Copa America vs. EURO 2024 All-Star Match Lineups – Who Wins?

Copa America vs. EURO 2024 All-Star Match Lineups – Who Wins?

The world is soccer this summer! Half the globe is watching Copa America 2024, and the other half is watching EURO 2024. True soccer fans even keep an eye on both tournaments.

You can enjoy superstars like Kylian Mbappe, Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Vini Jr, and many, many more. But what competition is stronger?

The Sports Geek team decided to create All-Star lineups for the 2024 Copa America and EURO. We’ve selected starting elevens (+ super subs) from players called for both tournaments.

Before we begin, we only wanted to make one thing clear: we’ve picked our All-Star lineups based on the current version of each player, not their prime. That’s why you won’t see an icon like Luka Modric here, for example.

Also, we didn’t base our selection on performances during the tournament for two reasons. The first one is that international tourneys last a month or so, and any player could have a dip. We also assembled our lineups in the middle of both events, with the best yet to come.

With that in mind, here are the lineups we came up with for a potential Copa America vs. EURO 2024 All-Star Game.

Copa America 2024 All-Star Lineup

Let’s begin with Copa America 2024. Fans of North American soccer will be disappointed to see mostly players from South America, but a few names still made it.

Our Copa America 2024 All-Star lineup will play with four defenders, three in the middle, and three forwards. Don’t worry if it looks too offensive, though, we’ve picked a very hard-working midfield to make up for that!

Goalkeeper: Alisson (Brazil)

There wasn’t much of a doubt regarding the goalkeeper of this lineup – we picked Liverpool’s Alisson Becker. He’s been playing for the English side since 2018, cementing his position as the Merseyside team’s first goalkeeper and establishing himself as one of the best shot-stoppers in the world.

Alisson is insanely good one-on-one and can play very well with his feet. The goalie doesn’t have any obvious weaknesses, so this was a fairly easy choice.

Argentina’s Emi Martinez and Brazil’s second goalie Ederson deserve honorable mentions, but Alisson is still the best goalkeeper available.


Center Back: Ronald Araujo (Uruguay)

The 25-year-old Uruguayan center back Araujo is a force of nature. He’s known for his discipline, speed, and the ability to control the ball in tight spaces in and around the penalty area.

The Barcelona defender is very versatile, which was one of the reasons we picked him. He can play in a back two or a back three, so Araujo fits almost any lineup or tactical setup you could think of.


Center Back: Marquinhos (Brazil)

Picking the center backs for this All-Star lineup was close to impossible. You could easily go for Christian Romero, Gabriel, and a few more, but we decided that Marquinhos deserves it more.

PSG’s star had to be included in this list. He’s been impressive defensively for PSG, though he doesn’t shy away from attacks during set pieces. If you add his solid ball-playing abilities, Marquinhos delivers everything you could expect from a modern center back.


Left Back: Alphonso Davies (Canada)

Alphonso Davies is just 23, yet he’s already Canada’s captain and a 4x Canada Player of the Year winner. He’s worth €50 million according to Transfermarkt, but we suspect getting him would be even more expensive.

Davies is one of the fastest players in the world, but also possesses fantastic technique and dribbling skills. The guy can defend deep when required and provide width on the other end of the pitch. His energy is simply relentless.


Right Back: Antonee Robinson (USA)

It would be extremely boring to not take any risks, so here’s the first big surprise on our list. Antonee Robinson has been very consistent for Fulham in the past few years and just entering his prime at 26.

A good tournament from Robinson could easily earn him a move to a stronger team, so keep an eye on this guy in 2024. He’s fast, disciplined, and gets the job done.


Central Midfield: Rodrigo De Paul (Argentina)

Rodrido De Paul is one of the most underrated central midfielders in the world nowadays. He’s the perfect addition to Simeone’s Atletico Madrid; a player who’s strong and aggressive enough to pose as the defensive-minded talisman all season long.

In short, Rodrigo De Paul is a natural leader and deserves to captain this Copa America 2024 All-Star team. He will be the main engine of this team, looking to break down the opposition’s attacks and quickly create opportunities for the players ahead of him.


Central Midfield: Alexis Mac Allister (Argentina)

Don’t blame us for picking too many Argentinians – they are the reigning world champions after all! Mac Allister, in particular, has a strong claim at being one of the most versatile players in the world nowadays.

The Liverpool midfielder can play as the defensive anchor, but we decided to give him a more advanced role in this team. This is the guy that will be responsible for both helping De Paul defensively, but also enabling the forwards with his crisp passing and dribbling skills.


