When talking about the biggest Rainbow Six events, what’s the first one that comes to mind? Perhaps ESL Pro League? Maybe you’re more of a Six Majors’ fan? Both of them are pretty big, but there’s an event that’s enjoying a lot more lucrativeness, viewership, and betting popularity. Six Invitational is the name, and we’re here to talk about its betting scene! More precisely, we’re here to give you some tips that ought to improve your real money Six Invitational betting campaigns.

Believe it or not, betting on Six Invitational events is really popular these days. It’s not exactly CS:GO-like, but as far as the R6 betting scene as a whole is concerned, Six Invitational betting is the most popular search term out there! It’s much bigger than the likes of betting on Six Majors or Pro League, which is why you need to know more about it!

Best Sites for Betting on Six Invitational in 2024

Let’s deal with the important stuff first—bookies! The majority of esports betting sites offer bets on Rainbow Six. It’s nothing surprising, though! The game’s been out for several years already; its competitive scene kickstarted in 2017 and is still going strong. It’s constantly up there with the best of them, despite the fact the viewership figures aren’t as massive as those of its direct competitors like CS:GO.

Rainbow Six Siege Invitational

That said, you shouldn’t have to search far and wide to find a bookmaker that supports betting on Rainbow Six. But what about Six Invitational betting? Let’s be realistic here. If a bookie supports the game, it’s bound to provide plentiful options for its biggest event.

If you’re looking for concrete suggestions, here’s a short list featuring our favorite esports betting sites in 2024.

What Makes These Bookies Good for Betting on Rainbow Six?

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat, these bookies aren’t just great for R6 betting but for betting on esports in general! But that doesn’t mean we should take their main characteristics out of the equation.

Stuff like low profit margins, fluid website navigation, on-the-go betting capabilities, and effective customer support always comes in handy. Of course, everyone values things differently, which is why you should check out a dozen sites before making up your mind and putting a ring on one.

Here’s a closer look at the key criteria we took into account when ranking our favorite esports bookmakers in 2024:

  • Customer service effectiveness
  • Generosity of bonus offers
  • Website fluidity and responsiveness
  • Simple user interface
  • Betting on the fly
  • Payment method variety
  • Six Invitational betting odds and variety
  • Variety of esports specials and props
  • Presence of live betting

Of course, there are far more characteristics that can be taken into account. Once again, we all value things differently. Some of you will want to have the highest possible Six Invitational odds and generous bonuses, while others won’t settle with anything other than a top-notch customer support service and intuitive website experience. Tailor your experience to your needs and you won’t stumble upon any issues in the long run!

Interesting Facts Regarding Six Invitational Events

Now that you know what makes the best Rainbow Six bookmakers, let’s focus our attention on the most interesting facts about Six Invitationals. Let’s dig in.

  • Rainbow Six Siege is still a relatively new game. It was released in late 2015 but was plagued with balancing issues so its esports scene took a while to kick off. The first proper events started in April 2016, with the ever so popular ESL Pro League series.
  • ESL Pro League, Six Majors, and Six Invitationals are the holy trinity of Rainbow Six’s competitive scene. However, if we’re talking importance, lucrativeness, and size, Six Invitational events are by far the most prominent ones.
  • When discussing betting on Rainbow Six and Six Invitational betting, the scene has just started to flourish and that has to be taken into account. It took its time, but the recent trends are absolutely remarkable. We don’t have any exact numbers, but what we can say is that the demand for betting on Rainbow Six is traversing the holy trinity and expanding to other lower-tier events. too.
  • As far as total prize money goes, the most recent Rainbow Six Invitational (held in February this year) featured a whopping $3,000,000 in prize money, a third of which went to the winning team (Spacestation Gaming).
  • Talking about money, the total money awarded through all Six Invitationals held thus far amounts to $5,700,000, which isn’t half bad considering the exposure of the game. Those numbers ought to keep on growing too, meaning Rainbow Six Siege fans will have plenty of action to talk about.

A Quick Look Into the History of Rainbow Six Invitational

What’s there to say about the history of the biggest R6 esports competition in the world? Well, we should start from the humble beginnings which date back to 2017. It’s not that long ago, which is understandable considering the game’s official release date was December 1st, 2015.

