Play Sit and Go Poker Online – Best Sites for SNG Poker

If you are looking for the best online casinos for enjoying online sit and go poker, we encourage you to read on! Our recommended gambling sites are the best places to enjoy the perks and benefits of sit and go poker tables in 2022. Sit and go poker has become more popular in recent years because of its low buy-in limits, variety of games, and fast payout speeds.

In this 2022 review, we will evaluate each of the best online poker sites for sit and go, discuss some online sit and go poker strategies, and show you why you should join one of these online casinos as soon as possible! We have found this format of playing online poker to carry with it a ton of great benefits and perks for online players of all kinds!

Best Online Poker Sites for Sit and Go

Poker Site
Bonus Get Started
1BoL Poker Logo BoL Poker Logo

BoL Poker
100% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 Bovada Poker Logo

Bovada Poker
100% up to $500 Go to Site
3 SB Poker Logo

SB Poker
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4 Ignition Poker Logo

Ignition Poker
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The process of signing up for a new account at one of our favorite real money gambling sites can be done in as little as 10 minutes! Use the links above to go directly to the site’s sign-up page and join today in just minutes!

What is Sit and Go Poker?

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Online sit and go poker (sometimes abbreviated to SNGs) are sessions of tournament-style online poker that have no official start time. Whenever you are ready to play, you join a table and wait for others to join until the table is filled. It is only when every seat at the table is taken that the tournament can begin. Online poker sit and gos can be played in a multi-table format, but they typically take around 30 minutes on average to play. The multi-table tournaments can go for an hour or more at a time.

Because these games do not have a scheduled start time, participants do not really get a gauge for the crowd they are playing with until they are thrust into the game. This can create some anticipation on the player’s part as to who they will be competing against, be it recreational or professional players. Sit and gos can be a mixed bag of competitors and can lead to some interesting outcomes!

Benefits of Playing SNG Poker Online

If you were to ask us the best reasons to begin playing sit and go online poker, we feel these are the greatest benefits and perks you will find in the experience. If you are unsure about sit and gos being the style of poker play for you, we feel that our top 6 reasons might change your mind and make you do a 180!

Great Player Traffic

These sites are dependent on players joining the game, so each online casino has honed their craft and created the conditions for regular, steady traffic with their target customers begin those who want to enjoy a relatively quick, lowkey session of poker online. The multi-table tournaments are even more of a draw which means that each of the sites in our recommendations sees a high volume of players on a regular basis.

Poker Game Variety

Poker Game in a Mobile Phone

There is more than one kind of poker that can be enjoyed at online sit and go games. Texas Holdem seems to be the most popular (and the one that most people think of when they first hear about online sit and go poker), but there are other variations that frequently appear on the game tables, including Omaha Holdem, five card stud, and many others!

Fast Payouts

Not only can you find a table in record time using poker sit and gos, but the payout process is also speedy! Using payout methods like credit cards or cryptos can guarantee you a quick payout in as little as 24 to 48 hours or upwards of 3 or 4 business days! Play in a quick game of poker online and get a quick payout in a short window of time!

Low Buy-Ins and Varying Stakes

Something that really sits well with players is that sit and go poker is not expensive to join. Some tables offer limits as low as a few cents, but there are others that have higher limits as well. It all depends on what table you choose because there are differences based on single-table and multi-table formats. Single tables with low buy-ins are perfect for newbies or for those who want to get their feet wet before entering bigger tournaments. Single tables are great places for inexperienced or novice players to cut their teeth.

Use Bonuses to Your Advantage

Any extra cash that you have earned as a result of a real money bonus at one of these online casinos can be used to play poker at sit and go table tournaments! Because there are varying ranges of stakes available at different tables, players can pick and choose where they want to play based on their bankroll balance and their financial resources. You can customize an experience that is suited for the size of your bankroll.

Practice Your Game

Because these games can be played for literally a few cents, poker sit and gos are perfect for customers who want to get in some practice time before entering a more professional tournament with multiple tables and higher stakes.

Poker sit and gos are easy to access, are much lower commitment, and allow you the space and convenience for customers to practice and learn from their mistakes as they play.

Types of Sit and Go Poker Games Available Online

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There are several formats when it comes to online sit and go poker. One of the major reasons that customers enjoy the sit and go-style of playing poker is because they offer various formats that are accommodating of the players’ needs. Many players are at varying skill levels and have different sets of resources at their disposal. Sit and go poker tables offer a setup that can work for just about any type of poker player out there!

