Best Boxing Betting Sites 2021

We don’t have to tell you how exciting it is the second two warriors step into the ring and that opening bell sounds! What we do want to tell you about, though, is how you can take that excitement to whole new levels with the best boxing betting sites!

Betting Site
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You don’t have to wrap your hands, strap on gloves, and grab a mouthpiece to get a piece of the real money betting action. All you have to do is put your knowledge and expertise on the line, and you could win cash betting on boxing!

Ranking Real Money Online Sportsbooks for Boxing

While rankings in the world of boxing can be hard to follow with so many different leagues and federations, the ranking of the best boxing betting sites is simple. If a USA betting site is the best option for placing real money boxing bets online, then they go to the top.

Here’s a quick look at some of the more important factors our team assesses when picking out the top real money boxing betting sites online.

  • A successful and proactive approach to safety and security
  • Boxing action on all leagues and federations
  • Extensive real money betting options and props on each bout
  • Must make our list of online sportsbooks with boxing odds that are competitive
  • Have an easy to use betting interface for desktop and mobile
  • Offer competitive bonuses and rewards for new and existing bettors

Comparing the Offerings of Top Boxing Betting Sites

When figuring out where to bet on boxing online in the US, you may have noticed that you have hundreds of choices. While variety is great, it can be overwhelming. To help simplify the process, we wanted to highlight four of the best boxing betting sites in the industry.


5 Gold StarsLeading the pack of real money online sportsbooks for boxing is A household name for online sports betting, casino, and poker action, this multi-faceted website is a great choice for boxing bettors. The layout is slick, payouts are fast, and the big welcome bonus is easy to earn. Also, Bovada is welcoming of US bettors, which is awesome!

Bovada is also one of the leaders when it comes to sites with the best boxing odds. If you’re looking for a reliable online sportsbook with boxing odds and lines that haven’t been hammered to smithereens by professionals, this is where you want to set up shop.


With a massive four-digit welcome bonus, it’s easy to see why so many people looking for the best boxing betting sites of 2021 end up at BetOnline. Oh, and in case you’re wondering if the bonus dollars continue after you join, the answer is yes! You can get a bonus on every deposit through each of the nine different deposit options. If you live in the states, good news! US sports bettors are welcome.

BetOnline offers a ton of different real money boxing wagers on all of the major (and smaller) fight cards. Expect to see action on main events, as well as preliminary cards with this boxing betting app. Flexibility is the first word that comes to mind when we think about BetOnline.

Another superior option for where to bet on boxing matches online in the US or the rest of the world is The site checks all of the major must-have boxes, including a big welcome bonus, a slick user interface, and tons of betting flexibility.

Additionally, if you’re interested in betting on more than boxing, runs the full spectrum. You can bet on every sport, entertainment, financial markets, and even the lottery! On top of all that, there’s an online casino, live casino platform, live betting options, and poker. If you’re looking for boxing betting sites that are the most expansive, this is your winner.


One of our favorite boxing betting sites for 2021 is none other than BetNow. Unlike some of the other boxing betting apps on our list, BetNow doesn’t offer poker or a full-scale casino. But if you’re just looking to bet on sports online, that’s a moot point. Often, when a site chooses to focus its efforts on one area of the industry, you get a better product. And with BetNow, that’s certainly the case.

Expect to see a healthy boxing signup bonus, a smooth betting interface, and coverage of all boxing fights across the industry. If there are two people punching each other in a ring somewhere in the world, you’ll find coverage with BetNow’s sports gambling platform.

How to Start Boxing Betting Online

  1. Pick out the best boxing betting sites for you.
  2. Sign up and create your account.
  3. Make a real money deposit.
  4. Pick out the wagers you want to make.
  5. Place your bet.
  6. Collect your winnings!

Keep reading to get more in-depth details on these steps. Start betting real money on boxing matches online by following through on the information found below.

  1. Pick out the best boxing betting sites for you.
    You’re already a step ahead of the game just by coming here to find the best sites for boxing betting online. Take a minute and feel out a few of the options we’ve recommended. Look for the site or sites that you like the look and feel of, have an attractive bonus you want, and service customers in your area.
  2. Sign up and create your account.
    Once you’ve made a selection, click the “sign up” button and start creating your account. This step shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. You will need an active email address to use and some basic information about who you are and where you live.
  3. Make a real money deposit.
    After you get your account set up, it’s time to add some money. If you’re planning on taking advantage of a welcome bonus, make sure you read all the rules to ensure you get the full benefits. Sometimes, the bonus only applies to the first deposit, so keep this in mind when deciding how much to put in your online boxing betting account.
  4. Pick out the boxing wagers you want to make.
    At this point, you’re just minutes away from placing your first bet! Navigate to the sportsbook section of the website and look for the boxing bets. Sometimes, they’re in their own category, and sometimes, they’re a subcategory of something like fight sports, combat sports, or other sports.

    Once you’re there, look through the available bets and check out the boxing odds and lines. Pick out the wagers you want to make and decide on how much you’d like to wager.

  5. Place your bet.
    The only step left to get your bets live is to click the “submit” button! Your bets are added to a virtual betting slip as you choose them. You can review these wagers before hitting the submit button to ensure you haven’t made any mistakes. If everything looks good, click that submit button, and your boxing bets are now live!
  6. Collect your winnings!
    Here’s the fun part. Once your bet is live, you get to sit back, enjoy the fight, and collect your purse if you win. From there, you can choose to cash out your winnings or use them to bet on more fights! It’s completely up to you.

