Real Money iPhone Gambling Apps

Apple LogoiPhone casino apps pretty much take the experience of gambling in a casino and put it in the palm of your hands. Since iPhones are so popular, these apps come in handy for people who want to do their gambling on the go. You can play these apps for real money and have access to all the games you can find in a casino without any of the hassle that casino gambling sometimes adds to the process.

The world of online gambling has moved beyond simply websites that can be played on your computer. Since people are so used to using mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and even watches, casino apps have sprung up to give people betting opportunities when you’re on the move.

And since the iPhone is the most well-known brand in the mobile world, you’ll have no trouble finding the best iPhone gambling apps there.

In the following article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about iPhone mobile casino apps for real money. We’ll talk about how to choose the best apps to make sure you can wager safely and have the most enjoyable experience. And we’ll talk about how the apps work while also explaining some of the top casino games you can find on them.

The Best Casino Apps for iPhone and iPad

Before we get into the heart of what mobile gambling apps are all about and how you can play your favorite games on them, it’s probably a good idea to get you started by telling you which iPhone casino apps are the best. In that way, you can start to do some exploring. Here is our heavily-researched, gambler-friendly list of the iPhone casino apps available:

Online Casino
Bonus Get Started
1Las Atlantis Logo Las Atlantis Logo

Las Atlantis
280% up to $14,000 Go to Site
2 Wild Casino Logo

Wild Casino
250% up to $5,000 Go to Site
3 Super Slots Logo

Super Slots
250% up to $6,000 Go to Site
4 BetUS Casino Logo

BetUS Casino
200% up to $5,000 Go to Site
5 BetOnline Casino Logo

BetOnline Casino
100% up to $3,000 Go to Site

What do these apps have in common? Well, they are established, meaning that they aren’t fly-by-night operations. In addition, the feedback we’ve received from other gamblers is uniformly positive, especially when considering some of the other apps on the market.

But more than anything else, we can assure you that these apps rank very well in terms of certain aspects of the mobile online gambling experience. In the next section, we’ll explain what some of those characteristics are, so that you can go ahead and do some research on your own.

What Makes an Outstanding iPhone Casino App?

  • Reliable Banking: You have to remember that the app will be handling your gambling account, which essentially makes it like a bank to you. As a result, you’ll want to make sure that the methods that the iPhone casino app uses to take your deposits and process your withdrawals are safe and trustworthy. And it will also help if the app has a wide variety of options for funding, such as many different brands of credit cards and alternative methods like cryptocurrency.
  • Nice Graphics: Remember that you might be spending a lot of time on your iPhone casino app for real money, which means that you’ll want it to look and work well. You’ll also want it to be easily navigable, so that you can switch to different games with no problem. Check out the iPhone casino apps to make sure they’re easy on your eyes and ears.
  • Smooth Gameplay: It’s important to find an iPhone casino app that ensures you the kind of glitch-free game play that gives you peace of mind. After all, if you end up playing games that freeze or don’t work, it could end up costing you money. The concept is simple, but important: the app has to work correctly.
  • Game Variety: This aspect is more than just finding a wide variety of casino games with a mobile app. It’s also about finding variety within each larger category of games. For example, if you’re an online slot enthusiast, you’ll want an iPhone casino app that puts the biggest selection of slot simulations within your grasp.
  • Competitive Bonuses: You shouldn’t settle on any iPhone casino apps for real money until you find out what kind of bonuses that can give you to beef up your gambling bottom line. How aggressive are they in terms of the deposit bonuses they offer? And how active are they in offering you VIP perks if you’re a frequent gambler on the app?
  • Customer Service Excellence: The first thing you should on an iPhone casino app is to look to see what kind of contact information is provided to you. You should also make sure to choose the apps that have the best record of customer service. That means that they take care of any issues you might encounter while you’re doing your real money gambling at these apps.

Types of Casino Games Found on iPhone Casino Apps

When you walk into a casino, it might be overwhelming at first when you see the different sections containing table games and machines. You might be wondering where to even find your favorite action. But the best mobile iPhone casino apps will put all of that on your connected device in concise fashion, easily navigated and understood.
Iphone Casino App Banner
Here are some of the games that you might be able to find at iPhone casinos or other real money gambling apps.

