Overwatch World Cup might not be the biggest, most popular Overwatch event, but it definitely has its charm. It’s basically Blizzard’s equivalent of good old WESG cups that featured national teams instead of esports organizations. Yep, you won’t see the likes of Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire on Overwatch World Cups.

What you will see, though, are the likes of South Korea, Russia, Canada, China, and the US! Come to think of it, international rivalries might just be the reason why Overwatch World Cup betting is so darn popular in the first place!

That’s exactly what we’re here to discuss, betting on Overwatch World Cup. We know most betting enthusiasts want to place bets on Overwatch League, but Overwatch World Cup betting has its charm, too. So, if you’re here to learn about this fiery competition, the best way to start off is by learning about the top Overwatch betting sites!

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Then, below, we’ll narrow it down to the best sites for the Overwatch World Cup, which is its most popular event.

Best Sites for Betting on Overwatch World Cup in 2024

Looking for sites that feature real money Overwatch World Cup betting options? Well, the following bunch ought to inspire your imagination.

What Makes These Bookies Good for Overwatch World Cup Betting?

It’s not just one thing, it’s a combination of many. Sites with Overwatch World Cup betting odds actually feature complex environments that focus on acquiring users and keeping them entertained. But as far as individual characteristics go, here’s the stuff you should keep tabs on:

  • Customer service effectiveness
  • Generosity of bonus offers
  • Website fluidity and responsiveness
  • Betting on the fly
  • Simple user interface
  • Payment method variety
  • Overwatch World Cup betting options variety
  • Variety of esports specials and props

Of course, there’s a bunch of additional stuff that we could’ve placed here but, for the sake of keeping things simple, we opted for the crucial stuff. Once again, each of us values things differently… So, if you read somewhere that a certain Overwatch World Cup betting site is the best one, take it with a grain of salt because it might not be the ideal one for you.

Interesting Facts Regarding Overwatch World Cup Events

  • The first Overwatch World Cup featured 16 teams. That number was lowered to eight teams in 2017 and 2018. The latest World Cup, 2019’s iteration, had 10 teams, which was a first.
  • When talking about the best teams, South Korea has to be pointed out as the best one out there. They’ve won three out of four World Cups and weren’t that far off from winning a fourth, too.
  • The prize pools keep changing with each passing event. The most lucrative Overwatch World Cup event was the first one, featuring $288,000 in prize money. The lowest the event went was the very next year, packing “only” $72,000.
  • Every iteration of Overwatch World Cup has been held at the Anaheim Convention Center. It’s a very cozy venue that’s grown accustomed to the spectacle that is the Overwatch World Cup.
  • As for Overwatch World Cup betting options, these days, esports betting platforms offer plenty of variety. You can choose stuff like live bets, totals, player vs. player wagers, and all sorts of additional esports specials.

A Quick Look Into the History of Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch World Cup is one of the oldest events for Overwatch tournament betting! The first one was held in Anaheim, back in late October to early November of 2016. South Korea emerged as the winner after beating the Russian national team in the grand finals.

That was the first triumph by the Koreans, but not the last one. South Korea went on to win the three consecutive world cup titles, before USA took them down in Overwatch World Cup 2019.

As far as the best national teams are concerned, we reckon the big trio doesn’t need a special introduction. South Korea, China, and the US are the three top-tier nations that rule the playoffs. Canada and Russia are worth mentioning, too. But if you’re interested in Overwatch World Cup betting online, South Korea, USA, and China are the teams you should bet on!

How to Start Betting on Overwatch World Cup in 2024

Even though we warmly recommend you start your real money Overwatch betting career by betting on the OWL, we’re still going to give you a short step-by-step guide on how to bet on the Overwatch World Cup.

  1. First things first, you need to find where to bet on the Overwatch World Cup online, register for an account, and confirm your identity. If you can’t find a proper bookie, visiting our esports betting sites page should come in handy.
  2. Once you have a confirmed account, you’re ready to make the initial deposit. Before doing this, though, it’s best to check for bonus codes, promotions and other bonus info.
  3. After finishing the initial deposit process, navigate to the esports category, typically located at the top or left side of the page. These days, most (if not all) betting sites have dedicated esports categories with specific titles as subcategories. Online bookies are well-organized!
  4. Once you’ve found Overwatch World Cup odds, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, grab a cup of hot coffee, and start digging! Dig up a ton of info on both teams before you make your final decision and place your bet.
  5. That’s it. All it takes is four simple steps! The fifth one is just a congratulatory one. So, yeah… Congrats!

Overwatch World Cup Betting FAQ

As mentioned earlier, South Korea is by far the most successful Overwatch national team! They won three consecutive Overwatch World Cups and reached the semifinals on the fourth one. They are the team to beat on the international stage. And it’s no surprise, considering the sheer number of South Korean players that play in the Overwatch League. South Korea is a powerhouse in other esports titles, too, which makes their Overwatch dominance even less surprising!

That depends on where you live. It’s that simple! If you want to ensure your Overwatch World Cup betting activities are legal, your best bet is to check with your local governing bodies. A simple phone call can make all the difference between a safe online betting experience and a hefty fine. Keep that in mind!

It’s (arguably) the oldest Overwatch esports competition, but it’s not the biggest, at least not anymore! Overwatch World Cup started out as a massive event and was the best of what the early Overwatch esports scene had to offer; however, Overwatch League was quick to steal the flattering title of the best Overwatch competition. With a unique competitive environment, a fully franchised system, and massive organizations standing behind the partnered teams, Overwatch League was an instant success. Needless to say, the OWL is still the most lucrative Overwatch esports competition! It’s no wonder people want to take part in some Overwatch World Cup betting online.

Depending on what the word dangerous means for you. If you’re just referring to the safety of your personal information, then you should be all good. But that’s assuming you opt for a reputable esports bookmaker with positive reviews and overall good customer experience. If, however, you don’t pay enough attention to your preferred Overwatch World Cup betting sites, you might end up with one that doesn’t take good care of your personal information… Needless to say, that can be dangerous for your online wellbeing.

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