Online Boxing Betting Sites to Avoid

Not all the boxing betting websites out there have your best interests at heart. Sadly, this is the case with any industry where large sums of money are involved. Part of responsibly recommending where to bet on boxing online is also recommending where to stay away. Here are a few real money boxing betting sites that are on our blacklist.


  • History of troubles with paying out bonuses
  • Issues with payment speed
  • Insufficient terms and conditions to protect players


  • Multiple questionable rebrandings
  • Questionable confiscations of player funds
  • Failure to pay players on multiple occasions

SBG Global

  • Questionable confiscations of player funds
  • Issues with paying out sports bets properly
  • Multiple instances of accusing players of syndicate betting

Learn to Bet on Boxing Online

Finding where to bet money on boxing online is only the first step in your journey to the top! The next step is learning everything you can about profitably betting on the sport. Below, we’ve included some quick tips to get you started, as well as some additional resources for new online boxing bettors.

Quick Tips to Win Money Betting on Boxing Matches

  • Avoid the hype. Boxing promoters are masters of hyping up a fight. They could convince you that a mouse has a chance against a lion if they wanted to. Why do they do this? Because it sells tickets! As a sports bettor, you need to be aware of this. If you flip on the news or start listening to promoters, you might start to artificially think that a fighter has a better shot than they really do. Stick to the facts and not the hype when placing boxing bets online.
  • Boxer Celebrating

  • Look for injury news. While most fight camps will try to hide injury news, it does get out from time to time. You need to be on your toes looking for these situations to see how it might affect an upcoming fight odds. Often, we hear stories of bettors thinking they found an incredibly valuable line, only to find out later that it was because of an injury.
  • Compare the fighters stylistically. When you’re looking at each fighter’s past fights, realize that they’re not all created equally. If a fighter is 10-3, but all three of those losses came against a southpaw, that’s more or less important, depending on the stance of the fighter they’re facing this time around. Look at things like stance, tempo, overall style, and strengths when comparing boxing odds and lines online.
  • Consider the risk vs. reward. Not all real money boxing bets are created equally. Before you make a wager, you need to look at how it pays out. Are you getting enough potential compensation for the risk that you’re taking? In some scenarios, this can mean passing on a bet, even though you think the fighter is going to win. Additionally, it can mean making a bet on a fighter you think is going to lose, just because the odds are too favorable.
  • Bet with your head, not your heart. Sports bettors are passionate people. Chances are, you’ve got a favorite boxer. While it can be tempting to place bets on your guy or gal to win, that might not be the best move. Do you really think they’re going to win, or are you just wagering on what you want to happen? Are you accepting subpar boxing odds and lines from US online sportsbooks, just so you can get money on your favorite fighter? Let your head drive the betting decisions, not your heart.

Additional Resources

Answering Your Questions About Betting on Boxing Online

In this section, we’ve tried to compile a list of questions we commonly hear about betting real money on boxing matches online. If you have a question about finding the best boxing betting sites for 2021, comparing boxing odds and lines, or anything else that wasn’t answered on this page we’d love to hear from you.

Reputable and trusted boxing betting sites are completely safe to use. The operative words here are “reputable” and “trusted.” As long as the site is on the up and up and has your best interests at heart, it's going to be safe for you to bet real money on boxing matches. However, if you're just selecting a random site from a quick Google search, we can't guarantee a safe experience.

Many of the top real money boxing betting sites offer action to customers in the US. Some of these sites limit which states they service, while others service all 50 states.

In short, maybe. A lot of this will depend on how serious you are about making money betting on boxing. You definitely don't have to, but there can be benefit to having more than one online betting account for boxing. The main perk is being able to find and take advantage of the best boxing betting odds on the market. Let me explain with an example:

You're signed up at BetOnline and see that they have the favorite for a fight listed at -140. You may be able to check another reliable boxing betting site, say Bovada, and see the same fighter favored at -135. This slight shift can make a difference over time, especially if you plan on betting bigger amounts. 'Line Shopping' as this is called is a tactic many boxing bettors swear by as it helps to squeak out just a little extra on winning bets.

No way! Online boxing betting sites will have lines posted right up until the start of the fight. But maybe you even missed that? The fight is happening and here you are thinking about what could have been if you placed your bets on time.

Luckily for you live boxing betting is also available at many US betting sites. When you bet on boxing live you'll be able to place your wagers as the fight unfolds! This can be a great way to spice up an otherwise underwhelming fight.

Yes, there are apps where you can bet on boxing matches! All the top real money boxing betting sites in the US have made sure there is a mobile-friendly version of there sportsbook or a dedicated betting app for boxing and other sports. As long as you've selected one of the sports gambling sites recommended at the top of this page we can guarantee mobile boxing betting will not be an issue.

Signing up for boxing betting sites takes no more than a few minutes. Once you've created your account and made your first deposit, it only takes seconds to place your first bet! If you're trying to get in on a last-minute fight card tonight, you shouldn't have any problems getting set up in time.

Yes! Many of the top online sportsbooks for boxing offer lucrative welcome bonuses to entice new customers. This means you can get a nice boost to your bankroll before the boxing opening bell rings on your first fight.