Let’s face it! Overwatch is a pretty big deal, and we’re not just talking about the gaming spectrum, but in the world of esports, too. Even though the game’s numbers aren’t as sky-high as they were in the inaugural season, they’re still up there and are pretty consistent, which is a direct result of OWL’s franchising move.

In fact, when talking about Overwatch esports, Overwatch League is by far the most important event. With that said, it’s no surprise to see Overwatch League betting in such high demand!

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, betting on Overwatch League. Yes, there are many more popular esports titles out there, but Overwatch has massive numbers of loyal fans. And these fans that aren’t afraid to place a couple of bets every now and then.

Surprisingly enough, there’s plenty of newcomers too, people who have yet to start their first real money Overwatch League betting campaign. No matter which of the two groups you belong in, our Overwatch League betting guide ought to give you some valuable information that’ll help make the most out of your Overwatch bets!

Best Sites for OWL Betting in 2024

What’s the best way to bet on Overwatch League? Well, the best way is to do everything from the comfort of your home, which is of utmost importance in these trying times. How can you place esports bets without leaving your home?

Overwatch League Banner

Well, it’s simple. All you need to do is find good OWL betting sites and you’re pretty much good to go!

What about these Overwatch betting sites, what’s so special about them? Well, they are, in our honest opinion, the best of what the esports betting industry has to offer in 2024. They have the best OWL odds, most generous (and lenient) bonus terms, plenty of esports markets, and vast seas of Overwatch League betting opportunities that’ll leave you drooling!

What Makes These Bookies Good for Betting on Overwatch?

Here’s a short list of things you should look for when finding your next Overwatch tournament betting platform:

  • Customer service quality
  • Plentiful bonus options
  • Simple user interface
  • Website fluidity and responsiveness
  • Betting on the go
  • Variety of supported payment methods
  • Overwatch League betting options variety
  • Live betting support

There’s more to OWL betting sites than these eight characteristics, but they’re certainly enough to pinpoint bookies that best suit your preferences.

If you’re currently on the lookout for a new esports bookie with Overwatch League betting odds, here’s great advice: Don’t limit yourself to just one betting platform. Join two or more bookies. That way, you can juggle between them, compare the odds, and get the most out of their bonus offers. Sites with esports bonuses are plentiful these days, so limiting yourself to just a single option isn’t such a viable option anymore.

Interesting Facts Regarding Overwatch League Events

  • The first-ever Overwatch League kicked off in January 2018. It brought forth $3,500,000 in prize pool money and packed only the best international talents. The first-ever OWL was already a fully-fledged franchised system, featuring twelve partner organizations.
  • There were Overwatch events long before the 2018’s Overwatch League. In 2016, the biggest events were Overwatch World Cup, APEX S1, and Overwatch Open. Gamescom’s OW Atlantic Showdown was a hit too, although it’s safe to say real money Overwatch betting didn’t kick off until the inaugural season of Overwatch League.
  • What’s so special about the fact that OWL is a closed-off, franchised system? Well, let’s just say that franchising (also known as a closed-off system with partnered organizations) brings forth an additional layer of long-term stability to everyone in the ecosystem, including VCs and sponsors… And we all know how much they appreciate stability these days…

  • As far as viewership goes, the inaugural season had the highest peak viewership, capped at cca 337,000. Average viewership numbers are pretty consistent across the board, hovering around 150,000 viewers on average.
  • As far as Overwatch League betting goes, we’ve seen a slight increase in recent years, probably a direct result of the online esports betting liberalization that’s happening across the globe, the US included!

History of Overwatch League

We already talked a bit about the history of the Overwatch League, but it won’t hurt to go through some of the things again. Let’s start off with the key dates:

Key DatesOverwatch League History
May 24th, 2016Overwatch release date
August 20th, 2016First real Overwatch event took place
October 29th, 2016First Overwatch World Cup started
July 12th, 2017First OWL teams and owners announced
January 10th, 2018The start date of the inaugural season of OWL

There isn’t that much left to be said about the OWL’s history. As always, we’ll wrap things up with the winners’ table:

Inaugural OWL SeasonLondon SpitfirePhiladelphia Fusion
OWL 2019San Francisco ShockVancouver Titans

The third Overwatch League season had to be rescheduled and reformatted due to the ongoing global situation. However, the production quality and lucrativeness is still there, so there’s no reason to panic. Overwatch League betting and the competition itself is not going anywhere, in part thanks to its “innovative” franchised system.

How to Start Betting on Overwatch League in 2024

We’re going back and forth talking about all things about OWL betting online. But, thus far, we haven’t actually given any advice on how to start betting on Overwatch League in 2024.

What makes 2024 so special is the fact that there’s a massive number of esports bookmakers that support Overwatch League betting. Unfortunately, not all of them are equally capable of providing users with a good online betting experience. In other words, be cautious!

As for the actual how-to, the following step-by-step guide ought to be of service to you.

  1. Finding your go-to esports bookie is the most important thing. You have to choose wisely here. Thankfully, our esports betting websites page will likely serve as guidance for where to bet on the Overwatch League online!
  2. The second step revolves around you registering for an account and confirming your identity via a government-issued ID. No worries, reputable sites for Overwatch betting online have sophisticated security systems that make it safe for you to upload private media.
  3. Once you can log in, it’s time for your first deposit. Use your preferred payment method (e.g. Skrill) and deposit some money onto your betting bankroll. Don’t invest too much. Save it for later!
  4. Now is the time to find Overwatch League betting options! On most Overwatch League betting sites, you’ll see esports as standalone categories or hubs. Real money Overwatch betting options should be visible either on-hover or after clicking on the esports category.
  5. Once you’ve found Overwatch League betting options, it’s time to pick your desired match and start crawling for stats and news. Don’t cut this step short. The more time you invest in researching the matchups and OWL betting odds at different sites, the higher your chances of winning will be. It’s as simple as that!
  6. One last thing, don’t go overboard with the stake of your first few bets. Take things slowly and you should be alright!
  7. That’s it. You’re ready to bet real money on the OWL!

OWL Betting FAQ

Use attribute "a" for answer.

First off, let’s define “safe.” Betting on Overwatch League has two dimensions of safe. First, the safety of your personal information. If you’re concerned about it (and you should be), doing stuff like using long passwords with special characters, enabling two-factor authentication, and opting for one of those top-tier bookies featured above will likely keep you safe from any prying eyes… The second factor of safety in Overwatch League betting online revolves around your safety from the legal side of things. Online gambling on esports isn’t 100% legal across the globe. There are many countries that either ban esports betting outright or have it in some sort of a gray area. Both scenarios could potentially get you in trouble, so if you want to be 100% sure you’re legally allowed to bet real money on the Overwatch League, go and check with your local online gambling authorities!

Yes, Overwatch League is by far the biggest Overwatch competition out there. It’s massive, features all the best players and hottest talents in a completely closed-off environment, and has no promotion or regulation scheme to mess up its ecosystem. Overwatch League was built with long-term stability in mind, and that’s something that can’t be said for any other Overwatch team out there. If you already decided you want to start betting on Overwatch, OWL is what you should bet on!

It all depends on whether or not you’re capable of setting up clear limits or goals and sticking to them. If you can’t, then you’re likely to do other blunders like chasing losses and betting with emotions… That’s the quickest way to serious financial problems and gambling addiction. If, however, you’re a normal human being that understands the basics of consequences, you should be fine. We’re not trying to scare you away from Overwatch League betting, or betting in general, that’s just how it is!
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