Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: Super Bowl, Engagement and Baby Odds

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The Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift relationship has taken on a life of its own. Whether you are tired of hearing about Swift during NFL games or not, Kelce and Swift have been at the top of the headlines for the 2023-24 season. 

In large part because of Swift, the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills matchup shattered NFL Divisional Round records. With 50.393 million viewers, the game was the most-watched Divisional Round matchup ever1. So, it should come as no surprise that many experts are predicting Super Bowl 58 could be the most watched Super Bowl of all-time due to the “swifties” tuning in.

As the NFL cashes in on the Swift and Kelce hysteria, you can also cash in on the latest Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce prop bets and betting odds.

In our first round of bets earlier this season, we predicted that the relationship would last until at least February 14, 2024. We’re almost there and definitely interested in finding value on more Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift prop bets.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Odds

The following Taylor Swift Travis Kelce odds are courtesy of best NFL betting sites:

Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On Camera During The US National Anthem?No (-200)No (-200)
How Many Times Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On TV During the US National Anthem?Under 1.5 (-260)Under 1.5 (-260)
How Many Times Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On Camera During The Super Bowl 58 Game?Under 5.5 (+110)Under 5.5 (+110)
How Long Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On TV During the Super Bowl 58 Game?Under 40.5 Seconds (-150)Under 40.5 Seconds (-150)
Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On Camera During The Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show?No (-300)No (-300)
Will Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Be Shown Kissing After The Game Is Final?No (+140)No (+140)
Where Will Travis Kelce Propose To Taylor Swift Post-Game?Kelce Proposes To Swift On Vacation (-200)Kelce Proposes To Swift On Vacation (-200)
When Will Taylor and Travis Announce Their Engagement?2025 Or Later Or Never (-175)2025 Or Later Or Never (-175)
When Will Taylor and Travis Announce Their First Pregnancy?2025 Or Later Or Never (-500)2025 Or Later Or Never (-500)
Taylor and Travis’ First Baby NameTravis (+600)Kaden (+5000)

Despite multiple reports of Swift and Kelce potentially getting engaged soon, the oddsmakers at sports betting sites are not buying it. Currently, the odds favor Swift and Kelce not announcing their engagement until 2025 or never getting engaged. But, there’s always a chance that winning a Super Bowl could entice a proposal.

Additionally, the odds significantly favor Swift not getting pregnant with Kelce’s child until 2025 or not at all. The -500 odds suggest an implied chance of 83.3 percent. From the Super Bowl to a potential child, check out our analysis on the latest Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce prop bets.

Where To Bet On Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

The top betting football sites have released an assortment of Taylor Swift prop bets for her relationship with the Chiefs’ star tight end. Bovada is our home for the best Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce odds.

With multiple Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce odds available, and new odds to be released in the future, Bovada has its finger on the pulse of the most talked-about relationship in the United States.

In addition to wild Swift props, Bovada offers an array of other prop bets for the Super Bowl and more. Betting on the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce odds is easy with a deposit at Bovada. The well-respected safe online betting site accepts several convenient deposit and withdrawal options.

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Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Super Bowl Prop Bets

With the world’s most popular performing artist appearing at one of the biggest annual sporting events of the year, online betting sites are providing dozens of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Super Bowl prop bets. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular Kelce and Swift Super Bowl props, courtesy of BetUS:

Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On Camera During The US National Anthem?


Taylor Swift should be able to get to Super Bowl 58 in time and be present for Reba’s national anthem performance. Will the cameras bother to show her during “The Star-Spangled Banner”?

Typically, cameras are focusing on the team, coaches, and the national anthem singer. Swift will get her spotlight, but it’s unlikely to happen during the national anthem.

The Bet

How Many Times Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On TV During the US National Anthem?

Over 1.5+170
Under 1.5-260

If you need some insurance, consider taking this Swift prop bet. There is a chance they show her once, but twice? This doesn’t seem plausible.

Unless she is doing something wild and the cameras can’t ignore her, Swift won’t be shown twice on the Super Bowl broadcast during the national anthem.

With only a -90 difference between once and twice, not being shown twice is likely the safer bet. The true odds for this bet should be closer to –500.

The Bet
Under 1.5 Times

How Many Times Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On Camera During The Super Bowl 58 Game?

Over 5.5-150
Under 5.5+110

Swift hasn’t been thrilled with the constant attention on her during games. Well, at least, it didn’t appear that way during the AFC Championship. Nevertheless, the producers will want ample Swift shots.

