Galaxy Sports Ratings

Here is how we did it! How we came up with a rating for each of our key criteria areas and then took an average to get to our overall score of 3.3/5 for Galaxy Sports! This is definitely an online sportsbook we would recommend to our readers, but there are some major drawbacks as you will soon see! There are, however, a ton of great perks too. You will see exactly what we mean further on in this Galaxy Sports review.

Overall Rating of Galaxy Sports: 3.3 out of 5

Overall, we do recommend Galaxy Sports to our readers, specifically if they are interested in using it for betting on sports online for real money. We will be perfectly blunt right now. Their online casino section is weak sauce. It is extremely limited and really offers nothing beyond being a respite for busy sports bettors who are looking to take a brief break from the betting lines. Another weak point at Galaxy Sports is their sole customer support option of using live chat. Customers cannot email or call in.

On the flip side:
This sportsbook offers some really competitive bonuses, a decent set of banking options, and an intuitive and user-friendly design! We recommend using this site for sports betting, but the decision is ultimately up to you.

Sports Markets and Game Selection: 3.5 out of 5

Just like the user interface, we had something really bringing down the score in this category but also something that helped to even things out! The online casino is extremely minimal and ultimately subpar, but the sportsbook is exceptional, offering a wide variety of markets as well as live betting and esports wagers! When Galaxy Sports does something really well (the sportsbook), they give it 100% and when they offer something up halfheartedly, you can spot it from 100 miles away (the casino).

Sports Betting Mobile App Bonus

Galaxy Sports Bonuses and Promotions: 4 out of 5

Something we really appreciated in this Galaxy Sports review was their focus on both new bettors to their site and their regular customers. There is an even distribution of evergreen bonuses and promotions to both of these sets of bettors, something that is not always done at other real-money online sportsbooks. When it comes to growing and developing a bankroll, there are plenty of additional funds to be earned at Galaxy Sports including a loyalty program, cashback on horses and casino games, and a generous welcome offer for newcomers!

Mobile Connectivity: 4 out of 5

The only thing we could really point to in terms of improvement at Galaxy Sports and their mobile experience would be the development of a mobile app. This is pretty commonplace in many online sportsbooks. Many do not carry apps for download so we cannot ding too many points off Galaxy Sports. The site looks great on smaller devices like smartphones and tablets and functions great! There is very little in the way of errors or glitches along the way.

User Interface: 3.5 out of 5

We had to take points off for looks, but we issued some major points for the overall functionality, design, and user-friendliness of Galaxy Sports. This site is like a plain and worn-looking car that never breaks down or quits on you! The site was easy to get around and the design is all about creating an intuitive experience for the bettor. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

You will love the feel and functionality of this sportsbook!

Customer Service and Support: 2 out of 5

This is definitely the weakest link in our review of Galaxy Sports. They offer only live chat for customer service purposes. Most sites like this typically offer a bare minimum of live chat coupled with toll-free phone lines and emailing capabilities. We would love to see them add these two important pieces to the customer service puzzle. The service we did experience through testing out the live chat feature at Galaxy Sport was top-notch! All members of the support team were extremely helpful and polite in their dealings!

Banking Options: 3 out of 5

There are a decent number of options for making deposits at Galaxy Sports, but we cannot say the same for collecting payouts. You are looking at a total of eight and four for each, respectively. We would definitely like to see more options for withdrawing funds at this sportsbook. In the meantime, we loved seeing Bitcoin’s inclusion at Galaxy Sports and the offering of bank wires for the more aggressive, high-stakes players who need to transfer large sums and cash in and out of the site.

Galaxy Sports User Interface

Looks can be deceiving. At first glance, Galaxy Sports looks rather basic and not super interesting. You would expect that we are reviewing a sports betting site that falls short of the mark. But with Galaxy Sports, that could not be further from the truth. Upon further inspection, we found that the basic-looking interface actually offered a top-rated and intuitive experience. There was little question about where to find things at this site as their design could be navigated with ease by a first-time visitor!

