League of Legends MSI Betting

Betting on MSI is our focal point today! Betting on this relatively new event has a special charm and a refreshing connotation. Why is that so? Well, perhaps that’s because its importance and popularity keep growing exponentially. Or, better yet, perhaps Mid-Season Invitational betting is a hot trend because more and more fans think of it as a mini World Championship.

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It’s true, MSI events feature only the best teams out there, and in recent years, they’ve featured some pretty lucrative prize pools as well. The viewership numbers are up there with the best of them, which further polishes MSI’s importance in LoL’s esports scene.

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With all that in mind, today, we’ll be venturing deeper into the waters of Mid-Season Invitational betting campaigns. They’re known for being chaotic, harsh, but highly profitable too. Esports betting guides are our game, and we’re here to play our best match yet!

Best Sites for Betting on Mid-Season Invitational in 2021

Kicking things off with betting platforms, did you guys know lots of conventional sports betting platforms feature esports bets? Yep, that’s the world we’re living in! Who would’ve guessed that conventional sports betting platforms would succumb to market pressure and start facilitating esports bets?

Be that as it is, we’re proud to present you with our list of the best sites with Mid-Season invitational betting odds.

You don’t need to worry about the freshness of this list. We update it on a regular basis with newly gathered information, so you should be all good no matter which one you opt for.

If these bookies aren’t good enough for you, check out our in-depth tutorial on finding good LoL betting platforms! It’s a comprehensive guide focusing on key characteristics of online esports bookmakers. It’s a real must-read if you’re facing issues with finding the ideal solution to best match your online betting preferences.

Interesting Facts Regarding LoL MSI

Moving on with our Mid-Season Invitational betting guide, let’s focus a bit on the key factors surrounding MSI events!

  • The first-ever Mid-Season Invitational was held in May 2015. It was held in Tallahassee, Florida, and featured six teams. There were five regional championship winners and one wildcard team, to be more precise.
  • The total prize pool for this event amounted to $200,000, which was pretty high at the time, even for a filler event. Why was it considered a filler? Well, MSI wasn’t planned to be anything more than a small(event to fill the gap between Spring and Summer Splits.
  • When it comes to the total prize money won, SKT1 is the dominant champion here with exactly $1 million in their MSI-sponsored bag. RNG is right behind them with $577,000, followed by G2 in the distant third place with “just” $438,000.
  • As far as individual domination goes, Faker is the first name on the standings, as if anyone doubted this. He’s the only player in MSI’s history to participate in four events. He’s also among the three players that have won two MSI events—the famous SKT1 trio of Bang, Wolf, and lastly, Faker.
  • Mid-Season Invitational betting is the second most popular betting campaign in LoL. It’s second only to the one and only League of Legends World Championship. And it’s no surprise, LoL Worlds betting sites do their best during the biggest LoL event, so it’s only logical that LoL betting enthusiasts are there to cover it.

A Quick Look Into the History of LoL MSI Events

For starters, here’s a list of MSI’s total prize pools, winners, and runners-up.

Year Prize Pool Winner Runner-Up
2015 $200,000 EDward SKT1
2016 $450,000 SKT1 CLG
2017 $1,690,000 SKT1 G2
2018 $1,370,520 RNGU Kingzone DX
2019 $1,000,000 G2 Team Liquid

As mentioned earlier, in the “interesting facts” section, the Mid-Season Invitational betting craze started in 2015. That’s when the first MSI event took place. It was held in Tallahassee, and Edward Gaming took the grand prize after defeating SKT1 in the grand finals. However, SKT1 was having none of it for the next two years, dominating over CLG and G2 in the grand finals.

Generally speaking, each iteration of MSI seems better organized and executed than the previous. We’re also looking at increasingly higher prize pools as well as the overall importance and charm of the event in fans’ eyes. Over the years, MSI developed into a small event to fill in gaps between the two splits, but evolved into a giant, often labeled as the Worlds before the Worlds.

