NFL Interview: Cris Carter Talks 2023/24 NFL Predictions and The Biggest Stories of the Season

NFL Interview: Cris Carter Talks 2023/24 NFL Predictions and The Biggest Stories of the Season

There’s never a dull moment during NFL season – whether it’s a big win at the weekend, a coach under scrutiny, or the never-ending debate about who ranks among the GOATs!

We sat down with the iconic wide receiver and eight-time Pro Bowler Cris Carter to get his perspective on some of football’s key talking points. From the likeliest Super Bowl contenders to the Taylor Swift saga, Cris shared his expert opinion on a few of the season’s biggest stories so far.

Cris Carter Talks the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in the American calendar, so we were keen to get Cris’ thoughts on the sport and entertainment side of the day.

Discussing Super Bowl LVIII with Cris, he shared his thoughts and anticipations about this season’s championship game, the teams with the best odds of NFL success and who he’d like to see at the halftime show:

Who do you back to win the Super Bowl?

“In the AFC, the Buffalo Bills have been playing some of the best football in the NFL, so you’d consider them – but they’ve only recently suffered a devastating loss in London while picking up a lot of injuries. Of course, the Kansas City Chiefs will also always be in the conversation; Patrick Mahomes has won two of the last four Super Bowls, having featured in three – he’s an amazing, generational talent.”

“I’d also suggest watching out for the Cincinnati Bengals, even though they’ve started off slow. After all, Joe Burrow has proven in the last couple of years in the playoffs that he’s a special player when January rolls around, and I believe the Bengals can get themselves in and among those elite teams.”

Continuing, discussing the chances of each team in the NFC:

“I think the San Francisco 49ers are the best-ranked team when you look at the quality throughout their roster, as well as Kyle Shanahan. I’m especially impressed by Brock Purdy’s ability; up until Sunday he was undefeated in the regular season as a starting quarterback.”

“The Philadelphia Eagles, too, have a great roster and great management, and will be trying to reach the Super Bowl again. Because of their overall depth and talent, they’ll naturally be in the conversation.”

“As far as the surprise team in the NFC, watch out for the Detroit Lions. I believe they’ve been underrated for years, and Dan Campbell has them playing at a high level – and they’ve also drafted well. If you look at them on the field, they’re each playing for one another with a great camaraderie.”

Who would you love to see perform the Super Bowl halftime show?

“The Super Bowl has done so well. Two years ago, I was right there on the field in the NFL suite when we had Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Mary J Blige – and 50 Cent was amazing too. I’ve also been at the Super Bowl in LA with Michael Jackson and Miami with Prince, those were both remarkable.”

“But, for me, I come from a Tupac background, so I would like to see him, God rest his soul. If he was available, that’s who I’d want, no matter who he’d decide to collaborate with!”

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Cris Carter’s Five Greatest Ever NFL Players

There have been countless NFL icons throughout the years, but Cris has narrowed them down to his top five greatest football players of all time:

Who would you choose as the five top greatest football players of all time?

“I’ve got to include Jim Brown, because, if you’re going to pick players, you’ve got to pick players who stand for something. On and off the field, he really put down a marker, so he’d be the first player I’d take. Next, I’d take Tom Brady, because of the standard he’s set for quarterbacks to play with consistency and intensity. Talking to guys who’ve played with him for years, he’s also a great, great teammate. He loves the game, and the emotion he played with was second to none.”

“In third, I’m choosing Reggie White, because of the impact he had as one of the great defensive players. He’s had an amazing impact socially, too, in how he’s touched young people’s lives. Next, I’m going to say Jerry Rice. He’s one of the greatest football players ever – not even non-quarterback – just greatest football players ever. He was dominant, his level of expertise at position route running, catching in traffic, and transition yards after catching was masterful.”

“My last player is Deion Sanders – and it’s not just because of recent success. He truly was the best cornerback that I ever played against, and what he’s now doing at Colorado is second to none. He’s a world class human being and a believe he has the potential to be as good a coach as he was a player.”

Cris Carter Discusses NFL Coaches Under Scrutiny

Of course, not every team can be Super Bowl contenders, and there are likely to be a number of coaches flirting with the chopping block in the coming months.

Which NFL coaches do you think may be in danger this season?

“I think the first coach you have to worry for is Bill Belichick, because of how good he’s been and the standard he’s set for himself. Because he’s been that dominant over a 20-year period, our judgement is naturally critical.”

“I worry for Brandon Staley, too, especially because he has a franchise quarterback who people are going to look at and think under another coach, he (Justin Herbert) and the Chargers might be successful.”

“You’ve also got to look at the Bears and what they’re doing. Their defensive coordinator was fired at the beginning of the season, and they seem to have an inability to get steady play out of Justin Fields – the last two weeks, they’ve been amazing, but why did we have to wait three games to be able to see his talent?”

“The Vikings and Giants are safe, but there’s going to be pressure on the Jets and (Robert) Saleh. Though, when you lose someone like Aaron Rodgers to injury, especially given the off-season investment, you have to give him another year and let Aaron play with that great defense and the young players.”

“Of course, it’s always difficult to predict, and in another month, there’ll be several other coaches in the hot seat!”

Thoughts on Taylor Swift and the NFL

Finally, Cris shares his thoughts on Taylor Swift’s recent interest in the sport amidst her rumored relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce:

Is Taylor Swift good or bad for the NFL?

“I don’t think it’s bad for the sport. Both of them are single and both of them are available, so I don’t see anything wrong with it. And Travis is a star in his own right; he’s had commercials and won Super Bowls before her – it’s not like she’s kicked his credibility up! That said, Taylor Swift’s one-of-a-kind, and if her fans weren’t familiar with football and want to become familiar, I’m all for it.”

“There’s been collaboration between the NFL and music for a long, long time, though, even if the music is typically a little more urban and rock’n’roll than pop and country.”

“But it’s natural; these things happen behind the scenes all the time. I’ve had several teammates who dated stars in the past, and I’ve been in hotels with NFL teams and recognized several ladies of the stage and screen. Nothing’s new to the game!”

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So, there we have it – everything from this year’s Super Bowl favorites to the GOATs, the coaches under pressure, and the ever-evolving relationship between the NFL and music’s leading stars. For even more of the latest NFL news from our football experts, you can also head on over to The Sports Geek’s NFL blog!

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