The main page features a menu of all sports markets available. When the bettor clicks on the sport they want, that section will expand and show the various leagues, events, and games as well as the available wagers and corresponding odds. There is also a link to live betting opportunities available in this section. This is a feature we really liked seeing because there are online sportsbooks out there that do not make finding their live betting options easy. Sometimes this information is out of sight in the links at the bottom of the home page or in some random location that is hard to find.

We also greatly appreciated the option of being able to change back and forth between the different types of bets. You can toggle between straight bets, parlays, teasers, and many more with the simple push of a button. This is a phenomenal feature, one that we only hope to see in more online sportsbooks. Many do not feature this option, which is a real plus for Galaxy Sports!

If there was one thing that we could change at Galaxy Sports it would be the inclusion of fractional odds. Currently, this site only offers decimal and American odds format, the American odds being the site’s default setting. Nearly all online sportsbooks offer all three and it is a mystery to us why fractional odds are omitted here. This is definitely something we would love to see change in the future.

All in all, we really like the user interface at Galaxy Sports. We especially appreciated the ability to switch back and forth between the different types of bets and the easy accessibility to live betting options. Although this is not the best-looking or most interesting site we have ever reviewed, there are enough user-friendliness and strong features here that allow us to overlook its basic appearance. The site also functions really well and is free of errors, glitches, or lagging, which is always a positive thing in our book!

Galaxy Sports Betting and Casino Games

Sports Betting Markets Review

The “sports betting section” we found in this Galaxy Sports review was one that stuck out because the formatting was so different from any other online sportsbook we have reviewed in the past. There is no real section for sports, but bettors simply select the sport they are interested in and continue to work their way down to the wager types and then down to the odds, and so on and so forth.

It is a unique way of formatting the site, but we would definitely like to see this developed into an actual page at the site to avoid confusion on the part of new bettors who might not be familiar with the site’s setup.

Available Sports Markets

Galaxy Sports features all the major sports betting markets including soccer, basketball, hockey, football, and baseball. But the site also delves into more niche or obscure sports markets like martial arts, rugby, darts, and Aussie Rules. There are also opportunities for betting on non-sports markets like entertainment. There is a little bit of everything here for all types of bettors!

These are the current sports betting market available at Galaxy Sports:

  • Baseball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf Boxing
  • Martial Arts
  • Hockey
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Aussie Rules
  • Entertainment
  • Esports
  • Darts
  • CrossFit

If you are looking for seasonal sports, you will want to check in periodically at Galaxy Sports as the list of available markets will change as the seasons change. For instance, this site will not list Winter Olympics betting if it is not currently occurring. They will pull any markets that do not apply to the bettor at that place and time. That is just something to keep in mind. The list above is one that is subject to change.

Live Betting

As mentioned earlier in this review of Galaxy Sports, there is easy access to live betting opportunities. They are clearly featured in the main menu on the site’s homepage. Live bets offer the bettor a chance at making multiple wagers during the course of a live sports game, match, or event. Oddsmakers spend that time diligently putting out new lines and odds as the action evolved during the course of the sports event.

The inclusion of live betting really brings up our overall rating of Galaxy Sports, specifically when it comes to the sports betting markets category! This is not the most expansive list of markets we have ever seen but Galaxy Sports does a really good job of providing decent coverage for their customers.

Live Betting Guide

Esports Coverage

We have to give Galaxy Sports some mad props for including a section dedicated to eSports as these are becoming increasingly popular as time marches on! One thing this tells us is that Galaxy Sports is following the market trends and adjusting its business accordingly, which is super respectable.

Below is a small list of the esports that are currently available at the Galaxy sportsbook, one that has us really impressed!

Online Casino Games Review

Do not come to Galaxy Sports solely to play online casino games. If their name is any indication, Galaxy Sports is strongly geared toward sports bettors. While there are some sportsbooks out there that do offer impressive online casinos, Galaxy is not one of them! Sure, this online casino might be a good diversion for a sports bettor who is looking to take a break from the betting lines, but this casino is horrible as a standalone.

This is what is included in the Galaxy Sports online casino:

  • 16 slots machines
  • 8 video poker games
  • 16 table games
  • Bingo
  • Keno

And that is it! If you only like playing online casino games and are not so much into sports betting, there are much better places to spend your time. Do not waste it as Galaxy Sports! The look is dated, the graphics are poor, and many of the games are knockoffs of casino game classics.

