Best Mobile Betting in 2022

We live in a technological age where we want everything right now no matter where we are. Well, if the rest of the world is obliging, why shouldn’t we expect the same from the sports betting industry? And they have delivered! Mobile sports betting sites have exploded in popularity, and there are some incredible options out there offering a great mobile betting experience. Below, you’ll find the list of our top recommended online sportsbooks that you can bet from your phone or any smart device wherever you are!

Betting Site
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1BetOnline Logo BetOnline

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2 Bovada

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3 BetUS

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4 Everygame

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5 MyBookie

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If you’re having trouble deciding which of these mobile online betting sites is best for you, we have some additional information that might help. In the sections below, we will break down the specific criteria that make up a great mobile sports betting site, we’ll discuss the difference between mobile betting sites and standalone apps, and we will walk you through how to get started betting online now.

By the time you finish this guide, you’ll be an expert on mobile online betting sites and will be much better equipped to decide which of these sites is best for you and your needs.

What To Look For in Mobile Betting

When you create a betting site that is only going to be used from a desktop computer, things do not have to be perfect. If the graphics aren’t great, buttons aren’t aligned properly, or other little things are messed up, people can still figure it out. But when you take all of this, and you scrunch it down to a phone or tablet screen, the margin for error disappears.

While creating a betting site is not rocket science or brain surgery, you are still going to want to use a site where the developers approached it with that sort of attention to detail.

Below, you will find the criteria that we feel is the most important for a mobile sports betting site to have. Some of these criteria are deal-breakers, and some of them are just on our wish list. That being said, the mobile betting sites that we recommended above excel in all of these categories.

A Great User Interface

The heart and soul of a good mobile online betting site begin and ends with the quality of its user interface. As we have already alluded to, when everything must fit on a smaller screen, there must be a lot more attention to detail. Specifically, attention to detail with how the site is organized and laid out.

Live Betting at - Mobile Phone

If the buttons are too close together or too small for you to click, you are going to run a high risk of betting the wrong game, the wrong bet, or even the wrong bet amount. When you make mistakes like this in a hurry, you might not catch them and end up having to deal with the mistake at the end of the game. While this is not your fault, a cruddy betting site will not care or have any sympathy.

So, to protect yourself from not just a bad experience but also from losing money, you should only bet with quality mobile sports betting sites that understand the end-user experience. While you may wonder how any company can get all of the necessary information for each bet onto one screen, we assure you that it is not only possible but can be done in a slick, easy-to-use manner.

Adequate Servers and Software

As traditional betting sites and mobile betting sites grow, their infrastructure and systems need to grow at the same pace if not faster. When a site successfully does this, it shows in the user experience. When a site does not do this, it manifests itself as glitches, crashes, and errors.

For Example:
You can imagine this as a restaurant that does not have enough seats for everyone that wants to eat there. They will try and put in extra tables, but the food will still come out slow and incorrect. They’ll try quick band-aid fixes, but it never fixes the root problem that they need more space.

Online gambling sites make plenty of money, and they should be reinvesting a large portion of that money into their site, servers, and software to facilitate a top-notch betting experience for you and your other customers. When a site is too greedy to use its profits to ensure the quality of its product, they have no place in this industry.

Trust and Reliability

It doesn’t matter if you’re betting at a brick-and-mortar casino, on your computer at home, from your phone at work or the bar, or on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific; you deserve to get your money’s worth from your bets and have the sports betting experience that you expect. Nothing changes when it comes to trust and reliability when you move from an in-person casino or sportsbook to a mobile sports betting platform.

Mobile Device SecurityYou still need to be able to trust that your money is safe, your personal information is secure, and that your bets will be paid according to how you expect them to be. The responsibility falls on the sportsbook to ensure that this happens. Not only are they responsible for making sure your information and money are safe, but we feel they are also responsible for relaying that trust to you and putting your mind at ease.

Whether you are betting for profit or entertainment value, the experience should still be fun and free of unnecessary headaches because of safety issues. If you do not feel 100% safe with a mobile online betting site, you should not bet another dollar there. You should take your money off and find a more reputable source to handle your action. This is why we go to such great lengths to vet the sites we recommend.