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy sit and go online poker for real money:

Single Table

Obviously, these games of sit and go poker are played at a single table, and the typically max out is 10 players for each session. Some of the smaller single tables will have only two players as the absolute minimum number, and this is referred to as a heads-up sit and go. These are also the most popular of the sit and go poker formats. They usually take no more than 30 minutes to an hour to complete and can begin within a matter of minutes. People love playing these games!

Expect a low variance with these games as well as a lower return-on-investment and a low buy-in rate. These are the perfect lowkey games for newer, inexperienced, or recreation-based players.


There are sit and go poker tournaments that are played at more than one table. Like a single table sit and go, these games do not have an official start time but begin once the fixed number of entrants is met. In terms of online sit and go poker strategy and set up, multi-table sit and gos are extremely similar in nature to multi-table tournaments (MTTs).

Online sit and go poker tournaments that follow this multi-table format will typically see a fixed number of players – with 18, 36, and 81 being the most common.


These sit and go online poker tournaments are ones where the winners can earn an entry in larger online or in-person tournaments. The buy-ins for these tournaments are pooled amongst the players. Any cash that remains at the end of the session is typically awarded to the next place position or positions.


Two Cards - Diamonds and Hearts Cards

Shootouts are larger-scale tournaments involving multiple tables. Each table plays down to a sole winner, and then the winner of each table goes head-to-head to determine who is the best! Shootouts can be fun and exciting because these tournaments involve a process of elimination, and there is one winner, the prize pool not being split amongst two or three competitors.

Step Sit and Go

Step sit and go poker is structured like a ladder with multiple sit and go games allowing players to work toward winning entry to the next game (or “step of the ladder”), much in the same way that satellite games work. Where step SNGs differ is that additional spots are paid out as well, and they grant players reentry into the level they were already playing or the next level down.

Something really cool about step sit and go poker is that you can skip levels if you want!

As long as you have the funds to pay for it, you can essentially get to any level you want without the process of working your way there. Heck, you can pay your win into the final level if you so desire! The prizes for step sit and go are typically large cash prizes, tickets to some sort of live event, or a buy-in to a larger scale tournament.


Freerolls are great because there is no buy-in required to play, but you can still win money playing sit and go online poker! Many freerolls require an invite, although there are some that are open to the public as well. Typically, it is the sit and go freerolls that are invite-only and the multi-table tournaments that are open for the public to join.

Prizes for SNG Freerolls

  • Tournament tickets
  • Cash
  • Live event trips
  • Site gear
  • Bonuses
  • Frequent player points

Ways to Get Invited to SNG Freerolls

  • Winning a special drawing
  • Obtain a specific ranking on a leaderboard
  • Win entry via satellite tournament


These are sit and go poker games where your main objective is to knock a specific player out of the game. If you can accomplish this feat, you win the extra prize cash. It does not matter how you place in the tournament, although it would be nice to win at both!

6-Max Sit and Go

As the name suggests, these sit and go poker games have a maximum of six players and can come either as a single-table or multi-table game. Multi-table sit and gos that follow the 6-max format are run not in multiples of nine like most other games but are run in multiples of 6. This means that tournaments can run with 6, 12, 18, or 36 entrants.


These are technically single-table tournaments, and they involve only two people. In fact, you can have multi-table heads-up tournaments for online sit and go poker, and they will operate like a shootout. Each table must be won in order to advance to the next round.

Online Poker Sit and Go vs. Multi-Table Tournaments

Sit and go poker and multi-table tournaments share some similarities but also some differences as well. MTTs closely resemble single-table sit and gos and SNGs are technically MTTs without a set start time. The key difference between the two is the fact that multi-table tournaments have a prize pool that can fluctuate based on an attached guarantee and by the number of people participating. Sit and gos, on the other hand, have no definite start time, but the prize pool is completely fixed.

Sit and Gos

  • These can be more than one or more tables.
  • There is no set start time.
  • The game begins once the required number of players is met.
  • Players know what the prize pool looks like.
Multi-Table Tournaments

  • These can be more than one or more tables.
  • There is a predetermined start time.
  • The game begins at its posted start time, but all players must be present and ready to go.
  • The prize pool is determined by the number of entrants and on a guarantee.

Online Sit and Go Poker vs. Cash Games

Cash games and sit and go poker tournaments have their share of differences. Some of the key ways these styles diverge are in relationship to the blind, the number of players, and the number of tables.

