4 Betting Systems for NCAA Basketball

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There is no sport in sports betting that has as many teams and games to bet on than College Basketball. In fact, there are so many moving pieces, teams and changes that it can be hard to keep track of.

There are 26 teams who will be in new Conferences or have become Independents, 15 Division I teams playing their last season in their respective Conferences, with five schools moving up from DII to DI and one team making the transition from DI down to DIII. The 363 DI teams will still be playing in the same 32 conferences this upcoming season. 352 of the schools will be eligible to participate in the 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament. The 2022-23 NCAA Basketball Regular Season will end on March 12, 2023.

The 2023 NCAA Basketball Tournament is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, March 14. The 2023 NCAA Basketball Championship Game will be played on Monday, April 3 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, the home of the NFL’s Houston Texans.

The defending NCAAB national champions are the Kansas Jayhawks defeated North Carolina for the 2021-22 title.

With the season almost here:
Now is the best time to do your homework as College Basketball betting sites already have Futures odds posted. And having solid College Basketball betting systems when approaching the NCAAB marketplace is very wise.

Let’s take a look at four NCAAB betting systems that could potentially help you when betting on College Basketball games.

4 Betting Systems For NCAA Basketball

1. Teams: Know What Teams Are Good, Bad Against The Spread

The only barometer that matters when betting NCAA Basketball is whether or not teams cover Against The (Point) Spread (ATS).

So, being aware of who has done well in the past as well as which schools are doing good in the year in which you are betting is imperative.

Last season in DI College Basketball, the 5 best ATS (winners) in NCAAB were:

  • MTSU (26-8-1 ATS, 76.5%)
  • Jacksonville (19-8-1 ATS, 70.4%)
  • Peters (23-10-0 ATS, 69.7%)
  • Long Beach State (21-10-0 ATS, 67.7%)
  • NC-Wilmington (23-11-0, 67.7%)

If a bettor wagered on the Blue Raiders in all 34 lined games last season, he or she would have won 26 time and only lost 8. Meaning at the $110 to win $100 level, a bettor would have won $2,600, lost $880, and profited a handsome $1,720 on MTSU.

And the 6 best teams to bet against last NCAA Basketball season were:

  • Pacific (4-22-2 ATS, 15.4%)
  • NC State (7-25-0 ATS, 21.9%)
  • Cal State-Bakersfield (6-17-2, 26.1%)
  • Oregon State (9-21-1 ATS, 30%)
  • Marshall (9-20-2 ATS, 31%)
  • Miami-Ohio (9-20-0, 31%)

If an NCAA Basketball bettor wagered against Pacific all 28 lined games at a $110 to win $100 level, he or she would have won $2,800. However, the better would’ve lost just $440, and profited $2,360. Easily the most profitable team last season in this College Basketball betting system.

Although it takes some time and there are so many teams to know about, knowing who has been, and who currently is good and bad ATS is easily one of the best College Basketball betting systems around.

2. Trends: Stay on Top of All of the Current NCAAB Trends

When betting on NCAA Basketball during the Regular Season, it’s important to know the flow of the season and the Trends for the teams you are betting.

There are a plethora of resources to access NCAA Basketball betting information and Trends. So, keeping your own notes on the hottest NCAA Hoops Trends is always a wise thing.

Here are some decent Trends from last season:

  • Pacific was 0-5-1 ATS last January and 1-6-1 ATS in February
  • Austin Peay Unders were 20-6-1 ATS (76.9% winners)
  • NCAA Tournament #1 seeds 8-2 ATS L10 vs #18 seeds laying less than 20 (80%)
  • Bowling Green Overs were 21-8-0 (72.4%)
  • Eastern Illinois Unders were 21-8-0 (72.4% winners)
  • NCAA Tournament #7 seeds 87-57 ATS vs #10 seeds (60.4%)
  • Massachusetts Overs were 23-9-0 ATS (71.9%)

And besides knowing the Trends, it’s also a good idea to look at the Rosters in NCAA Basketball when using College Basketball betting systems. Unlike the NBA, players in college eventually graduate and some declare for the NBA Draft early.