Improvement for the Casino:

Obviously, there is a ton of room for improvement here. We do see potential in the Galaxy Sports casino, though. It just needs a bit of TLC and a bit of expansion, and it could really be something that the sportsbook is proud of calling theirs.

There would need to be more games included such as live dealer options (another format of casino gaming that is only becoming more popular with time) and at least 50 more slot titles to be on par with other casinos found at online sportsbooks.

All in all, the online casino ranks extremely poor in this review of Galaxy Sports. We really wish we did not have to cover it because it brings down the quality of the sportsbook at this site which we really love. But that is the whole point of this honest and unbiased review of Galaxy Sports, pointing out the good and the absolute bad that this real money betting site has to offer!

Real Money Banking Options at Galaxy Sports

There are many great ways to bank when you visit Galaxy Sports. Currently, there are eight different ways to make a deposit and four ways to collect payouts. We were happy to see Bitcoin included for both of these and the flexible ways in which the site allows customers to easily move funds into their accounts, but we were a little dismayed by how limiting the payout options were. It would behove Galaxy Sports to include at least two or three more payout options to give customers that much more leeway in how they bank!

Galaxy Sports Deposit Methods

As mentioned above, there are eight great methods for getting funds into your Galaxy Sports account. Bitcoin is definitely the way to go as they offer the best minimum and maximum limits. Big surprise. This is pretty commonplace in just about any online sportsbook you visit.

Deposit MethodMinimum LimitMaximum Limit
Visa, Mastercard, and American Express$48$1,000
Person 2 Person (RIA, MG, WU)N/AN/A
Bank WireN/AN/A

Galaxy Sports Payout Methods

This is where the site could make some major improvements as far as the variety of payout methods is concerned. Even if they added two or three more options, that would be a far cry from what they have going on here currently. We did enjoy seeing the inclusion of bank wires, a great option for high-stakes players to transfer large sums in and out of Galaxy Sports.

Payout MethodMinimum LimitMaximum Limit
Person 2 Person (MG)$100$1,500
Bank Wire$10,000$20,000
Bank Draft$100$3,000

Galaxy Sports Bonuses and Promotions

We really enjoyed the bonuses and promotions we found in our Galaxy Sports review! Newcomers can capitalize on great welcome bonuses and regular customers can keep their accounts lined with some green with daily deals, contests, and cashback programs. It does not matter if you are new, or you already know the ropes. There are a ton of great deals here for bettors regardless of their level of skill or knowledge of Galaxy Sports and its offerings.

100% Sign Up Bonus

Newcomers to Galaxy Sports can score a 100% match on their initial deposit and it applies to both the sportsbook and the casino. A minimum deposit of $50 is required, and the maximum bonus is $300. Deposit the full $300 for your initial deposit and you will be sitting pretty! Keep in mind that there is a rollover requirement of 20x on this welcome offer, which is reasonable in our opinion!

Horse Racing Cash Back

For every horse racing bet you place at Galaxy Sports, the site will get you an 8% cash back each and every week based on your horse betting action from the previous week. Below is a breakdown of what kind of cashback you can expect based on the types of horse bets you place!

Horse Racing Betting App - Money Gift

  • 8% cash back on all exotic internet
  • 5% cash back on all call center exotic wagers
  • 3% cash back on all internet Win, Place, or Show bets
  • 2% cash back on all call center Win, Place, or Show bets

There is no rollover requirement tied to the horse cashback program and there is no minimum weekly volume required. Get ready for this one. There is also no cap on how much you can earn each week! If you were not interested in betting on the horse before, you bet you are now! The news keeps getting better. This deal is automatically applied to your account when you bet on horse races. There is no need to request or redeem this offer!

Casino Cash Back

For what it is worth, Galaxy Sports does offer a promotion for online casino play. Customers can get 10% cashback weekly on all of their casino gameplay. The maximum bonus for this deal is $500, and the bonus cash is subject to a 25x rollover requirement.

