FaZe Banks vs. Nadeshot Betting Odds And Predictions

FaZe Banks vs. Nadeshot Betting Odds And Predictions

100 Thieves boss Nadeshot challenged FaZe Banks to a 1v1 Rust match-up, and the best esports betting sites quickly released odds for the potential Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 showdown!

Although the details are still being worked out, FaZe Banks accepted the 1v1 Rust match. After spending several years away from CoD, can FaZe Banks get into top form in time for this highly anticipated match?

I share my answer in the prediction section below, but before that, let’s analyze the latest FaZe Banks vs. Nadeshot odds and the two iconic players!

FaZe Banks vs. Nadeshot Betting Odds

The FaZe Banks vs. Nadeshot odds are courtesy of Bovada:

FaZe Banks+200

According to Bovada’s odds, Nadeshot (-275) is the favorite to beat FaZe Banks. The 100 Thieves CEO has an implied probability of 73.3% of winning this match, according to the oddsmakers.

Do you agree with this price set by bookies for FaZe Banks vs. Nadeshot? The bookie believes FaZe Banks has a chance despite the fact he’s been inactive for a while.

Visit Bovada to back any of the players if you already have a betting pick in mind. If that’s not the case, let’s talk about the format of this challenge next.

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FaZe Banks Vs. Nadeshot Match Format And Key Info

Nadeshot issued the challenge to Ricky “FaZe” Banks on an episode of a recent edition of the 100 Thieves podcast. Jack “CouRage” Dunlop brought up the possibility of the match, and Nadeshot quickly affirmed that he would play.

Without any hesitation, FaZe Banks accepted Nadeshot’s challenge on social media. He added some stipulations to the 1v1 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 match, which includes a first-to-20 format, radar on, and Intervention snipers only.

Nadeshot proposed that the winner can select the profile images of their choosing for the loser’s social media accounts.

FaZe Banks’ renewed interest in taking control of FaZe Clan coincides with the match against Nadeshot. The organization underwent a restructuring over the last few months under Banks’ watch.

Note that a date hasn’t been confirmed thus far. Let’s dive into the full FaZe Banks vs. Nadeshot preview next.

Nadeshot (-275) – Too Much Experience For FaZe Banks?

Nadeshot is the favorite over FaZe Banks for good reason. There is a long list of accomplishments attached to the iconic player’s name during his Call of Duty career.

In 2014, he won Esports Player of the Year at the 2014 Game Awards1. The former McDonald’s employee found his most success in competition as a member of OpTic Gaming.

From his start in 2010 to 2012, the team developed into a dominating force. They won three tournaments and are still regarded as one of the best Call of Duty dynasties of the last 15 years.

After founding 100 Thieves in 2016, Matt “Nadeshot” Haag hasn’t slowed down from playing himself. In addition to overseeing 100 Thieves, Nadeshot primarily focuses on gaming content on Twitch, where he’s amassed over 2 million followers!

Staying active with a controller in his hand should prove to be a huge advantage for Nadeshot. Rust shouldn’t be a problem in this match.

FaZe Banks (+200) – The Resurgence Of FaZe Clan?

Founded in 2010, FaZe Clan was one of the most recognizable organizations in esports. However, they haven’t been involved in the COD scene in quite some time. FaZe Banks diverted to other content, including cryptocurrency.

The odds of FaZe Clan having some kind of resurgence are likely worse than his odds of beating Nadeshot. With an implied probability to win of 33.3%, most online betting sites do not have much faith in this 1v1 Rust match working out well either, though.

FaZe Banks hasn’t done much in the way of esports content during his hiatus from FaZe Clan. Despite nearly 5 million subscribers on YouTube, he hasn’t posted any new content in four years!

Some of his latest videos are hanging out with fellow popular influencers, but zero content of him playing Call of Duty or any games. On his Twitch account, there is a video from three years ago of him playing slots at online casinos.

You get the point: FaZe Banks hasn’t played CoD, or at least publicly, in several years. Back then, he was highly regarded as a talented sniper, though how much has he fallen off?

It has been a while, and strategies have changed over the last decade. What looked amazing ten years ago no longer holds up against players who are continually adapting and finding ways to improve.

FaZe Banks has to get started grinding and preparing for this game now. If he puts in the work, he could have a chance to spring an upset. However, do you trust FaZe Banks to do this against a player who has logged in thousands of hours since he’s been (at least publicly) inactive?

FaZe Banks Vs. Nadeshot Prediction And Betting Pick

I acknowledge that FaZe Banks was a solid player. He was well invested in himself in becoming a better player and a strong sniper. However, this was roughly a decade ago, and FaZe Banks has since dipped his toe into other areas of content creation.

Off-camera, it’s unlikely he has done enough to improve his CoD skills to the point of staying competitive at a high level. A lot has changed since he was a committed player.

Conversely, Nadeshot has a controller in his hand nearly every day. I expect him to do his due diligence and put in the work to down Ricky!

FaZe Banks won’t go into this match blind, but I question whether he will be as committed as Nadeshot. He should get into the double digits at least. I have Nadeshot winning 20-13 for my top Faze Banks vs. Nadeshot betting pick.

My numbers have Nadeshot as a -400 favorite, so he’s worth considering as your pick for this CoD 1v1 Rust clash.

The Bet

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  1. 2014 The Game Awards | The Game Awards. Retrieved From “https://thegameawards.com/rewind/year-2014

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