Best CSGO Betting Sites for 2022

Despite the worldwide health crisis, the world of CSGO betting is still alive and well! The annual projections weren’t met, but that doesn’t mean CSGO gambling sites are experiencing a shortage of demand. It’s quite the contrary, actually. Online events didn’t really faze the CSGO betting community. And now that we’re seeing the return of LAN events, the demand will just keep on increasing!

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So, what has changed in terms of CSGO betting sites over the last year or so? New trends are visible across all esports fronts, CSGO included! Markets that switched to online gameplay saw a decrease in available futures. Markets with annual world championships enjoyed deep prop coverage. Live betting became a standard among most reputable platforms, and cryptocurrency betting still remains strong despite a big drop in value.

Top CSGO Betting Sites

  • BetUS – Best CSGO Betting Site for US Customers
  • BetOnline – Best CSGO Event Coverage
  • MyBookie – Posts Early CSGO Betting Odds
  • – Great Coverage of All Major Esports
  • *Betway – Most CSGO Betting Markets
  • *22Bet – Best CSGO Betting Bonuses

If you’re looking for a CSGO gambling site you can’t go wrong with any of these. Below we’ll go into the pros and cons of each CSGO betting site and what makes them great. *Please note Betway and 22Bet do not service the US Market.

BetUS – Best CSGO Betting Site for US Customers

BetUS Esports Page Screenshot

BetUS is known for being among the most generous online bookmakers. At the moment, they feature a 100% welcome bonus capped at $2,500, a pretty hefty amount to start off your CSGO betting adventure!

Pros Cons
  • Generous bonuses
  • Easy to use website
  • US bettors allowed
  • Website not that intuitive
  • Little to no coverage for smaller events

Visit BetUS

BetOnline – Best CSGO Event Coverage

BetOnline Esports Page Screenshot

BetOnline features a multitude of CSGO events. We’re not just talking about the biggest ones, but smaller, tier-B stuff too. If you love your tier-B CSGO esports, BetOnline is the obvious choice.

Pros Cons
  • Intuitive beta version
  • Great sports and esports coverage
  • Plenty of props and futures
  • Odds could be better
  • May be late with their lines

Visit BetOnline

MyBookie – Posts CSGO Betting Odds Early

MyBookie Esports Page Screenshot

If you’re always on the lookout for the freshest odds, MyBookie could soothe your CSGO gambling cravings. They’re always the first to post odds, which is a huge plus in our books!

Pros Cons
  • Early CSGO odds
  • Great bet variety across all esports markets
  • Features live betting, racebook, and online casino
  • Website not that intuitive
  • Little to no coverage for smaller events

Visit MyBookie – Great Coverage of All Major Esports Esports - CSGO Odds
This CSGO gambling site will be finding it’s way onto many of our top esports betting lists. Their esports betting offerings are organized in a separate section than their traditional sports betting markets. This not only makes navigating the site easier, but also shows the brand’s dedication to offering high quality online betting options for CSGO and other esports.

Pros Cons
  • Top notch esports coverage and live CSGO betting
  • Great sports and esports coverage
  • Suitable for first-time bettors
  • Customer support could be better
  • Some markets aren’t available worldwide

Visit SportsBetting

Betway – Most CSGO Betting Markets

Betway Esports Page Screenshot

Betway is known for going out of its way to provide users with a ton of CSGO betting markets. We’re talking about all sorts of prop bets that are able to maximize the entertainment factor.

Pros Cons
  • Lots of available bets
  • Great esports coverage
  • Fair odds
  • Doesn’t accept US bettors
  • Doesn’t allow crazy bet combos

Visit Betway

22Bet – Best Site for CSGO Betting Bonuses

22Bet Esports Page Screenshot

22Bet is a great all-arounder as far as CSGO gambling goes. In addition to covering esports you will also find a ton of other sports, casino games, and more wagering opportunities. If you’re located outside the US, look no further than 22Bet!

Pros Cons
  • Covers additional betting markets
  • Good customer support
  • Great all-around option for beginners
  • Bonuses could be better
  • Doesn’t accept US bettors

Visit 22Bet

Comparing CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO gambling sites come in different shapes and sizes. Their key characteristics such as available betting markets, customer support channels, bonuses are worthy of further analysis and comparison:

BetUS BetOnline MyBookie
Year Established 1994 2001 2014
# of Sports 30 22 23
Welcome Bonus Up to $2,500 Up to $1,000 Up to $1,000
Bonus Rollover 10x 10x 10x
U.S. Players? Yes Yes Yes
In-Play Betting? Yes Yes Yes
Bitcoin? Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat Support? No No Yes
Phone Support? Yes Yes Yes
Sign Up Now! Visit BetUS Visit BetOnline Visit MyBookie

What Makes a Good CSGO Betting Site?