Something to keep in mind is that this offer must be requested by the customer over live chat, which is odd because the horse racing cashback program is currently applied automatically to players’ accounts. We would love for Galaxy Sports to offer this promo as they do with the horse racing cashback deal and make it automatic for the customer!

Refer A Friend

This kind of promo is a standard offering at most online sportsbooks, so it is no shock that a refer-a-friend deal has made its way into our Galaxy Sports review. Whenever your referral makes their first deposit at the site, you will get a bonus that is equal to 20% of that amount!

The maximum bonus here is $500 and a rollover requirement of 5x applies.

BetPoints Loyalty Program

This is Galaxy Sports’ answer to a rewards program for their regular customers. Bettors earn cashback on all wagers they make at the sportsbook. Not all online sports betting sites have loyalty programs, so we are glad to see Galaxy Sports offering this to their regular customers.

The thing that we really appreciate about Galaxy Sports is their even distribution of bonuses for their new customers and their regulars. Many times, online betting sites will focus heavily on their new players and then give them nothing but scraps past the first deposit. Good sportsbooks will be generous and give their customers tools to succeed and Galaxy Sports does just that!

Galaxy Sports for Mobile

Mobile Betting FeatureAs far as we could tell, there is currently no app available for download at Galaxy Sports. Bettors can access the site on their mobile devices by using their web browser and a reliable internet connection. Our one recommendation for the future in terms of mobile compatibility and connectivity would be for Galaxy Sports to develop an app. Some customers like having this option as they do not need an internet connection to use a sportsbook app and they can access the site much quicker by simply clicking on the icon on their device’s home screen.

Other than this, we really liked the way Galaxy Sports displayed and functioned on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. The site configuration and the handling largely remained the same. The experience is also marked by no errors, glitches, or lagging. Thanks to their mobile-friendly design, Galaxy Sports is a pleasure to use on smaller devices!

Customer Service at Galaxy Sports

This might just be the weakest area in our Galaxy Sports review. The only option for reaching the site is using live chat. While this is not the worst method to include as the sole contact option (trust us, we have seen sites that only offer email support), we feel that customer service at Galaxy Sports is severely and unnecessarily limited without the inclusion of phone and email support.

Improvements for the Future

Most online sportsbooks offer the three basics: live chat, phone, and email. And they might even throw in a couple more beyond that. Live chat support, in our mind, really does not cut it as a one-size-fits-all solution for tending to customers. A lot of people might not want to talk face-to-face with a customer service associate and might prefer the more private feeling of making a phone call or simply sending a message via email. We hope that Galaxy Sports considers adding these two methods at some point in the future!

The Good Stuff

One of the good things about the live chat feature at Galaxy Sports is that it is really easy to access and use! Simply scroll down to the bottom of any of the site’s pages and select the Live Chat link under the Help Center section. This automatically opens the chat, and you will be face-to-face with customer service in seconds!

Galaxy Sports FAQ

Absolutely, Galaxy Sports is legit! They can legally service customers in the US as well as many other nations across the globe. They are fully licensed by the Costa Rica Gaming Commission, a reputable gambling authority in a legit jurisdiction.

Galaxy Sports is a safe and secure option for top-rated sports betting. They are licensed by a legit gambling authority, and this means that must adhere to certain safety standards. These include vetting all new customers who join their site and using an SSL-encrypted connection to ensure that all personal and financial information shared is kept completely secure.

Yes and the way you can know that what we are presenting is completely honest is the fact that we are focusing on the strengths and the weaknesses of Galaxy Sports. We will not shy away from calling out the site on a clunky feature or the absence of something that could improve the site. This review is not all about heaping on the praise. We took a critical look at Galaxy Sports, called out the things we felt they did well, and also pointed to the places where they dropped the ball in our opinion.

We really like this site on mobile devices. In fact, we experienced the same things at Galaxy Sports on mobile that we would have experienced on a larger screen like a desktop PC. The site is quick and nimble, featuring the same great navigation and configuration found on larger devices. There is no glitching or errors and the site remains free of any sort of lagging. Galaxy Sports looks great on the smaller screen as well and can be used on all iOS or Android including tablets and smartphones!

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