Biden vs. Trump Debate Betting Odds: Predictions and Best Bets

Biden vs. Trump Debate Betting Odds: Predictions and Best Bets

The Biden vs. Trump debate odds show a likely winner in the Democratic candidate, who’s a more experienced and conventional debater. Can the reigning president deliver in the two CNN debates agreed for June 27 and September 10?

I will dissect this question but also focus on various Biden vs. Trump debate prop bets offered by the best political betting sites. I break the main issues of the debate down and recommend the best betting picks for the presidential debate, so keep reading!

Biden vs. Trump Debate Betting Odds

The presidential debate odds include bets on the winner and prop bets on Biden and Trump. Bovada’s debate odds include:

CNN June Debate WinnerJoe Biden -190 Donald Trump +145
SpecialsBiden to Say “Shut Up” to Trump -120
Trump to Have at Least One Monologue Lasting Over Five Minutes -110
Trump to Use a Pejorative/Slur Against a Demographic in the First 10 Minutes +350
Biden to Fall Asleep at the Podium +10000
Number of Times Trump Says Stolen/RiggedOver 9.5 +110
Under 9.5 -145
Trump BuzzwordsBelieve Me -4000
A Nation in Decline -400
Critical Race Theory -400
20+ more
Biden BuzzwordsCome On, Man! -500
Our Democracy is at Stake -400
An American President -300
Give Me a Break -300
From the Bottom Up -250
20+ more

I don’t have picks for all of these. The buzzwords are particularly dense and don’t have obvious picks. Many of the “buzzwords” are lines from speeches rather than either candidate’s verbal ticks.

However, the other three markets provide some interesting opportunities, so let’s talk about them!

CNN June Debate Winner Odds and Betting Pick

  • Joe Biden -190
  • Donald Trump +145

Biden is favored to win June’s debate, and he probably will. His more traditional approach to debating and CNN’s audience tendencies are the main reasons why.

Trump’s lack of detail about policy will hurt him with viewers who care. His advantage is one-sentence solutions to complicated problems that make him appealing to his base and swing voters.

What Trump has to avoid is his 2016 performance. He interrupted Hillary Clinton, stalked her on stage, and ignored the moderator. He repeated some of these behaviors in his first debate with Biden in 2020, which was also viewed as a disaster.

It’s also important to understand how the winner is measured. Bovada’s terms clearly state that the winner will be determined by the first post-debate CNN poll of debate viewers. Since the network usually attracts Democratic-leaning viewers, that works in Biden’s favor.

Trump’s fans may like his disregard for debate, but few voters outside that group appreciate it. This best pick is for Joe Biden to win the first CNN debate, and it’s one of the easiest election odds to call.

The Bet
Joe Biden

Number of Times Trump Says Stolen/Rigged Odds and Picks

  • Over 9.5 +110
  • Under 9.5 -145

One of Trump’s obsessions has been his loss in the 2020 election. He still claims the process was compromised, with a large portion of his voters inclined to agree. Furthermore, this has been a talking point for other Republicans.

In a May 2024 interview, Senator Marco Rubio, a moderate Republican and possible VP pick said he would only accept the results of the 2024 election if they were “free and fair,” implying that election integrity was a serious concern in American elections.  

Since his 2015 campaign, Trump has also played on past grievances of his key voting blocs to win his campaigns. Combined with the role Trump’s stolen election claims have played in his current campaign, he should be expected to bring it up during both debates.

My pick is for Trump to say stolen or rigged election more than nine times in this debate, it’s simply one of his main talking points.

The Bet
Over 9.5

More Debate Specials Odds and Picks

  • Biden to Say “Shut Up” to Trump -120
  • Trump to Have at Least One Monologue Lasting Over Five Minutes -110
  • Trump to Use a Pejorative/Slur Against a Demographic in the First 10 Minutes +350
  • Biden to Fall Asleep at the Podium +10000

The 2024 president debate betting odds specials have a few interesting options, but one of them stands out as a better pick than the other three.

During his first 2020 debate with Trump, Biden said “will you shut up, man?” It was a moment of frustration that he should be better prepared to avoid the second time around.  

Biden is unlikely to fall asleep at the debate podium. There are no reports of him suffering from narcolepsy. A 2020 video claimed to show Biden falling asleep during a live interview, but it was found to have been manipulated.

The two most likely events concern Trump’s behavior. It’s unlikely he’ll manage a five minute monologue. After his interruptions, moderators are prepared to cut him off. The 2020 debates were also divided into 15-minute and 10-minute segments for each subject the moderator raised. There’s unlikely to be five minutes for Trump to monopolize in his third year of debates.

The best pick is for Trump to use a pejorative or a slur against a demographic in the first 10 minutes of the debate. He’s usually aggressive in public events and the current odds for Trump to go to jail suggest he’s feeling the heat, so +350 is too high to ignore.

The Bet
Trump to use a slur in the first 10 min

Where To Find Biden vs. Trump Debate Betting Odds?

The 2024 Biden vs. Trump debate betting odds offer interesting opportunities to savvy bettors with a solid political betting strategy. If you want to place a wager on the upcoming event, I recommend checking Bovada.

The sportsbook offers odds on the debate winner and many exciting props. If you decide to give them a try, make sure to grab a 25% welcome bonus of up to $500 that rises to 75% up to $750 for crypto deposits.

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