If the name El Royale Casino doesn’t ring a bell for you, we wouldn’t be surprised. The reason behind that is because it’s one of the most recent entrants into the space. Due to that, we asked our team of online gambling experts to perform an in-depth review of their entire operation. On this page, you’ll find all the information you need to make an informed decision relating to if El Royale Casino is one you should consider using.

If you’re looking for something specific about El Royale Casino, check out the section titles included below. You can click on any of these if you’d like to jump ahead to one of them immediately. Otherwise, keep scrolling to view all the content contained in our complete review of this new online casino.

Review of the El Royale Casino

To get the ball rolling, we wanted to present you with all the pertinent details you’ll want to know about the actual casino portion of El Royale’s website. In this section, you’ll learn about how many games they offer, what kinds there are, and more.

Live Casino

Are you into live dealer casino games? If you are, then you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to enjoy playing them on El Royals Casino. In total, we discovered four game type options at the time of our review: baccarat, Super 6, roulette, and blackjack.

El Royale Live Dealer

If you’ve never tried a live dealer casino game before, we’d urge you to check them out. In this exciting online game format, you’ll get to play the game while watching the live action unfold with a real dealer in a casino somewhere around the globe.

El Royale Slot Machines

The most extensive collection of casino game types found on El Royale Casino is their online slots collection. Here, you’ll have access to more than 120 games to choose from. One thing we enjoyed about the slots lineup on El Royale was the progressive machines that were available.

El Royale Games

During our review, one of them had an associated jackpot of over $3,500,000!

Table Games

Another portion of the El Royale Casino is their table games section. In this area, you’ll find nearly 20 types of traditional online table games you can play. While the collection size itself isn’t as large as some other online casinos, El Royale still has an excellent representation of all the significant table game types.

El Royale Poker Games

Check out this area of the casino if you’re into playing games like blackjack, poker, baccarat, and more.

Video Poker Offered at El Royale

Fans of video poker also won’t be disappointed in what they’ll find at El Royale Casino. With more than 50 video poker games to choose from.

El Royale Online Poker Games

One remarkable thing about the video poker collection from El Royale is you can play up to 52 hands at once.

Specialty Games

One other small portion of the El Royale Casino is their specialty games section. Here, there are three non-ordinary casino games to choose from. Your choices include keno, Fish Catch, and Banana Jones. Consider trying some of these games out when you want a change of pace from typical casino gaming options.

Gaming Software

El Royale Casino has chosen to use games from a singular gaming software provider. As you experience the excellent games for yourself on their platform, each of them will have come from RealTime Gaming. If you’re not familiar with that name, it’s essential to know they’re one of the leading providers in the industry. In turn, you’ll find all high-quality games on El Royale Casino, thanks to their choice of a software provider.

El Royale Casino User Interface

During our review of El Royale Casino, our team made a few notes relating to the overall user interface. We’ve included these details below so you can learn our thoughts about the UI of this online casino.

  • Functionality: From a functionality standpoint, the user interface of El Royale Casino was well-designed. We found it easy to navigate and locate what we were searching for at all times during our review of their operation.
  • Mobile Compatibility: If you’d like to play games from your phone, that’s an option with El Royale Casino. They have a quality mobile responsive design that fits any device screen perfectly. Just point your mobile device’s browser to their main website, and you’ll be able to begin playing in a matter of moments.
  • Download Casino: Currently, there is not a download casino option for El Royale Casino. Right now, your only way to play is through their instant play website. However, it does sound like there will be a casino download option coming from El Royale soon.
  • Design: We enjoyed the look of El Royale Casino. With its primary mix of black and purple colors, it provides an elegant feel which stands out from many other online casinos.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Before you can start playing on El Royale Casino for real money, you’ll need to make your opening deposit. Below, you can review all the different banking methods you’ll have available to use for making deposits on their platform. In addition, we’ve also added the banking options for account withdrawals.


Method Minimum Maximum
Visa $30.00 $1,000
Mastercard $30.00 $1,000
Bitcoin $20 $2,500
Gift Card $25 $500
Neosurf $10 $250


Method Minimum Maximum Timeline Casino Fees
Visa $150 $2,500 3-4 Business Days None
Mastercard $150 $2,500 3-4 Business Days None
Bank Transfer $150 $2,500 5 Business Days None
Bitcoin $150.00 $2,500 1-3 Business Days None

For such a new online casino, we’re pleased with the current selection of banking options clients have access to for deposits and withdrawals from their accounts. We especially like that El Royale Casino doesn’t charge clients any fees when making withdrawals. In the future, it would be great to see El Royale add other banking methods to the mix to increase options for their customers.

