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The FIFA World Cup is the world’s most-watched sporting event. Billions of people from around the world watch and bet on the World Cup every four years. With so many betting sites available, our experts have shortlisted the top FIFA World Cup betting sites for 2022.

The 2022 World Cup began on November 20 and is taking place in Qatar. There are a huge number of moneyline, totals, and prop bets being offered on this upcoming tournament. Discover all the unique FIFA World Cup betting options available today.

How to Identify a Great FIFA Betting Site

Our staff spends a considerable amount of time reviewing online soccer sportsbooks. Our favorite World Cup betting sites each provide five key features to their members. 

Learn more about what exactly separates the good betting sites from the bad ones here. 

Variety of Betting Options

Our staff is made up of proven experts with in-depth knowledge of the various types of soccer bets available online. The top betting sites offer a huge variety of wagering options. That includes moneyline betting, totals betting, and prop betting. Many also offer live betting options that allow members to wager on sporting events as they are taking place. 

The top online sportsbooks are now offering a huge variety of World Cup betting options. Members can already make bets on every game of the Group Stage, as well as future bets on the tournament winner. As the tournament progresses, more betting options on the knockout stage will become available. 

Great Sportsbook Bonuses

All of the top online sportsbooks offer great, transparent bonuses. These can vary greatly, yet the good ones will come with clear terms and conditions. World Cup bettors should look for sportsbook-specific bonuses, most commonly in the form of deposit bonuses. 

Welcome bonuses are the ones most commonly used by sports bettors. Modern betting sites tend to offer reload and VIP bonuses for their existing members, too. Our team of experts only recommends sites that offer safe, transparent bonuses to their members. 

Secure Banking Options

It’s important to find World Cup betting sites offering completely secure banking options. Many soccer fans are looking to bet large amounts of money on the various games taking place in Qatar this year. Unless these fans join a site providing reliable banking options, there is no guarantee that their funds will be safe. 

Ensuring that payment options are secure is fairly straightforward. Players can check that an online sportsbook is licensed by a reputable gambling commission. If that is the case, these sites are regularly audited to ensure secure payment options are provided to their members.  

Most sites are now allowing deposits and withdrawals to be made using cryptocurrencies and traditional banking cards. The best ones set low fees and quick transaction times for all payments. 

Helpful Customer Support

Reputable betting sites will provide helpful customer support options to their members, 24/7. Our staff favors the sites providing direct support options. Bettors should always be able to contact a website representative, instantly. 

It’s best to avoid any online sportsbooks providing only email support. Stick with the ones that provide direct support options such as a live chat feature or phone support. A good live chat feature will have an initial response time of less than 3 minutes. Once connected with a site representative, responses should come almost instantly. 

Mobile Compatability 

Another key feature of the top World Cup betting sites is perfect mobile compatibility. Online sportsbooks should work seamlessly with both iOS and Android devices. We spend time testing all online sportsbooks with mobile devices before deciding whether to recommend them. 

The majority of soccer betting apps are known as web apps and do not need to be downloaded. They are accessed using a mobile web browser. All of the sites we recommend allow players to easily bet on the World Cup using a mobile device. 

Betting on FIFA World Cup Matches | Interesting Tournament Facts

Let’s take a short break from the best sites for betting on the FIFA World Cup, and all things betting-related, for that matter. Let’s focus a bit on mesmerizing World Cup tournaments and check out some of the most interesting facts surrounding their existence.

  • FIFA World Cup events are the pinnacle of international football and are set to take place after the end of all regional qualifiers. Thus far, they’ve always been held in the summer but the next iteration (Qatar 2022), is the first one that’s going to take place during winter.
  • The Cups feature 32 teams from all around the globe. They’re divided into two phases, group stage, and The group stage features the typical 4-team one-leg system with two top teams from each group advancing through to the playoffs. Playoffs are also one-legged matches but played in a single-elimination bracket that further ups the pressure and makes no room for mistakes.
  • The FIFA World Cup grand finals is one of the most popular soccer matches to bet on. It attracts millions of soccer betting enthusiasts from all around the world, often featuring great odds and splendid specials. In fact, the WC grand finals is probably the most specials-heavy soccer match in the world.