How to Start Betting on Mid-Season Invitational in 2021

Mid-Season Invitational betting is as old as the esports betting industry itself. Nope, we’re not exaggerating here. The first real wave of esports betting came in 2015, with the rise of online skin gambling sites. We’re not implying MSI had an effect on that, we’re just saying they’re both the same age.

That said, a great number of esports betting enthusiasts have already tested their luck by betting on Mid-Season Invitational matches. But as the game’s player base grows, its betting community does, too! We see new people try to join the scene on a daily basis, flooding us with questions regarding where to look for Mid-Season Invitational betting sites, which wagers to place, where to find all the stats, etc…

The following step-by-step guide is for them, portraying the key steps needed for placing a simple match-winner. Obviously, you can do more complex wagers if your bookie offers them.

  1. First up, finding where to bet on LoL MSI. Easier said than done, huh? Well, not necessarily. You see, all you have to do is scroll to the top of this page and enjoy our list of the best Mid-Season Invitational betting sites!
  2. Once you’ve found your ideal esports betting site with Mid-Season invitational odds, it’s time to click that shiny register button and follow the procedure. It won’t take too much of your time, don’t worry!
  3. After joining, make sure you authorize your account and confirm your email address. You might be asked to fill in your bank account info right off the bat. It all depends on your bookie of choice.
  4. Now, you need to find Mid-Season Invitational betting odds. Typically, you’ll have to find the esports category first, then find League of Legends as a subcategory. Usually, categories are located either at the top of the page or on the left.
  5. This is when you’re supposed to make your first bet. But how do you do that? Well, let’s start with the basics! The simplest online esports bets you’ll want to place are called match-winners because, well, you’re supposed to just pick the match-winner.
  6. Select the team you think will win, enter the amount you wish to bet with, and click that shiny bet button. That’s it! You’ve officially started your very own Mid-Season Invitational betting campaign!

Types of Mid-Season Invitational Betting Options

After checking out our short step-by-step guide explaining the basics of Mid-Season Invitational betting, let’s go ahead and learn about more complex betting schemes. More precisely, let’s talk about advanced esports betting options, also known as esports specials!

Team to Draw First Blood

First BloodContrary to popular belief, first blood in League of Legends means A LOT. We’re talking about betting on the first kill of the match. This is a kill that can completely change the dynamics of a lane, especially if it’s gained very early on where every level of advantage counts big time.

Why is all this important? Well, a lot of bettors think first blood doesn’t mean a lot so they’re avoiding it, thinking teams don’t think much of it. Obviously, that’s not the truth. Teams do care about first blood as it’s valued at much more than just extra gold.

Typically, these bets are over in the first 10 minutes of the match, sometimes even sooner. If you’re looking for some fast-paced high-stakes action while taking part in some Mid-Season Invitiational betting, first blood bets will be right up your alley!

Creep Score by Tenth Minute

Farming, or creep scoring, is the key characteristic of League of Legends and other MOBA games. Sure, kills are awesome, but a good farm is what wins matches! Players fight over it, dance around it, and do all sorts of tricks just to be on top of the opposing laner. There’s a lot of poking going on back and forth, and creep score is usually what decides the mid-game.

As far as this particular LoL MSI betting option goes, esports betting sites typically offer creep score bets for the first 10 and 20 minutes of the game. 10 minutes is our favorite because it’s easier to predict, and the stats make a lot more sense than their 20-minute counterparts. If you love creep counting, you’ll love this one!

Team to Destroy First Turret/Inhibitor

TurretWe’ve reached another important in-game objective in League of Legends—structures. Real money LoL betting sites offer bets on both first turrets and inhibitors to be destroyed. Turrets/towers are the first line of defense on each lane and can be pretty easy to push, even very early in the match. That’s assuming there’s a proper gank with strong push potential champs. Luckily, with Mid-Season Invitational betting, you’re not supposed to guess exactly when these structures will be destroyed but, rather, which team will destroy the first one.

