2023 WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Odds and Predictions

2023 WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Odds and Predictions

On Saturday, November 25, the WWE will be live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois, for their 2023 Survivor Series event. Saturday’s show will be the 37th installment of the Survivor Series franchise and this year’s edition has a special twist to it – WarGames.

Last year, the WWE decided to combine two great pro wrestling traditions (Survivor Series and WarGames) into one compelling premium live event (PLE). It was a hit with the WWE Universe, so the promotion wanted to keep it going this year. Both the men and women will have their own WarGames matches.

Currently, the Survivor Series PLE only has five confirmed matches. However, all five matches can be found listed at the top pro wrestling betting sites. Check back throughout the holiday week as the WWE is notorious for adding last-minute matches to their premium live events.

2023 WWE Survivor Series Card

The following matches have been confirmed for Survivor Series:

  • Singles Match: Carlito vs. Santos Escobar
  • Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz vs. (c)Gunther
  • Women’s World Championship Match: Zoey Stark vs. (c)Rhea Ripley
  • Women’s WarGames Match
  • Men’s WarGames Match

2023 WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Predictions

All WWE Survivor Series odds are courtesy of BetOnline:

WWE Singles Match

Santos Escobar-1000

This Survivor Series match is the result of Santos Escobar turning on his Latino World Order (LWO) teammates and attacking his former hero, Rey Mysterio Jr., on the November 10th episode of SmackDown. Escobar claimed that he turned on Mysterio because the legendary Mexican wrestler wasn’t the hero that he previously thought Mysterio was.

The next week, Escobar would go on to attack two other LWO members, Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro. Carlito would come out to chase off Escobar. This match was made at the November 17th episode of SmackDown.

The storyline is pretty clear here, to build up Santos Escobar as a singles wrestler and a rising heel. Unfortunately, it feels like a bland storyline with little build. It’s obvious that sports betting sites believe Carlito has almost no chance of winning this match.

Stick with the favorite as he’s the one getting the push. There’s no reason to think that Carlito will get the win this weekend.

The Bet
Santos Escobar

WWE Women’s World Championship Match

(c) Rhea Ripley-3000
Zoey Stark+800

At WWE Crown Jewel, on November 4, Zoey Stark fell short of her quest to win the Women’s World Championship in a fatal five-way match. Rhea Ripley was able to retain her belt in that contest.

Two days later, on the November 6th episode of RAW, Stark would go on to win a battle royal and become the number one contender for Ripley’s title. A match was then made for Ripley to defend her belt against Stark at Survivor Series.

The Survivor Series odds clearly demonstrate that Ripley will win this match. Honestly, there’s no doubt about this outcome. Ripley is one of the hottest stars in all of WWE and someone that will carry this title onto the Road to WrestleMania in the beginning of 2024.

There’s no betting value to Ripley’s odds and Stark isn’t worth a flier. Avoid wagering on this match, but enjoy another great performance by Ripley.

The Bet
Rhea Ripley

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz+1000

If you thought Ripley’s odds were bad, Gunther’s odds of -5000 are atrocious. There’s no value and The Miz has no chance of winning.

Gunther first won the Intercontinental Championship on June 10, 2022, by defeating Ricochet on an episode of SmackDown. Gunther’s current title reign surpassed the previous all-time longest mark held by The Honky Tonk Man at 454 days. By time we reach the Survivor Series: WarGames PLE on Saturday, Gunther’s reign will be at 533 days.

By the end of 2023, Gunther’s reign could reach 569 days, which would put him third for combined days as the Intercontinental champ. Pedro Morales holds the record for most combined days as the Intercontinental Champ at 619 days.

Gunther could break Morales’ mark by mid-February. However, he will break The Miz’s mark of 597 combined days as IC champ by the end of January 2024. The Miz sits second all time for combined days as the IC champ, but he did it over eight title reigns.

This match is the result of The Miz taking offense to Gunther’s insults as the champ doesn’t believe that The Miz is a true professional wrestler, but more of an entertainer. Although The Miz would go on to demand a title shot following Gunther’s comments, the former eight-time Intercontinental Champ would have to earn one instead.

On the November 6th episode of RAW, The Miz would win a fatal four-way match to earn the title shot against Gunther at Survivor Series: WarGames. Although he boasts of making the IC belt a prestigious title, The Miz has no chance of winning this weekend.

Gunther recently stated in an interview that he wants to hold the Intercontinental Championship for as long as possible, even if he goes on to become world champion. I expect Gunther to hold this title until at least WrestleMania 40 in April 2024.

However, it would be cool if the WWE allowed Gunther to hold two titles once they decide to put the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship around his waist.

The Bet

Women’s WarGames Match

Damage CRTL-180
Belair, Flair, Lynch & Shotzi+130

Of all the matches currently listed for Survivor Series, the Women’s WarGames match is the one that I’m looking forward to most.

What makes this match even more exciting is that online betting sites are favoring the heel team of Damage CRTL to win. I’m going with the underdogs of Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Shotzi to win this matchup. So, there’s great value with taking the face team over the heels this weekend.

The reason I believe that Damage CRTL will lose is not because of the worst player in Jeopardy history, Becky Lynch, joining Team Bianca. It’s due to the storyline of Bayley being kicked out of the group.

As much as I like Bayley, Damage CRTL will become my favorite WWE stable once they give Bayley the boot and that should happen during this WarGames match.

Asuka, Iyo Sky and Kairi Sane have been dropping hints as to turning on Bayley despite the fact that she formed this group in July 2022, and has led it ever since.

The best way to keep the momentum for Damage CRTL’s recent additions of Asuka and Kairi Sane is to turn on Bayley and allow her to take the loss for this team at Survivor Series.

The Bet
Belair, Flair, Lynch & Shotzi

Men’s WarGames Match

Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn & Seth Rollins-450
The Judgment Day+275

For the last five months, Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn have all had issues with The Judgment Day which has resulted in a variety of matches. The problems between these two groups came to a head on the November 6th episode of RAW when a brawl ensued at the end of show.

Eventually, WWE officials would go on to make a WarGames match between these two groups for Survivor Series. Eventually, JD McDonagh would be added to the team of Judgment Day since he’s been helping the faction out over the last few months.

This leaves Rhodes’ team at a disadvantage as they have one less man in the match. However, this was done to add a little mystery as to who will be the fifth and final member of the team. Rhodes said he had a friend that could fill the spot. The WWE Universe went into a frenzy over Rhodes’ comments as most fans and pundits believe that he is referring to Randy Orton.

Orton has been out of action since May 2022, with a back injury that threatened his career. The latest backstage buzz is that The Viper is finally healthy and ready to return to the ring.

If you recall, Orton took Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. under his wing by forming a group called The Legacy in September 2008. Although that faction ended in April 2010, Rhodes was still loosely affiliated with Orton during his remaining time with the promotion. Following his return to the WWE, Rhodes and Orton reunited in April 2022, for one night only.

As it stands, these odds are pretty low considering that Team Rhodes should get the win. I recommend betting on these WarGames odds before Orton is announced as the final member of the team. At that point, these WWE odds could get closer to -1000 by Saturday’s PLE.

The Bet
Rhodes, Uso, Zayn & Rollins
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