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Aaron Rodgers Odds

Beating the Buffalo Bills is usually a cause for celebration. The New York Jets walked the Bills off with a Xavier Gipson 65-punt return in overtime. The Bills were left stunned after Tyler Bass hit a 50-yard field goal to force overtime moments earlier.

However, Aaron Rodgers’ injury only four plays into the game didn’t allow for a jubilant atmosphere in the Jets’ locker room. In what was ultimately confirmed as a complete tear of his Achilles tendon, Rodgers has been ruled out for the rest of the 2023-24 season1.

The injury came early in the first quarter at MetLife Stadium on Monday night, September 11th. Rodgers attempted to evade pass rusher Leonard Floyd in the backfield. As Floyd took Rodgers down, the four-time MVP extended his leg awkwardly with it planted on the turf.

In the wake of Rodgers’ injury, NFL betting sites have released QB odds to replace the future Hall of Famer. The next Jets’ QB odds are simply who the Jets will sign at QB. According to the betting rules, at BetUS, the prop bet does not constitute who the Jets’ next starter will be.

If the Jets sign a backup, which they likely will to compete with Zach Wilson, then the bet is settled. Let’s delve into the latest Jets’ QB prop odds and our predictions for the team’s next QB signing.

New York Jets Next QB Odds

The following Jets’ next QB odds are courtesy of BetUS:

Nick Foles+275Colt McCoy+350
Taysom Hill+425Jameis Winston+450
Carson Wentz+550Cooper Rush+600
Davis Mills+700Teddy Bridgewater+800
Case Keenum+1000Marcus Mariota+1200
Taylor Heinicke+1300Jacoby Brissett+2000
Andy Dalton+2500Joe Flacco+3500
Matt Ryan+4500Ryan Fitzpatrick+5500
Tom Brady+7500Andrew Luck+10000
Russell Wilson+10000Tim Tebow+15000

According to BetUS, Nick Foles has the best odds of becoming the next Jets’ QB. In 2018, Foles experienced a magical ride to the Super Bowl after replacing Carson Wentz.

Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles beat a Tom Brady-led New England team in a Super Bowl that will never be forgotten. However, Foles hasn’t made an impact in the NFL since that memorable victory.

Some of the wildest names on this list of betting options include Tim Tebow and Tom Brady. Tebow has the longest odds at +15000, while Brady has +7500 odds.

Currently, Brady is a part-time owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, so that partnership would make this signing problematic for the Jets.

Colin Kaepernick Jets’ QB Odds:

There is one notable absence from online betting sites for the Jets’ QB prop bet: Colin Kaepernick. At least, right now, there aren’t any odds of Kaepernick signing with the Jets.

So, let’s establish our own Kaepernick to the Jets odds. Should Kaepernick have the same odds as Tebow? We can promise that the Jets aren’t calling Tebow, but is there a glimmer of hope that Kaepernick receives a tryout invite?

Kaepernick’s agent reportedly reached out to the Jets to inform them that the former 49er is interested in returning to the NFL2. Did the Jets take the call seriously? That remains to be seen, but we are placing Kaepernick’s Jets odds at +12500.

Betting Favorites For Next Jets QB

According to Jets’ next QB odds, at BetUS, there are two QBs who stand out above the rest:

Nick Foles (+275)

Nick Foles is only 34 years of age, but it almost feels like he is approaching his 40s. Foles has experienced just about all of the highs and lows that a QB can experience in the NFL.

In 2013, Foles passed for 2,891 yards, 27 touchdowns, and two interceptions on 64 percent completions in his second season in the NFL3. The Eagles looked like they had something with Foles, but he wouldn’t be with the team after 2014.

After spending time in St. Louis and Kansas City briefly, Foles had his second stint with the Eagles. In one of the unlikeliest QBs to lead his team to a Super Bowl, he out-dueled Brady after taking over for Wentz earlier in the season.

Following Super Bowl LII, Foles signed a four-year, $88 million contract with the Jaguars4. He managed to parlay that Super Bowl run into a big payday, but Foles flamed out after one disappointing season.

In his latest most significant playing time, Foles passed for 1,852 yards, 10 touchdowns, and eight interceptions with the Bears in 2020.

Last year, he spent the majority of his time on the bench with the Colts. Foles was dreadful with 224 passing yards, zero touchdowns, and four interceptions. So, has Foles’ time in the NFL already expired?

That said, with the right asking price, which won’t be much, the Jets will give Foles strong consideration as their next QB.

Colt McCoy (+350)

Colt McCoy was unceremoniously released by the Arizona Cardinals in the final cuts of training camp in August. It came as a surprise to many NFL fans after McCoy had been a serviceable starter off the bench for the Cardinals.

Did the Cardinals release McCoy because they wanted to go into full tank mode? This is what many fans and critics believed. McCoy probably isn’t a better option than Joshua Dobbs or Clayton Tune, so that reasoning is flawed.

McCoy has been a capable backup QB in his career, but he aged considerably last year. In 2022, the 37-year-old veteran threw one touchdown and three interceptions in four games5. McCoy also didn’t play well during the preseason.

