Southerners living in or visiting the great state of Tennessee will have to look outside the state lines if they want to gamble for real money in person. Luckily, you can play online casino games for money in Tennessee and can still get into the action without having to load up the wagon and head out of town!

Yes, these online TN gambling sites offer real money action on all of your favorite games — slots, craps, blackjack, keno, bingo, scratchers, baccarat, and more!

And did we mention you can get all of this conveniently without ever having to leave the house? All of the TN online casinos we recommend are mobile friendly. You can also download Tennessee casino apps and find your favorite games there! With technology advancing, there are so many convenient options the enhance your online gambling experience.

Why These Are the Best Options for Gambling Online in Tennessee

Tennessee Online Casinos

These online Tennessee gambling sites are the safest and most trusted options. The number one reason we love these real money Tennessee online casinos is that they are safe and trusted operators.

The bulk of our review process involves studying each casino to see if you, your money, your bets, and your personal information will be safe.

Any inkling or hint of something off, and that TN online casino is scratched from our list for good.

You will have the widest array of high-quality games to choose from. The entire point of gambling online is to have fun! And one of the best ways to ensure a great time gambling is to have access to all of your favorite games.

Each of the top Tennessee casinos online listed here has an incredibly long list of available games from the top providers. You’ll see a healthy mix of the latest, greatest, and forever classics.

Getting signed up and playing is easy. You’re looking for fun and entertainment, not work. All of the best Tennessee casinos online are easy to get signed up with and completely user-friendly.

This means that finding games, making deposits, processing withdrawals, and actually playing the games is easy! If it feels like you need a computer science degree to get through any aspect of the experience, it’s a no from us.

You’ll get rewarded with some really great Tennessee casino bonuses. One of the neatest parts of gambling online in Tennessee are the bonuses! The top providers do a masterful job of rewarding existing players and offering Tennessee casino bonuses to bring in new players.

Our team makes sure to list TN online casinos that know how to take care of their players!

The number one benefit of gambling online in Tennessee is convenience. In some states, this is the convenience over gambling at a local casino. However, for residents of TN, it means the difference of getting on a plane or driving to a different state versus staying at home on your couch.

Another great option would be to download Tennessee gambling apps right to your mobile device! The best Tennessee online casinos give you the opportunity to play all of your favorite games for real money at any time of the day—24/7/365.

Online Gambling Laws in Tennessee

Law Icon

When it comes to gambling laws in the state of Tennessee, it’s not a bright picture.

The state currently has no brick and mortar casinos thanks to the tough stance the legislature takes on the games.

That all being said, many online casinos still choose to serve customers within the state limits.

The reason for this is that a lot of the laws on the books are geared more towards the casino operators and not to you as the player.

So the big question: Is gambling online in Tennessee illegal?

It’s a gray area. To date, and to our knowledge, no one has ever been arrested, charged, or even investigated for gambling online in TN.

We suggest that if you want to get a clear answer to the question, you should reach out to a gaming attorney in the state. You should always be sure you’re complying with the law so you can safely enjoy your favorite online casino games.

TN Online Casino Banking Options

A big concern that a lot of people have when choosing to gamble online is how they get money loaded up and how they cash out their winnings. Sadly, our computers and phones don’t work like ATM machines.

But we do have access to a lot of digital banking methods that can help. If your concern with using Tennessee casino sites is the banking, we have good news—you have nothing to worry about!

Most of the top Tennessee casino apps have several high-quality, trusted options you can use to make a deposit and cash out your winnings.

Some of the more popular options include things like:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Wire transfers
  • Paper checks
  • PayPal
  • E-wallets
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Money services

Generally, deposits are instant which means no waiting around to play. For cashouts the timeframe depends heavily on the medium you choose, the amount you’re withdrawing, and if it’s your first withdrawal.

The fastest payout Tennessee online casinos generally pay customers between about one to five business days with most methods.

Tennessee Casino Bonuses Online

Tennessee Online Casinos Bonuses

Many of the top online gambling sites in Tennessee offer some really incredible bonuses for new and existing players. Yes, you heard that right. You can get free stuff just for choosing to gamble online! If you’re interested in getting your hands on some free money and free perks, you’ve got a ton of great options.

One of the most popular online bonus options you’ll see at these casino sites is a welcome bonus. This is a package of perks given to new players to entice them to check out a new casino. Generally, this involves free money to match your deposit.

