iPhone betting apps put the ability to wager on everything from sports to casino games literally at your fingertips. No longer do you have to be either on site or tethered to a computer gambling site to get all your betting action done. With iPhone betting apps, you have everything you need downloaded on a device that’s accessible to you, making for the ultimate in convenience.

The iPhone has helped to revolutionize the digital world since its introduction, especially with the smart technology attached to it that brought the internet into the portable sphere. Each new edition of the phone causes a major stir and impels fans to wait in line to see all the new features.

But no matter what version you might have, betting apps for iPhone can be a great way for you to make your bets on the go.

Choosing the Best iPhone Betting Apps

We’re here to help you by giving our list of the best iPhone betting sites and betting apps for Apple devices. Take a look.

We can’t stress enough how crucial it is to take your time when choosing from the best iPhone betting apps. The risk you run by choosing the first site you see is major. Remember, just because these are free iPhone betting apps to download, it doesn’t mean you can’t end up experiencing some financial calamity down the road.

You can get started by choosing one of the betting apps for iPhone we listed above. If you want to do the research on your own to find the site that fits you perfectly, make sure to read the following section.

What Makes a Great iPhone Betting App

When you start to do the legwork of finding out which real money iPhone betting apps are for you, you should make a checklist of what’s important to you. Then, you should make sure the app checks off all your boxes.

What should be on that checklist? Here are some important qualities to look for.

Customer Service

If you know anything about online gambling of any sort, you probably know that problems can occur. First of all, there can be glitches which cause some bets to now get made the way you wanted. Or it could come down to how the app interprets its terms and conditions.

No matter the problem, you’ll want it properly and quickly addressed. That’s where customer service comes into play. If you have a feeling that the customer service is lacking, you should find other iPhone betting apps.

Betting Variety

We’ll delve much more deeply into this when we talk about all of the different gambling opportunities you can find on free betting apps for iPhone or other Apple devices. But suffice it to say you should make sure that the app takes care of all your betting needs.

There is something to be said for using different apps for different needs, such as one for casino gambling and iPhone mobile sportsbooks for your sports gambling action. But finding one great iPhone app for them all can give you great convenience.

Simple Interface

When you sign up for a betting app for iPhone, you have to be able to use it with ease. After all, there might be occasions where you are trying to make wagers on the fly, such as if you were trying to get a sports bet in before the start of a game. If you’re confused when you get on the app, you might end up missing out.

Iphone Betting App Banner

Look for iPhone betting apps with a simple, clean interface. You should be able to get to where you need to go within the app with little trouble. And the graphics should be such that you can easily see and find what you need on the screen.

Reliable Banking

You might not realize it, but real money iPhone betting apps will act as banks for you while you’re using their service. In other words, you’ll park money there for your wagers. And you’ll withdraw occasionally to get a hold of that money when you need it.

You wouldn’t choose a bank for your personal finances without first checking on its reliability. That’s why you should take the time to make sure that the iPhone betting site you choose can handle your monetary demands in a way that makes you comfortable. It’s the only way you can have peace of mind when your money is on the line.

Betting Bonuses

As we mentioned above, you’ll find no shortage of iPhone betting apps when you search the Apple app store. And these apps will all want to secure your business. To that end, don’t be surprised when you get offers for bonuses on your deposits and your bets when you start to look them over.

You should read the fine print of these bonuses closely, since most come with restrictions and conditions. But you should choose either iPhone sportsbooks apps or iPhone casino apps, in part, based on how these lucrative these bonuses will be. After all, every little bit will give a boost to your bottom line.

How to Get Started With an iPhone Gambling App

If you’re a person who has issues with technology, we know it can be daunting to try something like a gambling app if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, the process for getting started with a real money iPhone betting apps is simple even for a technophobe. Take a look.

