Top Ranked eCheck Betting Sites in 2021

Sometimes it pays to keep things simple and go with the tried and true method. This is true when it comes to funding your online sports betting account. eChecks, sometimes known as bank transfers, were one of the original ways you could fund your online sports betting account and have stuck around in popularity because they are fast, reliable, and get the job done.

If you are looking for one of the best eCheck betting sites out there, the list below will help. We’ve compiled a collection of the top eCheck betting sites currently available. If you’re ready to jump into the action and start betting now, check out one of these books now.

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Best eCheck Betting Sites

If you’re curious why we decided to select these as the best eCheck betting sites on the web, we completely understand the curiosity. You see, in today’s world where everyone is an expert or at least thinks they are, we understand the importance of needing to find out exactly who is giving you recommendations, what they are using as criteria, and what their motivation is.

Pros and Cons of Betting with eCheck

Not sure if eCheck is the way to go for you to make your deposits? We get that. To help you make your decision, we’ve included some pros and cons of using this method below. It’s not a complete breakdown of every single pro and con, but it’s the major things that we think are of the most importance to you.


eChecks Are Reliable

eChecks are literally the basis of banking and how most transactions have been done in the past. It’s also the way that most third-party companies handle things still to this day. Why? Because eChecks and bank transfers are reliable. There is no middle man that can mess things up or get the information wrong or cause issues. It is literally your bank sending your money to their bank. When things are kept simple, they are typically more reliable, and that is certainly the case in this situation.

eChecks Are Traceable and Trackable

Another perk thanks to the simplicity of eChecks is that they are easy to track and trace. When you use a third party to fund your online sportsbook account, it can become a bit of a runaround if there is an issue with your transaction. You have to figure out if the issue is on your bank’s end, with the third party, or with the arrangement between the third party and the sportsbook. Trust us on this one; it can be a real big headache.

But, when you use an eCheck to make your deposit, there is no middle man, so it’s extremely easy to figure out where the issue is if there happens to be one. It’s either going to be with your bank or with theirs. And, you can get that information with one phone call to your bank asking them if the transaction has gone through or not.

You can’t get the runaround on a bank transfer because there are just too few moving parts for anyone not to know what is going on. Hopefully, you’re never going to have any issues when it comes to depositing into an eCheck sports betting site, but in case you do, it’s nice to know that getting it fixed is not going to be a hassle at all.

Limits are Usually Significantly Higher

Some of you reading this are probably pretty big bettors. Maybe you’re a professional moving from the brick and mortar scene into the online realm, or maybe you’re an aspiring professional who has big dreams and is seeing results. If you fall into any one of those categories, you may have a need to move larger sums of money into an online sports betting account.

You might not have to do it today, but in the future, you might need to. Even if you’re a smaller bettor, there may come a time when you need to hedge to lock up some serious profit, and that is going to require you to need to move a lot of cash quickly to guarantee your win. You need to know that option is available so that you don’t find yourself stuck holding the bag or accepting more risk than you really want to.

eChecks make this possible. When you don’t have a middle man to go through, the limits are going to be much higher. Using a middle man means that you have to adapt to whatever amount they are comfortable moving. A lot of middle man e-wallets and credit card companies aren’t keen on moving large amounts of money for whatever reason. This is why using an eCheck betting site is a huge plus if you’re a big bettor now or you have aspirations of becoming a serious player.


Sometimes It’s Not Instant

This is going to all depend on the site that you work with and the bank that you have. For most banks and most betting sites out there, the eCheck method is going to be instant. It might not be completely instant on their end, but they are willing to front the money and assume the risk waiting for your eCheck to clear. This means that for most of the sites, you’ll be able to jump into the action right away without any sort of delay.

But, there may be some online sportsbooks out there that might make you wait for the eCheck to clear which could take a few days. The average time for an eCheck to clear is 3 to 6 days. Now, most sites aren’t going to make you wait this long, but if you are moving a huge sum of money, it might be something that they require. Or, they might front you the money and just make you wait to cash out until your check clears. This is completely understandable and is something that any business would need to do to protect themselves. In fact, most businesses out there aren’t going to give you any access to your deposited funds without waiting for them to clear, so that is one perk of the online sports betting industry at most sites. .

Why Use eCheck Betting Sites?

So, the answer to this might be clear already, but we really want to hammer it home. Why should you use an eCheck betting site? Well, it’s probably important to point out that it really doesn’t matter to us which method you use to fund your account. All we care about is that you’re using an option that works well for you and delivers on what you want to happen.

The reasons for using an eCheck betting site are simple. It gives you a time-tested method of getting your money onto an online sportsbook so you can get into the action quickly. Additionally, you can deposit much larger sums of money, and you can easily track and trace the process. That way, if for some reason there is an issue, you can get to the bottom of it quickly and get your deposit back on track so you don’t miss out on the game or games you’re looking to bet.

We love all the fancy new third-party deposit options, but you really can’t beat the classic method that has been around since the beginning.