The Sportsbook

When we first checked out the sportsbook at Galaxy Sports, we really liked the simplicity of the layout. The page is all about placing bets, and it doesn’t have any annoying ads for the casino as we see at many other online sportsbooks. We were definitely happy that Galaxy Sports keeps it clean and simple without the ads.

There is no real main menu for the sportsbook page. Instead, you simply select a sport and then continue to drill down until you find the wager that you’d like to place. It might be handy if Galaxy Sports adds in a drop-down menu or two to make sorting and searching a little easier than it is currently.

If you’re looking to bet on live action, check out their live betting section. Here, you’ll find sporting events currently under way that allow you to wager immediately. We’re super glad to see that galaxy Sports offers live betting options.

Sports You Can Bet On

If you’re ready to wager on sports, Galaxy Sports has got a great lineup of sports that you can bet on. At Galaxy Sports, you’ll find all of the major sports such as soccer and basketball. You’ll also find some typically harder to find sports such as darts and esports. Below, we’ve broken out a list of all available sports that you can wager on at Galaxy Sports.

Note: The list below contains the sports that were available on Galaxy Sports at the time that we completed our in-depth site review. Galaxy Sports only displays a sport if they have an available wager on it. Therefore, if you don’t locate your sport of choice in the list below, be sure to check back on galaxy Sports once that sport comes into season.

  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf Boxing
  • Martial Arts
  • Hockey
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Aussie Rules
  • Entertainment
  • esports
  • Darts
  • CrossFit

Overall, Galaxy Sports has a pretty good lineup of sports that you can bet on. While it is not the largest list we’ve ever seen, they’ve still got plenty of good coverage. From what we can tell, most customers should not have an issue finding what they are looking for.

esports Coverage

It was great to see that Galaxy Sports was offering wagers on esports. From what we’re seeing, esports is quickly becoming one of the hottest things in online sportsbooks. We found it to be a very good sign that Galaxy Sports was already in on the esports action as it shows they are keeping up with industry trends.

Galaxy Sports has one of the largest selections of esports that we’ve seen so far out of any online sportsbook. Currently, you’re able to wager on major games and events such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, and StarCraft 2. We’re highly impressed with this lineup, and we’re excited to see what else Galaxy Sports brings to the table in the future.

User Interface

Our first impression of the sportsbook user interface was that it was very intuitive. While the overall page is very basic from a looks standpoint, it gets the job done and is easy to navigate. We did not have a problem finding what we were looking for at any point.

On the main sportsbook page, you’ll start your search by selecting what sport you’d like to wager on. Once you click on a sport, the box will expand where you can select the league or event of your choice. After picking one of those options, you’ll find all available wagers and associated odds. From there, you can quickly and easily place your wager.

One thing that we really liked about the user interface at Galaxy Sports was that they had an easy option for you to toggle between the types of bets. Located at the top of any sportsbook page, you can select if you’d like to see straight, parlay, teaser, if win, or if win or tie wagers. We’re huge fans of this functionality, and we wish that more online sportsbooks would follow suit.

Something else that we were glad to see was that Galaxy Sports made it easy to find live betting. Look for the link to live betting up towards the top center of the sportsbook page. Once you click on that link, Galaxy Sports will show you all available wagers for events that are currently in play. We like betting on in-play action, and we definitely like it when an online sportsbook makes it easy to find.

We also found a way in which you can change how your odds are displayed on Galaxy Sports. While it is not as easily accessible as we would like, it still is possible. In order to change how your odds are displayed, click the personal information logo at the top right-hand corner of the page. After that, click on the settings button on the left-hand side. From there, you can choose either American or decimal style displays. It is worth noting that Galaxy Sports defaults to the American line style.

Based upon the time that we spent on Galaxy Sports for this in-depth review, we found that the site was good with regards to the site speed. At no time did we run across any lagging page loads or other hiccups. Galaxy Sports seems to have invested in making sure that their site is speedy and responsive.