The Necessary Security Protocols

Let’s be honest; the internet is a scary place. When you bet from home, you do have a considerable amount of control over your side of the connection. When you start betting from other places on your smart device, you start to give up some of that control. Now, this should not deter you from ever using your phone or smart device outside of your home. The only reason we mention it is to point out that security becomes much more important when you start using mobile sports betting sites.

Just To Be Clear:
We are not saying that mobile betting sites are any less safe than a traditional online sportsbook. What we are saying is that there are different threats and risks that need to be addressed by the company taking your action. For this reason, we put a lot of weight on how well mobile betting sites address these security risks.

When you decide to bet for real money, you not only have to load money onto the site, but you also have to give them at least some of your personal information so that they can pay you out when you win. You should never have to worry that either of these two things is at risk from an internal or external threat.

Also, as we said earlier with the trust factor, the responsibility is not just to provide top-notch security. There is also a responsibility to let you know this security exists and put your mind at ease when you’re making your bets. Whether you’re depositing, betting, withdrawing, or just letting your account sit, you should have no fears that anything negative is going to happen.

Mobile Banking Options

In the early days of mobile betting sites, when you wanted to make a deposit, you still had to go to a desktop version of the site or a brick-and-mortar location to get your bets in. Thankfully, banking technology has kept pace with the growth and changes of the sports betting industry. Now, most mobile sports betting sites offer you at least some options to get your money on and offline right from your smart device.

Banking Online

While it is becoming fairly standard industry-wide to have some options, the quality and quantity of these options are not standard across the industry. It is sadly very common to find many sites online that only offer one option to withdraw or deposit your money. What we like to see when we are reviewing and ranking mobile online betting sites are several quality options for depositing and withdrawing.

There is a strong emphasis there on the word “quality.” A mobile sports betting site can have a thousand deposit or withdrawal options for all we care, but if they’re all garbage, that is the same as zero.

Our definition of quality is very simple. If you can load your money onto the site and take it off quickly and reliably, then that is a quality option.

A Desktop Version of the Site

Almost everyone has some form of GPS in their cars these days. But does that mean you still don’t carry an old-school map as a backup? If you consider yourself a prepared individual, then you probably have a folded-up map somewhere in your car just in case.BetOnline Betting Site - Laptop

This analogy (maybe a bit of a stretch) is how we like to look at mobile betting sites. While we are almost always going to use the mobile platform from our phone, we still want to have the “old-school” option available in case we need it or want to use it.

If you’re doing a lot of research on your bets from your computer, you might want to be able to have an extra web tab open to make your bets. It might not be ideal for you to switch back and forth between your phone and your computer. When a mobile betting site also has a desktop version, this is easily handled.

Do most mobile sports betting sites have a desktop version? We are going to address this in the very next section of this guide.

The Benefits of Mobile Betting Sites vs. App Betting

If you’re new to mobile betting, but you’ve heard people talk about it, you’ve probably got some questions. One of the most common questions that we get asked is what the difference is between a mobile sports betting site and a mobile betting app.

Are they the same thing or different? Is one better than the other, or are they the same?

Well, these are great questions. Let’s get to the bottom of them.

First, a mobile sports betting site and a mobile online betting app are not the same things.

  • A mobile betting site is a website that you open in your browser like you would any other website. The reason it is called a mobile sports betting site is that the developers have put in special coding to the traditional desktop version of the site to make it fit and appear differently on your phone or smart device.
  • A mobile online betting app, on the other hand, is a standalone program that you download onto your phone or smart device. Think of it like this. From your phone, you could go to your web browser and go to and handle your Facebook business that way. Or you could download the Facebook app which is a standalone program that you can open from your phone or smart device.

If you’ve ever used both of those from your phone, you know that it is a wildly different experience. Which experience is better? It depends, and we’ll address that shortly.

But first, let’s recap the differences between the two to make sure you have it clear.

  • A mobile sports betting site is a “normal” website that has been specially coded to work better on your phone or smart device. Another term for this you may hear is a mobile-friendly site.
  • A mobile betting app is a program that you must download to your device to get access to the information or betting you are looking for. The bets you make from both are the same, but the experience will typically be different.