Sit and Gos

  • There is no definite start time in place.
  • They can be one or more tables.
  • The game can start once the desired number of players is reached.
  • Players are obligated to play through the entire tournament.
  • Blinds increase each step of the tournament.
  • The prize pool is already determined ahead of time.
  • A winner is determined by the tournament’s end.
Cash Games

  • There is no definite start time in place.
  • These are limited to one table.
  • Cash games can begin with any number of players.
  • Players can leave the game at any point.
  • Blind levels remain constant.
  • Stakes are posted.
  • Cash games could go on forever if so chosen.

Sit and Go Online Poker vs. Live Sit and Go

In our humble opinion, we believe there are many more benefits and perks to playing online sit and go poker for real money versus playing sit and poker in-person. Online play allows you to use bonuses and earn rewards as well as join games for stakes as low as a few cents. There is definitely a place for in-person sit and gos, especially if you enjoy the casino atmosphere and social aspects! However, we feel that playing sit and gos in an online casino offers the best in terms of flexibility and convenience.

Here are some of the prime similarities and differences:

Online Sit and Go Poker

  • These games can be joined for a little as one penny!
  • You can earn VIP status and rewards.
  • The registration process is automatically done for you.
  • There are many different options for the way you play the game.
Live Sit and Go Poker

  • These sit and gos have higher minimum stakes.
  • You can earn VIP status and rewards.
  • Registration must be completed at the poker desk.
  • Options are more limited to what the room can offer its players.

How Do Payouts Work at Sit and Go Poker Tournaments Online

Hand Holding Money Bag

Like multi-table tournaments, online sit and go poker pays out a percentage of the playing field. When it comes to single table sit and go poker, the industry-standard applies where the first-, second-, and third-place finishers get paid out a percentage of the total money that is being used.

Now, the percentage of the overall prize for the top-three finishers will vary and fluctuate based on the size of the competitor’s field. A sit and go that has 18 players will not be paying out the same percentage as a game where there are 36 or 81 participants. With the larger games, online sit and gos can begin paying their top players anywhere from 15% to 30% of the total handle.

Here is a stock example of how payouts are issued at a typical sit and go poker game:

For a $100 + $10 SNG for 10 players. The +$10 is the rake for the house and does not go to the prize pool. The total prize pool is $100 x 10 = $1,000.

  • 1st Place – $500 (5x the buy-in)
  • 2nd Place – $300 (3x the buy-in)
  • 3rd Place – $200 (2x the buy-in)

Here is another example of payouts at online sit and go poker, but this time it involves a $100 jackpot SNG at Ignition Casino:

Ignition Casino Jackpot Payout Table

Online Sit and Go Poker Strategy

There are three primary stages to sit and go games and tournaments: the early stages, the middle, and the homestretch.

Red Poker Chip

There is a different approach to playing each of these stages, and we advise our readers to apply these principles in order to be successful in sit and go poker. You can become more competitive and rake in larger wins using these top-rated online sit and go poker strategies!


The key here is to fly under the radar and get through to the middle portion of the session with no major losses and perhaps a few minimal gains. The goal is not to do anything too flashy to grab the attention of the other players. As crazy as it sounds, you want to go through this portion of the session with a lowkey persona that does not turn any heads. It will ultimately set you up to enjoy a more aggressive middle-stage play. The whole point of the early stages is to not get knocked out!

Strategies for the Early Stages of the Session

Strategy Description
Play Conservatively Do not go too aggressive in the early round of the game, as the blinds are low in the first half hour of the game, and the rewards are paltry. There is no need to set the world on fire or get too aggressive right off the bat.
Avoid Hand Traps Be aware of other players who play their strong hands in a passive way to get other players to add more money to the pot. Do not mindlessly limp into a game with a weak pair of cards that should have folded.
Play Card With “Double Up Value” It is always a safe bet to enter the game with a pair of suited Aces or pocket pairs. These are hands where you can either execute a hand trap or raise against your opponents.
Raise on Premium Hands In the early stages of an online sit and go poker session, we advise you to bet about 5x the value of the big blind when you get a premium hand like a pocket pair.
Avoid Going All In Pre-flop As we mentioned earlier, the key to playing the early stages of online sit and go poker is to let not make any super aggressive moves unless you have a fantastic pair of cards. But even then, be wary of going all on strong hands pre-flop. You could go from holding two Aces in your hand and lose to someone who got a flush out of nowhere. Avoid going all in for any hand during the sit and gos earlier stages.