The Casino

As we often see with most other online sportsbooks, Galaxy Sports also offers an online casino to their clients. When you’re ready to take a break from betting on sports, Galaxy sports has 16 slots, 8 types of video poker, and 16 table games. In addition to those options, Galaxy Sports also offers Bingo and Keno.

Our 1st impression of the online casino was that it looked super dated. It seems rather clear that Galaxy Sports has not spent a ton of cash on their online casino. All signs point to the fact that the casino was a pure afterthought post the sportsbook. It seriously looks like the online casino is the red-headed step child. The main casino page itself looks like something a 10-year-old with some basic coding knowledge put together.

The game graphics at Galaxy Sports online casino are pretty poor. We’ve not seen graphics quite this bad in some time. While we don’t expect everyone to have 3D graphics, we’d like people to at least offer up some good quality. In the case of Galaxy Sports, it appears they spent the least amount possible to get things up and running. There is a large room for improvement with the game graphics, and we hope that they will step up their game soon.

One thing that we would have liked to have seen Galaxy Sports offer is name brand games. We noticed that they offered a ton of knock off games like “Jurassic Fire” as opposed to “Jurassic Park.” We’re not big fans of sites that use knock off games at it shows that they have not invested heavily in their online casino. Hopefully, Galaxy Sports will offer some name brand games on their online casino at some point in the future.

Something else that we would have liked to see would be live dealer options. Currently, live dealer games are all the rage in the online casino world, so we were surprised to see that Galaxy Sports did not offer any of them. We’d highly suggest that Galaxy Sports gets in on the live dealer action soon so that they can stay relevant to current industry trends.

Overall, the online casino at Galaxy Sports is pretty poor overall. They don’t bring much to the table that is worth any value. Unfortunately, their limited selection, poor graphics quality, lack of live dealer options, and lack of name brand games all add up to a pretty crappy online casino. We definitely hope that Galaxy Sports will improve on some of these weak spots in the future so that they can offer a better online casino to their clients.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Deposit Options

Galaxy Sports wants to make it easy for you to move funds onto their site. At the time of this review, Galaxy Sports offered eight different banking options for you to deposit funds. This is a pretty solid selection with lots of great options that should make it easy for just about anyone to deposit funds. Below, we’ll show you each deposit banking option along with the associated min and max deposit limits.


  • Minimum: $48
  • Maximum: $1,000


  • Minimum: $48
  • Maximum: $1,000


  • Minimum: $10
  • Maximum: $10,000


  • Minimum: $48
  • Maximum: $1,000

Person 2 Person (RIA)

  • Minimum: NA
  • Maximum: NA

Person 2 Person (MG)

  • Minimum: NA
  • Maximum: NA

Person 2 Person (WU)

  • Minimum: NA
  • Maximum: NA

Bank Wire

  • Minimum: NA
  • Maximum: NA

Withdrawal Options

When it comes time to move your funds off of Galaxy Sports, they offer four different banking options. Down the road, we would like it if Galaxy Sports would offer more withdrawal options to their clients to give them more flexibility. Below, we’ve broken down each withdrawal banking option along with the associated minimum and maximum withdrawal.


  • Minimum: $50
  • Maximum: $25,000

Person 2 Person MG

  • Minimum: $100
  • Maximum: $1,500

Bank Wire

  • Minimum: $10,000
  • Maximum: $20,000

Bank Draft

  • Minimum: $100
  • Maximum: $3,000

As a whole, Galaxy Sports has a good selection of banking options for deposits and withdrawals. Most people should not have an issue getting funds onto or off of the site based on the current selection that they offer. While what they offer now is good, we definitely would not mind seeing them expand this selection in the future to create more banking options for their clients.

Bonuses and Promotions

Galaxy Sports brings some great bonuses and promotions to the table for their clients. As with most other online sportsbooks and casinos, Galaxy Sports uses these bonuses and promotions as a way to attract new clients and retain current ones. Below, we’ll break down each of their current bonuses and promotional offers.

