Cricket Betting

As the sport of cricket continues to grow in its popularity, as does that of the betting markets currently available to online punters. Millions of people around the world participate and enjoy the game of cricket, opening up a massive market for bookmakers.

A major factor contributing to the rise of cricket in recent years is the introduction of 20 over game. The shortened format, affectionately known as Twenty20, has been played at grass roots level for many a year before being introduced into the professional game in 2003. With games being scheduled around that of times where people are either off work or are able to get down after work means the freedom and ease to get to games has been massively increased.

The international games also see a surge in that of online cricket betting. Tournaments such as the cricket world cup, Twenty20 world cup and test series between the major cricketing nations draw a large supporter base. It’s this supporter base that online bookmakers have seen the potential of tapping into after what was a fairly subdued betting market for many a year. Part of the re-vamp of cricket betting has seen the introduction of in play betting allowing punters to bet on games as they take place.

Cricket Betting Sites

Most, if not all, major online betting sites offer some form of cricket betting. The range of markets and even monetary amounts you can wager on will differ greatly from betting site to betting site.

One of the most comprehensive cricket betting sites is that of The site is one of the largest and most respected sports books on the internet to date and its diverse range of sports and events that you can bet on will cover pretty much every bettors needs. In recent years its cricket market has grown to be one of its largest and most comprehensive markets compared to any of its rival online bookmakers.

Betting exchanges also provide a solid betting base for any online punter. Exchanges like Betfair are amongst that of the largest betting sites in the world and its cricket markets are up there with that of

Which cricket betting markets should I look out for?

As cricket betting continue to grow, the increased range of market will be at the forefront of this betting growth. Let’s take a look at some of markets you should be looking for when cricket betting.

  • To win – These markets are the most popular in all sports and it simply requires you bet on the winner of the match, series or tournament depending on what format you are betting on.
  • Man of the match – Selecting who you think will be man of the match in a particular game.
  • Top batsmen/ Top Bowler – Simply choose who you think will score the most runs or take the most wickets in a game
  • To win the toss – Pretty self explanatory, bet on who you think will win the toss at the beginning of the game
  • Most sixes – Choose which player you think will hit the most sixes in the game.

When selecting a bet on any market it’s important to take into account the format of the game you are betting on. Whether it’s a 4/5 day game, one day game or twenty 20 game will massively affect the odds for each market as players skills and performances will differ for each.

Cricket Betting Tips

As with all sports, there are things you, as a bettor, can research and apply to each game of cricket before selecting your bets. Let’s take a look at a few:

Weather Conditions – Probably the most important factor is that of the weather conditions of a game. A warm sunny day will likely provide optimum batting conditions where as an overcast muggy day will assist that of the bowlers. In the shorter formats of the game (twenty 20) weather conditions play a much smaller role compared to that of the longer 4 or 5 days, where it becomes vital.

Game format – Each format of cricket will provide different tests for each team. Someone who may be top of the league in the 4 day format may struggle with the limited over’s versions. When checking team form, make sure you look at the respected variation of the game and then the results from that discipline.

Live betting – The introduction to live betting in cricket is one of the main reasons behind its rise in betting popularity. There are often many bets in these markets will provide you with the most value, so spend time looking through these markets as games are taking place.