Slot Machines

People love slot machine play because of how simple it is and the chance that you can win a lot for a small wager. As a result, there are tons of real money slots apps for iPhone. The scale might be smaller, in terms of the size of the screen, but the action and the potential for winning is the same as at traditional casino locations.

At iPhone casino apps, you can generally find the top brands of slots that are located in casinos around the world. But many of these apps also include proprietary games that let you enjoy a different casino than you can actually get in the casino. You’ll be spinning a simulated slot on an iPhone casino app, but you’ll have the chance to win just as much.

There’s nothing quite like a great real money slots app.

Video Poker

Many people think of video poker in the same terms as slot machines because they are often found in the same sections in casinos. But video poker adds the twist that you can use strategy. As a result, your decisions will impact whether or not you win or lose.

Like slot machines, there are wide variety of video poker variations that you can try at iPhone casino app. There are games with special pay tables, unique twists on gameplay, wild card play, and the chances to play multiple hands at once. As a result, video poker is one of the most customizable experiences you can have in an online casino on an iPhone app.


When you start to talk about poker, you start to get into games where you might think that an online version would be lacking. In actuality, iPhone casino apps have simply streamlined the experience. You get all the excitement of a poker room from wherever you are in the world.

You’ll be able to find popular versions of poker such as Texas Hold‘em on mobile gambling apps for iPhone. But you’ll also be able to locate the games which feature the kind of betting limits that fit with your comfort level. And you don’t even have to worry about keeping a good poker face when you get that great hand.


Blackjack is one of the most popular of all table games found in iPhone casinos. You can play for a long time with a relatively small bankroll. And the gameplay is easy enough that it can be learned in a snap, meaning that even beginners can hope to win right off the bat.

On iPhone casino apps, blackjack can be tailored to the kind of action you want. That means you can locate the different rules that make the game more beneficial to the player. In addition, you can usually find apps that include live dealers, which can give you more of the casino experience.

Other Games

Here is just a smattering of some of the other popular casino games that you can find on iPhone casino apps:

  • Roulette: You can watch the virtual wheel spin and pick your favorite numbers. Most iPhone casino apps include both the European and American versions of the game. Choose between going big for single-number bets or playing it safer with even-money wagers.
  • Craps: Just one roll of the dice can mean a big payback. If you’re playing virtually on an iPhone casino app, you can learn all the intricacies of the different bets. That’s something that isn’t easy to do in the pressurized environment of the casino.
  • Baccarat: This is another game that can be hard to understand in the casino setting. But on iPhone casino apps, you can learn it more in-depth and also bet with lower limits. It’s a luck-based game that can provide excellent payback.
  • Keno: Choose how many numbers you want to pick and wait for the bouncing balls to show up on the screen. If they match, you could win big. iPhone casino apps have a wide variety of keno options available to you.

How to Gamble on iPhone Casino Apps

If you’re the type who doesn’t usually deal with technology too well, you might be a bit leery about trying out an online mobile gambling app. The good news is that cellphones are so prevalent these days that most people have some sort of comfort level with them. And since that’s the case, it also means that they should have a knowledge of apps.

Yet even if you feel completely at sea in terms of apps, the process for playing casino games on these apps is relatively simple. Take a look at this step-by-step walk-through:

  1. Going to the App Store: If you have an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple-brand connected device, you’ll have the app store already loaded and waiting for you. Click on it to get started.
  2. Searching Casino Apps: Once you’re in the app store, you’ll want to go to the search bar and type in what kind of casino app you’re seeking. This could be the specific name of the app, in case you already know which of the best iPhone casino apps you want to use. Or it could be a more general term, such as “casino,” “video poker,” or even “gambling.”
  3. Download Your App: Most of the best iPhone casino apps must be downloaded onto your device, a process which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. If you have some sort of data plan, you should realize that the download will count towards that. This could also be an issue if your device is running short of memory.
  4. Sign Up: Once the iPhone casino app is on your device, click on it to begin the signup process. You’ll have to provide some personal information to get started. And you’ll construct a username and password, which you’ll use any time you go into the app to make sure all your gambling progress is recorded.
  5. Fund Your Account: Now, you have to put in the financial information you’ll be using to deposit money that will be the source of your bets. As we mentioned above when talking about banking, this might mean a credit card. Or it could be something like the ID information for the Bitcoin you’ll be using.
  6. Choose Your Game: If you’ve chosen your iPhone casino app wisely, you’ll be able to navigate between the different games easily. Pick one and it will appear on the screen.
  7. Build a Bankroll: Once you have funding in your gambling account, you’ll then choose how much you want to use for your gambling session. Try to only include as much in your bankroll that you’re okay with losing. And try to stick to that limit instead of dipping back in for more.
  8. Start Playing: You’re ready to play the game and, hopefully, win big.