100% Sign Up Bonus

If you’re new to Galaxy Sports, they’re offering you a great initial deposit match as a welcome bonus. Under the terms of this promotion, you can score a 100% match on your initial deposit at Galaxy Sports. The bonus cash will be split 50/50 between the sportsbook and the casino. The minimum deposit to qualify for this promotion is $50, and the maximum bonus is $300. To maximize your bonus, consider depositing at least $300 for your initial deposit. To claim this welcome bonus, simply use claim code “5016”. It is worth noting that the bonus cash from this promotion is subject to a 20x rollover requirement.


Horse Racing Cash Back Promotion

For those customers that wager on horses, Galaxy Sports offers a solid up to 8% cash back program on all horse racing action. Under the terms of this promo, you’ll get money back for every horse racing bet that you place. Below, we’ve broken out the buckets of wagers and the associated cash back that you will earn from Galaxy Sports.

  • 8% cash back on all exotic internet
  • 5% cash back on all call center exotic wagers.
  • 3% cash back on all internet Win, Place, or Show bets.
  • 2% cash back on all call center Win, Place, or Show bets.

What’s great about this program is the fact that the bonus cash back does not have a rollover requirement. Another nice thing about this promo is that there is no minimum weekly volume required nor is there a cap on how much you can earn.

Casino Cash Back Promotion

Galaxy Sports also bring a nice promo to the table for clients of their online casino. For this promo, Galaxy Sports will pay you 10% cash back weekly on all of your casino action. The maximum bonus under the terms of this promotion is $500, and the bonus cash is subject to a 25x rollover requirement.

Something that we didn’t really like about the fine print of this promotion was the fact that you have to request this promotion yourself via live chat. Unlike the 8% cash back promotion above on all horse racing action, this promotion is not automatic. We’d really prefer it if Galaxy Sports automated this cash back bonus so that clients would not have to remember to claim it. Either way, this is a solid promotion. Just be sure to remember to contact customer service weekly to claim your casino cash back.

Refer A Friend Bonus

If you have friends that are also into online sportsbooks and casinos, you can score some bonus cash by referring them to Galaxy Sports. Under the terms of their Refer A Friend Bonus, Galaxy Sports will pay you a bonus equivalent to 20% of your friend’s initial deposit. The maximum bonus under this promotion is $500. Therefore, if your friend deposits $2,500 or more, you’ll score $500 in bonus cash! It is worth noting that the bonus cash from this promotion is subject to a 5x rollover requirement.

BetPoints Loyalty Program

Galaxy Sports offers their BetPoints Loyalty Program as a way for clients to earn cash back on every wager made on their site. BetPoints that you earn on Galaxy Sports can be used to claim cash back or merchandise. Check out the Galaxy Sports site for full terms and details of their BetPoints Loyalty Program.

Overall, Galaxy Sports has a pretty good lineup of promotions and bonuses for their clients. We wouldn’t mind seeing them add some more variety down the road but what they have now is still good. Be sure to check out the promotions page at Galaxy Sports to view the latest bonuses and promotions that they have to offer.

Customer Service

Galaxy Sports leaves us wanting more when it comes to customer service. At the time of our review, Galaxy Sports only offered customer service via live chat on their website. While this is a great option to have, we also wish that Galaxy Sports would offer other methods of contact such as email and phone. We see most online sportsbooks and casinos offer two or three methods to contact customer service, so Galaxy Sports is definitely lacking in this area.

If you do need to contact the customer service team at Galaxy Sports, simply scroll down to the bottom of any page and select the Live Chat link under the Help Center header. Clicking this link will automatically open up the live chat functionality, and you’ll be connected with a live chat agent from Galaxy Sports super-fast. We utilized the live chat ourselves on numerous occasions during the course our review, and we were pleased with how good it worked and how knowledgeable the agents were. Based on our experience, you should not have any issue getting any support that you need.

We hope that Galaxy Sports will consider adding more customer service methods of contact in the future. By doing this, they will be more in line with what the rest of the industry is doing so that they can be more competitive. In the meantime, their live chat is very good, so you don’t have to worry about not receiving great customer service.

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