Let’s go through the eight key characteristics that make the best CSGO gambling sites stand out from the competition!

Intuitive Website

Since you’re most likely just getting started with CSGO betting, chances are you don’t know much about online betting platforms. You might not know where to look and, in some cases, what to look for. Intuitive website design is a mitigating circumstance, but not all bookies are excellent design-wise.

The bookmakers listed above have fairly simple page-to-page navigation. If you’re struggling to get a grasp on to bet on CSGO online, they should be your top priority!

Proper CSGO Coverage

Gambling sites with CSGO odds aren’t that difficult to find nowadays! But not all bookies are the same; not all of them have proper CSGO coverage. What do we mean by that? It’s simple. The more CSGO coverage, the better!

By coverage, we’re referring to the bookie’s available lines for ongoing CSGO events. Some just cover the A-tier series, while others go the extra mile by covering lower-tier clashes too.

Bet Variety (Futures and Props)

Another segment of this narrative is the bet variety. What good is proper coverage of all CSGO events if the only available bets are moneylines. Sure, that’s not an issue for people who are looking specifically for moneyline betting. But if you’re among folks who’d like to mix things up every now and then, futures and props ought to be of interest.

Effective Customer Support

CSGO Support StickerCustomer support is important, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not! In a perfect world, you’d never need to go through the customer support process. But our world is far from perfect… and so are our bookies. In case you do stumble upon issues, you better hope your bookie has effective customer support channels.

We’re not just talking about a petty FAQ section with an email contact form. We’re talking about live chat and telephone, preferably in a 24/7 fashion. These have become a standard in the CSGO gambling niche, and opting for a bookie which doesn’t have them is an outright stupid thing. It can and will bite you back later on.

Plenty of Available Payment Methods

Payment methods vary from site to site. Some only accept credit/debit cards, while others also incorporate various online payment getaways too.

Cryptocurrencies are worth mentioning too. Even though they’re on the decline, people still use them to bet on CSGO online. Cryptocurrencies have become a vital part of online CSGO gambling sites, and they are here to stay!

Additional Betting Markets

CSGO alone might be fine for the moment. However, you never know what kind of esports (or sports) betting cravings you’ll get later. Picking a bookmaker that excels across both esports and sports betting spectrum will save you from massive headaches later on.

Fast payouts

csgo-fast-payout-imageOnce you win big, you’ll want that money into your bank account ASAP! Unfortunately, many bookies tend to play the good old waiting game. “What’s that?” you may wonder… Well, their internal payout processes take a bit of time to kick in, allowing you more time to change your mind and invest your money into another bet.

When it comes to our favorite places to bet on CSGO online, the payouts usually happen within 48 hours after the withdrawal request.

For bigger returns, though, you’ll have to wait more than a week, and you’ll probably have to go through additional verification steps.

Generous Bonuses

And finally, many deem generous bonuses as the most important virtue in a bookie. That’s because it’s the flashiest. Bookies use welcome bonuses and free bets as an extra means of incentivizing new registration. Just give users free stuff—that’s the bread and butter of marketing right there!

Best CSGO Betting Bonuses Online

No matter how experienced you are, bonuses are a great way of spicing things up. You can do several things with them:

  • Register and make the initial deposit on several bookmakers. This will allow you to pump your bonus betting bankroll and play around with high-risk bets.
  • Counter your real money bets on other platforms using funds from your bonus bankroll.
  • Try hard to go through the required rollover and prepare yourself for a hefty payout.

Here’s a closer look at the available CSGO bonuses on several high-profile CSGO gambling sites:

Bookmaker Bonus
BetUS 100% welcome bonus up to $2,500
MyBookie 50% welcome bonus up to $1,000
Bovada Welcome bonus up to $500
BetOnline 50% welcome bonus up to $1,000 €25 free bet and 100% welcome bonus
Betway $30 in free bets
BetNow Welcome bonus up to $2,500
22Bet 100% welcome bonus up to $122
888Sport $30 in free bets
Arcanebet 100% welcome bonus up to $100
GGbet 100% welcome bonus up to $100
Unikrn $250 first deposit bonus

Make sure you read the fine print for more details. Some of these bonuses have ridiculous rollover requirements. You need to be in the know before investing too much money with your first deposit.

