. Gunther is the longest-reigning Intercontinental champ in title history.

Currently, he’s held the belt for more than 660 days, which eclipsed the Honky Tonk Man’s record2. Gunther will eventually lose the title, and likely get a promotion to being a main event superstar.

The company does not believe he’s ready quite yet. They’ve been building him up for well over a year now. He’s presented as an unstoppable physical force people are scared of as a big heel.

Now, is 39-year-old, six-foot-tall Sami Zayn the guy to end Gunther’s streak? It wouldn’t make any sense. Instead, I expect a young, up-and-coming star to take the Intercontinental title from Gunther in the near future.

Zayn doesn’t fit that description and is likely just a speed bump for Gunther at WrestleMania 40. The champion isn’t a large enough favorite. From my numbers, Gunther’s WrestleMania 40 betting odds should be -650, with an implied probability to win of 86.7%.

Although this isn’t the best return at -400, Gunther is walking out of WrestleMania 40 with the belt slung over his shoulder.

The Bet

Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre Odds, Prediction, and Betting Pick

  • Seth Rollins (+375)
  • Drew McIntyre (-650)

Seth Rollins puts his WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Drew McIntyre. In May 2023, he captured belt with a win over AJ Styles at Night of Champions.

Rollins is nearing a year as champion, but former WWE champion McIntyre is heavily favored to win at WrestleMania 40. At -650, The challenger has an implied chance to win of 86.7%.

McIntyre reportedly signed a contract extension with WWE in February, prolonging his contract past WrestleMania 403. That’s a sign of the promotion’s plan and the main reason he’s a huge favorite here.

If McIntyre didn’t re-up his contract, he’d likely get buried and have no chance in this match. The rivalry would die and that’d be the end. However, WWE writers still have something for McIntyre past WrestleMania 40.

So, what happens versus Rollins? McIntyre is expected to win, but could face immediate pressure from Damian Priest. Remember that Priest owns the Money in the Bank briefcase and can cash in.

McIntyre likely wins the belt, but it may not be for long. A renewed rivalry with Priest and The Judgment Day follows with McIntyre having a brand-new contract. I expect a win for the Scottish wrestler, but madness might ensue following the match.

Pick: Drew McIntyre (-650) BetUS**

The Bet
Drew McIntyre

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