NFL Survivor Pool Tips To Win and Where To Play

NFL survivor contests are one of the most popular pools during football season. Survivor pools are easy for a football fan of any skill level to jump in and play. Whether you are an NFL expert or a rookie, an NFL survivor pool is an entertaining way to stay involved in the action this season.

Even if you’ve never played in a pool before, you can win your first time with our helpful NFL survivor tips. It’s also a good time for football fans to brush up on their NFL survivor pool strategies before Week 1 kicks off.

Are you looking for an NFL survivor pool to enter? NFL betting sites typically host NFL survivor pools for a chance to play for big prizes and rewards.

Make sure you read to the end to discover the best NFL survivor pool sites to play at for the 2023-24 NFL season. First, let’s briefly go over what an NFL survivor pool is and how to win survivor contests.

How To Play and Win NFL Survivor Pools

NFL survivor pools are a last-person-standing concept. The last person to remain in the contest is declared the winner.

Participants are asked to pick one NFL team to win each week. If the team loses, they are out of the pool. There are no second chances in a survivor pool.

However, if the selection wins, they will advance to the next week of the survivor contest. It’s important to note that teams can’t be used twice. Once you select a team, you can no longer reuse them in a future week.

For ties after Week 18, some NFL survivor pools will continue into the playoffs. Also, the commissioner of the pool can set rules for a tiebreaker or split the pool with the players who reached the final stage.

NFL Survivor Pool Tips

Implementing an NFL betting strategy is a vital first step before betting on Week 1 of the NFL season. Additionally, an NFL survivor pool strategy is incredibly important for having success as well. Find our best NFL survivor pool tips and strategies below:
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1. Check Out The Point Spreads Every Week

The point spread is the most accurate statistical forecast for who will win a game. Sportsbooks use sophisticated software to crunch all the data to create a point spread.

While this doesn’t help for betting on point spreads, or if there is any value on the moneyline, it is incredibly useful information for making your NFL survivor pool picks.

The implied probability of a team winning will be larger for the squads with bigger spreads. In general, double-digit favorites are the safest picks in survivor pools.

You don’t have to pick the team with the biggest spread every week. There may be other factors that make you reconsider, but looking at the lines is a solid starting point for any NFL survivor pool contestant.

Additionally, don’t be scared about using the elite teams up early in the season. There are many NFL survivor pool players who try to complicate things and knock themselves out on the opening weekend.

There are exceptions to the point spread rule, though. There may be times when fading a favorite is in order. After you’ve looked at the point spreads, consider the variables below.

2. Avoid Picking/Fade Average Teams Coming Off An Upset or Big Win

The letdown spot in the NFL is real. Good teams know how to move on quickly from a big win and prepare for their next opponent. However, the average-to-bad teams don’t have the same mindset.

Oftentimes, these teams will come back down to earth and fail to maintain momentum. They spend too much time celebrating rather than preparing for next week’s assignment. This is usually a red flag.

There are too many people who will fall for recency bias in your pool. Allow them to get sucked into these teams and subsequently remove themselves from the contest. That would be the best-case scenario.

Additionally, you can use this to your advantage by selecting these team’s opponents for the following week.

3. Stay Away From Divisional Rivalry Games Whenever Possible

Divisional rivalry games have a tendency to be close matchups. Regardless of the difference in skill level, even the less talented teams show up to play hard against rivals.

There can be exceptions, such as the Chiefs vs. Raiders. Regardless of the situation or trends, the Raiders probably aren’t winning many games this season in the AFC West.

Mahomes Chiefs QB

However, most divisional games are commonly decided by a field goal or fluke play in the fourth quarter. Having to depend on one or two plays can be gut-wrenching in a survivor pool.

Late in the season, there might be a time when you’ll have to make a tough decision in a divisional matchup. However, hopefully, by this time, the rest of the pool has already been knocked out.

4. West Coast Teams Traveling East Are In A Tough Spot

It’s never easy for a West Coast team heading to the East Coast to play an early afternoon game. The time zone difference can be difficult for some players to overcome.

Sloppy execution and playmaking are the norm in these situations. Keep in mind that it is 10:00 a.m. on the West Coast for a 1:00 p.m. EST kickoff.

It doesn’t seem like much, but teams are on a strict schedule during the season. A three-hour time difference has the potential to impact their internal clock.

