NHL Betting Odds

Below are NHL betting odds for upcoming games. These odds are displayed in real time (updated live) and will include NHL puck line, money line and over under betting – visit our NHL Betting section of the site if you want to learn more about any type of NHL hockey betting.

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Odds are displayed as "American Style" odds, which are the most common odds for online sportsbooks. We have a Sports Betting Odds guide for those who are unfamiliar of how to read American style odds.

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Did you know that you can bet on NHL games online? Online sportsbooks allow you to bet on NHL games just like you would in a Las Vegas sportsbook. You can place bets on individual NHL games, or even place special future bets, such as who will win the upcoming NHL Stanley Cup.

If you are looking for predictions and picks for upcoming NHL games you can check out our Sports Picks Blog, where we will have write ups from time to time on NHL games, which will include previews, betting odds, and our betting picks.

Below we have listed Stanley Cup Odds articles for almost every NHL team. Online sportsbooks allow you to make future bets on teams to win the upcoming Stanley Cup – the bigger the underdog the bigger the payout will be. These articles will show you the odds and payouts you can receive betting on each team to win the NHL Stanley Cup.

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