Do Professional Athletes Perform Better Or Worse During A Divorce?

Athletes and a Divorce Paper

We are so used to seeing professional athletes do impossible stuff that we often forget they are actually human beings like us. They still are forced to face all kinds of problems that could change their life dramatically.

Divorce is one example of this. Unfortunately, many families go through it nowadays and professional athletes are not an exception.

But does this tough procedure actually affect their performance?

I would argue that it’s inevitable. How exactly they react is another question that doesn’t have a straight answer. It depends on the character of the person affected, how the club handles it and the circumstances surrounding the divorce. For example, if there are kids involved or if their wife/husband is fighting for a huge chunk of their fortune, then that could add even more tension to an already difficult situation. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that each player is going to react differently.

In this article, I will try to explore the different scenarios for players going through a divorce. I will also consider the betting angle and if you can add this factor to your strategy.

Athletes That Perform Better

It might seem surprising, but some athletes actually improve their performance during a divorce. Such painful events in your life often provoke the desire to keep your mind occupied and not think about it too much.

A lot of regular people experience this and professional athletes are no different. One of the best ways to escape your problems and avoid focusing on them, is to dedicate most of your time and effort working. Spend your energy on something familiar, something that feels comfortable and gets you into that specific flow when you almost shut your brain off.

Actually, many psychologists commonly speak about this.

For example:

The current internet sensation and psychology professor Jordan Peterson explains that during dramatic events people don’t plan in the long term.

They focus on the next day, hour, or minute as a mechanism to cope with the pressure. When it comes to professional athletes during a divorce, this means focusing on the next play on the pitch. Do things step by step and do your best all the time. As a result, they actually improve their performance significantly. It’s an interesting phenomenon that we’ve seen time and time again.

Another reason is the possible anger that comes with separating from your wife or husband. If the divorce is especially painful, there’s a lot of rage involved.

And as we know, some people are capable of channeling their anger in a constructive direction. Top sportsmen and sportswomen usually possess an exceptional mental strength that help them succeed in an extremely competitive environment and push themselves to the limit.

This is why some of them are capable of using negative events in their lives to their advantage. A divorce would be a good example. They target their anger towards the opponents and their mission is to win. I’m not sure if a psychologist would call it healthy, but that’s their way to cope with various issues.

Athletes That Perform Worse

Obviously, not all athletes will perform better while going through a divorce. Most of them will actually hit a bad patch for a number of reasons.

The most natural one is their emotional state. Some people simply can’t control that and get consumed. They are not in a condition that allows them to focus on even the simplest task, let alone do their job properly. I’m sure a lot of us can relate, as sometimes you simply need to cope with your feelings.

We’ve even seen some athletes bust out in tears in emotional moments like this. It would be unfair to expect something different and I wouldn’t be the one to judge them.

Is There A Betting Angle That Could Improve Your Results?

It might be a bit inappropriate to take advantage of other people’s tragedy, but at the end of the day, you should consider all factors when betting your hard-earned money. And the mental state of the players is certainly among the most important aspects that could significantly affect their performance.

It’s a bit hard to predict what’s going on in individual sports, but that’s not exactly the case in team sports. The reason is simple – most clubs have an army of sports psychologist nowadays. They take care of the players on a daily basis and are certainly there for each athlete in disturbing times, such as divorces.

Usually, the decision on whether a certain athlete will play or take a rest is taken by the club, the psychologist, and the players himself. The three sides discuss the situation and try to do what’s best for the person in question first.

Often, the player gets some time off to handle the personal issues in his life. This is what works best for most people and they get to come back after a while.

Other athletes prefer to keep playing or even are desperate to do so. If the psychologist that worked with them agrees with such an approach, they are allowed to stay in the team. If you know that a player is going through a divorce and he is still starting a certain game, that’s an indication he will be pushing hard.

Most of the time, such athletes are of the type that finds an escape in sports and channel all of their frustration in the strive for a win. This could often provide a boost in their motivation and performance. Make sure to have that in mind when placing your bet, as it can save you some money or bring you an unexpected win.


I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t even thought of this aspect of sports betting and it’s only natural. Statistics, head to head meetings, team news, and other traditional factors usually are the most important when it comes to preparing for a game.

However, there are all kinds of unusual angles that could give you an additional advantage. Identifying players who are going through a divorce or another personal drama is only one of the unconventional approaches.

Learn to think outside the box and find other little pieces of information that you could analyze in order to find some extra edge. After all, you will need all the help you can get to beat the bookies in the long run.

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