Next Pope and Papal Name Odds and Predictions

Next Pope and Papal Name Odds and Predictions

When they say you can bet on just about anything online, they aren’t kidding. Nothing is off limits and that includes the Vatican. If you were looking for the next pope odds, this is possible at entertaining betting sites.

Betting entertainment odds can be fun and profitable if your finger is on the pulse.

Becoming an expert entertainment bettor can be as simple as following the entertainment news regularly. Most people are not aware that it’s possible to bet on these events, though. Did you know that you could bet on the next pope and the papal name?

The next pope odds haven’t been anything new. These odds have been live for years now. However, there has been a recent interest in the next pope odds because of the health of Pope Francis.

On a recent trip to Canada, Francis was unable to fulfill all of his duties in his schedule because of mobility issues. He uses a wheelchair and has been helped move around over the last year.

There is no time limit for being the pope. They must resign or pass away.

When this occurs, the process of selecting a new pope begins. It’s important to bet the best next pope odds now before the value is gone. Rumors and recent news can change the odds drastically.

Head below for the latest next pope odds and odds for the papal name.

Next Pope Betting Odds

Pope Francis has been at the helm since 2013. He took over for Pope Benedict XVI, who stepped down and retired after serving from 2005 to 2013.

St. John Paul II was the pope from 1978 to 2005. He had the second-longest reign as pope since Adrian VI in the 1500s.

Francis does not appear in the best health, so it’s time we start looking at the next pope odds. We’re also going to take our best guess at the papal name as well.

As you may know already, the papal name is not the same as their birth name. The pope is free to select their own papal name.

Next Pope Odds Courtesy of Bovada:
OddsNext PopeCountry
+400Marc OuelletCanada
+500Luis Antonio TaglePhilippines
+600Christoph SchonbornAustria
+650Angelo De DonatisItaly
+700Peter TurksonGhana
+900Oscar Rodriguez MaradiagaHonduras
+900Raymond Leo BurkeUnited States
+1200Peter ErdoHungary
+1400Matteo ZuppiItaly
+1400Pietro ParolinItaly
+2500Timothy DolanUnited States
+2500Gianfranco RavasiItaly

Next Pope Predictions

Marc Ouellet (+400)

March Ouellet currently serves as a prelate of the Catholic Church. The 78-year-old is the head of the Congregation for Bishops in Rome.

Before being appointed for his high-profile position in Rome, Ouellet was an archbishop in Quebec, Canada from 2003 to 2019. He’s been one of the favorites to replace Pope Francis.

Ouellet is currently in the midst of sexual assault allegations in Canada. He joins a long list of members of the Catholic Church accused of sexual assault.

As one of the highest-ranking officials in the Vatican, this is another dark cloud over the Church. The Vatican can’t elect the next pope if they’re in the midst of an investigation or accusations.

Innocent until proven guilty, yes, but they don’t need the bad PR. There isn’t the best value on Ouellet as a favorite.

Angelo De Donatis (+650)

Angelo De Donatis would be a popular selection in Italy. The 68-year-old Italian has been involved in a high-ranking position in the Vatican since 2017.

De Donatis currently serves as the Vicar of Rome. His responsibilities include overseeing administrative jobs of the Roman diocese. This also means he is in charge of the clergy as well.

Along with being appointed the Vicar of Rome, Pope Francis named De Donatis an archbishop. He’s well-liked in the Vatican and has to be considered to be the next pope.

Luis Antonio Tagle (+500)

If the next pope was selected on popularity and the public, Luis Antonio Tagle would have the best chance. The Filipino has not been embroiled in any type of controversy and is well spoken of in the Vatican and public.

Tagle recently accepted a new role with the Catholic Church in June.

He is currently the Pro-Prefect for the Section of Evangelization of Dicastery. A year earlier, Pope Francis appointed Tagle as the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See.

This isn’t his only responsibility, though. Tagle is also head of the Propaganda Fide, which puts him as the lead of Catholic missions throughout the world.

The safe pick for the next pope is Tagle. There isn’t anyone that has a bad word to say about him as a top Cardinal in the Catholic Church. He’s my top pick for the next pope.

Next Pope Odds

Odds Papal Name

The most used papal name isn’t shocking. The papal name Pope John has been used 21 times in the past.

This is not to be confused with Pope John Paul. John Paul II served from 1978 to 2005. The most recent Pope John was Pope John XXIII, who died in 1963.

Leo is one of the betting favorites for the next papal name. This papal name hasn’t been used since 1903 with Pope Leo XIII.

Papal Name Odds Courtesy of Bovada:
OddsPapal NameTimes Used
+1000John Paul2

Next Papal Name Predictions

It’s unlikely that the next pope is going to consider using a name that was used recently. John and John Paul just seem too easy. Luis Antonio Tagle doesn’t seem like a Pope John.

He’s likely going to consider something different than a reminder of recent popular popes. Tagle will likely go with something more unique that hasn’t been used in a while.

I’m backing Tagle as the next pope, so we’re using him here.

Throw away Benedict as the next papal name as well. Francis is not going to be used back-to-back. It’s tough to see.

Pius and Leo are seeing good next papal name odds because they are more on the unique side. I could see either.

In a completely wild guess, and you’re going to need some luck because no one knows except the next pope, let’s back Pius as the next papal name.

Next Papal Name Odds
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