Top Rainbow Six Betting Sites of 2021

Today, we’re going to talk about betting on Rainbow Six Siege with emphasis on the best Rainbow Six betting sites and the key factors contributing to their greatness. In other words, think of this as your very own esports betting sites with Rainbow Six odds guide, which will not only help you choose the right bookie but also incentivize you to bet in the best possible way and at the best possible time!

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Let’s start off with a short explanation of Rainbow Six. Basically, Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical first-person shooter featuring round-based gameplay, somewhat similar to that of CS:GO. The biggest difference between the two esports titles, which are often the subjects of direct comparisons, lies in Rainbow Six’s classes, which make up for a vastly different gameplay thanks to their unique gadgets and weapons.

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As far as the esports scene is concerned, Rainbow Six is still a relatively fresh game, having been released in late 2015. The game had plenty of issues at the very start, not just server-sided but with gameplay balancing, too. It took Ubisoft several months to get everything fixed, and when they finally did, the game showed its true esports potential.

Fast-forward a few years, the game’s esports community, as well as the supporting betting scene, are outright flourishing. The demand is high, Rainbow Six betting sites are numerous, and there are more and more top-tier events leading us to think Rainbow Six might rise to the level of CS:GO, League of Legends, and Dota 2.

As stated above, the topic of this piece is to inform you about the best Rainbow Six online betting sites and bring you closer to the factors that make them the greatest currently available options.

Key Factors That Make Great Rainbow Six Betting Sites

Want to know what exactly makes the aforementioned R6 betting sites the best ones out of the bunch? Well, worry not, we’re here to inform you! Feast your eyes upon the four key factors contributing to the overall quality of Rainbow Six Siege betting sites.

Special Rainbow Six Bets

Rainbow Six Soldier With Riot ShieldFirst things first, let’s address the elephant in the room—specials. Esports specials are an actual thing, and they bring forth a great array of high-value opportunities. Whether we’re talking about typical specials such as round totals, map totals or handicaps, or more complex game-specific options, the outcomes are always the same—a plethora of high-value wagers just waiting to be taken.

Unfortunately, some esports betting sites with odds on Rainbow Six Siege still aren’t following the trends. They’re either too lazy to provide their users with a decent set of esports specials, or too afraid experienced and knowledgeable esports betting enthusiasts might give them a run for their money.

To finish on a brighter note, all major esports betting sites do offer specials on Rainbow Six, which is why you should go to the top of this page and check them out!

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, two things bear the utmost importance! First, make sure your bookie of choice has a well-trained customer service team. Second, make sure your bookie of choice has live chat or telephone customer service channels. If it only features a simple FAQ section (which shouldn’t even be considered as customer service these days) and contact form or email, then you should run and never come back again.

Luckily, our picks are known for going out of their way to provide users with the very best in terms of customer support. If you’re just starting out and you’re worried you might mess something up, going with one of our favorite Rainbow Six online sportsbooks is a no-brainer!

Ease of Use

Can you count the number of times you didn’t want to use R6 esports betting sites because they had horrible loading times, or it was way too complicated to use? Unfortunately, a large portion of esports betting sites fit the description. We have to give credit where credit is due, and the situation is slowly (but surely) improving, with more and more bookies focusing on faster loading times and simpler page-to-page navigation.

Rainbow Six betting sites we’ve featured in the table at the top of this page tick all the boxes when it comes to the user interface. They load fast, use the latest and greatest in SSL encryption, and are nothing but simple, fluid, and easy to use. Ease of use is 10/10, all day every day!

Reliability and Reputation

Last but not least, consider reliability and reputation. Both of these factors go hand in hand when it comes to the overall quality of an online betting platform. Reliability reflects the platform’s consistency in terms of esports markets, while reputation represents the positivity of their overall online presence.

In short, you should always think highly of both these factors! Especially reputation, which cannot be bought, as opposed to popular belief. Yes, reviews are often fake, but the fake ones are almost always noticeable right away.

How to Exploit Rainbow Six Betting Sites?

You’ve finally found where to bet on Rainbow Six online and, now, you’re looking for ways to profit off your vast Rainbow Six knowledge. No worries, you’ve come to the right place, we got just what you need!

Compare the Rainbow Six Odds

Rainbow Six HackerThe first and most important lesson we can give you at the start of your Rainbow Six betting career is to compare the odds! That’s why we always recommend joining not one but several R6 betting sites.

By having accounts on multiple esports betting sites with odds on Rainbow Six Seige, you will not only be able to compare the odds for the matches you plan to bet on, but also compare their bonuses and the variety of specials. This way, you’ll make sure you’re always getting the highest value and the best potential returns.

