What Is A Lay Bet in Craps and How to Bet It

Craps Lay Betting Explained

The lay bet in craps can feel like a difficult bet to utilize for new players. It’s one of the few bets with a vig, which can be confusing for beginners. But after you understand what you’re paying for and how to place the bet, the craps lay bet can be a useful alternative to other craps wagers like the place bet or buy bet.

Let’s take a look at what the lay bet craps wager is, the odds for this bet, and some strategies for using the lay bet at the best craps online betting sites.

What is a Lay Bet in Craps

Craps Ley Bets

A lay bet is a craps bet used at online casinos to get ‘true odds’ on a seven being rolled before a specific number being rolled.

Generally, your lay bet will get placed after the point number is rolled. You can place a lay bet on the opening roll, but it’s ill advised.

A lay bet is like a craps buy bet in that it has a vig, but it’s taking the opposite position. You can place a buy bet that a six will come up before the next seven is rolled, and a lay bet that a six won’t come up before a seven is rolled. 

Paying the Vig

In order to place a lay bet in craps, you’ll be paying a vig, or a small fee for better odds when compared to the normal craps place bets. The vig is 5% of possible winnings at most online casinos, but you’ll see discounted offers as well as higher fees.

Occasionally, you’ll see “no-vig” options, effectively dropping the house edge or casino advantage on the bet to 2% and lower.

Lay Bet Odds Table

You’re betting on only one number, but we’ve organized the table by true odds. You’re placing your bet above the number you think will not be rolled before the next seven. 

Lay Bet House EdgeTrue Odds and Payout 
4 or 102.4%1:2
5 or 9 3.3%2:3
6 or 8 4.1%5:6

Notice the house edge climbs the more common the number. This is because the vig goes up due to the payout. 

How to Bet a Lay Bet in Craps

How To Bet A Ley Bet Craps

The craps lay bet is considered a “dark side strategy.” Other players tend to make fun of you at actual tables and it’s even considered bad luck in some circles. You’re winning with other players and most other bets lose. 

When to Place a Lay Bet

After the first roll, a point bet is established. This is assuming the pass line bets don’t immediately win or lose due to crapping out or rolling 7, 11.

You can place your lay bet as soon as the second roll, and you should.

Look to maximize the number of chances before a seven. There is no real way to predict when a seven arrives, so place your lay bet early. 

The “Dark Side Strategy” for Craps Lay Bets

Dark Side Strategy For Craps Lay Bets

First, you’ll open with a don’t come bet. This bet pays out when on the point roll, you’ll either crap out (and the don’t come bet wins) or the point roll will be established and a seven is rolled before the point number is rolled again.

Follow up the don’t come bet with a lay bet. If you’ve already got a don’t come or don’t pass bet, don’t choose the point number. Instead, select the four or ten for lower risk, and a six or eight for a higher payout.

This simple strategy is fantastic for learning to understand lay bets, and it has a fantastic house edge similar to pass line and buy bet combinations. 

Using Craps Lay Bets at Online Casinos

If you’re looking at putting craps lay bets in action, consider using Bovada. This online gambling site offers a wonderful craps gaming experience that includes an appealing interface, top-notch graphics and smooth gameplay.

Additionally, Bovada allows its members the option to play craps for free. You can use the free play mode to practice your craps lay bets strategies before actually playing for real money.

Additionally, Bovada is giving away thousands of dollars to players who sign up for the first time at their online casino. Those who prefer using crypto as their banking method can also experience some fantastic bonuses and promotions.

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