Bonuses and Promotions at El Royale Casino

12,500 Welcome BonusAre you interested in scoring some bonus cash, free spins, and more while playing casino games online? If so, then you’ll be pleased with the quality collection of bonuses and promotions El Royale Casino brings to the table. Check out the highlights below of some of our favorites we found at the time of our review.

  • Welcome Bonuses: To get the most bonus bang for your buck at El Royale Casino, you’ll want to consider claiming one of their excellent welcome bonuses. Through these offers, you’ll have the ability to earn up to $12,500 of bonus cash thanks to a generous bonus match. Alongside the bonus match, there are also options to receive free spins on some of the top slot machines in their casino.
  • Special Offers: To help ensure clients always have an extensive collection of bonus options, El Royale Casino provides special bonuses that change regularly. With these exclusive bonuses, you’ll have the ability to earn free spins, chips, and added bonus cash. Find all the latest special bonuses from El Royale Casino on their promotions page of their website.
  • Game of the Month Promotion: One other excellent way to earn bonus cash and spins regularly while playing on El Royale Casino is to take advantage of their game of the month offer. With this promotion, the casino will select one of the games on their platform and provide an offer exclusive to it. Typically, you’ll be able to earn things like free spins, bonus match, or other perks by claiming this offer. Check out the promotions page of El Royale Casino each month to see if the current game of the month offer is one you should claim.

Review of El Royale Casino’s Customer Service

Something else which was a part of our detailed review of El Royale Casino was an investigation of their customer service. In this section, we’ll tell you about what you can expect when you need to get in touch with their support team.

Contact Options

If you need to contact the customer service team at El Royale Casino, you’ll have three different ways to go about it. Luckily, they offer clients the ability to reach them using the telephone, email, and live chat. We love the three choices provided, as it provides flexibility for users of El Royale Casino to use the one that’s most convenient for them. We’d suggest using email when your question isn’t urgent and using live chat or telephone support when you need immediate assistance.


Another awesome thing about the customer service from El Royale Casino is they provide it around the clock. If you choose to use this online casino, you’ll benefit from having access to their customer service team 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We love this level of availability since it means clients won’t ever have to wait long to get the help they need.

As a whole, we’re extremely happy with the customer service provided by El Royale Casino.

With three contact methods and availability around the clock, they offer better support than many other online casinos in the industry. We contacted their support team on many occasions throughout our review of their operation, and we were pleased with the helpfulness of their team on each occasion. If you have any questions or issues, we’re confident you’ll be well taken care of by the top-notch team of El Royale Casino customer service agents.

Who Can Play at El Royale Casino?

Currently, the fine print of the terms and conditions of El Royale Casino doesn’t explicitly state who can and can’t play on their platform. This is something we see from some online casinos occasionally. In short, they’re leaving it up to clients to determine if they are permitted to play there or not.

Unfortunately, we can’t spell out the details for everyone around the globe here due to the diversity of online gambling laws around the world. We can tell you it’s legal for many folks to gamble online.

For others, regulations have not defined what is or isn’t legal yet. Finally, there are some countries around the world where it’s illegal. Before gambling online, we’d suggest researching your country’s laws relating to it to understand what you’re legally allowed to do.

FAQ About El Royale Online Casino

Are you still on the hunt for some additional information about El Royale Casino? If you are, we’ve added some frequently asked questions below, which we hope will be able to help you.

Yes. There isn’t a charge for you to sign up with their online casino. As is standard in the industry, it’s free for you to create an account.

Yes. After completing our in-depth review of their operation, we’re confident it’s a safe and trusted place for you to play casino games online.

No. While you can use your computer to gamble on El Royale Casino, it’s not your only option. You can also choose to use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to play on their platform.

No. If you decide to join El Royale Casino, there’s a multitude of bonuses you can take advantage of. Thanks to this, you’ll have all kinds of opportunities to gain extra spins, cash, and more.

Currently, there isn’t an option to download the El Royale Casino software. However, based on discussions we had via live chat with their team, it sounds like one is in development and should be rolled out soon.

Still have questions about what El Royale has to offer? Check out our detailed El Royale Casino FAQ page where we look at many more questions and give you an opportunity to ask our staff questions.

Conclusion on El Royale Casino

Thanks for stopping by our review of El Royale Casino. As you can tell, we’re very impressed with what this young online casino brings to the table. While it’s not perfect, we’re pleased with what exists currently, and we expect things will only continue to improve as time goes on.

If you think El Royale Casino might be a good fit for your online gambling needs, we’d suggest trying them out to experience it for yourself. However, if it doesn’t quite feel like the best overall fit for you, it’s not your only option. Below, we’ve added a link where you can view some of our other favorite and most trusted online casinos. Be sure to explore this page if you’d like to check out some other operations before deciding which online casino is right for you.

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