Best Esports Bonuses

CSGO Gambling and Skin Betting Sites

CSGO Weapon SkinAs mentioned earlier, the massive popularity of legal CSGO betting flourished from the game’s skin gambling community. Back in 2015 and 2016, the skin gambling community amassed impressive betting numbers. Skin gambling was the very reason why sportsbooks started including esports markets on their online betting platforms.

Even though Valve sent out cease and desist letters to shut the shady skin gambling business down, lots of its remnants are still up and running. Even though most of these sites aren’t technically illegal, they operate in the gray area of online gambling regulation.

What does this mean? Well, you probably won’t get into too much trouble if you use them. But in our opinion, it’s still not worth the risk.

If you’d like to place CSGO bets every now and then, the only smart way of doing that is at licensed online CSGO gambling sites!

CSGO Betting Websites to Avoid

With all of that said, which CSGO betting sites should you avoid? Here’s a list of 10 names from the skin gambling niche that you should avoid:

  • CSGO Suite
  • WTF Skins
  • CSGO Roll
  • CSGO Empire
  • CSGO 500
  • CSGO Live
  • CSGO Fast
  • Gamdom
  • Daddy Skins
  • Dat Drop

If you’re pursuing legal CSGO betting, you should stay away from skin gambling sites. Only look for fully licensed online betting platforms such as the one listed at the top of this page!

Online CSGO Betting Websites | FAQ Section

The list of CSGO gambling websites goes on and on. There are no total numbers, but we’re talking hundreds here. However, if we rephrase the question to, “How many good CSGO betting sites are there?” the answer is totally different.

There are roughly a dozen of good CSGO betting websites. And we mean “good” as in they’ll provide you with a satisfactory online CSGO betting experience. Some are better than others, though, which is why we urge you to pick the ones listed at the top of this page.

CSGO bookmakers post future odds as soon as they know the full list of participants on the given event. Sometimes even earlier, but it depends on the event at play. As for consequent rounds, odds are typically available an hour or so after the end of the previous round. Some bookies tend to be quicker. Check out our table if you want the fastest CSGO odds and lines at your disposal.

Betting with skins always was and still is illegal. Yes, they can try to make it look legal all they want, but it will always fall into the gray areas of online gambling. Just like every other form of unlicensed gambling, skin gambling should be avoided. If you’d like to bet on CSGO online, do it at licensed CSGO betting websites!

Real money CSGO betting sites are safe to use! Skin gambling sites, on the other hand, are not. Obviously, you should only use the first bunch. If you’re interested in CSGO betting online, fully licensed sites with the best CSGO odds should be your main focus. Anything else can (and probably will) give you headaches later on. Stay on the safe side and bet on CSGO online the legit way!

Registering for an account on legit CSGO betting sites isn’t a time-consuming process. It takes around five minutes, depending on how fast you are with your mouse and keyboard. Just have your documents at bay because lots of top-tier bookies will require you to confirm your identity before your first deposit or withdrawal. It’s just a safety measure and is nothing to worry about. With reputable CSGO gambling sites, your information won’t get into the wrong hands!

Make no mistake about it, skin betting is not legal! We’ve talked about this earlier, but it’s important to emphasize the illegality even further. If you want to bet on CSGO online legally, you’ll have to opt for a fully licensed bookmaker. Not sure where to legally bet on CSGO online? No worries, that table at the top of this page has all the answers you’re looking for!

The minimum deposit varies from one bookie to another. It also depends on the payment method you’re using; some payment methods can go as low as $10, while others require $20 or even more. This information is readily available on bookies’ FAQ sections, so make sure you check them out before you bet on CSGO online.

There are all sorts of bets available on sites with CSGO odds. Moneylines are the usual suspects, which is nothing surprising considering they’re the most popular bet type. But as we dig deeper, we’ll find a lot more variety. Prop bets, live bets, and futures—all of them are readily available at real money CSGO betting sites like the ones listed at the top of this page. Here’s a shortlist featuring the most common options:

  • Total maps
  • Total rounds
  • Overtime
  • Player vs. player kills
  • Outright winner
  • Group winner
  • Event MVP
  • Correct score
  • Handicap