The Best Risk-Free Bet Promos For December 2023

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The best risk-free bet promos are easy to claim and will also eliminate the stress of placing wagers on your favorite sports. Sportsbooks offer these special promotions as a way of rewarding their loyal members. You can take advantage of these bonuses to help minimize the financial risk involved in betting.

Not all sports betting sites offer risk-free wagering promotions, thought. Also, some promotions are only available under specific circumstances.

Keep reading to see which risk-free betting offers you should consider using in the month of December. I will break down the best risk-free promotions available in the last month of 2023. Also, I will tell you what you need to do to qualify for these special offers.  

What Are The Best Risk-Free Bet Promos?

SportsbookAvailable PromotionsRisk-free Bet Details
BetUS30 risk-free betsQualify for up to 30 bets
BetOnline•$50 Risk-Free Player Prop
•NFL Shutout Refund
•New members wagering on a prop bet
•NFL team you wagered on ends up shut out•$100 Risk-Free Live Wager
•UFC Last Minute Knockout Insurance
•For members placing their first Live Bet
•Your fighter loses via KO in last minute
EverygameWeekly $50 Free Parlay Bet DrawingsQualified parlay bettors enter a drawing

What are risk-free betting promotions and how do they work? As the name implies, these special bonus offers allow you to place bets with reduced risk.

First, you have to place a qualifying bet at your chosen online gambling site. Then, your bet plays out as it normally would based on the result of the game.

If your bet wins, then you claim your prize as normal. However, if your bet loses, then you receive your stake back. Your payment is usually in the form of bonus funds, which can be used to place another sports wager right away.

Online casinos also offer risk-free bonuses. However, these are typically in the form of free spins and are usually limited to select slot games. With most sports betting no-risk wagers, you can bet on a larger variety of betting markets. Lets take a closer look at the best risk-free bet promos available for December:

BetUS – Up to 30 Risk-Free Bets

At the top of my list of the best risk-free promos is the 30 risk-free bets offer at BetUS Sportsbook. This offer is available to both new and existing members of this betting site.

For sports bettors, you first need to make a deposit without claiming another bonus. Then, you have to make a qualifying wager on any sporting event that you want to.

If your bet loses, then you can redeem this risk-free offer. To claim the bonus, you have to contact BetUS via phone 1-888-512-3887.

After you have claimed the offer, you can then place your risk-free wager using the “Use Free Play” button on your betting slip. For straight bet wagers, you can wager on bets with odds up to +140. Also, you can bet on two-team, three-team, and four-team teasers with your risk-free bet.

The stake associated with your risk-free bet will depend on your initial deposit. It is worth up to 10% of your most recent deposit, up to $100. When you claim your risk-free bets, you can get up to 30 at a time.

This promotion is running from now until April 9th. 2024. Your bets for this promo have a minimum rollover of 3x and a maximum payout of 5x.

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BetOnline – $50 Risk-Free Player Prop

Next on my list of the best December risk-free bet promos is BetOnline Sportsbook’s $50 Risk-Free Player Prop promotion. This offer is exclusively available to new members of this top-rated sports betting site.

To be eligible for this promotion, you need to place a qualifying player prop wager. These bets can be conveniently found in BetOnline’s prop builder section.

After finding the wager you want to place, you can make your bet as normal. You need to place a $50 wager in order to qualify for this bonus. You can bet more than that, but only the first $50 will be risk-free.

Winning bets will be credited to your account as normal. If your bet loses, then you can contact BetOnline’s customer service department via this email address

You need to include the ticket number for your losing player prop bet and your account number in your email. Make sure to put “$50 players prop free bet” as the subject line of your email. Also, you have to claim your risk-free bet within 24 hours of the game ending.

After sending your email, customer service should process your request within 48 hours. Then, your $50 free play should be credited to your account. You will have 30 days to use your free play before it expires.

NFL Shutout Refund

BetOnline also has great refunds that apply in certain situations. These are similar to risk-free bets. They are also similar to bad beat bonuses offered by many online poker sites.

The NFL Shutout Refund is only available to members who bet on NFL point spreads. To qualify, the team that you pick to win has to be shut out by their opponent. Shutouts are rare, but they do happen in the NFL.

The Patriots, for example, were shut out by the Chargers in Week 13. If you had wagered on New England’s spread, then you could have claimed this bonus offer. 

To claim this bonus, you need to email with your account number and ticket number. Also, make sure you put “shutout Refund” in the subject line. Then, up to a $50 free play will be credited to your account.

Ready to play at BetOnline? – $100 Risk-Free Live Wager also has a great risk-free bets promotion. This sportsbook’s $100 Risk-Free Live Wager promo is available to bettors making their first live bet.

In-game betting is one of the most exciting parts of wagering online. You can bet on the latest odds of any event using live betting markets. Depending on the sport, you can bet on the next player, the next round, or dozens of other markets.

If your first live wager is worth $100, then you will qualify for this risk-free bet promo. In the event that your bet loses, you can email to claim your $100 free play token. You have 30 days to use your token before it expires.

Also, your $100 free play will have a 6x rollover. You can use your free play to bet on a variety of sporting events, including NFL, NCAAF, and NBA games.

UFC Last Minute Knockout Insurance

Like BetOnline, also has free-play bets available under specific situations. For instance, UFC bettors could be eligible for the Last Minute Knockout Insurance promotion.

To qualify for this risk-free wager, you need to place a bet between $10 and $100 on a UFC fighter. This needs to be a straight wager in order to qualify for this offer. If your fighter is knocked out in the last 60 seconds of the fight, then you are eligible for a refund.

No one likes to see their fighter get KO’d at the finish line. But this risk-free promo can reward you with up to $100 to help you ease your pain. You have 30 days from getting your free play bet to use it.

You can claim this offer by emailing SportsBetting’s customer service department. After your email is sent, your free play bet should be credited to your account within 72 hours. Logo
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Everygame – Weekly $50 Free Parlay Bet Drawings

Rounding out my list of the best risk-free bet promos for December is Everygame’s weekly $50 free parlay bet drawings. This offer gives you the chance at a $50 free parlay bet. However, it is last on my list because you are not guaranteed to win a free bet.

To qualify for this offer, you need to make a parlay wager using Everygame’s parlay builder. Then your parlay needs to lose by exactly one leg.

Other criteria that must be met include:

  • At least four legs in the parlay
  • Minimum total odds of +300
  • System bets and Round Robin bets are not eligible

Anyone who regularly bets parlays knows how frustrating these exciting bets can be at times. Losing out on a huge payday because of one leg can be heartbreaking. If you do find yourself in this situation, though, you can enter Everygame’s $50 free parlay bet drawing.

Players who lose their parlays by one leg are automatically entered into the drawing. The sportsbook picks 20 winners every week to receive the $50 free bet prize.

If you do win, then you will receive your unique bonus code in your account email. Your $50 free bet will have a rollover of 8x. Also, you must bet on at least -200 odds for your wager to count toward the rollover requirements.

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Which December Risk-Free Bets Promotions Will You Use?

Risk-free bet offers are a great way to take the stress out of wagering on your favorite sports. Check out the list above to see the best promos available in December 2023. Then, head over to the top sportsbooks to wager on all of your favorite sports, risk-free. 

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