Bodog sportsbook is a reputable leader in the sports betting industry despite not being available to US players. By the end of this complete review, you will have a good grasp of the ins and outs of the Bodog sportsbook while we will provide all of the information you need in order to make a decision on whether or not to use Bodog as your sportsbook of choice.

You certainly have your choice when it comes to online betting sites. The goal here is to touch on various aspects of the sportsbook at Bodog and give you all the information you need to determine whether or not this is the sportsbook for you. Let’s dive in and discuss this site in length and see what Bodog’s sportsbook can do for you!

The Sportsbook

When it comes to the sportsbook at Bodog, count us in as big fans.

We like the clean set up of the interface. A sportsbook can become very confusing in a hurry if the interface is messy and jam-packed with odds and other material that can eat up a lot of your time when combing through this section.

Instead, Bodog is clean and allows for quick maneuvering around the site. We like the fact that the live odds are presented at the top as this is certainly time-sensitive information that needs to be on the main sportsbook interface. While we like this aspect of Bodog’s sportsbook, it is standard industry practices to have live odds in a quickly visible spot on the sportsbook interface.

While it might not be the largest sportsbook we have seen in terms of sports to bet on, a quick count on the sportsbook interface reveals 31 sports in which you can bet on. The most popular sports in the world are the ones listed at the top of the page and separated from the rest of the less-popular sports that have their own separate category.

You can tell fairly easily the Bodog caters to the recreational bettor and not the professional bettor. One way to determine this is the maximum bet sizes that the sportsbook will allow. Another way this is clear is the sportsbook first-time deposit bonus maxes out at just $200. While not completely well below industry standards, there are certainly larger bonuses that can be found among Bodog’s competitors.

Still, the sportsbook at Bodog has plenty to offer the recreational bettor in terms of a clean interface, wide variety of sports to bet on, decent first-time deposit bonus as well as a clean and visible bet slip with information on how to bet for beginners within the slip itself. This is a very attractive tool that should certainly appeal to folks who are getting their feet wet in online sports betting.

Sports You Can Bet On

In short, Bodog has a wide variety of sports to bet on and certainly the sports that will tailor to recreational bettors.

The most popular sports are listed at the top of the sportsbook including:

  • Football (NFL, College, CFL)
  • Baseball (MLB, College, Japan, Korea)
  • Basketball (NBA, college, Euroleague, International, Rest of World)
  • Soccer (EPL, Asia, Europe, France, Germany, International, Italy, Spain, North America)
  • Tennis (ATP Tour, WTA Tour, Challenger, ITF Men, ITF Women)
  • Golf (PGA Tour, European Tour, Champions Tour).

With many of these sports you can bet on futures as well as “specials”, which are simply some one-off bets that come and go whenever a special topic arises in one of these sports. For instance, a special golf bet could be: “Will Tiger Woods win a Major in 2021?” These can be fun ways to get involved in futures betting, but be aware that these specials can open and close in a fairly quick manner.

Other sports that you can bet on at Bodog include MMA/UFC, hockey, Aussie Rules football, badminton, boxing, cricket, cycling, darts, handball, horse racing, motorsports, rugby, snooker, table tennis, volleyball, Olympics, and winter sports.

The last few betting options in the sportsbook that aren’t exactly athletically-inclined are numbers games, entertainment, politics, virtual sports, and eSports.

While we have seen even more betting options at other sportsbooks in the industry, mostly in sportsbooks tailored toward European players, this is not something we are ready to hold against Bodog at all as the major sports are there as well as all of the other popular sports that are bet on worldwide.

All said, this is a quality sportsbooks that gives you plenty of opportunity to get in on the action, regardless of your taste.


Esports Coverage

One of the most rapidly growing sub industries within the overall sports betting industry is eSports.

Thankfully, Bodog offers eSports coverage, and the variety is certainly there in this area as well.

The four main leagues that Bodog’s eSports coverage includes are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Starcraft. Under the “Other eSports” tab, you can bet on more leagues including King of Glory, Overwatch and Rocket League.

It’s certainly a plus that Bodog carries eSports coverage, but in terms of sportsbooks that include eSports as part of their coverage, this seems like adequate coverage, and nothing that we haven’t seen before.

Regardless, the fact that Bodog carries eSports is a plus, even if the coverage itself is not extraordinary.

User Interface

The user interface at Bodog is one that we would consider above average, to say the least.

Bodog is utilizing a “less is more” approach with their sportsbook interface, but we like that in the sense that it results in a very clean and user-friendly interface. We have previously seen other sportsbooks crowd their interface with as many odds, next events, futures and live betting as possible, but to us that just doesn’t get the job done. It’s also not an efficient way of getting the information across.

Bodog is tailoring their services towards recreational bettors, and the easy-to-use interface is perfect for this group.