Team to Kill First Baron/Dragon

Talking about global objectives in League of Legends, they don’t come any bigger than Baron Nashor. Dragons are important as well, which is probably why LoL betting sites love facilitating wagers on them. They’re easy to track, relatively easy to predict, but they still offer plenty of upset (and profit) potential.

Match Duration/Score Over/Under

Last but not least, let’s talk about totals! Yep, totals aren’t just reserved for stuff like CS:GO betting but for MOBA games, too! How do totals work in LoL and Mid-Season Invitational betting? Well, there are two main types you can bet on. First off, you have match duration totals where esports betting sites specify a rough estimate for the duration and you have to guess if the match will last shorter or longer than that.

The second type is your typical score duration, based solely on best of matchups. Let’s take a Bo3 match as the example. Esports bookmakers will specify 2.5 rounds and you’ll have to guess if the result is going to be under or over that number (in other words, 2-1 or 2-0).

MSI Betting FAQ

The last section of our MSI betting guide revolves around frequently asked questions. No need to beat around the bush, let’s dive right in!

When it comes to Mid-Season Invitational betting for dummies, all you have to do is join a bookmaker, deposit some funds into your betting account, look through the Mid-Season Invitational betting options, select the teams you want to bet on, select your stake, and place your bet. Really, that’s all it takes!

As for the technicalities, let’s just say that betting on Mid-Season Invitational events is basically the same as betting on any other conventional sporting events like the Champions League, NBA, NHL, World Cup, etc. Everything is exactly the same, even the betting sites themselves!

Well, it’s difficult to say right off the bat since we don’t want to give you unrealistic expectations. But the fact of the matter is, only a small fraction of people will become rich just by betting on the Mid-Season Invitational and other LoL events. That’s the cold-hard truth, guys!

However, don’t let that discourage you. With enough dedication, hard work, and hours put into some in-depth research on the Lo esports scene, you will have better odds of making a profit here and there. And who knows? With a bit of luck, you might even get a heftier pot every now and then!


Now, let’s talk about the biggest mistakes esports betting enthusiasts tend to do these days. Here they are, in no particular order.
Chasing losses

  • What does this mean? Well, chasing losses is when players keep betting after suffering massive losses, thinking they’ll get back on level terms. That’s not how things end up. A lot of gamblers go into debt trying to chase their losses.

Betting too frequently

  • You shouldn’t bet too frequently, even if you’re on a winning streak. Save your money for later and only wager on bets that you’re certain you’re going to win.

Blindly trusting experts

  • There are lots of sites claiming to have inside tips from industry experts. Don’t fall for these tricks! Do your own research!

Believing in your “gut feeling”

  • Always base your bets on cold-hard facts, news, roster alterations, and concrete evidence. Never trust your gut feeling because it’ll get you in a whole heap of trouble!

Relying on luck

  • Never rely on luck, because that’s the quickest way to financial problems! Do your research and don’t make any half-baked bets.

Not doing enough research

  • Last but not least, never settle with a less-than-ideal amount of research. Do the grind, and you’ll reap the results!

Even though people love watching and placing MSI bets, it’s safe to say they’re not the biggest esports event out there. In fact, they are not even the biggest League of Legends events. That title goes to LoL World Championships, the most popular and lucrative event series in League of Legends’ competitive ecosystem.

As is the case with LoL Worlds, SKT1 is the most successful team on MSI events. Faker and the company won the event on two occasions and were just one win away from a third triumph. They were the team to bet on MSI events. But with the recent roster alterations, we reckon they might never be the same.

The short answer is yes! You do have to be careful, though. Always make a background check of the betting site you want to play on and make sure they have a proper gambling license that can operate within your country. Another course of action would be to pick one from the top of this page. No worries, guys, all League of Legends betting sites we recommend are 100% safe and secure. The Mid-Season Invitational betting sites we listed have proper gambling licenses that allow them to operate in many countries across the globe.

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