What’s your favorite in-person casino in Vermont? Sadly, there is no right answer to this question because there aren’t any land-based casino options in the state.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t play your favorite casino games and get the slots rolling for real money without having to get on a plane to Vegas! Vermont online casino sites give people just like you the ability to get into the action and the chance to win big money without ever setting foot outside your house.

You have plenty of options to gamble online in Vermont anytime, anywhere! You can also check out the newly released Vermont casino apps available for your mobile device.

Below, you can see the list of the best real money Vermont online casinos that our experts have put together for you:

Important Notes About Our Reviews and Rankings

What We Look For Review Banner

We’re extremely proud of our list of the best Vermont online casino sites. Why? Because we work hard to bring you the most accurate, honest, and up-to-date list possible.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Zero tolerance for buying a spot on the rankings
  • The only way to get on our list is to earn it
  • Rankings and reviews are frequently updated
  • Our team knows what to look for and what to ignore

What We Look For in Vermont Online Casinos

Speaking of knowing what to look for in the best Vermont casinos online, we wanted to share a few of the main factors we look for. Why? We want you to be confident in our recommendations.

We want you to understand how we got to our conclusions so that you can know wholeheartedly that you’re getting the best recommendations on the block and can enjoy your Vermont online gambling experience!

  • Safety and Security – Each of the top Vermont online casinos offer a safe and secure online gaming experience. This includes proper encryption, high-level banking integrations, and a dedicated and proactive security team.
  • Quality Games – Every game offered through these real money Vermont online casinos need to be quality. If it looks like the gambling site was built by a couple of kids in their basement over the weekend, it’s not something we’re interested in.
  • Game Choices – Not only do the games need to be high quality, but you need to have options. Everyone doesn’t like the same games. Even you might like to mix it up and stray from your favorites from time to time. Each of the best Vermont online casinos must have variety while maintaining quality. This goes for game types, as well as rule variations.
  • Fast Payouts – There’s no room in this industry for online casinos that don’t pay customers quickly. If you’re ever waiting more than about a week to get your winnings, there’s a problem. Every one of the best Vermont casinos online listed here knows how to safely and quickly get you and your funds connected.
  • Great Bonuses – While bonuses are never the first thing we look at, they are certainly not something we ignore. The top Vermont casino sites online know how to take care of new and existing players the right way. This means rewarding you with perks and showering you with bonus offerings just for choosing to do business with them.

Legislation and Online Gambling Laws in Vermont

Vermont Dice Background

The state of Vermont is not the biggest fan of gambling, as is evident by the fact there are zero brick and mortar casino options to be found.

Unfortunately, this spills over into the online realm, too. You’re not going to find any fully regulated online casinos in VT.

What does that mean for you? It means your only option to gamble for real money in Vermont is through offshore betting sites. And while that term might seem interesting, it really doesn’t mean much.

All offshore means is that the Vermont casino is based out of another country. This is something we commonly see in a lot of states that don’t have a super favorable stance towards gambling online.

Generally, these Vermont online casinos have operations based out of countries like the UK, Costa Rica, Panama, Curacao, and the Isle of Man.

Online Casino Games in Vermont

Casino Games Banner Variety

The million-dollar question you should be asking is—what can I gamble on online in VT? Do they offer my favorite games? The short answer is that if it’s something you can gamble on in the casino, it’s for sure going to be available online. This doesn’t just go for new games, but it goes for classics as well.

Where brick and mortar casinos have to get rid of old games to make room for new ones, online casino sites don’t have to do that. When a new game comes out, it just gets added to the list with no games getting removed.

Here’s a list of the most popular options you’ll find available at these real money Vermont gambling sites:

  • Video Poker
  • Slot Machines
  • Casino Specialty Games – Keno, Bingo, Lottery, and Scratchers
  • Table Games – Blackjack, Craps, Let It Ride, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Roulette, Spanish 21, Three-Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and War

Online Poker in Vermont

Vermont is a relatively small state with no options for in-person poker outside of home games. However, the love for the game in the state is massive. Luckily, there are plenty of great online poker rooms with service available to players in the state of VT. You can also find Vermont poker apps that you can download to your mobile device. Here’s a link to a list of our favorites:Best VT Online Poker Rooms

Bet on Sports Online in Vermont

Want to bet on sports in Vermont? You’ve got online options! You have the freedom to get action on local sports, national sports, international sports, politics, entertainment, and more. You can download the real money Vermont gambling apps and place your bets from your phone. If it’s something you can bet on, you can get action at one of the real money Vermont sports betting sites we’ve linked to below.

Top VT Sportsbooks Online

Newly Released Vermont Gambling Apps

These days, it’s hard to beat the experience of playing your favorite casino games online. To take things a step further, recent developments in mobile technology have made it easier than ever before to play those very same casino games on your mobile smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Betting Feature

Now, you can place real money bets and play online casino games for money in Vermont from anywhere as long as you have a functioning cellular signal or a Wi-Fi connection.