Why Choose iPhone Casino Apps

  • You can take your gambling with you on the go. No longer do you have to battle with crowds and traffic as you head to the casino just to play your favorite games. And you can even escape your computer, since you can play iPhone casino apps on mobile devices.
  • You can try out your favorite games risk-free. Most of the top iPhone casino apps allow you the opportunity to play sample versions of different casino games without putting any money at risk. That means that you can see which games fit your tolerance for risk and reward.
  • You can enjoy complete privacy while you play. If you’re in the casino, you have to deal with people rubbernecking to see what it is you’re doing. When you’re using a real-money iPhone casino app, there won’t be any of that.
  • You have a little bit more control over how and when you play. In casinos, the pace of play for a certain game is dictated by the employee running the game. That isn’t the case with an iPhone casino app, where you decide when the next hand, spin, or game begins.
  • You can find the games that are right for you much easier. In a casino, you’re limited to the games they have, and you can’t even be assured you’ll have a spot to play those games if it’s extremely crowded. By searching through the various iPhone casino apps available to you, you should be able to not only the find the game you want but ensure that you get to play it.

Free iPhone Casino Apps

In this section, we’ll be looking at the best free gambling apps for iOS devices and breaking down 2 interpretations of that phrase.

  • Free to Play iPhone Casino Apps
  • Free to Download iPhone Casino Apps

It’s important to understand the difference between these before you go out and start downloading gambling apps to your iPhone.

Free Play Casino Apps in the App Store

Not all casino apps for iPhone require real money deposits. This is true, but don’t get too excited or start planning what you’ll be doing with your millions.

It’s also important to note that not all gambling apps allow users to win real money.

Most free casino apps for iOS devices fall into the “practice play” or “play for fun” realm. What this means is that you can play online slots on your iPhone or iPad as well as various other casino games, but you won’t be winning any real money for your efforts.

They can still be a great way to get started in mobile casino gambling if you’re apprehensive. There are over 240 casino apps in the apple store that you can check out today to get the hang of things.

Free Download iOS Gambling Apps

The good news is that almost all of the top real money iPhone casino apps are free to download. For online casinos like the ones recommended at the top of this page, you can simply visit the site and start playing or download the site to your home screen for future convenience.

These sites want to gain as many users as possible so they’ve made their platforms free to download and free to signup.

We personally recommend that you don’t spend any money downloading an iPhone casino app unless you know for sure it’s reputable and will payout real cash winnings. As mentioned above, most of the legit iOS apps for casino gaming don’t have that pay wall to get started.

iPhone Casinos FAQ

It is absolutely legal to wager real money (and win real money in return) on iPhone casino apps. The app wouldn’t be included within the store if it were in some way doing something illegal. However, you might find that some of your funding options might be limited due to laws in various jurisdictions, which is why you should look for apps with excellent funding variety.

If all you want to play is a single game you might be happy with an iPhone slots app or a video poker specific app, but keep in mind that your interests might change as time passes. By choosing an iOS app with a wide variety of real money games, you’ll ensure that your play will never grow stale.

Depending on the iPhone casino you select you should be able to play any game you've ever seen at a traditional casino. From slots to blackjack to poker and even sports betting. The best iPhone casinos have it all.

Currently there are over 240 unique gambling apps that US customers can find in the Apple store.

Not at all! You can also play real money casino games from any desktop computer, tablet, or android device.

Yes. All of the real money iPhone casino apps we've recommended have been tested on iPhones, iPads, and even Mac Books and have worked wonderfully.

No! Some iPhone gambling sites have one goal and that's to steal money from unsuspecting users. You can learn more about these sites and how to avoid them on our casino blacklist.

Generally winnings will be paid out in under 5 days regardless of what withdrawal method you select. Some like cryptocurrencies can be much faster than that.