The Benefits of Mobile Betting Sites Over Apps

While there is nothing wrong with using either (and we recommend both throughout our site), our favorite to use is mobile sports betting sites. We want to go over a few of the reasons that we think they’re the better choice over a standalone app when you’re looking to sports bet on the go.

You Don’t Have to Download Anything

When you use a mobile online betting app, you have to download a program. But you can’t just download any program. You have to make sure that you are downloading the right version of the program for your phone or smart device. You also have to make sure that the version of the software works with the current operating system on your device.

This also means you’re going to have to download updates. A good betting site or app will always be making changes and improvements (even if only for security purposes). If you’re using an app, you’re going to have to download these updates regularly. Often, you won’t be allowed access to your account until you download the updates.

This can be a real pain in the neck if you’re looking to get in a last-minute bet before a game starts.

With mobile sports betting sites, you don’t have to download anything. Updates are pushed through automatically, and you’ll always see the most up-to-date product. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about device compatibility. As long as you can access the internet through your device, you’ll be able to access your betting site.

You Don’t Have to Take up Space on Your Phone

Yes, the memory banks on phones and smart devices are getting big these days. Even so, you don’t want to have to take up unnecessary memory or real estate on your home screen. It’s much more convenient to bookmark a page instead of having to keep the full program on your device. Why not take advantage of the company storing the information on their server?

Additionally, you may run into some security issues with an app versus a mobile betting site.

If you set your app to auto log in, anyone that gets their hands on your phone (maybe your kids) while it’s unlocked will be able to click a button and get into your betting account. Also, if you are slow to download new security patches and updates, you may find your device getting hacked and your personal information at risk.

You Have a Desktop Option, Too

We mentioned in the last section that we would address this. When you choose to bet with a mobile-friendly betting site, you get the perk of having a desktop version to use as well. Because you are just accessing a website from a web browser, you can do the exact same thing from your computer. In fact, you can easily access your account from any smart device.

When you use an app, you can ONLY access your account from the particular device that has the app downloaded.

This means that when you’re on your computer, you won’t be able to make any bets unless you pull out your phone and start double-fisting the action. While this sounds cool when we put it that way, it’s not that much fun. It’s a lot easier to have your research going on one tab and your bets and betting lines going on the other.

Additionally, if you’re looking to line shop between several books, this is a nightmare from your phone. You’ll have to open multiple apps at once and hope one doesn’t close while you look at another. With the web-based platforms, you can do this with ease from a desktop or even from your smart device.

Types of Bonuses and Promotions

There are a ton of great ways to grow your online bankroll at our best online sports betting sites aside from wagering on sports. Each site features a bevy of great real money bonuses and promotions that allow the bettor to expand, develop, and grow their online account. But not all bonuses and promotions work the same way. There are many types out there that function in their own unique matter and offer something special to the bettor.

Here are some of the ways you can add some extra green to your bankroll via real money bonuses and promos at our favorite sportsbooks:

Bonus Type Details Pros Cons
Deposit Matches The bettor makes their initial deposit and then matches that amount up to a certain dollar amount. Deposit matches are a great way to initial build your bankroll as they feature some generous rewards. The matched funds cannot be withdrawn later during the payout process.
No Deposit Bonuses The customer gets a small, free bet just for creating a new account at the online sportsbook. The funds are absolutely free and come with no requirement from the bettor. Bettors must make a deposit afterwards in order to continue using the sportsbook.
Free Play Contest Contests where the bettor competes against other bettors for a grand prize. Contests attract great traffic to the site and allows the bettor to try out a new site for a low commitment. The contests are difficult to win because so many people join them.
Risk Free Bets Many sportsbook will offer this as the first bet for a new user. They can place a free bet without any funds coming out of their bankroll. All free bets that come up as losses are eligible for a refund. The free bet must be played through at the site.
Bet Insurance Bettors can have their wagers considered a win once they get ahead up to a certain point. Insurance helps to keep you safeguarded. The insurance comes at an extra cost.
Parlay Insurance If one segment of your parlay bet is a loss, you can get your entire bet back. This insurance can help you to do a bit of damage control if things go south with your parlay. Parlay insurance comes at an extra cost.
Odd Boosters Odds are boosted by the sportsbook to the favor of certain bettors. Better payouts are in store for those with boosted odds. N/A
Score Bonuses Bettors can earn extra money for certain events that make occur during the course of a game or match. Better payouts are in store for the bettor who is using a score bonus. N/A