For Example:
TN online casino apps might offer you a 200% match bonus on your deposit. That means if you deposit $100, you’ll actually end up with $300 in your account! It’s pretty awesome if you ask us.

You do need to be aware that you won’t be able to immediately cash out the bonus money, though. If TN online casino sites did that, people would deposit and immediately cash out over and over again.

Instead, you’re required to gamble with the money a certain number of times to “clear” your bonus. This is how the casino sites make sure it’s a fair deal for everyone.

In case you’re wondering, you can ALWAYS cash out your money without any of these requirements. This only applies to bonus dollars.

In addition to welcome bonuses, you may see reload bonuses, special daily perks, freeroll contests, giveaways, drawings, and a whole lot more. Some of the top Tennessee casino sites are masters when it comes to creatively rewarding loyal players.

Other Real Money Gambling Options for Tennessee Gamblers

Poker Chips Playing Cards Sportsbooks and Sports Balls

Casino action isn’t the only way to get your gamble on in the state of Tennessee! If you’re looking for more action, possibly in skill-based games where you can have an edge, you may want to check out the Tennessee sports betting sites or online poker sites you have at your disposal. You can also place bets on your favorite sports team by downloading the best betting apps to your mobile device.

Whether you’re looking to bet on an NFL game, fire a bet on the ponies, or try your hand at some no-limit Texas Hold’em, you’ve got options.

In-Person Casinos in Tennessee
If you’re looking for real money casino action in person in Tennessee, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Currently, the state has zero brick and mortar casino options for Tennessee residents and guests to enjoy.

Staying Safe at Tennessee Online Casinos

Only Use Trusted TN Online Casinos

We can’t say this one enough. Stick to the beaten path. Don’t trust Tennessee casinos online that haven’t been fully tested and vetted for safety and security. You can do everything right on your end, but if you’re playing somewhere unsavory, you’re at risk.

Hold Up Your End of the Bargain

As we just alluded to, there are things that you need to do to stay safe when using Tennessee online casino sites. You can buy the safest boat in the harbor.

But if you don’t wear a life jacket and drive the boat into the rocks, you’re not going to have a good time. Here are a few quick things to take into account when using the best online casinos in TN:

  • Use a strong password
  • Change your password often
  • Keep your antivirus up to date
  • Keep your computer up to date
  • Don’t log into your account from a phone or computer that’s not yours
  • Don’t log into your account on a shared network that’s not yours

Do a Personal Audit Periodically

Every few months, you should take a few minutes and check yourself for security and safety. By answering these questions every now and then, you can really set yourself up for success.

  • Is the online Tennessee casino you’re using still safe?
  • Have you changed your password recently?
  • Is your computer still up to date?
  • Are there any things you could be doing to make your online gambling experience safer?

Only Gamble When You’re in the Right Frame of Mind

If you’re upset, angry, emotional, drunk, or intoxicated—it’s probably not the best time to gamble. Remember, gambling is about having fun. If you find yourself making decisions and taking risks you normally wouldn’t, it’s not the right time to play.

FAQs About Tennessee Online Casinos

The gambling laws in the state of Tennessee are a bit of a gray area. Overall, the state takes a hard stance on gambling. However, many of those hard-stance laws are directed towards the casino operators and not so much to you as a player. For a concrete answer to this question, you will want to reach out to a gaming attorney familiar with the state's laws.

Yes, you have a lot of great options when it comes to Tennessee gambling online. Your options include online casinos, online poker rooms, and online sportsbooks. At casinos, expect to have action on slots, table games, keno, bingo, scratchers, specialty games, and more. You can also download Tennessee gambling apps and play from your mobile device. With technology today, the options for Tennessee gambling online are endless!

Yes and no. Can you trust ALL online casinos in TN? No. Can you trust Tennessee casino apps and online TN casinos that have been vetted by our security and compliance team? Absolutely. One of the main reasons that we put guides like this together is to help you find the TN casino sites you can trust. If you stick to the options we've already worked through, you'll have nothing to worry about. If you stray and go with a random site we've never tested, it may or may not be safe.

The legal gambling age in the state of Tennessee is 18 years old. This limit applies to in-person gambling as well as playing online, though there are currently no land-based casinos in the state.

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