That said, six times is on the excessive side. Four times should be enough, and if Kelce isn’t making big plays, it could drop down to three Swift showings on camera at Super Bowl 58.

The Bet
Under 5.5 Times

How Long Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On TV During the Super Bowl 58 Game?

Over 40.5 Seconds+110
Under 40.5 Seconds-150

Again, this looks like an excessive amount of Swift. She’ll see plenty of attention, but we’re not expecting more than 40 seconds.

When the cameras do show her during the game, it’s typically quick with a cut back to the game. Expect this Swift prop bet to go well Under 40.5 seconds.

The Bet
Under 40.5 Seconds

Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On Camera During The Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show?


The Halftime Show is Usher’s time in the spotlight. However, could they show Swift dancing in the box suite with her friends?

It’s possible, but we don’t believe that producers will want to take anything away from Usher. Even a short glimpse of Swift dancing puts the attention back on her and not Usher. In our opinion, we don’t see CBS providing Swift with a spotlight during Usher’s moment.

The Bet

Will Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Be Shown Kissing After The Game Is Final?


This funny Super Bowl prop bet is essentially a bet on the Chiefs winning. If the Chiefs win Super Bowl 58, Kelce and Swift will undoubtedly kiss on the field after the game.

Otherwise, Kelce will take a quick exit off the field to the showers. Kelce and Swift would then kiss afterward, but not on the Super Bowl 58 TV broadcast. With the 49ers favored to win, there isn’t any value on ‘Yes’ at –190 odds.

The Bet

Are Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Getting Married?

As Swift and Kelce’s relationship has progressed through the NFL season, the new question on everyone’s mind is if they are getting married. Let’s look into the Taylor Swift prop bets on whether an engagement is possible with Kelce after the Super Bowl or within the next year. The following prop bets are courtesy of Bovada:

Where Will Travis Kelce Propose To Taylor Swift Post-Game?

Field (Non-End Zone)+300
End Zone+500
After Party+700
Locker Room+2500

While we don’t expect Kelce to propose to Swift after Super Bowl 58, the Chiefs will have to win for this bet to likely be in play. The losing side exits the field immediately after the game to allow the victors to celebrate.

That leaves the possibility for the after-party, tunnel, or locker room, but it doesn’t seem realistic following a massive loss. From these options available, vacation is the best bet at –200 odds.

The Bet
On Vacation

When Will Taylor and Travis Announce Their Engagement?

Q1 2024+450
Q2 2024+700
Q3 2024+700
Q4 2024+600
2025 Or Later Or Never-175

Multiple reports have suggested that Swift and Kelce are on the verge of getting engaged. There was even one that said Swift and Kelce had a secret ‘engagement’, or promise, on New Year’s Eve.

The report continued by indicating that Swift and Kelce are waiting for the end of the football season and her Eras Tour2. Do you believe this report from the Daily Mail? We will just say that no one should take this for gospel.

If it did in fact happen, there is a lot that can happen between now and then. Also, were they serious, or was it said after a few New Year’s Eve drinks were consumed?

We will say that the Swift-Kelce relationship is probably more than being a PR stunt. Yes, they are both embracing the media attention and using it for their careers. That said, there is still something real between them.

While joining forces with the media and sports giant known as the NFL isn’t a bad move, she doesn’t need Kelce to prop up her career. We are unconvinced that she is prepared to get engaged this year, though.

In 2016, Swift reportedly talked about marrying Calvin Harris, only weeks before their 15-month relationship was called off3. Things were apparently going swimmingly, and then the couple abruptly broke up. Could the same thing happen with the Chiefs’ Kelce?

If there is one report worth believing more than others, it’s the media company that seemingly knows about celebrities dying before everyone else. On January 15, TMZ said that sources close to the couple that marriage isn’t currently being planned4.

We tend to agree with TMZ. They may ultimately get engaged next year, but we don’t see it happening, as Swift is set to return to her Eras Tour in February 2024.

The Bet
2025 Or Later Or Never

Is Taylor Swift Pregnant With Travis Kelce’s Baby?

If you believe the rumors that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have secretly gotten engaged, then perhaps Swift is pregnant with Kelce’s baby. That said, no, there is no evidence to suggest that Swift is pregnant.

When Will Travis and Taylor Announce Their First Pregnancy?

Q1 2024+1200
Q2 2024+1200
Q3 2024+1000
Q4 2024+1000
2025 Or Later Or Never-500

Again, the odds don’t bode well for anything happening in the foreseeable future between Swift and Kelce. For this Taylor Swift prop bet, we are handicapping whether she will be pregnant with Kelce’s child before 2025.