How to Read World Cup Betting Odds

Understanding how to read odds is crucial for those interested in betting on the World Cup. There are three primary ways in which online betting odds are presented. The way these odds are presented will depend on where you are located. 

  • American Odds: -375
  • Fractional Odds: ¼
  • Decimal Odds: 2.10

American odds are, as the name suggests, odds provided by sportsbooks to American bettors. Favorites and underdogs are identified using a + and – symbol. Below is a look at a hypothetical matchup between a 2022 World Cup betting favorite and an underdog with American odds.

  • England: -300
  • Canada: +775

Fractional odds are the most commonly-used odds in the United Kingdom. Odds here are presented in fractions to identify the favorites and underdogs. The betting favorites will be identified as having a smaller number listed first. 

  • England: – 1/3
  • Canada: 31/4

Decimal odds are the ones used primarily by those located anywhere outside of the US and UK. Here, betting underdogs will always be given higher decimal points. An example of these odds can be seen below. 

  • England: 1.33
  • Canada: 8.75

For each of the wagers above, a $25 bet on England would pay $8.33. A $25 bet on Canada would pay $193.75. Always calculate your potential payouts before making any wagers. 

Placing FIFA World Cup Bets | Things to Keep in Mind

World Cup betting is not an exact science and even the most informed soccer fans can use a few wagering tips. Keep these tips for betting on soccer in mind before throwing money on this year’s big tournament. 

Look for Underdog Opportunities in the Group Stage

The World Cup Group Stage is the first main portion of the tournament, featuring all 32 teams. Each individual group in this stage consists of four teams. Only two of those teams will advance in the tournament. 

It’s not uncommon to see major upsets at this stage of the tournament. Experienced World Cup football betting experts will look for the best underdog opportunities before the Group Stage begins. Research each individual group and look for the underrated teams featuring standout rosters. 

Bet Conservatively in the Playoffs

By the time the World Cup’s Quarter-Final Stage has begun, only elite teams remain. At this point, it’s best to bet more conservatively. Teams have shown their ability to the oddsmakers by this point and odds are often far more accurately placed than they might have been in the Group Stage. 

Upsets can certainly take place in the playoffs. Keeping track of injury updates and roster changes can present bettors with some great opportunities to take the underdog in these stages. Keep in mind that the favorites in this portion of the tournament hold that status for a reason and are far more likely to win their games. 

Top World Cup Teams: Betting Favorites

The 2022 World Cup officially begins on November 20 and the tournament’s betting favorites have now been established. Each of these teams has gained this status thanks to their fantastic coaching staff, rosters, and past performances in international games. 


The odds featured below were set prior to the start of the 2022 World Cup Group Stage. Only France and Argentina remain in the tournament. The 2022 World Cup final will take place on December 18.

🇧🇷 Brazil: +225

Brazil is home to the world’s most successful World Cup soccer teams. The national team has won the tournament five times out of 22 appearances. Despite the team’s poor performance at the 2018 tournament, where they lost in the quarter-finals, many World Cup betting experts are predicting that Brazil earns yet another victory in Qatar this year. 

🇦🇷 Argentina: +500

Argentina is another country that boasts one of the most successful national soccer teams of all time. This country has won the World Cup twice in 18 appearances. Many analysts are pointing to Argentina’s victory at the 2021 Copa America, basing their World Cup soccer pick on that incredible victory. 

🇫🇷 France: +525

France is the reigning champion of the World Cup, having won in 2018 against Croatia. This team is not showing any signs of slowing down and took first at the 2021 Nations League. Winning back-to-back World Cup tournaments would be a massive accomplishment for this European powerhouse. 

🇪🇸 Spain: +625

Spain has boasted one of the best national soccer teams in Europe for decades. This team won the World Cup in 2010 and was the runner-up at the aforementioned 2021 Nations League. This team is filled with young stars including Pedri and seemed poised to have a great performance at this year’s World Cup. 

