Joe Biden Prop Bets and Impeachment Odds

Joe Biden Prop Bets and Impeachment Odds

You can find Joe Biden prop bets for impeachment, exit date, and so much more nowadays. The president’s approval ratings remain low and the latest US presidency odds suggest he is behind Donald Trump in the 2024 elections.

Biden’ has other problems, too: potential impeachment, Hunter Biden’s antics, and a dementia test with unexpected results might be among them.

Check my analysis below, where I break down fact from fiction to show which Joe Biden prop bets could win and recommend the best betting picks!

What Joe Biden Prop Bets Are Available?

The betting odds for Joe Biden are available at several top political betting sites, so let’s look at the most popular markets.

Biden Prop BetOutcomes and OddsBookmaker
Joe Biden Impeached?Yes (+800)
No (-2000)
Will Joe Biden finish his first term as president?Yes (-750)
No (+440)
Joe Biden Exit Date  2024 (+1200)
2025 (-150)
2026 or Later (+110)
Joe Biden to Pardon Donald Trump Sr. for all Potential Federal Crimes Before 2024 ElectionsYes (+800)BetUS
Joe Biden Dementia Test Results12 or Fewer Points (+500)
13-19 Points (+225)
20-24 Points (+190)
25-30 Points (+225)
Biden to Pass Dementia Test?Yes (+140)
No (-180)
Biden Indicted Before Next General Election?Yes (+2000)
No (-10,000)
Hunter Biden to Serve Jail Time Before 2025?Yes (+1000)
No (-4000)

Some of these bets are free money while others are ridiculous. Let’s dive into the most enticing Joe Biden prop bets and analyze them next.

Biden to Pass Dementia Test Prediction

The possibility that Biden has dementia is a popular storyline in conservative media, but it’s mostly speculation at this point.

Much has been made of Biden forgetting words or mixing up names, but he hasn’t done anything that Trump hasn’t done on camera. The AP reported that while Biden mixed up French President Macron with Mitterrand, Trump mixed up Nancy Pelosi with Nikki Haley when he spoke about capitol security during the January 6 attack.

Dementia is more than a verbal flub. It’s a systematic degeneration of brain function and mood regulation. While the storyline may be entertaining enough to create a demand for odds, it’s not a good wager. Dementia patients can’t negotiate the fine details of bills like the Inflation Reduction Act.

The best bet is to wager on Biden passing a dementia test, though it’s unlikely he’ll take one at all. Expect an easy “no” or a no-action bet.

Joe Biden Impeachment Odds and Best Bet

The odds of a Biden impeachment have little to do with the president himself. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert introduce a bill to impeach Biden “relating to actions taken involving immigration and the southern border.”

Her bill charged that Biden failed his constitutional duties in allowing too many migrants through the border.

The crisis at the border is a crisis, but it’s not exclusively Biden’s fault. Loosened restrictions allowing high volumes of migrants can be traced to 1986. The Immigration Reform and Control Act grandfathered illegal immigrants who were already in the country into the United States.

The bill also required employers to check their employees’ immigration status but removed meaningful enforcement measures.

Besides being meritless, the impeachment bill is trapped in committee. Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of the most extreme conservative congresswomen, is on the subcommittees who received the impeachment bill. Both parties sit on those committees, so it’s hard to imagine the committee voting that bill out.

The best pick for Biden impeachment is “no.” It only requires the House to pass the bill, but it’s likely going to die in committee. The odds might be short, but this one is a almost certainly not going to pass.

The Bet

Joe Biden Exit Date Prediction

President Biden’s exit date poses interesting questions about his career strategy. On the one hand, he’s been chasing the presidency for decades. His first presidential run was in 1988. Now that he’s finally won the greatest prize of his career, it’s worth wondering whether he’ll let it go.

Age may force him to. Most of the money so far is on Biden winning the election then leaving office or dying in the first year of his second term. The longest odds are on Biden leaving office or dying before the next election and inauguration.

This time, the middle ground seems the most secure. Biden would be 82 if he were inaugurated a second time. While that would make him the oldest president in history, the life expectancy of men in his income group is 87.

As president, he has access to some of the best healthcare in the world – the same healthcare President Trump received when he received experimental COVID treatments near the end of his term.

This leaves him leaving office in 2026 or later and 2025 as the only viable options. However, these outcomes essentially boil down to who’s going to win the upcoming election, so you should focus on that one instead of this particular wager.

Hunter Biden to Serve Jail Time Before 2025 Predictions

Hunter Biden is facing two trials. One comes from a September 2023 indictment that he possessed a gun while using narcotics which is set for June 3.

Hunter Biden’s second trial concerns failure to pay taxes, failure to file, evading a tax assessment, and filing a fraudulent tax form. That trial is set for June 20.

Both trials will take weeks, and both include charges that could result in jail time. Hunter Biden has been open about the bad decisions he’s made during his struggle with addiction. He wrote a memoir about them called Beautiful Things.

His ne-er-do-well past does not make a future without jail plausible. The scrutiny that comes with being the US president’s son also makes jail seem likely.

My pick is Hunter Biden to serve jail time before 2025. While Joe Biden tries to maintain a level of integrity as president, his troubled son is still recovering from a checkered past and will likely face consequences for the alleged crimes he committed.

The Bet

Where to Find Joe Biden Prop Bets?

Whether you want to bet on Joe Biden’s alleged dementia, him getting impeached, or his son going to jail, you have plenty of options. Many sites for political betting online offer odds, but The Geek recommends Bovada.

The sportsbook delivers an excellent variety of Joe Biden props and updates the odds and selection regularly. On top of that, new players can grab a 50% welcome bonus of up to $250 that can be used to bet on politics.

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