Explore High-Value Specials

If there’s one thing that sets Rainbow Six Seige betting sites apart from classical sports betting sites, it’s the unique world of specials that bring forth entertaining and, in some cases, highly lucrative wagers. Yes, typical sports have all sorts of specials too, but esports takes it a step further, thanks to a wide array of quantifiable in-game stats that further boost bettors’ viewing experience.

The thing with esports specials is that they often hide superb value, you just need to recognize it. Often enough, this value is hidden in tier-B events, so finding it isn’t always straightforward. As long as you keep looking for it, you’ll eventually find it.

Investigate Esports Bonuses

These days, sites with the best Rainbow Six odds online offer all sorts of incentives to boost their numbers. Most of the time, we’re talking about welcome bonuses based on the initial deposits up to a certain fixed amount. However, some bookies also offer special esports bonuses in addition to generous welcome bonuses.

Esports bonuses take into account only esports bets and sometimes, not even all esports but only a narrow selection. Either way, make sure you read the fine print before investing too much money thinking you’ll earn a ton of money by playing around with these bonuses.

Most Common Mistakes People Make on Rainbow Six Betting Sites

Rainbow Six Specialist

If you’re a beginner, and that’s highly likely because you’re looking for the best Rainbow Six betting sites to use, then you ought to make your fair share of mistakes in the first few months. And it’s nothing to stress about, we all make mistakes. Making mistakes isn’t bad; not learning anything from them is. Remember that!

As far as the most common esports betting mistakes go, it all comes down to chasing losses and not setting up your betting bankroll. Needless to say, bankroll management is of crucial importance in the world of online betting and, as such, should never be taken for granted.

On top of that
You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of keeping emotions out of your betting endeavors, which is typical for chasing losses. Oh, and never bet money you can’t afford to lose! You can thank us later.

Answering Questions About Betting on Rainbow Six

As the title suggests, this portion of our Rainbow Six online betting sites guide focuses on the frequently asked questions on where to bet on Rainbow Six online and their respective answers. Beginners are flooding the esports betting market so seeing even the most basic questions isn’t that surprising.

Several factors come into play when talking about the best esports betting sites with Rainbow Six odds We’re not the same, though, everyone has their own preferences and will choose their go-to betting platform accordingly. Typically, we’re talking about stuff like customer service quality, payout speed, bet variety, payment method quantity, and similar.

Betting on Rainbow Six is unique, even though we’re talking about a round-based tactical first-person shooter, just like CS:GO. The thing that makes betting on Rainbow Six so unique isn’t its round-based tactical gameplay or its short time to kill (short TTK) mechanics.

It’s the versatility of available heroes, intense interior atmosphere, and a wide variety of weapons and gadgets that can change the course of a match in an instance. All that combined with an extremely high skill ceiling and constantly improving the spectator experience makes betting on Rainbow Six both unique and highly entertaining.

When talking about Rainbow Six online sportsbooks, we’re pretty much talking about esports betting sites in general. That’s because you won’t find a reputable online bookmaker that only offers Rainbow Six bets and nothing more. It’s just not common. Rainbow Six is still a relatively small game whose esports ecosystem ought to keep growing at a steady pace.

In other words, even if you do stumble upon an online bookmaker dealing specifically in Rainbow Six bets, your best bet is to stay away from it and opt for one that’s more popular and has a wider array of available esports titles.

What is the best R6 event to bet on? Size-wise, it must be the annual Six Invitational event, which brings forth only the best R6 teams and features the biggest, most lucrative prize pools. The most recent iteration of Six Invitational was in February 2020 and the total prize pool amounted to $3 million.

Alongside Six Invitationals, Pro Leagues and Majors are also worth mentioning. Even though R6 betting sites don’t experience that big of demand during these events, they also pack a ton of top-tier teams and are worth your while if you’re just starting out your Rainbow Six betting endeavor.

Here’s an extra bit of advice—there’s no need to limit yourself with just Rainbow Six. If you’re watching other esports too, but Rainbow Six is your main one, playing one or two secondary bets isn’t a mortal sin. Esports betting sites offer a wide selection of esports titles and events, so you’re bound to find what you’re looking for if you’re using a reputable betting platform.

Before you start exploring and joining random Rainbow Six betting sites, you should understand that you’ll be betting with real money, and there’s a good chance you’ll end up losing it. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. If you arm yourself with enough knowledge and patience, you might be among the chosen few that actually make a profit.

And finally, the most important question of them all, what are the best sites for R6 betting? After all, that’s why most of you came here in the first place.

Long story short, the best R6 esports betting sites are those that perfectly fit your needs. In other words, the “greatness” of a given bookie depends on your personal preferences. Some people value bonuses, others can’t live without a vast number of specials, while some swear by and can’t do squat without a proper customer support staff. We all have our quirks… Luckily, Rainbow Six online betting sites come in various shapes and sizes.

For a closer look at the best Rainbow Six betting sites, click here, and we’ll take you to the top of this page where you’ll find a short list of our top picks.