Central Midfield: Bruno Guimaraes (Brazil)

Speaking of versatile midfielders, we couldn’t leave Bruno Guimaraes out of this team. The guy brings grit, a strong desire to win, and an endless supply of energy that will elevate everyone around him.

Just ask Newcastle and the team’s supporters about Bruno. They love him and see him as a centerpiece of their project. The guy can defend, assist, score, and is a natural leader.


Left Forward: Vinicius Jr (Brazil)

If there’s an undisputed position in this Copa America All-Star team, it’s definitely the left wing of the attack. Vinicius Jr is currently one of the best players in the world and a Ballon d’Or favorite of the top soccer betting sites.

He’s coming off a spectacular season in which he won La Liga, the Spanish Super Cup, and the Champions League. He’s fast, unpredictable, easily swings past defenders, and creates goal-scoring chances at will.


Right Forward: Lionel Messi (RW) (Argentina)

Even though he’s past his prime, Leo Messi is still doing wonders in the MLS and with Argentina. He’s scored 12 goals in just as many matches, which goes to show you the good old GOAT still hasn’t lost it.

Sure, Messi has lost a step or two and can’t really play with high intensity, but he’s still a magician with the ball at his feet. The rest of the Copa America All-Star lineup will provide the running, while Mess will be responsible for scoring and assisting when it matters the most. It worked for Argentina in the World Cup, after all.


Striker: Darwin Nunez (Uruguay)

There were huge question marks surrounding Darwin Nunez this season, because he’s not an efficient finisher. And yet, the Liverpool forward creates utter havoc in the attacking third, so he can serve more as a target man here than a goalscorer.

He always forces the opposing defenders to work hard, which would open up space for Messi, Vini Jr, and the rest of the team. Nunez is the perfect man for the job, so we gave him the last spot in this lineup.


Team Copa America 2024 Bench

Every team needs a bench, so we picked the following players as subs for the Copa American squad:

  • Ederson (Brazil)
  • Raphina (Brazil)
  • Lautaro Martinez (Argentina)
  • Federico Valverde (Uruguay)
  • Luis Suarez (Uruguay)
  • Eder Militao (Brazil)
  • Julian Alvarez (Argentina)

EURO 2024 All-Star Lineup

It’s time to talk about the EURO 2024 All-Star Lineup. Picking the top players here was even harder, with so many stars involved in the action. We again selected a 4-3-3 formation with players who work hard in all lines.

Goalkeeper: Gianluigi Donnarumma (Italy)

This was probably one of the toughest positions to select, with different opinions among our soccer experts. We had a strong push for Jan Oblak, while the likes of Ter Stegen, Manuel Neuer, Mike Maignan, and Diogo Costa all worthy of an honorable mention, at the very least.

And yet, we’ve decided to pick Italy’s Gianluigi Donnarumma. He has been inconsistent recently, but what other goalie has a higher ceiling? Donnarumma is a natural leader, capable of obscene saves. That was just enough to give him the nod.


Left Back: Theo Hernandez (France)

Ignoring the up-and-coming Josko Gvardiol for this position was tough, but Theo Hernandez is an absolute beast of a left-back. He’s fast, his acceleration is insane, and he’s capable of dribbling the ball into the penalty area or swinging it for headers inside the six-yard box.

His unpredictability makes him such a strong player, both defensively and offensively. Gvardiol is close and could eventually surpass him, but we still prefer Hernandez in 2024.


Center back: Virgil Van Dijk (Netherlands)

This was one of the easier choices in the EURO 2024 All-Star lineup. Virgil Van Dijk has been at the top of European football for quite a while now. Even though he hasn’t won anything notable with his national team, his strength, aggression, and game sense are more than enough to cement his position as one of this generation’s greatest center-backs.

On top of his individual defensive qualities, Van Dijk is also a proven leader who provides a commanding presence in his own box and an attacking threat from set pieces. The Dutch star has scored many important goals for Liverpool and the Netherlands.


Center Back: Ruben Dias (Portugal)

Most of the stuff we said about Van Dijk applies to Ruben Dias, too. He’s been the focal point of Pep Guardiola’s defensive efforts over the last few seasons, helping Man City win multiple trophies in England and Europe.

The guy is a fantastic passer, excellent one-on-one defender, and a proven leader. Any team would be happy to have Dias at the heat of the defense.


Right Back: Kyle Walker (England)

Kyle Walker has to be our go-to right-back. Even though he’s not getting any younger, Walker is still the definition of a speed merchant, but that only scratches the surface.