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England: +900

The England national football team was founded in 1872. It has achieved major success on the world stage over the years, yet has not won the World Cup since 1966. England looked fantastic at the 2020 European Championship, though, leading some World Cup betting analysts to believe this team has a real shot at earning a win in Qatar. 

🇳🇱 Netherlands: +2000

The Netherlands represents an excellent betting opportunity for many soccer fans. They are the clear favorites in the Group A stage to advance into the Knockout Stage. This team has a world-class defensive game and is relying on young talent to attack down the field. 

🇵🇹 Portugal: +1300

Cristiano Ronaldo fans will remain hopeful that Portugal has a good performance in Qatar this year. Fans will point to the team’s 2016 victory in the European Championship as a sign they can pull off the upset this year. Of course, the team will need to rely on far more than just Ronaldo to advance far in the tournament. 

Top 5 World Cup Players to Watch in Qatar

The Qatar World Cup is filled with bright young stars looking to achieve greatness. Five players, in particular, are expected to shine on the field. Fans should keep an eye on these players and expect some incredible performances. 

Karim Benzema: France

34-year-old Karim Benzema has been a phenom for years and was awarded the Ballon d’Or in 2022. He has dealt with several minor injuries recently, yet told the media he will be in top shape at the World Cup. Benzema’s talent and experience will be crucial for France to advance far in this tournament. 

Neymar: Brazil

Brazil’s biggest star, Neymar, has some major goals in Qatar. Scoring just twice will allow him to tie Pele as the highest-scoring player for Brazil, ever. Neyman is claiming that this will be his final World Cup and there would be no better conclusion for him than a victory in Qatar. 

Lionel Messi: Argentina

Lionel Messi remains one of the most popular sports figures on the planet. Some question how long he can play at the highest level and at 35 years old, his time in the sport may be coming to an end. Lionel looked incredible in a recent friendly against the UAE, giving Argentina fans hope for an incredible result at the World Cup. 

Kylian Mbappe: France

Another star player on the French team is Kylian Mbappe. At just 23, he has already scored 28 goals for France. He is incredibly versatile as a forward and will be key for France to keep opponents on their toes throughout the 2022 World Cup. Mbappe’s skills certainly contributed to France’s status as a World Cup betting favorite. 

Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal

There is no doubt that Ronaldo’s best days are behind him. His experience still makes him a force when in front of the goal. He has managed to score 117 goals for Portugal and is expected to earn several more on the world’s biggest stage. 

World Cup Group Stage

The first part of the World Cup is known as the Group Stage. All 32 teams take part and are broken into eight groups of four teams. The two top-performing teams in each group advance to the Knockout Stage. 

(Q) – Qualified to round of 16

(E) – Eliminated from competition

Group apoints
Netherlands (Q)7
Senegal (Q)6
Ecuador (E)4
Qatar (E)0
group bpoint
England (Q)7
USA (Q)5
Iran (E)3
Wales (E)1
group cpoints
Argentina (Q)6
Poland (Q)4
Mexico (E)4
Saudi Arabia (E)3
group dpoints
Australia (Q)6
France (Q)6
Tunisia (E)4
Denmark (E)1
group epoints
Japan (Q)6
Spain (Q)4
Germany (E)4
Costa Rica (E)3
group fpoints
Morocco (Q)7
Croatia (Q)5
Belgium (E)4
Canada (E)0
group gpoints
Brazil (Q)6
group hpoints
Portugal (Q)6
South Korea1

Is Russia Competing at the Qatar World Cup?

No. Russia was formally banned from competing in the 2022 World Cup shortly after its invasion of Ukraine in February of this year. The UEFA and FIFA came to an agreement on this matter, claiming the Russian national team would be banned from competitions “until further notice.” 

This is not the first time Russia has seen its national team banned from major competitions. Russia was famously banned from the 2020 and 2022 Olympic Games following a massive doping scandal. 

World Cup betting enthusiasts will have no options to bet on Russia this year. It remains to be seen in FIFA will reverse its ban on the country by the time the 2026 World Cup rolls around. 

