Best Hockey Betting Apps

Looking to “net” a profit betting on hockey? Sorry, it’s hard to pass up a solid pun opportunity. In all seriousness, though, if you’re looking to make money betting on hockey, you can now get into the action from anywhere thanks to the top hockey betting apps. Whether you’re betting on the NHL, minor league hockey, Olympic hockey, or an international league, these incredible apps will have you covered.

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Four Reasons These Are the Best Apps for Betting on Hockey

Black Puck with NHL LogoWhy do these top hockey betting apps deserve the Stanley Cup for online sportsbooks? Well, it’s not because they paid for higher rankings, bribed for better reviews, or just happened to be at the top of a quick Google search. Earning a coveted spot on our list of the best hockey betting apps is not easy. To get on the board, a sportsbook app needs to not only offer the best service possible now, but they must also have a proven track record of doing so for some time.

Here are the four most significant reasons we’re fans of these apps for betting on hockey.

1 – The Hockey Leagues You’re Able to Wager On

These top hockey betting apps give you the ability to bet on all major ice hockey leagues around the world. While you might not be interested in betting on anything outside of one or two different leagues, it’s good to know the options are there in case you want to expand your betting range. Here are a few of the different hockey leagues you’ll find covered through these hockey betting apps.

  • National Hockey League (NHL)
  • Minor League Hockey
  • Canadian Hockey League (CHL)
  • Olympic Hockey
  • Additional International Hockey Leagues

2 – Exemplary Marks in Customer Safety and Security

We strongly feel hockey betting apps that don’t prioritize safety and security should be put in the penalty box indefinitely. There is zero chance of you having a great online betting experience if you have to worry about the safety of your money. Thankfully, all of the top hockey betting apps we’ve listed here understand this and put more than adequate resources into keeping you safe.

3 – A Seamless App Experience for Betting on Hockey

If you’re not getting the ultimate in convenience, then you’re not using one of the best hockey app options out there. You see, there are a lot of pretenders who claim to have user-friendly apps. We spend a lot of time testing out apps before we recommend them. We make sure they’re flawless in their execution of providing a simple to use platform. If you’re not able to sign up, deposit, wager, and withdraw without feeling like you got cross-checked into the boards, we’re not interested.

4 – Customer Service That Actually Serves

It would be grand if we could skate through our hockey betting career without ever having issues or needing something explained. But, in reality, we’re going to need help. For that reason, we make sure any of the safest hockey betting apps we recommend are decked out with solid customer service departments. This means a thorough FAQ section, several 24/7 customer service options, and agents who are capable of helping you solve issues that arise.

The Most Popular Hockey Bets You Can Place With an App

The best hockey app options listed on this page offer extensive choices when it comes to what you can bet on. Not only do they give you action on several different hockey leagues, but they also give you access to many different types of bets. In most instances, you have more betting options than you would at a brick and mortar sportsbook. Be sure to check out our latest hockey betting picks for how to bet on upcoming games, but first, let’s take a quick look at the five most popular hockey wagers you’ll be able to make.

Moneyline Hockey Bets

Picking hockey game winners is tough to get right, but if you can do it, you can make a lot of money. Moneyline bets are a simple way to get action. Decide who you think is going to win the game, and if you’re right, you get paid.

Puck Line Hockey Bets

In hockey, spread bets are known as puck line wagers. Typically, you’ll see these as 1½ goals in either direction. The favorite will be -1½, meaning they will need to win by two or more goals to win that side of the bet. The underdog will be +1½, meaning they can still lose by one goal, and you’ll win that side of the bet. Sometimes, you’ll see hockey puck lines at a different number of goals, but usually they’ll just adjust the payout odds.

Total Goal Bets

The totals bet (over/under) in hockey is a wager on how many cumulative goals will be scored by both teams. The hockey betting apps will set lines based on what they think that number will be. If you feel it’s going to be more than that, you bet the over. If you feel it’s going to be fewer, bet the under. If you’re right either way, you win your bet.

Hockey Prop Bets

One of the most fun wagers you can use when betting on hockey is proposition bets. These are wagers on whether certain outcomes will or will not happen during a game. Here are some examples of hockey prop bets.

  • Which team will have more penalty minutes during a game
  • Which team will win the 1st period (or 2nd, or 3rd)
  • Over/under on number of points a player will score
  • Most saves by a goalie in a game

Hockey Futures Bets

Being able to pick out season-long champions or winners of tournaments is now a skill that can get you paid. Hockey futures bets allow you to wager on the outcome of a series of games, not just one. This might be picking the divisional winners in the NHL, the winner of the Stanley Cup, conference champions, or medal winners in the Olympics. If you’re an expert at seeing the big picture, you’ll certainly want to take a long look at futures bets.

The Importance of Device Compatibility

iPad with Hockey Game on itWhen using apps for betting on hockey online, it’s important you make sure to use options that are compatible with your mobile device. If you have an iPhone or iPad, this means iPhone hockey betting apps. If you have a Samsung, Galaxy tablet, or Android, this means Android hockey betting apps. All of the digital sportsbooks recommended on this page will 100% work with iOS and Android operating systems.

If you do happen to be using a more obscure or random operating system, you’ll have to check each app on a case by case basis. In those situations, though, it’s usually advised to stick to mobile-friendly hockey betting sites.

Biggest Questions About Hockey Betting Apps

Are These the Best NHL Betting Apps Available?

While “the best” is always something up for speculation, we are fairly confident these are the best NHL betting apps you have to choose from. We dedicate a lot of time, manpower, and resources to finding the best options available. Additionally, we always work to keep our listings up to date. This ensures hockey betting apps that lose their way don’t stay on the list.

Can I Make Real Money Hockey Bets from My Phone?

Yes! These apps for betting on hockey allow you to get into the real money action from your mobile device. You won’t need to go to the sportsbook or head to your desktop computer again to get your ice hockey action.

Do These Hockey Betting Apps Require a Software Download?

If you’re looking to use dedicated hockey betting apps, you will need to download the apps from your operating system’s app store. The links we’ve provided on this page will take you to the right page to initiate the free downloads. If you don’t want to download anything, we recommend checking out mobile-friendly hockey betting websites.

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