Finding the Best Boxing Betting Sites of 2020

Competitive boxing has been around for thousands of years dating back to the early Olympic Games in Greece in 688 BC. For as long as people have been punching each other in the face competitively, people have also been making stacks of cash betting on these fights.

Today, boxing is one of the biggest sports in the world, and the gambling market on it is huge. Sports betting on boxing can add excitement and a rush to the fights or can be a great way for smart bettors to make some extra cash or make a serious living.

In order to be successful at betting on boxing, you need to know where the best places to place your bets are. In the older days, you were limited in options. You could bet with your local bookie or maybe at the local casino or sportsbook if you were lucky enough to have those options close by. Today, with big thanks to the internet, sports bettors from all corners of the globe have A LOT of options when it comes to betting on boxing.

While tons of options are always great, you can sometimes find yourself under the spell of “information paralysis”. Too many options can leave you stuck without knowing what’s good, what’s great, and what’s garbage. That’s why we put together this guide. We’d like to simplify the process and walk you through the steps of finding the best boxing sites available on the net.

I’ve Got a Hot Tip! Get Me Betting NOW!

Nothing is more exciting in the world of sports betting than when you have a hot tip or an expert prediction that you’re ready to cash in on. For those of you lucky or smart enough to be ready to bet, we wanted to give you our list of recommended sites immediately so you could get your bet in before the opening bell.

While we will be breaking down exactly how we arrived at these recommendations later, here is what you need to know. No site can EVER pay to be on this list. There are no ways to manipulate your way onto this list. The sites on this list are only here because they are the most trusted and reliable and are truly the best of the best when it comes to offering boxing betting on the web. No exceptions.

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What’s Important in a Boxing Betting Site

Trust and Integrity

If there is one criterion that is light years above the rest, it is the level of trust, reliability, and integrity. The single most important aspect of a boxing betting site that you need to consider is whether or not you can trust the company with your money and your personal information. This is one area that we refuse to compromise on, even a little bit.

We look at a laundry list of different things to determine how a site measures up on this. We look at company reputation and history, management/owners history, licensing, company practices, customer complaints and reports, and any other company specific knowledge we can find. We spend the most time researching and vetting this area as this is by and far the most important aspect of a good boxing betting site.

Betting Options

With there being so many major boxing organizations, it’s important to bet with a site that gives you the flexibility to bet with all of the major leagues. Some sites only offer action on the premiere fights and only allow you to bet on who will win the fight. Any boxing fan that wants to bet on boxing regularly is going to want and need more flexibility.

A good boxing betting site will offer action from a lot of the different leagues as well as a lot of different bet types to choose from. They’ll allow you to bet on more than just who wins the fight including prop bets and a host of over/under bets. While these might not be of that much importance to a casual bettor, they are imperative to more serious bettors.

Betting and Transaction Limits (Professional Bettors Only)

As the online gambling industry continues to mature, this criterion becomes less and less important. In the early days of online gambling, sports betting sites had very low limits on how much you could deposit, and on the size of bets they would take. Over the years, though, this has changed, and most sites take large action and have the transaction limits to support this action.

If you happen to find a site that you love but their limits appear to be too low for you, it’s not the end of the road. From our experience, most sites will raise their transaction and betting limits if you speak to support and help them to verify a few things. For most of you reading this, this will never be an issue as the limits are already high enough. We just wanted to make a special note just in case you are a big player and want to double check on this.

Website and User Interface

For some strange reason, way too many online sportsbooks struggle with the ability to create an easy to use website that makes navigating around and placing bets simple and easy. Why? Well, we’re really not sure, but it most likely has to do with sites that are designed without the end user in mind. Regardless of the reason, a site that is clunky and hard to use not only creates a terrible experience for you but can set you up to make mistakes and place incorrect bets by accident.

While this is not nearly as important as trust and reliability, this is what makes or breaks your experience betting on boxing online. Sites should be designed with you in mind and laid out in a way that makes things easy. You should NEVER feel like you want to tear your hair out or smash your computer when you’re trying to make a bet.

This is a tough criterion to evaluate if you don’t have a lot of experience with online betting sites. You won’t know what you like and don’t like and you won’t know what’s possible and what you “just have to deal with”. This is, of course, why we highly recommend at least checking out our recommended sites first. These sites, unlike most of the industry, have their act together when it comes to the user interface. Even if you choose to bet somewhere else, you’ll at least have a strong idea of what things should be like.

Different “Levels” of Boxing Betting Sites

As we’ve already mentioned briefly, having more betting options and the flexibility that comes with that is important when selecting a site to place your boxing bets at. There are three “levels” of betting sites available. While these aren’t official levels by any means, it’s our way of telling you roughly the different options that are out there. Sites will not be labeled in this way; you will have to either go with our recommendations or dig into the betting portal to check for yourself.

The bottom level sites will only offer you bets on the biggest fights they have. This might be 2-3 fights a year, and they’re only going to offer you a few different bet types on these fights. If you are an extremely casual boxing bettor, this might be enough for you. For everyone else, you are probably going to be left wanting more.

The far other end of the spectrum is the all-inclusive level sites that will offer bets on as many boxing fights as humanly possible. They’ll offer the big name fights as well as the smaller name fights and will most likely have bets on the main and under card of each fight night. Not only this, but they will have a variety of different bet types including round by round bets, prop bets, and over/unders.

For the pro or serious sports bettor, these sites will feel like home. For the amateur or those new to sports betting, these might feel a little overwhelming at first, or there may be a slight learning curve.

Right in the middle of these two extremes are the sites that offer just the right mix to appease the pros and not confuse the beginners. These sites will offer bets on most of the popular contests and will usually offer bets on under cards as well. They will have some variety when it comes to bet types, but won’t have the crazy options except with maybe the big main events.

Ideally, for most bettors, the just right level is well, just right :) Most of our recommendations will fall into this category with a slight lean towards the all-inclusive.