The main sports are illustrated at the top of the sportsbook main interface, providing quick access to the world’s most popular sports to bet on. The simple graphics in a line at the top of the page really stand out and are not mixed in with a list of lesser-known sports that are also available for betting.

The less popular sports are in their own category on the far right side of the row of graphics at the top of page, simply referred to as “All Sports A-Z”. We like the idea of grouping the less popular sports together in their own section while allowing quick access to the popular sports that are easy visible at the top of the page.

Another aspect of the sportsbook interface we like the clean-looking bet slip which resides on its own on the right-hand side of the sportsbook main interface. In case the user is unsure of how to actually place a bet, there is a ‘Learn how to place a bet’ link in the betting slip itself while there is also a ‘help’ link at the bottom of the betting slip. While this certainly signals this site tailors to recreational bettors and beginners, it is certainly a handy, and easily visible, area that has surely helped many bettors get started on Bodog.

While not in the sportsbook itself, the professional pictures and graphics on the Bodog main interface are exceptional. This gives the site a professional feel as real team logos and star athletes are the first thing a user will see upon visiting Bodog. Graphics are just one small part of a larger picture when it comes to a sportsbook, but the graphics on Bodog, in particular, are fantastic and give the site a real boost in our books.

Simple, clean, attractive and easy to use. Those four descriptors are what come to mind when we look at the user interface at Bodog, and this site gets a boost in rating as a result.

The Casino

Like most online casinos, the casino at Bodog is lit up with graphics and provides a wide variety of betting options.

The list of available games is easy to see and use. The large slider on the interface is attractive and useful.

While it may be the case with some other online casinos, the slots section is absolutely massive and is no doubt a leader in this department. There are dozens upon dozens of slot games to choose from and the graphics within do a good job of depicting what you can expect from each individual slot game.

Of course there are several blackjack games to choose from while the table games and video poker sections of the casino are certainly adequate compared to industry peers.

All said, a quality casino area and an aesthetically-pleasing one at that.

Deposit Methods

The reality is that some sportsbooks accept a wide-range of depositing options and others do not. Bodog would fall into the latter.

According to the site itself, Bodog offers three main methods of depositing, including the most popular method available while it has also become a member of the cryptocurrency movement, which is a plus in our books.

Credit Card

Like mostly all sportsbooks, Bodog accepts Visa and Mastercard as a method of depositing. The deposit wait time is non-existent as a credit card deposit is processed immediately and the funds are instantly credited to your user account and can then be used for betting.

The minimum deposit for a Visa or Mastercard is $20 CAD and the maximum deposit amount is $1,000 CAD.

There is no fee for making a credit card deposit at Bodog, although your card issuer may charge you a fee in case of a cash advance, international service fee or a currency conversion fee. Bodog makes it clear they do not benefit from any of these types of fees that your credit card issuer may charge.

Interac e-transfer

Another method of depositing at Bodog is via an interac e-transfer. This requires some banking information being shared and it carries similar risk to using a credit card in the sense that you are sharing sensitive financial information.

The minimum deposit for an interac e-transfer is $20 CAD and the maximum deposit is $1,000 CAD, the exact same limits as with a Visa or Mastercard.

There is no fee for making an interac e-transfer deposit at Bodog, however, your bank may charge a fee for sending an e-transfer regardless of who is receiving the transfer. Be sure to check your online banking to see what fees may be charged if you plan on using this deposit method.


The safest and newest way to deposit on Bodog is via Bitcoin. Bitcoin does not require the use of sensitive and personal financial information and its near-anonymity allows for the utmost of privacy.

The use of Bitcoin betting online is growing quite rapidly as more and more sportsbooks are now accepting Bitcoin as a deposit method. The fees and wait times are much improved over traditional cashier methods, one of many reasons Bitcoin is roaring in popularity when it comes to online betting.

The minimum Bitcoin deposit as per Bodog is $10, however, the maximum gets increased all the way to $5,000, or five times the amount of credit card or interac e-transfer.

Like the other methods above, Bodog does not charge a fee for depositing with Bitcoin.

As it states in the Financial FAQ on the website, other depositing methods may be available depending on where you reside. You are able to contact customer service either by live chat, phone or via email.

Withdrawal Methods

As is the case with the deposit methods, Bodog lists three withdrawal methods on the website.

Only one of these methods is also included in the depositing methods above, which means you may very well be limited in your withdrawal options.


The lone way to deposit and withdraw with the same method is via Bitcoin.

Bitcoin withdrawal times are free of charge. The wait times are excellent with Bitcoin as it takes approximately 15 minutes for your Bitcoins to reach your ewallet.

Bodog also states that you should always generate a new wallet address for each individual Bitcoin withdrawal request.

The only fee that can be charged on a Bitcoin withdrawal is that if the withdrawal is less than $20 or if the funds you deposited into your account go unused and then withdrawn. Bodog is happy to eat the transaction costs, however, if you do not actually use the funds they reserve the right to charge a fee as per the terms and conditions.