  1. Search the Store: When you first click on the app store icon on your iPhone, you’ll see a search area. You just need to type in keywords that relate to your search, such as “best betting app on iPhone” or “real money iPhone sports betting apps.” You’ll get a list of possibilities from which you can choose.
  2. Downloading the App: Once you’ve decided on the right iPhone betting app, you’ll simple click on the download icon. Keep in mind that this will use up some data on your phone, so you should make sure you have the space and don’t have any data limits that could lead to fees. The actual process of downloading the app shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes, if that.
  3. Providing the Information: You’ll have to give personal information and financial information to get started with these iPhone betting apps. Some method of funding the account, such as credit cards or, if available, cryptocurrency, must be utilized. At this point, you’ll also have to enter a user name and password so that you don’t have to go through this process every time you want to play.
  4. Pick Your Game and Play: That’s it. It’s that simple to get started with a real money iPhone app. Most of these are free to download, and you’ll only start to see money change when you make your wagers.

Different Types of iPhone Betting Apps

You might find certain iPhone betting apps that are specific to a very narrow type of gambling. For example, you might find an app that is entirely focused on football betting. If that’s all you like to play, that can be perfect for you.

But more than likely, you’ll be interested in a broader spectrum of games and gambling opportunities.

Most apps can be broken down into two main categories, casino apps or iPhone mobile sports betting apps, with our focus here on the sports betting side of the equation. You can also find some top gambling apps that take care of all of that in a kind of one-stop shop for gambling.

Let’s break down these categories a bit.

iPhone Sportsbook Apps

In the old days, the only way that you could make a bet on a sporting event was to contact a bookie. Aside from the illegality of it, it could bring you into contact with a dangerous element. Sports betting websites soon followed, but you need to have internet connection to get the job done with those.

With iPhone mobile sportsbooks, you can bet on your favorite sports without having to resort to other methods. And the process is simplified to a degree that you can have your bets in with a few clicks here and there.

As with any other type of gambling on iPhone betting apps, you have to understand that there might be restrictions in place. You might be restricted to the sports offered by the iPhone sportsbook apps you’re using. And there also be issues with the limits you can bet.

How Sports Wagering at Real Money iPhone Sports Apps Works

For those unfamiliar with sports betting as a whole, there is great variety at your disposal at iPhone sports betting apps. First of all, there are so many sports, team and individual, that you can find throughout the world. At any point day or night, considering that there are events taking place all over the world, you should be able to find some kind of game, match or other contest that piques your interest.

Please Note:
Within those sports, there are different ways to bet besides picking the winner of the game. You can use point spreads, which are used by oddsmakers at the best apps for sports gambling to balance out two opposing sides. Or you can make proposition bets, which are specialized wagers meant to highlight a single aspect of a sports contest.

However you choose to do it, make sure that any real money iPhone sports betting apps you choose are tailored to the bets and sports that you prefer. It will take just a little bit of searching to find all this out. You should also be aware of the specific bonuses that are tailored to sports bettors.

iPhone Horse Racing Betting

There is no sport as tied to the world of betting as horse racing. In fact, betting on horse racing has been legal in most jurisdictions for decades, as opposed to sports betting, which has only recently made that jump in recent years. As a result, many iPhone betting apps cater to horse racing aficionados.

Horse racing is popular around the world. Although there are subtle variations in these different areas, the basic gist of it is the same. You’ll be trying to pick the best horses and reap the rewards when they do well.

Let’s take a look at the two main types of horse racing betting.

Pari-Mutuel Wagering

This is the system of wagering which has been the dominant force in horse racing for many years. It basically means that you’ll be getting payback based on what other gamblers are doing. Your odds will keep changing right up until the race starts, which means that you could have far different odds before the race from where they were when you bet.

Fixed Odds

Fixed-odds wagers are a bit rarer in horse racing than you find on other sports, but you will often find them on big races like the Kentucky Derby. For example, you might be able to pick a horse months in advance of the race and lock in favorable odds. The risk that you run in that situation is that your horse might not even make it to the race.

iPhone Casino Betting

Iphone Casino Games App
This article is focused on the sports betting part of the equation. But keep in mind that there iPhone betting apps that allow you to wager and win real money through casino-style games like video slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and many other games found in casinos. If you choose a sports betting app that has casino-style capability, it can give you much more versatility.

The Advantages of iPhone Apps


This is the ultimate advantage of using a betting app, whether it’s for an iPhone or other Apple connected device. You can basically bet wherever you are, whenever you want.