World Cup Teams by Continent 

The World Cup is meant to showcase the best soccer teams from around the world competing in a single tournament. Qualifying for this tournament is no easy task. Each continent has its own eliminatory process to determine who will compete in the World Cup. 

The soccer governing bodies and their countries set to compete in this year’s World Cup can be found here:

CONCACAF – North America

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States
  • Costa Rica 

CONMEBOL – South America

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Ecuador
  • Uruguay

UEFA – Europe

  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Croatia
  • Spain
  • Serbia
  • England
  • Switzerland
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Wales

CAF – Africa

  • Ghana
  • Senegal
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Cameroon

AFC – Asia 

  • Qatar (as host)
  • IR Iran
  • South Korea
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Japan
  • Australia 

Previous FIFA World Cup Winners

World Cup YearWinning Team

FIFA World Cup Betting FAQs

At last, we’ve come to the final section of this article. Since we’re asked a ton of questions on a regular basis, we figured it’d be a great idea to gather the most common ones and answer them all in one location.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the most frequently asked questions regarding the best FIFA World Cup betting sites!

Starting your FIFA World Cup betting journey is not a difficult task. All you need to do is choose an online soccer betting website that suits your needs, register an account, confirm your information and you’re good to go. You can start betting right away.

Of course, you’ll need to know a thing or two about soccer before you start betting crazy sums of money on WC matches. Follow the statistics, explore injured players, newest transfers and all that sort of thing to increase your chances of winning betting slips. It all comes with experience so don’t get disheartened if you start out slow. Our soccer picks give you an in-depth breakdown of World Cup matchup.

Obviously, the best FIFA World Cup betting sites are those with the greatest betting odds, effective customer service and fast payout times. But where can you find them? Well, the best way of doing just that is by checking out the table above or by visiting our in-depth Soccer Betting Sites article. Both of them will give you a ton of great places to bet on FIFA World Cup matches, no doubt about that!

If you like what you’re seeing so far (regarding betting on FIFA World Cup matches), you might be interested in the idea of WC specials. And by specials, we are not just referring to outright winner bets and all that normie nonsense. Nope! There’s a whole range of additional special bets that are often available on the best FIFA World Cup betting sites out there.

The most popular ones are some sorts of match-outcome and player-scoring combinations. For example, team A to win and player X to score. While they do require quite a bit of knowledge to guess correctly, they yield pretty decent odds as they are, in essence, mini accumulator bets.

Furthermore, you will also find a plethora of additional options to choose from. We’re talking number of goals, yellow cards, corners, will there be a penalty, will there be extra time (playoffs). Not to mention a whole bunch of group stage specials regarding the advancing teams. All in all, if you’re an avid specials bettor, you’ll definitely like what FIFA World Cup betting websites has to offer.

Well, although it might be more difficult than some other sports, betting on soccer still can be profitable. However, you need to understand that success at FIFA World Cup betting sites isn’t something that will come overnight. You’ll have to roll up your sleeves, dig deep into the statistics, numbers and situational factors before you’ll begin to rack in first big winning tickets.

Don’t be disheartened in case of a rough start. That’s just the ice breaking under your feet. If you keep up with your hard work and dedicate more time to researching the markets, managing your bankroll and finding value, we’re sure you’ll be able to turn your hobby into a self-sustainable profit well. You can conduct research with the top soccer betting apps.

It will take quite a bit of time, but at the end of it all, you’ll be more than pleased!

Brazil stands as the current World Cup FIFA betting favorite with odds of +375. Those odds will change immediately after the first round of games begin. Argentina and France are two other favorites many analysts are predicting to win the 2022 World Cup.

No. Not every online sports betting site will provide odds on the World Cup. The ones we recommend are providing odds on every game of the tournament, though. Each of our recommended sites offers safe payment options and fantastic bonuses, as well.

World Cup-specific bonuses are not currently being offered by our favorite sites. As the tournament progresses, some of these unique types of bonuses could become available. Make sure to follow our news page for updates on any exciting new bonus offers.

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