The Cardinals released McCoy because he’s a washed-up QB. There isn’t much gas left in the tank for the former Texas Longhorn. Nevertheless, oddsmakers give McCoy the second-best odds of signing with the Jets.

We would be surprised if the Jets don’t give McCoy a tryout. They should kick the tires on him. However, the Jets’ coaching staff is likely to discover the same thing that the Cardinals did, McCoy doesn’t have much left to offer in the NFL.

If the Jets are looking for the cheapest option possible to sit behind Wilson, and a decent team player who will listen, McCoy might be the answer. In any event, signing McCoy is a clear sign that the Jets are in on Wilson as QB1.

Best Value Bet For The Next Jets QB: Davis Mills (+700)

The Houston Texans have C.J. Stroud, Davis Mills, and Case Keenum on their roster. The Jets might be interested in acquiring Mills if the price is right. Overpaying in a trade for Mills isn’t advised, but he would be a solid option to push Wilson.

Mills would not join the Jets and instantly take the starting job away from the second overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft. However, he is an acceptable QB to replace Wilson if things go south.

Mills isn’t a player that you want as your starting QB. However, the 24-year-old is still on his rookie contract and has largely worked with a bad team in Houston. Additionally, the Texans’ offensive system is similar to the Jets, so there wouldn’t be a steep learning curve in New York.

On a Jets team with better weapons, Mills is unlikely to look overly bad. As it stands now, he is one of the better QBs in the NFL. In 2021, the rookie QB passed for 2,664 yards, 16 touchdowns, and 10 interceptions on 66.8 percent completions.

Last season, Mills had a fine campaign, with 3,118 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 15 interceptions6. However, not fine enough to prevent the Texans from drafting a QB with the second overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

With Stroud the starter in Houston, and Keenum a serviceable enough backup QB, the Texans might be interested in accepting a deal for Mills. If the Jets are interested in a trade, Mills has to be on their shortlist.

The Bet

Best Longshot Bet To Be The Next Jets QB: Joe Flacco (+3500)

Joe Flacco spent his last three years in New York with the Jets. Flacco primarily spent time as the backup, but saw some action. Last season, the 15-year NFL veteran appeared in five games for the Jets.

He passed for 1,051 yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions on 57.6 percent completions. On September 18, 2022, Flacco turned back the clocks, with a 307-yard and four-touchdown performance against the Browns7.

In his latest NFL outing, Flacco couldn’t find the end zone in an 11-6 loss to the Miami Dolphins in January. That said, Flacco didn’t throw an interception or play terribly in the loss. The rest of the offense was anemic, as well.

And, no, Flacco did not retire from the NFL. Currently, Flacco is listed as a free agent and did not file retirement papers with the league. In short, he still wants to play football.

On September 7, the Super Bowl-winning QB discussed his future in the NFL.

“Listen, I can still play,” Flacco said to ESPN8. “That’s me talking, obviously. I’m hoping that there’s the silver lining that I’m not anywhere right now and that I can be available to anybody.”

If the Jets want a QB who can quickly sign and get to work without learning the offense, Flacco is their guy. However, do the Jets really want to revisit the 2021 and 2022 seasons with Wilson and Flacco together?

Nevertheless, Flacco is a strong bet at +3500 odds. Taking a chance on Flacco at these odds is worth a small play.

The Bet

Who Will The Jets Sign At QB?

The Jets are expected to be fully committed to Wilson as their starting QB. With a training camp to learn from Rodgers, could he show improvement from last season’s erratic campaign?

The front office certainly hopes so and is probably willing to give him another chance. They did, after all, spend a second overall draft pick on Wilson.

The perfect scenario is Wilson replacing Rodgers after his contract expires or he retires. By that time, perhaps Wilson would be prepared to be a starting QB in the NFL.

The Jets have to be optimistic that one training camp with Rodgers wore off on Wilson. In short, we can’t see the Jets seeking a clear replacement for Wilson. So, you can rule out players like: Jameis Winston, Taylor Heinicke, and Jacoby Brissett.

Maintaining Wilson’s confidence has to be top priority for the Jets. Signing a QB like Winston, with the intention of replacing Wilson, wouldn’t be sending the right message. In this respect, Foles should be worthy of consideration as the Jets’ next QB.

Foles wouldn’t threaten Wilson’s QB1 job, but might be able to find lightning in a bottle if he has to step in. It wouldn’t be the first time that Foles went from zero to hero. Unfortunately, the Jets do not have the stout Eagles offensive line from 2018.

Carson Wentz has been floated as the Jets’ next QB, but he is not considered a team guy. That isn’t what Wilson needs this season. Foles has been known as a positive supporter in a team’s locker room. Additionally, Foles and Rodgers share the same agent, so that may help with negotiations.

Foles’ best years are behind him, but the Jets are only looking for a suitable backup to place behind Wilson. If the Jets want to opt for a trade, Mills should be there, but the likeliest choice is a free agent.

The Bet


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