2023 WSOP Main Event Odds and Prop Bets

WSOP Main Event Odds

The 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) has been full of exciting moments so far. The tournament, as usual, has brought out many of the best poker players in the world. It all culminates in the Main Event, which is scheduled to start on Monday, July 3rd.

Some of the top online poker sites even allow you to wager on the event. There are tons of 2023 WSOP Main Event odds and prop bets available if you know where to look.

Keep reading to see the latest betting odds for this year’s WSOP main event. I will give you my predictions for each betting market I discuss. Also, I will tell you where to find the best betting odds for this world-famous poker event.

Can You Bet on the WSOP Main Event?

Tens of thousands of people descend on Las Vegas every year for the annual World Series of Poker. Millions of dollars will be given away to lucky winners during the major poker tournament event.

Even if you cannot compete in person, you can still earn your WSOP bracelet from qualifying online poker tournaments. You can also win money from wagering on the outcome of the Main Event of the WSOP. Top sportsbooks like BetUS have great prop betting options available for this year’s tournament.

How to Bet on the 2023 WSOP Main Event Odds and Prop Bets

Betting on the WSOP is a much different experience than actually playing poker. Your profits will likely be smaller, but wagering on prop bets is much easier to do.

If you want to wager on the WSOP, then you need to use a sportsbook that has great entertainment betting markets. BetUS, for instance, is a great option for betting on a variety of famous events. It has odds on everything from which poker player will win the Main Event to what the winning hand will be.

Just like any other type of betting, you should do your research before placing any bets on the WSOP at BetUS. The sportsbook also has great betting bonuses that you can use to build your entertainment betting bankroll.

It is easy to create your account, too, so you can start betting on the latest WSOP Main Event odds and prop bets right away.

WSOP Main Event Winning Hand

Two Pair+200
High Card With An Ace+400
High Card of Any Other Kind+500
3 of a Kind+1200
Full House+4000
4 of a Kind+6000
Straight Flush+10000
Royal Flush+75000

One of the best prop bets for this year’s WSOP Main Event is what the winning hand will be. BetUS has betting odds for every possible poker hand, with Two Pair (+200) being the favorite. A Royal Flush (+75000), the rarest hand in poker, is the biggest underdog in this bet.

In theory, a High Card hand is the most likely as it is the easiest to get. However, BetUS forces you to pick between a High Card with an Ace (+400) or without an Ace (+500). Also, a High Card hand would be the easiest to beat.

Last year’s Main Event was won with a full house, Twos Full of Queens, by Espen Jorstad. It was the strongest final hand in the last half-decade.

I would stick with the oddsmakers on this one and take Two Pair (+200) to be the final winning hand. It is strong enough to beat out the most common hands. But it is also not so rare that it would be unlikely to happen.

The Bet
Two Pair

Age of the WSOP Main Event Winner


Another great prop bet to make for the WSOP Main Event is to wager on the age of the winner. There are thousands of players that enter the Main Event every year. Betting the age of the winner gives you a much better chance of winning than just picking the winner straight up.

BetUS has broken down the betting options for this wager into four categories. Players in their 30s (+160) have the best odds, while people older than 50 (+600) have the longest odds.

The odds make a lot of sense when you look at the recent WSOP champions. Three of the last five Main Event winners were all in their 30s at the time of their win. Hossein Ensan, who won in 2019, was the only person older than 50 to win the Main event during that time span.

With that in mind, I would take the 30-year-olds (+160) in this prop bet. The Main Event has favored younger players in recent years, and I think that continues this year.

The Bet

Which State Will the WSOP Main Event Winner Be From?

Born outside the US+300California+500
Texas+500New York+600
Georgia+1400North Carolina+1400

You can also bet on which state the Main Event winner will be from. Among the states you can bet on, California and Texas have the shortest odds. These states have huge populations and produce tons of poker players.

But the favorite in this prop wager is not any individual state. Players born outside of the US (+300) have the shortest odds for this wager.

The last US-born winner was John Cynn in 2018. He was born in Illinois (+1000). If you were going to bet on a specific state, though, I would not pick the Land of Lincoln. Instead, I would stick to more populous states like California, Texas, New York (+600), or Florida (+600).

With that said, I would avoid picking any specific state. Non-American players have dominated the Main Event in recent years, and the odds for this option still hold value at +300.

The Bet
Born outside the US

Number of Starting Players for the 2023 WSOP Main Event

Over 9,000.5-150
Under 9,000.5+110

BetUS also has a wager on the total number of players that will participate in the Main Event. Participation has been increasing in recent years, but the 2006 Main Event record is still the number to beat. 8,773 players participated in the championship event that year.

Oddsmakers have the over/under for this bet set at 9,000.5 players. To cover the over, this year’s Main Event would have to set a new participation record. I think the record could be broken, but I would still take the under (+110) in this bet.

The Bet
Under 9,000.5

Number of Players Wearing Headgear at the Final Table

4-6 players-125
1-3 players+165
7-10 players+350

One of the more unique prop bets available at BetUS for the WSOP Main Event is the number of players who wear headgear at the final table. This year’s final table is scheduled for July 16th and 17th.

Poker players wearing hats, hoods, and other headgear is nothing new. Players have to be wearing their headgear at the start of the final table round to be counted in this prop bet. The 4-6 players (-125) option is the favorite, but I would take the 1-3 players (+165) option.

I think there will be between three and four players wearing headgear. But since three and four are split into two different betting options, I will take the one that offers positive betting odds.

The Bet
1-3 players

Who Will Win the 2023 WSOP Main Event?

Michael “SirWatts” Watson+6000
Steve “Mango” O’Dwyer+6000
Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu+6000
Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo+6000
Phil Ivey+6000

Rounding out my list of the best WSOP Main Event prop bets at BetUS is this wager that allows you to bet on the winner of the championship table. There are over 100 players listed in this bet, which is just a fraction of the thousands of players that are expected to participate. 

There are five players tied for the best odds in this bet, and all of them are listed at +6000. None of the top five favorites have ever won the Main Event. But only two of them, Michael Watson and Justin Bonomo, are in their 30s.

I picked someone in their 30s to be the winner of the Main Event in a prop bet above. For the sake of consistency, I will stick with players in their 30s here. I also picked a player from outside of the US to win, and Watson is the only one of the two that fits that description.

The Bet
Michael "SirWatts" Watson

Which WSOP Main Event Odds Will You Bet On?

The WSOP is over halfway through yet another exciting year of poker tournaments. Thanks to top sportsbooks like BetUS, you can wager on tons of 2023 WSOP Main Event odds and prop bets. You can also try your hand at the best poker game using the top online Texas Holdem sites.

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