The first-ever Rainbow Six Invitational event was held in February 2017. As mentioned earlier, there were two events at the time, one for PC and one for Xbox One, with a $100,000 prize pool for each event. The event was held in Montreal, Canada, and it was a massive success despite a relatively low prize pool. That’s relatively low compared to the millions and millions that Six Invitational events splash out these days.

The very next year, the total prize pool climbed to $500,000, and it quadrupled in 2019 with $2 million up for grabs. This year’s Six Invitational was even more lucrative, standing stronger than ever with $3 million in prize money. Spacestation Gaming came out as the winning team, going home with an extra million bucks in their pockets. Needless to say, that’s the largest grand prize in the history of competitive Rainbow Six!

As far as the best teams are concerned, pointing out the champion is pretty difficult. Rainbow Six’s competitive scene is known for its chaotic nature, and Six Invitationals’ winners list proves that. If you’re planning on participating in some real money Six Invitational betting, it’s best to keep this in mind.

EventPrize PoolWinnerRunner-Up
Six Invitational 2020$3,000,000SSGNiP
Six Invitational 2019$2,000,000G2Empire
Six Invitational 2018$500,000PENTAEG
Six Invitational 2017$200,000Elevate/cTmVitality/eRa

At the time of writing this piece, we have no concrete information on the 2021 Six Invitational event. We can assume that it will feature sixteen teams, but so far, we have absolutely no new information on the prize pool.

How to Start Betting on Six Invitational in 2024

No matter how experienced a sports bettor you are, getting into the world of Six Invitational betting can be tricky. If you’re not comfortable going in alone, here’s a short step-by-step guide on that ought to help you place your first bet on Rainbow Six.

  1. The first step you have to do start betting on Six invitational events is to find a proper bookmaker with Six Invitational betting odds. The best place to look is our sophisticated esports betting sites guide, featuring multiple top-tier names with a rich history in online betting.
  2. After joining an online esports bookie and confirming your identity, you’ll have to complete the initial deposit by using your preferred payment method. After you’re all done with that, you’ll be able to place a bet.
  3. First, though, you’ll have to find esports betting options. These days, most esports bookmakers have dedicated esports hubs with a plethora of available titles. Simply find esports, then navigate to the Rainbow Six category and you should see Six Invitational betting options among the bunch.
  4. After finding the event or match you want to bet on, it’s time for you to start doing your research. Don’t just scratch the surface with your stats-crawling, go in as deep as you can and the results will follow, we guarantee!
  5. Once you have all the info you can think of, it’s time to select the team you wish to bet on, enter your stake amount and proceed to click on the “place bet” That’s pretty much it. After you click on the button, your bookie will notify you of your first-ever online esports bet. Congrats!

Six Invitational Betting FAQ

Use attribute "a" for answer.

It’s really difficult to talk about the most successful Six Invitational team since not a single one made it all the way through on more than one occasion. As you could’ve seen in the table above, SSG, G2, Penta, Elevate and cTm were crowned as the champions (the latter two won 2017’s Invitational events), while NiP, Empire, EG, Vitality and eRa almost went all the way through. We can point out Empire and G2 as sort of the leading sides in terms of overall consistency, but R6’s competitive scene is typically chaotic so talking about the crème de la crème is notoriously unforgiving.

Your online safety depends on several factors, including the strength of your passwords, the type of encryption, and the bookie you’ve opted for. You can directly influence all three factors, two of which depend on your bookie of choice. With that in mind, choosing the right bookmaker for your Six Invitational betting is of utmost importance for the safety of your personal information.

Even though the likes of Six Majors and ESL Pro League are pretty big events, they don’t come near to Six Invitationals… As far as prize pools, viewership, and the quality of gameplay are concerned, Six Invitational is the bomb! But that’s if you’re interested in Rainbow Six betting.

Just like everything else, excessive betting on esports matches can lead to a serious addiction. Of course, we’re not trying to scare you away from online Six Invitational betting here and there, but overdoing it won’t get you far. It will spoil all the fun and could even lead you into serious financial problems. Take things in moderation, and you’ll be alright!

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