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Best Online Gambling Memes

The Digital Age has provided us with fresh ways to work, communicate, bet, and entertain each other. Memes, in particular, have slowly become a part of our culture which seems to be morphing away from Mother Nature and the real world and into Cyberspace.

British etymologist Richard Dawkins first coined the phrase “meme” and Webster’s defines memes as “an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through Social Media.” Gambling memes have exploded in popularity with the evolution of PC’s and Smartphones combined with the US Supreme Court overturning the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018 which now sees 30 states with legalized Online gambling. Memes employ a mimicked theme that spread from person to person through the various Social Media and can be used in pictures, video, words to entertain, quite often in a sarcastic manner in our quick-burst of information laughs, information Screen Worlds.

Creators of memes range from the casual to the serious, with the commercial use in memes in advertising now becoming more common. Many individuals recognized as gamblers and Movies are the fodder for many of the creative memes we have seen.

Online sites like Imgur, Kapwing and 9gag have helped people become meme creators, and with Social Media like Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, Reddit, and Pinterest available, we now have a goofy meme renaissance upon us? NBA superstar Michael Jordan has been known to be a bettor and many memes have been created using Air Jordan, including some gambling-oriented ones after he talked about his predilection for betting in Episode 6 on ESPN’s wonderful series “The Last Dance.”

Movies like the James Bond classic Casino Royale (2006), Hangover (2009), Uncut Gems (2019) are all also popular cinematic breeding grounds for many memes on gambling, and we can only expect more down the line, Let’s take a look at 10 memes on gambling that bring a chuckle and explain their source and meaning if necessary.

The Top 10 Gambling Memes

10. I Don’t Go Gambling

This meme pictures a theoretically sophisticated, well-dressed man who presses that he doesn’t “…go gambling,” but that he goes “winning,” revealing the often over-confident but often necessary mindset of the gambler, be it in Sports, Casino or Table Games or Online.

I Dont Go Gambling Winning

9. Poker Dog

Dogs playing poker have been part of popular culture since an 1894 oil painting and now that screens are The Digital Age canvas and words are the paint, we see the Poker Dog all over saying funny gambling meme line “The game’s not over if you still have a shirt.”

Shirt Dog Meme

8. Fred Flintstone Degenerate Gambler

A classic YouTube cut and perfect for all gambling culture comes from the animated TV show “The Flintstones,” and an episode from Season 2 called “

Our lovable caveman Fred makes an innocent bet with the local delivery boy and it suddenly triggers the “Betting Freddie” part of his childhood, setting up the premise for this great episode (#45) which first aired way back on January 5, 1962.

When Fred first met Wilma, he was a compulsive gambler, he would wager on the Dinosaur Races and ended up pawing off his furniture and possessions as collateral. And in this classic episode, we see a flashback of that younger “betting Freddie” Flintstone.

In this episode, when anyone would ever say the word “bet,” Fred would go into a trance-like state and repeat “bet, bet, bet, bet, bet..” over and over like clucking chicken with his eyes glazed over as he heard bells and whistles going off in his head.

There were no PCs, Smart Phones, Social Media or memes in 1962. Just landlines and Las Vegas.

7. Gambling Twitter

Gambling Twitter is hilarious for many reasons, and gambling memes have become a big part of that unique Social Media culture and offers users to drop their own means or retweet others as entertainment.

This one employing members of The Sopranos surrounding a Poker table proclaimed that “90% of Gambling addicts quit right before they’re about to hit it big.”

6. Futurama’s Luna Park Casino

The robot Bender in the hit animated TV show Futurama has a penchant for Blackjack and after getting the boot from his favorite casino which is located on the Moon, Luna Park, he gets irritated and proclaims he is going to build his own theme park.

Bender Casino

“I’m going to build my own theme park…with Blackjack and Hookers,” Bender says after getting kicked out of the this lunar casino.

5. Funny Memes

A gambling meme can be created from many places and delivered in many places, and simple puns are often the source of many of the best laughs on Social Media. Here we see a Gorilla contemplating “Why is there no Gambling in Africa?”

To Many Cheetahs

And the pun, “Too many Cheetahs,” is the clever pun creator’s answer and many other great gambling memes we see these days and laugh at are simple employment of puns.

4. When It’s 6 a.m. …

Like Twitter, Instagram and other popular Social Media, Facebook is often the source of many entertaining gambling memes, and in this one we see a Cat sitting at his morning breakfast table scouring a Newspaper and looking at the morning lines and planning.
Cat 6am

What do Cats bet on? This meme “When it’s 6 am and you start looking for your daily matches to bet on,” uses the word “matches, so this feline obviously is a Soccer or a Tennis bettor besides a snappy dresser who drinks his Coffee from a mug bigger than his head.

3. Michael Jordan Gambling Memes

We talked about Chicago Bulls legend Air Jordan’s love for betting and many gambling memes, as well as other memes, have evolved from MJ’s “The Last Dance” admission.

This one below answers a rhetorical “media” question, “Michael, your gambling is impacting your game!” with the meme-creator using a response from the gambling movie Uncut Gems and Diamond dealer Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) saying, “I disagree. I disagree.”

2. Not a Problem

One of the most popular gambling memes comes from the TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and the classic, meme-inspiring response he gives when one of his best friends suggest that he might have a problem with gambling.

Barny Gambling Problem
Without blinking an eye, Barney retorts. That it can’t be a problem if you are awesome at it. Barney plays the complicated casino game Xing Hai Shi Bu Xing and said playing this game during his days in Atlantic City ended up costing him his entire life savings.

1. James Bond (Casino Royale)

A classic gambling meme comes from the James Bond movie Casino Royale (2006) and 007 (Daniel Craig) after encountering a poison attempt by villain Le Chiffre who is incredibly surprised to see James Bond still live after trying to help him meet his maker.

James Bond Meme

But like the Road Runner and Batman and Robin, James Bond 007 never dies and classically responds at the poker table, “Oh, I am sorry. That last hand nearly killed me.”


If you are a gambler, you have no doubt seen Gambling change through the years, and now that gambling memes have become a part of the culture, they will continue to get better and it’s nice to know there is a modern art form that incorporates humor we can all create.


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