The Man City defender is one of the few people that can keep Vini Jr. relatively quiet and still provide an attacking thread at the other end. Walker’s versatility makes him an excellent cornerstone for any team.


Central Midfielder: Rodri (Spain)

Another Man City player makes the list, but only a crazy person would leave Rodri out of this All-Star lineup. The Spaniard has developed into a world-class star who can control the tempo, stop ongoing pressure, and get the ball forward consistently and with accuracy.

If you add his critical goals, he’s the worthy captain of our EURO 2024 All-Star team!


Central Midfielder: Jude Bellingham (England)

The two positions next to Rodri in the middle of the park were the most challenging. There are so many options out there, but we decided to go with one of the most versatile players available.

Jude Bellingham usually plays in a fairly advanced role, but his impact is always felt all over the pitch. He can score critical goals against packed defenses, help his team control the middle of the park, and even do the dirty work without the ball! The Real Madrid star is the complete package, so we picked him for our lineup.


Central Midfielder: Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)

The likes of Phil Foden, Florian Wirtz, Declan Rice, Granit Xhaka, Jamal Musiala, and many others could’ve easily taken the third spot in our midfield. And yet, Kevin De Bruyne remains one of the deadliest men in soccer.

His game IQ, passing ability, ball control in tight spaces, and shooting are second to none.  De Bruyne also works hard without the ball, unlike other iconic players from the past who had a similar flashy playstyle but were a defensive liability.


Left Forward: Kylian Mbappe (France)

Obviously, Kylian Mbappe is the first name on the EURO 2024 All-Star team. Despite breaking his nose in France’s opener, Mbappe is expected to come back even stronger and clinch another international title with France.

The electric forward is pretty much unstoppable, as he has the speed, technique, and composure to beat anyone. Mbappe is also a fantastic finisher and often shines when it matters the most.


Right Forward: Bernardo Silva (Portugal)

You can definitely make a case for a number of more productive right wingers in terms of goals and assists, but we sacrificed them for the sake of balance. There are more than enough players that can score or provide on this team, so we needed something else .

Bernardo Silva is the guy that brings security on the ball, hard work, and balance. If you check his heatmap of a random Man City game, you will notice how he operates all over the pitch.

His main role is to create numerical advantage at any given moment with his movement and ball control. On top of that. Silva often produces stunning goals and assists, so it was hard to ignore him.


Striker: Harry Kane (England)

Despite just scoring one goal in England’s first two matches at the EURO (and being mostly invisible on the pitch), we have to include Harry Kane up front. The English striker has been the most consistent player in this position for years now.

He is a very reliable scorer, who can also play with his back to the goal and create space for others. Kane is also a proven leader, even if he’s yet to win a major trophy in his career.

The lack of help has been the main issue behind his struggles, but this All-Star lineup is more than capable of matching Kane’s contributions.


Team EURO 2024 Bench

Here are the players who made the EURO 2024 All-Stars bench:

  • Jan Oblak (Slovenia)
  • Josko Gvardiol (Croatia)
  • Phil Foden (England)
  • Florian Wirtz (Germany)
  • Raphael Leao (Portugal)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
  • Robert Lewandowski (Poland)

Copa America 2024 vs. EURO 2024 All-Star Lineups Betting Odds

A potential All-Star game between the best Europe and the Americas have to offer would be mind-blowing for the fans! But who would win this encounter?

We took the liberty to generate betting odds ourselves (without adding margin). Here’s what our own oddsmakers came up with:

Team Copa America to win+210
Team EUROs to win+170
Under 2.5 goals+100
Over 2.5 goals+100

Picking a winner for this clash is close to impossible, but we feel Team EURO 2024 has a slight advantage. The bench is stronger, and you can’t really find a weak spot.

Team Copa America will struggle with Kylian Mbappe and Theo Hernandez on the left, which is why we made Team EUROs a slight favorite. Still, with so many world-class players, you never know.

The same applies to the totals market, a coin flip in our books. That’s why the odds for both outcomes are identical.

Copa America vs. EUROs – Who Wins?

Do you agree with our selections? Would you bet on this match? You can “place” your wagers by pinging The Sports Geek on X. We will settle all bets next week on the Sports Geek’s YouTube channel, so stay tuned.

We gave you enough time to place your fictional wagers, so it’s time to settle the score! We ran a FIFA simulation with both sides, and Team Copa America won by 1-0 in a close contest. If you want to see the highlights, check out the following video:

In the meantime, feel free to check our latest predictions for both tournaments:

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