Top Ranked Bitcoin Cash Betting Sites in 2022

Bitcoin Cash LogoThe rise in popularity with cryptocurrencies has been impressive, so much so that many online betting sites are now accepting a wide-range of cryptos for deposit.

While there are many cryptos that have failed in their attempt to enter the market, many have succeeded, including Bitcoin Cash. Obviously, the most popular form of cryptocurrency remains Bitcoin itself, but others such as Bitcoin Cash are gaining in popularity and could someday rival the classic Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash has larger block sizes than the classic Bitcoin and it also allowed more transactions to be completed faster. Another benefit to Bitcoin Cash is the fact that has far fewer fees than Bitcoin classic. Actually, despite the fact that Bitcoin classic is currently dominating the crypto market, including on betting sites, man proponents are now advocating for Bitcoin cash over Bitcoin classic.

Like other cryptos, Bitcoin Cash can be purchased by anyone in the world from anywhere, however, when it comes to betting with Bitcoin Cash, the vast majority of the usage resides within the United States.

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Best Bitcoin Cash Betting Sites

What was far from the norm years ago is now becoming the norm and the future. Bitcoin Cash, among other cryptocurrencies, are becoming more and more popular among online betting sites and therefore more and more sites now accept Bitcoin Cash for deposits.

When taking a look at which online betting site to use when betting with Bitcoin Cash, there are many factors to consider. Most sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting opportunities and accept bets for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, golf, NASCAR and more. Many sites are also very competitive with their odds, however, you just may find one that is consistently more competitive than the others.

The bigger difference comes in the form of welcome deposits and maximum bet size. Some sites offer more in terms of a reward for users making their first deposits. There are also sites that have larger maximum bet size than others, something you may want to consider if you have a large bankroll.

At the end of the day, what you really want in a betting site is comfort and peace of mind. While there are obviously some factors to consider, you want to stick with a site you are comfortable with and one that checks off the most boxes for you.

You may also find it advantageous to use more than one sportsbook. You may find that one suits you best for, say, NFL betting, while one offers more in terms of a welcome deposit.

Make sure to do your research and find the site that works best for you!

Pros and Cons

As with other cryptos, there are pros and cons to weigh when it comes to betting with Bitcoin Cash. Make sure to check these out before deciding for or against betting with Bitcoin Cash.


Processing Speeds
As is the case with almost all cryptos, the processing speeds with Bitcoin cash obliterate those of traditional cashier methods. When betting with Bitcoin Cash, no longer do you need to wait 1-2 weeks for a cheque to arrive in the mail or a bank wire to hit your account. With Bitcoin Cash, you can withdraw and receive your funds within a few minutes to a few hours. If the current withdrawal speeds are causing you frustration, betting with Bitcoin Cash can solve this issue for you.
Current cashier and withdrawal methods are costing you fees, but not with Bitcoin Cash. Fees are a great way to chew away at your profits and thus lower your bottom line. You can lose 10% or more of your profits using traditional cashier methods, but when betting with Bitcoin cash, you keep more of your well-earned profits as a result.
Don’t make the mistake of believing that cryptocurrencies are fully anonymous, because that simply isn’t true. However, betting with Bitcoin Cash is certainly a safer method of doing business. You no longer have to provide sensitive financial information such as a bank account number or a credit card number online for the world to see. This can protect against fraud and identity theft, and give you some of that financial peace of mind that we all strive for.


Price Volatility
The price volatility works differently with some cryptos than others, but you need to keep price movements in mind when betting with Bitcoin Cash. The value of Bitcoin Cash goes up and down every day, and these fluctuations directly affect your profits. For example, you may profit from a bet, but if the price of Bitcoin Cash itself declines, then so does your profit. If price volatility is something that you cannot mentally handle on a daily basis, perhaps betting with Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptos, is not suited for you.
While there has certainly been a rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, the fact is that the general population is widely unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, especially ones not named Bitcoin. This will one day change, but for now, the unfamiliarity is a factor in holding the popularity back at the moment.
Not as Widely Accepted as Bitcoin
While Bitcoin Cash has its benefits compared to Bitcoin, it is still not as popular and not as widely accepted among betting sites. Bitcoin is accepted at virtually every betting site, however, Bitcoin Cash is only accepted at a few. This too will likely change one day, however, for now, Bitcoin is still easily the most widely accepted crypto available.

Why Bet With Bitcoin Cash?

While we have listed the pros and cons of betting with Bitcoin Cash above, let’s just straight-up answer the question: Why bet with Bitcoin Cash?


Businesses across the world these days focus on this word all the time. Being efficient means doing things faster and cheaper, and that is what betting with Bitcoin Cash does. The processing speeds are both faster and cheaper than they are with traditional cashier methods, and when combined, this is the single biggest benefit to betting with Bitcoin Cash.

Peace of Mind

This term has been mentioned already, but the safety and near-anonymity involved with betting with Bitcoin Cash helps provide that peace of mind that perhaps traditional methods are not delivering. No use of credit or debit card info and no bank account info is used when betting with Bitcoin Cash. It’s not 100% anonymous, but it sure beats the previous methods in the peace of mind department, something that may be very appealing to you at the end of the day.