It’s the ultimate in modern, on-the-go convenience.

It can be extremely difficult for gamblers to get to a sportsbook whenever they wish. Maybe you don’t have one near you, or maybe you are also just unable to get away and get to one, even if it is local. Horse racing fans are often limited by the lack of off-track wagering facilities near them.

Yet none of this is a worry with iPhone betting apps. Once you have the app downloaded on your device, your casino/sportsbook/off-track wagering site will also be with you. There are basically no restrictions in place.


Some people might like the action and amenities of a sportsbook. But others might find the experience intimidating. This is especially true when you’re trying to gamble on games but you don’t exactly know the process of how to lay down the bet to a live person or at a sports betting kiosk.

For Example:
Let’s say you go up to a betting window to make a wager on a game that’s starting in just a few minutes. Other gamblers can get frustrated and direct those frustrations at you if they think that you’re taking too long. Instead of a fun experience, it can be extremely stressful.

With an iPhone betting app, you don’t have to concern yourself with any of that. You can settle in and learn all the ins and outs as you go without having to deal with anybody else. That will make for a much more relaxed experience.


You might be the type that doesn’t care about your gambling exploits in terms of how other people view it. But most people prefer a modicum of privacy when they do their gambling. And that can be difficult if you’re forced to make wagers at a physical casino or sportsbook.

When you’re using an iPhone gambling app, the bets that you make are between you and the app.

Nobody will be rubbernecking to see how much you bet on. In terms of sports, it can also be freeing to not have everyone know how you’re betting.

If you’ve ever been a sportsbook within a casino or as a standalone, you know that it can feel at times like everybody is watching what you’re doing. That problem disappears when you use iPhone betting apps. Your wagers are nobody else’s business, and the app ensures it stays that way.


This is a benefit that is especially helpful when it comes to those who use iPhone betting apps for casino wagering. It can be difficult to get your wagers in when you’re in a casino. Sometimes the dealers, croupiers, and other casino employees move at what seems like a lightning pace.

That can be problematic for a number of reasons.

  • First of all, it can cause you to miss out on opportunities if you can’t make your decisions fast enough.
  • In addition, you can find yourself gambling more money than you wanted because you’re playing every hand or round at the pace the casino chooses.

With an iPhone gambling app, you never have to worry about getting shut out, as they say in the casino, since you’ll be the one initiating things. This can certainly come into play when you’re talking about sports betting or horse racing betting as well. That kind of control will allow you to tailor everything to what you’re seeking in terms of the amount that you wager over a specific period of time.


Most bonuses that you get at gambling apps come with some sort of condition attached. The main thing that the app wants to avoid is someone pocketing a bonus without ever using it to gamble. That’s why rollover restrictions are in place—to ensure that you gamble with the bonus before you can collect any winnings.

If you find that funding options are limited at a specific app, it could cause issues with your gambling. For example, a certain bank card or credit card might deny using funds for gambling purposes, or maybe those cards have big fees attached to them that you don’t want to incur. In any case, the more funding options a real money gambling app for iPhone possesses, the better it is for you as a gambler.

In general, betting apps work better for gamblers who like to bet lower amounts, since you can often find lower limits than you would in casinos or sportsbooks. Yet many apps are more than willing to please high rollers. You should contact customer service at an iPhone betting app to find out about these limits before signing up.

In many cases, you might find that you would be out of luck in that situation and you’d have to settle for not wagering on the game. But if you talk to customer service on iPhone betting apps, you might find that they are amenable to providing special arrangements for you, especially if you are a loyal bettor. The worst they can do is say no, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Basically, an exotic wager is any one that includes more than one horse. For example, you might try to pick the winner of several races in a row, or you might want to pick the top two, three, or four in the order of finish of a specific race. In any case, these exotic wagers are also known for the fact that they allow you to make a lot of money from a small amount bet.


We hope this article has given you a strong foundation on the world of iPhone betting apps. Once you start using these apps, you’ll find out how convenient, easy, and fun they are to use. And since you always have your iPhone with you, you’ll never be too far from your next betting opportunity.

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