This is the portion of the sit and go poker session where you can begin to get more aggressive and build up some steam. You will still want to stick with a basic strategy and not waste your money on garbage hands, but you will want to make slow and steady increases to your bankroll on the good hands that you are dealt. If you become too aggressive at this stage, you can easily become a target for the other players and result in you ending the middle portion in the middle of the pack.

Strategies for the Middle of the Session

Strategy Description
Do Not Panic Over Bigger Blinds When the cost of seeing a hand goes up, do not allow that to panic you or allow you to deviate from your playing strategy. If you have a chip stack that allows you to see 7-8 more rounds of blinds without having to play a hand, you are in great shape and should not be frazzled by bigger blinds.
Become More Aggressive We do not want you coming out the gate guns blazing, but feel free to become more aggressive in play by raising the pot 2% – 3% the big blind on good hands. That way, you can take control of the game pre-flop.
Do Not Just Call if You Have a Good Hand The middle rounds are where you can big building your chip stack. If you have a strong hand anytime in the middle rounds and beyond, you will not want to just call pre-flop, but you might consider being aggressive and keep raising to begin draining your opponents’ resources out.
Do Not Paint a Target on Your Back If it becomes clear to the other players that you are the aggressor of the table with raising, they will catch on to you and reraise you, which could lead to you being pushed down to the middle of the pack. You want to be subtle with your progress and make slow, steady raises that build your chip stake over time.
Look For Opportunities to Go All in if You Have a Short Stack If you get to the point where you are low enough on chips and can only see about 5 or 6 more big blinds, you will want to look for the next opportunity to go all in. This is the only viable option if you want a shot to get back to competitive play with the others.


This is the portion of the game where you can really open up and unleash on your opponent in the hopes of taking all their chips! You made it this far in the game, and your chances of winning their chips by applying pressure on them are pretty good, especially if you have the cards to back it up!

Strategies for the Homestretch

Strategy Description
Bet Aggressive When in Position If you have any sort of good hand to speak of and you are the first to place your bets, become aggressive and go for the big blinds on the table. If you put a lot of pressure on the other players who have to call your raise, there is a good chance they will fold (providing they are weak players).
Don’t Be Afraid to Go All-In If you have a good set of cards and feel confident you can win, go all-in, and there is a great chance that you can either take out a rival competitor or win the entire thing. You got this far, and it is time to unleash and make some bold moves! Check out some of the most common all-in situations below as a guide.
Common All-In Situations • Over cards (A-Q) vs. Under cards (J-10)
• Pocket pair (5-5) vs. Over cards (A-K)
• One over card (K-10) vs. one under card (A-8)

Sit and Go Online Poker Sites FAQ

Sit and go poker is not played on a timetable like regular tournaments. Instead, players can join whenever they want and wait for enough players to fill up the table before the game begins. Players seem to like sit and go poker games because they are easy to join, and there is also a sense of possibility as players do not know the caliber of the opposing players who join the table.

Yes, there are a ton of opportunities to win real money playing poker in the sit and go format at our favorite online casino. Many sit and go games can be played for as little as $0.01, and there are games with stakes that go much higher than that. One of the most popular games that are available at online casino sit and gos is Texas Holdem.

The expected playtimes at sit and gos can vary depending on the format and the number of entrants. There are sit and gos that are played in multi-table format, and those can take as long as multi-table tournaments. A single-table sit and go game will generally take about 30 minutes, give or take.

Yes, you can play in more than one online sit and go tournament at one time. In fact, this is a great way to make more money in a shorter amount of time. Those who enjoy profit can up their payout potential and also enjoy a faster pace of play by having a hand in more than one game at a time.

Payouts are given to the top three players, and the prize is split 50-30-20. This means that if you play your cards right and use a basic strategy going into your session, you have the chance to win as much as half the money that is in play!

The beauty of the sit and go poker tournament is the fact that they can be as small as five players and can get as large as 50 entrants if you are playing on multiple tables.

Yes, sit and go games and the online casinos that offer them up to their customers can be played and experienced on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. And it does not matter if you are into Apple products or Android products! These sites work really well on the small-screen format of just about any mobile device! This means that you can play online sit and go poker any time of the day or night and in just seconds (or however long it takes to open up your device).