As you can see, there are several different types of bonuses and promotions offered at our favorite mobile sports betting sites. It definitely makes the process of lining your account with additional real money all the more interesting and exciting!

Sports Betting Laws by Area

Depending on where you go within the US, you will be subject to different online gambling laws and regulations. Some states have a more lenient stance when it comes to sports betting online while others are more restrictive. There are also sportsbooks that only work in certain states. For a full rundown of what is going on across the country, check out our comprehensive list of the best sports betting sites by state!

How to Place a Mobile Bet Now

There is no time like the present to get started with a new mobile online betting site. While we know that sounds like something you’d hear from a car salesman, it really is the best time to get started. Whether you’re looking to make your first bet or are making the transition from brick and mortar, you’re going to love the flexibility and freedom that comes with a mobile sports betting site.

The process of placing a sports bet at one of our favorite mobile online betting sites is really simple. Use the step-by-step guide below if you are in doubt about how to begin. The sportsbooks we recommend are intuitive and pretty user-friendly so you might be able to simply figure out how to place your wagers. If not, then consult our simple steps here:

  1. Visit your favorite online sportsbook and go to the Sports or Sportsbooks section of the site. This can be found in the main menu at the top of the sportsbooks’ homepage.

  2. The next step is to select the sports betting market where you would like to place wagers. Once you click on the market you want, you will be directed to all available betting lines and odds currently available.

  3. Select all betting lines, odds, and betting opportunities that you are interested in placing wagers on and add them to your bet slip. The bet slip is typically located on the right side of the site’s sportsbook page.

  4. Once you have placed all odds and lines on your bet slip, double-check your work and make sure that everything is correct. If it all looks good, hit the SUBMIT button to send things through to the sportsbook.

  5. If you are correct in your predictions, you will be paid out in real money in the timeframe set by the mobile sports betting site for the banking method you used!

You’re never going to miss a bet again or miss an opportunity to pounce on some short-lived value before the other sharks gobble it all up. You’ll also never have to miss work or sneak out of a family outing again to get your bets in. If you are ready to begin, head back to the top of the page and sign up at one of our best sports betting sites for mobile today!

Mobile Sports Betting FAQ

There are a number of mobile devices that can be used in order to use our favorite sportsbooks on the go! And it does not matter if you prefer iOS devices or Android devices! Mobile users can access our best sportsbooks in just a matter of seconds on their mobile devices like a smartphone, tablet, or even a smartwatch in some cases.

The process to accessing these top-rated sportsbooks is as easy as visiting the sports betting site using your mobile web browser. Signing up for a new account should only take around five or ten minutes. Once you already have an account established, you can visit your favorite sportsbook in just seconds on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices.

Yes, banking has never been easier at our best mobile sports betting sites! There are a number of great methods for placing deposits or withdrawing payouts such as cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, credit cards, bank wire transfers, and many more. Each method allows for flexible minimum and maximum limits, easy transferring, and speedy payout times!

Yes, in fact, we highly recommend that you use more than one sports betting site for your needs. Each sportsbook will put out a unique set of odds or betting lines which means that drawing from more than one source will ensure you can find some nuance in the numbers to gain an edge. Many of the great sports bettors in the last 50 or more years would use this method in order to best inform their wagers. So, yes, we highly recommend that you use more than one of the sportsbooks we promote!

Yes, each of the sportsbooks we recommend to our readers is fully licensed by legit gambling authorities that are located in reputable jurisdictions. These authorities require the sports betting sites to undergo third-party audits on a regular basis, use an SSL-encrypted connection to safeguard all personal and financial information that customers share with the site, and vet all new customers who create new accounts at the site.