Vermont doesn’t have any commercial casinos, which means your best bet is to get your reps in at any of the state’s highly rated online casinos.

Every site listed in our rankings of the best online casinos in Vermont has developed its own mobile app that you can download right to your phone or tablet.

What makes the mobile casino experience superior? We’re glad you asked.


The main reason you’re playing casino games via mobile device is for the convenience, right? Rather than hauling off to your nearest casino, you can enjoy a comparable experience from wherever you are with one of the many top-ranked Vermont casino apps.

Playing poker, blackjack, baccarat, or any other real money casino game on your smartphone is a lot easier than dealing with big crowds on a smoke-filled casino floor.

All you have to do is download your preferred Vermont casino apps from your mobile device’s app store, and you can be enjoying your favorite real money casino games in just a matter of minutes!

How does it get more convenient than that?


One major perk of the online betting experience is the prevalence of various bonuses you can collect to help you boost that bankroll.

The best online casino apps in Vermont are looking for ways to attract your business, and one way they can do that is by literally offering to put free money into your betting account.

Android Bonus Logo

You can then use those bonus funds to play any of your favorite casino games online without having to actually spend any of your own money. Taking advantage of various bonuses is one easy way to make the mobile gambling experience even more profitable and enjoyable.

Game Variety

Our top-ranked Vermont casino apps pride themselves on offering as many games as they possibly can. Our preferred Vermont gambling apps include all sorts of variants on different games including poker, blackjack, video poker, slots, and roulette so that there is always something new for you to discover.

These games all pay out real money, and game variety differs from app-to-app.

We recommend downloading several different Vermont mobile betting apps as a way of deciding which one is best suited for what you’re looking for.

Ease of Use

Not everyone is as handy with a smartphone as everyone else. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a tech wiz in order to enjoy a fun and profitable mobile casino experience.

Mobile Phone with Playing Cards and Poker Chips

Every one of the online Vermont casino apps recommended in the table at the top of this page offers an easily navigable app that streamlines the entire Vermont online gambling process.

It’s easy to make a deposit, play real money casino games, collect your bonuses, and withdraw your winnings with any of these top-ranked casino apps for Vermont residents.

Ease of use is a big part of what makes the mobile betting experience better than the traditional in-person casino experience.

Tips to Pick the Best Vermont Casinos Online

  • Make a Wish List – Take a minute and figure out what makes a great Vermont online casino to you. Look at things like games, stake levels, bonuses, banking integrations, look and feel, and mobile-friendliness. We’ve shared what we think makes a great online casino, but the final decision is up to you. If you take a minute now to know what you want, it can make the selection process a lot easier.
  • Use More Than One Casino – There is nothing wrong with joining a few Vermont online casinos or downloading multiple Vermont casino apps to ensure you get everything you want. If one site has all the games except the one that you want and another site has that game, feel free to join both! This can also open up the door to cash in on multiple promotions at the same time. It never costs you anything to join VT online casinos or to download Vermont casino apps, so there’s really no drawback to getting everything you want through multiple gambling sites.
  • Know That Nothing Is Forever – We think it’s important that you take the time today to make the best decision possible about which Vermont online casinos are right for you. However, if you do join a site and end up not liking it, that’s okay. All you have to do is request a cashout and move to another option. Part of choosing a reputable Vermont casino site is giving yourself easy cashouts, so you never feel tied down.
  • Free Play Is Your Friend – Every one of the real money Vermont casinos online have the option available for you to play the games for free. This means that you can play the identical game you’d be using for real money, except with nothing online. While you can’t win any money doing this, you can’t lose any either. This is a fantastic way to take the time to test out different site options to find the right fit for you.

FAQs About Gambling Online in Vermont

While there are no casinos in the state, the legal gambling age in the state of Vermont is 18 years of age.

The average length of time it takes to get a cashout from a top Vermont online casino site is between three and eight business days. Cryptocurrency cashouts are the fastest (it can sometimes be as fast as a few hours), and checks by courier are the slowest (it can sometimes take two weeks).

The sign-up process at top Vermont online casinos is extremely fast and straightforward. It should take you about two minutes to get your account created and about five minutes to get your first deposit completed. That means you should be in the action for real money in under 10 minutes!

Yes! Unfortunately in-state online casinos are unavailable. But what this means for you is your only option to gamble online in Vermont for real money is through offshore betting sites. All offshore means is that the Vermont online casinos are based out of another country. That's no big deal, as most online casinos are! You can still safely gamble online in Vermont at any one of the real money Vermont online casinos we've recommended in this guide.

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Absolutely! You can pull up each Vermont online gambling site in your web browser. You can also play online casino games in Vermont by downloading the newly released mobile casino apps. With technology only advancing, your options are only going to grow when it comes to Vermont gambling online.

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