League of Legends European Championship Betting

League of Legends European Championship (LEC), formerly known as EU LCS, is the highest level of competitive LoL gameplay in Europe. It’s the competition that everyone enjoys watching and betting on. LEC delivers top-of-the-line LoL competitive action and only the biggest, most important teams, so the popularity of LEC betting comes as no surprise.

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What did come as a surprise are the changes that were introduced to the European League of Legends competitive scene.

The biggest competition went through two major changes in recent years— franchising and rebranding. Both changes improve the quality of life for everyone involved, but mainly for players, organizations, and sponsors, all of whom enjoyed the extra layer of stability brought forth by a fully-franchised system to replace the old relegation and promotions.

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Nowadays, we’re witnessing the rise of LEC. European teams are finally getting better results on the international stage, and the overall level of competitiveness in the region has improved greatly. The same goes for the popularity of LEC betting online. It has skyrocketed over the last few years, with more and more people looking for a way in. If you’re among them, make sure you read till the very end to avoid silly mistakes beginners tend to make when placing their first esports bets online.

Best Sites for Betting on LEC in 2022

What are the best sites for betting on League of Legends European Championship? Well, more often than not, we’re talking about sites that are considered as the best ones for betting on conventional sports, too. We’re not trying to push you away from esports-only bookies, we’re just telling you the cold hard truth. Esports-only bookmakers are often inferior to bookies with a rich history in sports betting.

If you’re afraid you’ll join a lousy bookmaker, here’s a short list featuring our favorite esports betting sites with LEC odds.

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What makes these bookmakers so special? Here are the things we valued the most when we made our list of top real money LEC betting sites.

Customer Service Effectiveness

Let’s start off with the most overlooked characteristic—customer service. The effectiveness of customer service can make or break bookies’ acquisition schemes, which is why they bear so much importance.

With an effective customer support service, you’ll be able to resolve any issues you stumble upon. This is something that won’t happen frequently. But once it does, you’ll be darn pleased you went with one of our favorites!

Website Quality

By website quality, we’re not referring to the image, presentation, and overall design quality. We’re talking about things that bear more importance for the overall user experience, stuff like page-to-page navigation, load speeds, URL structure, etc. It’s all important!

Mobile-friendliness is another important factor to consider for League of Legends European Championship betting. Nowadays, we’re witnessing the move from mobile-friendly websites to standalone smartphone apps. And while that’s not a bad thing in its own right, many platforms tend to cheap out on development costs and end up with lousy, good-for-nothing apps.

As far as our picks are concerned, they either have mobile-friendly real money LoL betting sites or relatively solid apps bearing all the necessary features. If you love betting on the fly, picking any of the above-featured League of Legends betting sites won’t leave you disappointed!

Low Profit Margins

Even at this day in age, many people don’t know the meaning behind profit margins. Let’s look at it this way, the lower the profit margins are, the higher the LEC odds will be. Profit margin is basically the cut the bookie takes off each bet. Our favorites all have relatively low profit margins, meaning you won’t find many other places with better LEC betting odds. If you’re just starting out, this is probably the best advice we can share: Never settle with high-profit-margin bookies. They’ll hinder your profitability, and you’ll end up dropping the hobby without experiencing the real thrill of the chase.

Generous Esports Betting Bonuses

Lastly, the icing on the cake are all of the bonuses! Because who doesn’t like free stuff, right? Believe it or not, even the biggest esports betting sites out there offer some sort of incentive for new users. Heck, from time to time, they’re known to deploy freebies and other bonus perks to existing users.

When it comes to betting sites with esports bonuses, the above-listed bookies rank pretty good. They don’t have the heaviest bonus amounts, but they don’t have outrageous rollover rules or other regulations protecting their users from ever withdrawing their hard-won money.

Interesting League of Legends European Championship Facts

  • LEC, formerly known as EU LCS, was first hosted back in 2013. It sported eight teams and Fnatic came out as the winner in both splits. There was $100,000 in prizes for each split, which is a pretty hefty amount even for today’s lucrative standards.
  • Talking about Fnatic, it’s safe to say the Swedish organization is the most successful LEC team. They won nine titles thus far, but the French organization G2 isn’t far behind them. With eight titles and a much better score in recent years, G2 is inching closer and will be eyeing their ninth.

  • As you’d expect, LEC is the biggest European championship. However, there’s a lower-tier one that’s not featuring a franchised system. European Masters is the name, and it functions in a similar way to LEC, with several key differences, mostly in the competition system and promotion and regulation rules.

A Quick Look Into the History of LEC and EU LCS

The beginnings of LoL esports weren’t anywhere near today’s standards, let alone LEC betting. It all began in 2010, when the first real third-party events started taking place. The esports industry wasn’t as prominent as it is today, and it’s safe to say League of Legends is the game that pushed it into the mainstream.

Before 2013, there were no regional LoL championships, just a bunch of open-circuit events hosted by third-party event organizers.

Then, in early 2013, League of Legends Championships Series kickstarted the esports craze. Divided into two splits and with LoL World Championships serving as the final event after a fully-fledged competitive season, League of Legends captivated both the gaming and betting communities.

Fast-forward to more recent times, League of Legends’ Championship Series expanded across the globe. That’s when the biggest, most prominent regions started thinking about future-proofing their businesses. Franchising systems were the answer, a rather successful answer if we may add.

