The Top Australian Betting Sites for 2021

For those of you living in Australia looking for somewhere to bet, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’re going to find our list of the top Australian betting sites that offer some of the best lines, the most choices in action, and altogether the best overall experience. If you’re excited and looking to get into the action today at a reputable and trustworthy site servicing Australian customers, these are the sites you’ve been looking for.

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The Different Types of Australian Betting Sites


Australian sportsbooks are pretty straightforward as to what you would expect them to be. One thing that we do see that’s different with sportsbooks either based in Australia or servicing the market is that they have more of a focus on the sports that are bigger in that area. Well, at least we hope that they do. We always want to see an emphasis on these sports while still covering the sports that take place around the rest of the globe.


A racebook is a website that allows you to bet on horse, dog, and chariot races in Australia or around the world. Typically, we’re looking for the level of options offered, specifically how many different tracks and races they allow you to bet on. Usually, you’re not going to see many standalone racebooks these days. Most likely they will be attached to a sportsbook or to a casino or an all-inclusive site with all of the different options.


Online casinos offering action to players in Australia are the best way to get your table game, slot, or special game fix. These are sites that bring real casino action into your living room or anywhere you are with a smart device. What we’re looking for here are the same things we look for with casino sites offering service to any country. We want quality games, a lot of options, easy banking, and a fun and exciting to use interface.

All-Inclusive Sites

We use the term all-inclusive to refer to betting sites that have either all three of the above components or a combination of at least two of them. We probably could have used the term combination sites, and it would have been more appropriate, but it just didn’t sound as cool. All inclusive sites that offer a sportsbook, racebook, and a casino can be awesome if they do a great job at each of the different elements. However, we often see sites that do a great job at one aspect and then do a mediocre job at the other areas.

This happens with the combo sites that offer two of the above three as well. For example, we might see an Australian betting site that started as a casino and later added a sportsbook. The casino might be incredible, but it’s clear the sportsbook was an afterthought (and a poor one at that).

We’re big proponents of the mantra that if you’re going to do something, you better do it well. We don’t mind it a site is only a sportsbook, only a racebook, or only a casino. We don’t mind if they are all three. All we care about is the quality of the product that they are pushing. If they’re able to pull off all three well, then go for it! If they want to focus their attention and be experts in one field, we’re all for it.

The point we’re trying to make is that we don’t give additional credit to an Australian betting site just because they offer more than one of the above categories. In fact, we focus more on the sportsbook side of things as that is what our readers tend to be interested in the most. You’ll notice that the majority of the information on this page is directed towards Australian sportsbook bettors.

How to Choose an Australian Betting Site

We wanted to give you a little extra advice on selecting an Australian betting site before sending you out into the wild. Below, you’ll find four tips that will help you to make the decision on which betting site or sites are best for you.

Before we get into those four tips, though, we want to make one thing clear. These are just the personal preference factors that you need to look at. Before you even get here, you need to make sure that all of the deal breaker important things are covered. Regardless of your personal preferences or what you are looking for, these are important and can’t be neglected. These are things like website security, the trust factor, speedy payouts, a good industry reputation, and a trustworthy management team.

Basically, is the site operating on the up and up or are there reasons you might want to be concerned about playing there? If there are any red flags or even hints of red flags in any of those departments, you should walk away from the site and bet somewhere more trustworthy. While we don’t address it here, we look at every single site we review and recommend based on all of those criteria and a whole lot more. We’ll never recommend an online betting site that we don’t have full confidence in. No exceptions.

Now, let’s look at the personal preference factors you’ll want to explore to help you pick which of the trusted group of Australian betting sites is the right fit for you. There is such thing as a group of the best sites, but no such thing as a single best site. That’s because what may be the best site for you might not be the best site for your friend based on your wants and needs. But, that’s why we recommend several sites so you can see which is the best fit for you to ensure you get the most out of your online betting experience.

Look for the sports they cover.

This is a must. If the Australian sportsbook you choose to bet with doesn’t offer action on the sports you’re interested in betting, then you can see how that site is probably pretty worthless to you. Sites based out of Australia or focusing on the Aussie market will typically have pretty much everything that you’re interested in because they know their market. That being said, you still need to check to confirm before creating an account and depositing.

If you choose an international site or a US-based site, you may run into problems with them missing sports that you’re interested in. If you aren’t really sure yet what all you want to bet, you’ll probably be safe with any of the options we’ve recommended. Most of these sites offer action in 30+ sports, so most likely they’re going to have plenty to get you started.

The bottom line here is just to make sure that the site you’re choosing to bet with covers the sport or sports that you are interested in betting.

Look for the different types of bets they cover.

There is one additional thing that you need to look for besides just the sports that a betting site covers. You need to make sure they are offering the types of bets that you like to make as well. If you love making NFL prop bets but the site you’re at only offers moneyline, spread, and totals bets, you’re going to be out of luck.

You’ll need to double check the type and level of action offered before you get too involved in a sports betting site. Again, all that matters is they offer the action you’re looking for. If all you’re interested in betting are game winners, then you don’t need a site with an endless list of prop bets or other options. But, if you want to bet something like teasers and pleasers, you need to make sure the site offers it.

Again, it’s the same bottom line. Figure out the types of bets you want to make and make sure the Australian betting site you choose offers them. If you have no idea what you want to bet, or you’re brand new to the world of betting on sports, any of the sites we’ve recommended at the top of the page should be more than sufficient. When we look for those, we just keep looking for sites that offer more and more options.

Try out the betting interface.

You have to test drive it before you buy it! We don’t know if that’s a phrase that people say, but it fits for what we’re trying to get across here. You need to check out how the betting site you’re interested in works before you go ahead and create an account and deposit.

Why? Well, each of the top Australian betting sites we recommended offers you something a little different. While they are all great user experiences, they are all a little bit different. The ways you make your bets, the way you lookup games, the way you see your results – it’s all a little bit different. The key is finding the look and feel that fits you best. Where do you find things the easiest? What makes you the most comfortable?

If you’re someone who is going to be doing a decent amount of sports betting, this is going to be really important and can also have an effect on how successful you are.

Review the options for deposits and withdrawals.

The very last thing we recommend you do when selecting an Australian betting site is to take a peek at the deposit and withdrawal banking options. No, you don’t have to study them for days or spend hours reading through all the fine print. All we are recommending you do is peek at the options and make sure there are a few that work for you.

Do take a minute and look at the limits, time frames, any fees, and what options are available in what area. If an option isn’t available to Australian customers, then you need to be aware of that. You don’t need every option to be available; you just need one that works well for you for depositing and one for withdrawing.

The Final Word

For all of you Australian bettors out there, you now have the resources and information you need to get into the game right now. We highly recommend taking the tips and recommended sites we’ve given you and finding the perfect betting site for you. There are plenty of quality options servicing the Australian market to choose from, so we’re confident that you’ll find a great new betting home and can get into the action now!