The chances are strong that Swift and Kelce will have to get married before this happens. Of course, that isn’t for certain. Swift and Kelce could have a child out of wedlock, but the odds are against this scenario coming to fruition.

Even if Swift and Kelce do get engaged before 2025, it’s unlikely that they are looking to have a child instantly. Swift is in the midst of a record-breaking world tour. After the dust clears from the Eras Tour, she might want to settle down and have children.

However, it doesn’t make sense for her to want to get pregnant in 2024. The odds indicate that there is an 83.3 percent chance of this not occurring. We believe that it should be way higher than -500 and 83.3 percent.

At 95 percent, the odds would be -1900 odds for this prop bet. That makes better sense than 83.3 percent. Therefore, making the bet at -500 odds doesn’t look too bad despite the high price.

The Bet
2025 Or Later Or Never

Taylor and Travis’ First Baby Name

BABY NAMEBaby name
Travis (+600)Edward (+1000)
Finley (+1000)Gardner (+1000)
Kingsley (+1000)Scott (+1000)
Donna (+1500)James (+1500)
Taylor (+1500)Andrea (+2000)

For one final look at the current Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce prop bets, we are picking a name for their first baby. Note that there is no time constraint for this wager. They don’t need to have a child in 2024 for the bet to stand.

If they don’t have a child, then this bet will be voided and your money refunded. So, if you have some extra money you don’t mind being tied up in a novelty Taylor Swift prop bet, then go ahead and make your predictions.

For such an unpredictable bet, we suggest taking one or two of the longshot names. Travis Kelce Jr. is favored at +600 odds, but it’s unlikely that Swift would accept going in such an uncreative direction.

Also, naming the baby over a family member, such as Donna, Kingsley, Austin, Andrea, or Scott doesn’t seem like Swift’s MO, either. Kelce is unlikely to suggest a Swift family name, either.

The chances for a name that no one would expect with no obvious connections seem more likely, and you can get much better odds. For a girl, let’s roll the dice with Ava Kelce at +2500 odds. Meanwhile, Kaden, for a boy, is hard to pass on at +5000 odds.

The Bet

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Timeline

Let’s look at what we know so far and the most accurate timeline for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship5:

DATETaylor Swift and Travis Kelce Relationship MILESTONES
May 12, 2023Taylor Swift shows interest in the NFL and claims that the Philadelphia Eagles are her favorite team at an Eras Tour stop in Philadelphia.
July 8, 2023Travis Kelce attends Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Kansas City
August 2, 2023A reporter asks Travis Kelce about Taylor Swift in an interview at Chiefs’ training camp.
Late August 2023Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift spend time together in New York.
September 15, 2023Travis’ brother, Jason Kelce, says he can’t comment on the relationship between his brother and Taylor Swift.
September 17, 2023Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce dating rumors take over the NFL. Puns from TV commentators emerge.
September 21, 2023Travis Kelce appears on the Pat Mcafee Show and addresses the rumors — joking that people should stop asking Jason about his love life.
September 24, 2023Taylor Swift attends her first Chiefs game. Social media is enamored with her presence in the private suite with Travis’ mom, Donna. 
September 27, 2023During a recording of the podcast New Heights, Kelce says that his personal life will remain private.
October 1, 2023Taylor Swift is in attendance at the Chiefs vs. Jets game in New Jersey.
October 2, 2023Travis Kelce thanks Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson for telling Taylor Swift to go on a date with him.
October 6, 2023On TODAY, Travis’ mom, Donna, comments on the relationship between her son and Taylor Swift.
October 6, 2023During a press conference, Travis Kelce says that he is ‘even more on top of the world’.
October 12, 2023Taylor Swift attends the Broncos vs. Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium.
October 14-15, 2023Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce make cameos on SNL and are seen out in NYC.
October 22, 2023Taylor Swift is at the Chargers vs. Chiefs matchup for her fourth appearance.
October 24, 2023Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have a date in Kansas City.
November 10, 2023Travis Kelce attends Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Argentina
November 20, 2023Travis Kelce tells WSJ. Magazine that he hasn’t dated a person like Taylor Swift before.
December 6, 2023Taylor Swift discusses her relationship with Travis Kelce for the first time. She says that they were a couple before she attended her first game.
December 3 – December 31, 2023Taylor Swift is in attendance for five consecutive games.
January 13, 2024Taylor Swift attends the Chiefs’ first playoff game versus the Miami Dolphins at Arrowhead Stadium.


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