League of Legends now stands tall as the most popular esports title on the market. While real money CS:GO betting is still a bigger niche, betting on League of Legends is continuously on the rise. With this pace, we wouldn’t be surprised if things go the other way around sooner rather than later!

As for the pure stats on the League of Legends European Championship, we got you covered.

Event Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up
LEC Summer 2020 $224,000 TBD TBD
LEC Spring 2020 $217,200 G2 Fnatic
LEC Finals 2019   Fnatic Splyce
LEC Summer 2019 $220,540 G2 Fnatic
LEC Spring 2019 $224,698 G2 Origen
EU LCS Finals 2018   G2 Schalke
EU LCS Summer 2018 $231,294 Fnatic Schalke
EU LCS Spring 2018 $233,461 Fnatic G2
EU LCS Finals 2017   Fnatic H2K
EU LCS Summer 2017 $224,200 G2 Misfits
EU LCS Spring 2017 $203,300 G2 Unicorns of Love
EU LCS Finals 2016   Splyce Unicorns of Love
EU LCS Summer 2016 $100,000 G2 Splyce
EU LCS Spring 2016 $100,000 G2 Origen
EU LCS Finals 2015   Origen Unicorns of Love
EU LCS Summer 2015 $100,000 Fnatic Origen
EU LCS Spring 2015 $100,000 Fnatic Unicorns of Love
EU LCS Summer 2014 $100,000 Alliance Fnatic
EU LCS Spring 2014 $100,000 Fnatic SK Gaming
EU LCS Summer 2013 $100,000 Fnatic Lemondogs
EU LCS Spring 2013 $100,000 Fnatic Gambit

How to Start Betting on LEC in 2022

Here’s a five-step guide on how to start betting on League of Legends European Championship in 2022.

  1. Find where to bet on the League of Legends European Championship. But how? Just scroll to the top of this page and you’ll find the LEC betting sites you’re looking for!
  2. The next step is obvious! Just register or join the betting site. Use your real name, address, and personal information since you’ll have to confirm everything in case you win big.
  3. Use your preferred payment method to deposit some money onto your betting bankroll. Don’t go over the top here! $10 to $20 should be enough for your first real money LEC betting campaign!
  4. Find the matches you want to bet on and start doing some research. This is the most time-consuming step, so grab yourself a cup of coffee before you have a go at it.
  5. Finally, make your decision, set the stake amount, and place your bet on League of Legends online!

LoL LEC Betting FAQ

Define “rich,” will you?

If you’re aiming to become disgustingly rich, so rich that you don’t have to work another day in your life, then the answer is (probably) no. Don’t get us wrong, we’d be the first in line to congratulate you on a massive win, but the fact of the matter is, most people end up losing money. Only 10% to 20% of people are actually in the green here, and even a smaller percentage are those who are making a living by betting on League of Legends European Championship and similar esports events.

It’s a harsh world out there, and if you’re looking at LEC betting as a quick scheme to become insanely rich, you’re looking at it the wrong way. League of Legends betting is an entertaining pastime that could give you some extra budget every now and then. If you start expecting too much from it, it can quickly ruin your day.

In all honesty, that depends on your personal preferences. We can show you the key characteristics that we believe make the best League of Legends European Championship betting sites, but it’s up to you to rationalize them and sort them by importance.

For instance, some people value good LEC betting odds more than anything else. Others want proper specials coverage, while some esports betting enthusiasts want live betting options and a smartphone-friendly platform. Remember, you’re the one in charge of tailoring your experience League of Legends European Championship betting online to your preferences.

Objectively, Fnatic is the most successful team in the history of LEC and EU LCS before it. The Swedish organization has won nine titles thus far, and they were the runners-up on three additional occasions. The second-best European team is, insert drumroll here, G2 Esports. The French organization lacks just one trophy to surpass the Swedes, meaning it’s practically a photo finish at this point… If you’re planning on taking part in some LEC betting, it’s important to keep an eye on these two.

Well, that all depends on how you define “safe.” When talking about stuff like SSL encryption, League of Legends betting sites featured on top of this page are the ones you should be checking out. They offer the latest and greatest in terms of security tech, meaning any external hacks are highly unlikely.

However, you should know that the majority of online safety exploits happen on the weakest link, and users’ passwords seem to be exactly that. Don’t use a generic password that you use for every site to register your LEC betting account. The best thing you can do is use a password vault that’ll help you manage complex passwords. You can thank us later!

In many ways, League of Legends European Championship betting is identical to online betting on conventional sports disciplines like basketball, football, baseball, or soccer. The principle is the same. You have two teams doing their best to win the match. Across the betting spectrum, no matter if we’re talking sports in esports, the main goal is to predict which team will win the match. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

That’s all we have to say as far as match-winner bets are concerned. You simply pick the team you think will win, enter the stake amount, and click on that shiny betting button. The process is a bit more complicated when talking about esports specials. Some of them yield better value, but they’re much more complicated than traditional match-winners.

We’ve gone a bit off-topic here, but we’re sure you got the point. League of Legends betting works just like betting on all other types of esports and sports. The principles are always the same, so you’ve got nothing to worry about, especially if you’re coming from online sports betting waters.

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