Since 2003, only roughly 40 percent of West Coast teams have won on the East Coast1. You are better off looking elsewhere for another pick.

5. Take Note of Teams Tanking or Motivation To Play Well

If you are lucky enough to survive late in the season in your pool, it should be evident by now what teams have given up on the year.

Teams who are providing their young backups a chance is typically code for throwing in the towel late in the season. It’s especially true when teams bench veteran quarterbacks for an inexperienced signal-caller into the starting lineup that they might be looking to develop.

These are teams to avoid by all means if you can. The organization has given up on the season and is looking toward the NFL Draft already. They may not be tanking purposely, but it is an opportunity to give young players a look that may not have had a chance.

On the opposite side of the coin, there are going to be teams that are motivated to play well. It might be because of a playoff push or the team has been in a rhythm and feeling confident. You will have to assess each team’s situation every week throughout the season.

6. Wait Until Close To The Deadline To Lock In Your Pick

It’s important to have as much information at your disposal before confirming your survivor pick for the week. The injury report can be unpredictable throughout the week. A player you didn’t believe was dealing with an issue can turn up on the injury report before kickoff on Sunday.

Additionally, the weather report can be important for making your picks. A team that depends on their passing game wouldn’t have a good time against a strong ground-based offense with a solid defense.

Fortunately, most survivor pools allow for editing picks after they’ve been made. However, not all of them, and you might forget to change it anyway. Ensure that you are watching the injury report throughout the week and any changes in the weather forecast.

Where To Play NFL Survivor Pools

The most common method for joining an NFL survivor pool is by creating a pool with friends. Charge a buy-in fee that everyone agrees on, and you have your survivor pool. However, we also suggest checking out NFL survivor pools at online betting sites.

BetUS Has Survivor Pools For All Budgets

BetUS is one of our favorite all-around NFL online sportsbooks. From a wide betting menu to lightning-quick payouts, BetUS is a gem of a betting site that should be considered for football season.

Moreover, BetUS has NFL survivor pools available for all budgets. There are five tiers for the BetUS NFL survivor pools in 2023: $10, $25, $50, $100, and $500.

If you have the bankroll and feel confident in your survivor pool skills, consider gunning for the big dogs in the $500 pool. However, if you don’t have the kind of money, there are cheap $10 pools that can still net a tidy profit.

Currently, the total prize pool for the BetUS NFL survivor pool is an impressive $56,007.00. As more people join the pool, the prize money will continue to increase.

Sign up at BetUS to receive a 100% welcome bonus of up to $2,500 and register for an NFL survivor pool today. If that isn’t enough, deposit with crypto and get a 150% sports bonus of up to $3,750 in credits for NFL betting.

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MyBookie’s $100K Survivor Contest and More

Along with providing a top-notch online betting experience for the NFL, MyBookie is offering not one, but three NFL survivor contests for the 2023 season. The $100,000 grand prize survivor pool begins in Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season.

$100K Survivor Contest

The entry fee for the $100K MyBookie survivor fee is $10. Participants may purchase up to ten entries.

The contest will end in Week 18 of the 2023 NFL regular season. If there is more than one contestant remaining, the $100K grand prize will be split evenly.

Each game will lock five minutes prior to kickoff. Contestants who fail to make a selection will be graded with a loss and bumped from the survivor pool.

Week 4 $50K Survivor Contest

The same rules and registration fees apply to the $50K contest. Instead of beginning in Week 1, the Week 4 NFL survivor pool runs from Week 4 until Week 18.

Account holders at MyBookie are welcome to join the $100K pool and the $50K pool for the Week 4 contest.

Crypto Week 8 Survivor Contest

The Crypto Week 8 Survivor Contest is the most unique NFL survivor pool that we have come across online. For a $10 fee, you can compete for the grand prize of 1 BTC.

From Week 8 to Week 18, contestants will vie for 1 BTC. In other words, the total prize amount will be fluid until it’s awarded to the winner.

Currently, one BTC is worth roughly $27,000 USD. So, the prize could be worth much more or much less than $27,000 by the end of the 2023 NFL season.

Before taking advantage of this fantastic NFL survivor pool offer from MyBookie, deposit and receive up to a $1,000 sign-up bonus for this season.

My Bookie
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