The minimum withdrawal limit for Bitcoin is $10 USD and the maximum is $3,000 USD, with a frequency of one per seven days.

Bitcoin Cash

This is a very similar method to Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin cash, you are also not charged a fee while the same 15-minute wait time is given. Bitcoin cash is every bit as secure as Bitcoin itself and offers near-anonymity as well.

The same min/max withdrawal amounts and frequency apply to Bitcoin Cash.

Cheque by Courier

At this point, the most possible way to request withdrawals at Bodog is via a cheque by a trusted courier.

The wait times vary largely here, as do the fees.

In terms of the fee, the first cheque requested in a calendar month is free of charge. However, any subsequent cheques requested within that same calendar month will incur a $50 fee. You would also be charged a $40 fee if a stop payment is requested on a cheque due to misplacing the cheque. This would mean the funds would return into your Bodog user account, minus $40. A cheque should be deposited as soon as possible as they may become non-cashable after a period of time.

Cheques are issued in $3,000 increments. Cheques that are required after the first $3,000 increment (but within the same withdrawal request) will be subsequently sent every 15-20 business days until you are fully paid out. You will not be charged the $50 fee for the subsequent cheques as they are all within the same withdrawal request.

In the terms and conditions area, it states that “Bodog reserves the right to process large withdrawal requests in the manner that is most appropriate”.

In other words, if you are withdrawing a large amount, it may take a while, up to a couple months or more, to be fully paid out. You should certainly contact Bodog if you are making a large withdrawal to see what they deem the most appropriate manner of processing large withdrawals.

The minimum you are allowed to withdraw via a cheque by courier is $20 USD and the maximum is $3,000 with a frequency of 1 per 5 days. However, keep in mind you will be charged $50 if within the same calendar months for multiple cheque withdrawal requests.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bodog isn’t tailored for professional bettors as evidenced by the low maximum withdrawal amounts, and therefore we shouldn’t expect any sort of outrageous bonuses and/or promotions to exist, either.

Still, they do offer a couple of solid bonuses for recreational players and beginners. They are also one of a few sportsbooks that offer a Bitcoin-specific bonus.

100% Sports Sign Up Bonus

This is an offer for new customers and does require a promo code that you can find on their promotions page. There are some limitations, but basically, if you make a £5 bet, you’re going to get 4 free £5 bets to make elsewhere.


10% Cashback on Tennis Bets

This bonus is also referred to as the ‘welcome bonus’ as it is for first-time depositors only.

The 100% bonus is added to your deposit to increase the amount of funds you begin your Bodog tenure with, up to a limit of $200.

For example:
If you deposit $200 into your Bodog account as your initial deposit, you will receive 100% of that amount as a bonus, or $200, for a grand total of $400.

There are some rules to the bonus as well. First, there is a 5x rollover on this bonus. This means that your total online betting action must meet your initial deposit, including the bonus. In other words, you must bet $400.

For winning wagers, the rollover is determined by the lesser of your risk or win amount at the time of wager settlement. For losing wagers, your risk amount would be credited to your rollover contribution.

If you don’t meet the rollover requirement upon withdrawing, your bonus and the money you made off your bonus amount will be forfeited.

100% Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

If you choose to deposit with Bitcoin, you are eligible to receive a 100% Bitcoin Welcome Bonus up to $300 at the sportsbook.

This bonus is also for your first deposit only, and it too has its own rollover requirements which are extremely similar to the 5x rollover requirements with the sign up bonus noted above.

The good news with understanding the Bitcoin bonus is that its terms and conditions are in no way hidden. They are right in the section that explains the bonus itself, in the largest font that I have ever seen terms and conditions formatted in.

Bitcoin is growing in popularity and its efficiency is resulting in some nice bonuses at sportsbooks, including Bodog.

Customer Service

The customer service at Bodog is certainly above average due to the variety of methods available.

A simple scroll to the bottom of the homepage allows you to view a ‘help’ link that offers a huge section that provides answers on dozens of frequently asked questions. We’re really impressed with this help section as it is almost certain to solve the vast majority of your questions or concerns before you even need to make contact with the Bodog customer service team.

Also at the bottom of the homepage is a ‘contact us’ link that provides an email form, phone number, and a live chat link. All three of these are certainly industry standards, but the live chat option is nice for efficiency purposes. The 24/7 chat help is a quality we really like here.

Additionally, we like the social media presence at Bodog. Alongside the aforementioned links at the bottom of the homepage is a Twitter and Facebook icon so you can connect with Bodog on your social media platform of choice. This shows an above-and-beyond nature of customer service at Bodog as the avenues for assistance are plentiful.

Have more questions about Be sure to check out our comprehensive Bodog FAQ page.

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