Sports Betting Takes A Big Step Forward In Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Seal Sports Betting

Regulated sports betting in the Sooner State is inching closer to becoming a reality following recent developments of the latest Oklahoma sports betting bill to work its way through the State Legislature1.

Despite the failed efforts to legalize Oklahoma sports betting in 2022, there’s growing optimism that Oklahoma could join 36 other states with legal sports betting in the near future2

However, for Oklahoma to participate in this lucrative industry, the state will have to find a way to work with the Tribes in approving an acceptable and profitable infrastructure for both parties.  

Oklahoma And Tribal Casinos Working Towards A Resolution?

Tribal casinos dominate the gambling landscape throughout Oklahoma. According to the Oklahoma Senate, there are a total of 35 federally recognized tribes operating 143 gambling facilities that could offer sports betting in the state3.

500 Nations notes that Native American gambling centers are Oklahoma’s second-largest industry4. With this in mind, any new gambling bill has to go through the Oklahoma tribes as they have a significant presence in the industry due to the gambling pacts with the state.

In 2022, Oklahoma sports betting bill House Bill 3008 ended without receiving a third reading on the floor of the House of Representatives. The Senate showed no interest in hearing the bill, so it didn’t make it that far through legislature5.

HB 3008 would have made it legal for four tribes to accept wagers on sporting events. As part of the bill, the state would have received 10 percent of the sports betting revenue.

The chairman of the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Commission, Matthew Morgan, stated that tribes would offer sports betting if it made “economic sense”6.

In translation, the tribes were not thrilled with the 10 percent. This was the main point of disagreement between the state and the tribal casinos.

Will we see a compromise moving forward?

In short, despite past failures and disagreements, it appears that the two sides are slowly working their way towards a future where sports betting can benefit both the state and the tribes. House Bill 1027 appears to be the solution, or compromise, to past tribal and state conflict over sports betting.

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2023 Oklahoma Sports Betting Bill Is Moving Through Legislature

Oklahoma Sports Betting Bill

As of March 2023, sports betting in the Sooner State is the closest it has ever been to being legalized. On Tuesday, March 21, House Bill 1027 passed legislation that would legalize sports betting in Oklahoma7.

According to the Oklahoma Legislature, 66 members of the House of Representatives were in favor of passing the bill. There were 26 Nays against the sports betting bill in the House8.

Rep. Ken Luttrell, who has been behind the sports betting bills in Oklahoma, told local news in Oklahoma9:

“I’ve been extremely pleased and excited with some of the comments from the Governor’s office about sitting down and having some meaningful dialog and open conversations with the tribes concerning the impacts, concerning gaming”.

HB 1027 would give tribes the discretion to offer sports betting if they want. It would not be a requirement for tribal casinos to offer sports betting if there is no interest.

The revenue split in HB 1027 is more advantageous to tribal casinos than HB 3008. This is largely why sports betting in the Sooner State is closer to a reality than it was last year.

Under HB 1027, there will be three tiers for revenue sharing with the state10:

  • 4% of the first $5 million in sports betting annual gross revenue
  • 5% of the following $5 million of adjusted of adjusted gross revenue
  • 6% of all future adjusted gross revenue

Note that this includes retail and mobile sports betting. The Quapaw Nation is currently the only Oklahoma tribe that offers a mobile sports betting app. However, at this time, they can only offer sports betting in Arkansas at the Saracen Casino Resort and online11.

With the Quapaw Nation already having the infrastructure in place, an online mobile sports betting app in Oklahoma shouldn’t require much work. After HB 1027 passed in the House, it might be time for other tribal operators to have a mobile betting app plan in place soon.

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about Oklahoma legalizing sports betting soon.

In 2022, HB 3008 did not make it past the third reading in the House. There was no confidence in the Senate to approve the bill. As a result, there was little reason for a third reading.

On March 21, 2023, an updated sports betting bill, HB 1027, passed in the House. The tribes and Governor Kevin Stitt appear more on the same page than they were at this time last year.

Since Gov. Stitt attempted to renegotiate Oklahoma’s tribal gaming pacts, he and the tribes have not had a strong relationship. According to Gov. Stitt, he wants sports betting legalized in 202312.

So, the big question is when will sports betting be legal in Oklahoma?

While there are still some steps that have to be taken before everything is official, Oklahoma is leaning towards legal sports betting later this year.

The state would certainly like sports betting offered in time for the beginning of football season in September. At the latest, there will likely be sports wagering by the Super Bowl in 2024.

Before an official date can be set, the Oklahoma sports betting bill will have to be signed into law by Gov. Stitt.

Sports Betting Options In Oklahoma

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