We have seen an increased number of players switching Schools in the Summer. So, pay attention to who loses who as well as which College ends up having the best Recruiting classes from the High school ranks.

Defending national champs Kansas saw SF’s Ochai Agbaji (Cavaliers) and Christian Braun (Nuggets) be taken in the 2022 NBA Draft, but the Jayhawks do still have Jalen Wilson and Remy martin and Kevin McCuller Jr. transferred in from fellow Big 12 side Texas Tech.

3. Totals: Don’t Forget to Pay Attention to Over/Under Trends

Most College Basketball betting systems revolve around teams and Point Spreads. But never neglect the Totals (Over/Under) markets. Remember there are First Half and Second Half Totals as well as the Full Game Totals market so be versatile.

Many big favorite teams involved with NCAA Basketball games with high Point Spreads play as hard as possible those first 30 minutes in order to try to get a big lead and relieve stress of winning the game (SU). But the second 30 minutes can be another story.

Many teams that have big leads (20 points and up) tend to relax on Defense in the Second Half. There are always more minutes for Bench players and instead of playing tight Defense, teams up big often let the opponents have easier shots in the Second Half. And you can incorporate this reality into your College Basketball betting systems in a couple different ways. You have to be able to read the game and situation right and know the team’s tendencies. Not all teams slack on Defense.

You can use this College Basketball betting system in a couple of ways, for underdog Sides and Unders in the Second Half as well as when Live betting NCAA Basketball games. Teams up big don’t have to score and the kids certainly aren’t worried about covering ATS. And knowing historically who the best Over and Under teams are—both at Home and on the Road—is always a smart thing.

Here were the 5 best Over and the 5 best Under teams from last 2021-22 NCAA Basketball season:
Best NCAA Basketball Over Teams 2021-22

  • Bowling Green 21-8-0 (72.4%)
  • Massachusetts 23-9-0 (71.9%)
  • UAB 22-10-1 (68.8%)
  • Sacred Heart 19-9-1 (67.9%)
  • Manhattan 19-9-1 (67.9%)

Best NCAA Basketball Under Teams 2021-22

  • Austin Peay 20-6-1 (76.9%)
  • Eastern Illinois 21-8-0 (72.4%)
  • Central Connecticut 22-9-1 (71%)
  • South Florida 22-9-1 (71%)
  • IUPUI 19-8-0 (70.4%)
  • UC Irvine 15-7-2 (68.2%)

4. Targeting: Find Best Scheduling Spots, Shop For Best Number

The best NCAAB betting systems take the most work. Researching the Teams’ schedules and “cherry-picking” the best betting spots is one of my favorite NCAA Basketball strategies. Knowing you will be betting on a game ahead of time is wise.

All Division I NCAA College Basketball teams start with a Non-Conference schedule in the month of November. So, betting on Power Six Conferences (ACC, Big East, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12) against lesser conference foes in November and December is an approach.

For Example:
WAC Rats Chicago State had been notoriously bad ATS up until last season. Fading the Cougars in certain Non-Conference spots in November and December has been a very profitable College Basketball betting system approach over the last decade. When Chicago State faced Northwestern in December 2020 in Evanston, the Wildcats were laying a monster 31½ points to Chicago State. But it was indeed a game to cherry-pick and circle on your calendar. Northwestern led the game by 16 at Halftime and then outscored CSU 60-31 in the Second Half to win by 45 points, easily covering ATS. And Loyola Chicago is another great team to seek out and bet when they play fellow Windy City side Chicago State.

In the 2020-21 season, the Ramblers blasted CSU, 88-51 at Home. They then pasted the poor Cougars again last season, winning by 36 points in a 92-56 humbling again at Home in a game they led by 24 points at Halftime (LOY-C 46 CSU 22).

Unfortunately, Chicago State doesn’t face Loyola this 2022-23 NCAA Basketball Regular Season. But the cougars do open up against Northwestern on November 7 in Evanston, so backing the pure-shooting Wildcats in the First Half and Game markets is appropriate.


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