4 Most Common Football Bets and How to Win Them

4 Most Common Football Bets and How to Win Them

Football is the most bet sport in the United States. It’s not even close. Americans love to bet on the NFL, and that goes for college football, too. We are taking a look at the most common football bets available online.

It’s largely only a North American sport, but it’s still the second-most bet sport in the world, behind European football. If you want to get in on the gridiron action, it’s important to learn about the most common football bets first.

Expanding your knowledge and becoming familiar with the most popular bets is a good start for this season.

The foundation for any good football bettor is learning how to wager on the most common football bets. After you are comfortable with making these bets, you can begin to branch out and get into more exotic wagers.

How To Win Football Bet Easy?
There is no secret to winning your football bets easily. It requires a lot of hard work and patience. You can’t expect to win every week, but with proper bankroll management and research, your chances improve exponentially. TheSportsGeek will provide free picks and information on how to bet on football and win all season long.

Let’s get into the most common football bets and how to win below.

Point Spread

With the proliferation of online gambling over the past years, you’ve probably heard the media and pundits talk about the point spread of a game. It’s hard not to avoid gambling talk in the NFL.

The point spread is the most common football bet, which attempts to even things out between the talent level and other variables, including injuries and weather, in the game.

If the sportsbook feels the two teams are dead equal, all things considered, there won’t be a point spread. You will simply have to predict who wins the game straight up.

The more lopsided the oddsmakers feel the final score will be, the higher the point spread will be at the online betting site. For instance, take for example a matchup between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Los Angeles Rams.

Jacksonville Jaguars +14.5 (-110)

LA Rams -14.5 (-110)

In this example, to win your football bet, you have to correctly select if the Rams will win by more than 14 points. If you like the Jaguars, they don’t have to win for your bet to be successful.

Jacksonville must keep the final score within 14.5 points, though. A 15-point loss would be a losing bet, but a 14-point loss would be a winning wager. You can use this example for any point spread number.

The price of -110 indicates how much vig, or commission, you will have to pay the sportsbook for a win. A $110.00 wager will return $100.00 at -110.


The Moneyline is the most simple way to bet on a football game. It’s all about determining who is going to win the game. This sounds easy, but it’s important to note that finding the best value is how you beat the moneyline bet.

Heavy favorites come with a price. You will not get as much in return for your bet if you select the favorite rather than the underdog.

Let’s go back to our Jaguars vs. Rams example for the point spread. If you want to bet the Rams to win straight up on the moneyline, the oddsmakers are going to make you pay for this bet.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+700)

LA Rams (-1200)

In this instance, you will have to pay 1/12 odds on the Rams to win the game. Simply put, for a $1200.00 wager that wins, you’ll only make a profit of $100.00. Conversely, you could put $100.00 on the Jaguars for a $700.00 profit.

Our best advice is not to get used to betting large moneyline favorites. It can be tempting to bet on a team that “can’t lose”, but I’m here to tell you that upsets happen. Your bankroll can go into the toilet quickly with only one or two losses.

Over/Under – Total

The Over Under, also known as the total of a football game, has nothing to do with the winner or the margin of victory. The only aspect of the game that matters is the combined final score between both teams.

Heavy favorites come with a price. You will not get as much in return for your bet if you select the favorite rather than the underdog.

Do you want to support the defenses or offenses? Betting the Under on the total suggests that you believe the game is going to be a low-scoring final score. Conversely, if you like the Over, you are probably going to want to bet that there will be lots of points.

Over 47 (-115)

Under 47(-105)

This might be an example of an Over/Under bet that you may see online. 47 points suggest that it’s going to be an average final score.

In this case, you must correctly predict if there will be more than or less than 47 points at the end of the game. What about if the combined final score lands on 47 points? Then you will push your bet and receive a refund.

Prop Betting

Once you feel comfortable with the three most common football bets, there are other football wagers that might catch your attention. Are NFL prop bets worth betting?

They can be worth betting, but you have to know what you are doing. It’s important to know the inner workings of a team and their players. Also, reading up and trying to establish what the game plan is going to be for a team is important.

Deep research is a must if you want to be profitable betting NFL props. For instance, a coach might want to get a certain player involved. If you are confident that they’re going to run the ball or pass more, this is important information to know as well.

Prop Bet Types Are Endless
There is a multitude of football prop bets that can be wagered on. The Super Bowl is the king of props, with just about anything available for wagering, including the Halftime Show and National Anthem.

The most common football bets for prop betting are player props. This is often Over Under prop bets. For instance, you can bet on whether a quarterback will throw for more or fewer yards, or how many completions they’ll have.

Wide receiver yards and receptions is another popular NFL prop bet. The same can be bet for rushing yards and running back receiving yards.

Teams often want to get different running backs involved in games. Ensure that you look ahead of time to see if there are any spoilers from the coaching staff.


Don’t restrict yourself to only one type of NFL bet. Every game is a different event and it may call for a different wager. The onus is on us as sports bettors to find the best value and exploit these holes in the sportsbook. If you want our best NFL betting sites for the upcoming season, check out the link.

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