F1 Betting

As one of the most watched sports in the world, Formula One (F1) racing is a huge hit for sports bettors worldwide. With tons of different drivers to choose from, plenty of races to bet on, and lots of different types of bets to work with, the possibilities to make some serious cash are nearly endless. With all this betting flexibility and all these choices, it can get confusing quickly and leave you stuck in the pits, not sure where to get started.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know to not only get started with F1 betting, but also to help you master it, or at the very least, make some money from it. We’ll walk you through our free access to expert picks, where you can place your bets for the best action, strategies to help you crush the books, as well as provide you with a nice tutorial of the different types of bets you have at your disposal.

Armed with the information we’re about to give you, you can rest assured that you’ll be fully equipped to start making some serious money, if you’re willing to put in the hard work. If you’re allergic to hard work, don’t worry. We’ve got something special for you in our next section that will help you clean up without having to lift a single finger.

Why These are the Best F1 Betting Sites

Whether you’re taking advantage of our expert picks or you’re an expert of your own, you still need somewhere to take that action. You can have all of the winning picks in the world, but they will equate to zero dollars in profit if you don’t actually place those bets. But what happens if you don’t live close to a sportsbook? Or you don’t feel like putting clothes on and heading down before the race? Or maybe you don’t like the betting lines offered?

In the older days, you were out of luck. You were stuck with whatever options your closest sportsbook offered or your cousin’s sketchy friend Marv who was a back-room bookie with a specialty in breaking legs. Thankfully, internet technology has revolutionized the betting industry. You can now place your F1 bets in a matter of minutes online without ever having to leave your house or ever wait in line. Don’t like the odds you’re getting on a particular bet? You have the freedom to line shop and find the best odds for the bet or bets you want to make. It only takes minutes thanks to the internet and the growth of online gaming.

Whether you’re new to online sports betting or are looking for somewhere new to take your F1 action, we’ve got you covered. The sportsbooks listed above are the absolute best online sportsbooks that cater to F1 bettors. They’re the most trustworthy, offer the most bets, and overall have the best action and experience for those looking to get their racing fix on. Whether you’re a recreational bettor or a professional, you’re going to have a great time with these sites.

F1 Betting Strategy

You know what the experts say to bet, and you know where to bet. But what if you don’t want to have to rely on the experts to make your picks? What if you want to be able to make your own expert predictions? You’re right where you need to be. We’ve put together a fully dedicated F1 betting strategy guide to walk you through what you need to know to get your betting game to the top. We’ll cover some basic betting strategies as well as some more advanced concepts. If you’re ready to put your profit gas pedal to the floor, let’s get moving!

The Most Popular F1 Bets

You never know what sort of prediction you’re going to have about an upcoming race or what your research is going to uncover. If you stumble on some information that helps you pick the race winner, that’s great! What happens, though, if you’re able to draw predictions and conclusions that might not relate to who is going to finish as the race winner? Well, you might think that those predictions are worthless, but that is certainly not the case.

When you bet F1 online, you’re not limited to the same small pool of bet choices that you get at your local sportsbook. You’re given a ton of different bet types that give you the ultimate in betting flexibility. These bets allow you to wager on a lot more than who is going to be the race winner. This means that nearly any prediction you come up with will be something that you can leverage to make money betting on F1 races. Let’s take a look at the most popular bet types available.

To-Win Bets

Before we get into the bet types that are probably new to you, let’s make sure that we’re fully inclusive and cover the most popular type of bet that most people are already aware of. The “to-win” bet is a bet where you bet on a particular driver to win the race. It’s that simple. Pick the driver that you think is going to win, place a to-win bet, and if that driver finishes the race in first place, you’ll win your bet.

What’s great about these bets is that the payout odds are usually much better than even money. This means that if you bet $10 and win, you will receive a lot more than $10 in profit on that bet. We’ve often seen in F1 racing where some drivers pay out incredible amounts, but only because there are a lot of drivers in races who often have little shot at winning. As opposed to some other racing organizations, F1 has seen several seasons where one or two drivers seem to dominate every race all season long, which can make for lower payout odds on those drivers, but incredible payout odds on everyone else.

Podium Finish

A popular F1 bet that you may find interesting is a podium finish bet. When you make one of these bets, you select a driver you think is going to do well, and if they finish on the podium, you win! For those that might not know, a podium finish is one where the driver finishes in first, second, or third. It does not matter which of these three positions your driver finishes in. If you make this bet and they finish first, you win! If you make this bet and they finish third, you win! There are no differences in payouts based on where the driver finishes, as long as they finish in the top three.

As you might expect, the payout odds on these bets will be a bit lower than a to-win bet. This is because it’s easier to pick a driver to finish in the top three than it is to pick a driver to win a race. Still, though, the odds are most likely going to be better than even money on most or all drivers. This is a great bet to make when you know that a driver is going to have a strong showing, but you either want to lower variance or you aren’t positive that they can close or beat out a significant favorite for the top spot.

Driver Matchups

Driver matchups are one of the most fun and flexible bets offered for F1 races. You may see these bets in a brick -and-mortar setting, but they will be rare, and the options will be heavily limited. Online, though, you’ll get a ton of different options for these bets. Driver matchup bets are wagers where you choose between two drivers who you think will finish higher in an upcoming race. As long as the driver you choose finishes above the other driver in the matchup, you win your bet!

Nothing else in the race matters. It doesn’t matter where the other drivers finish or even where these two drivers finish. As long as the driver that you picked beats the other driver, you win. These bets are exceptionally useful if you have a prediction about a driver who doesn’t stand a real shot of winning the race.

For example, let’s say that you think a particular driver is going to have a great showing in an upcoming race. You think they’re going to have a better showing than usual and finish much higher than the critics (and the sportsbooks) are giving them credit for. But, you also think this driver doesn’t stand a chance of winning or even finishing on the podium. If you could only bet race winners and podium finishes, this information would be pointless. With driver matchup bets, though, you may have the opportunity to bet how well this driver does against a comparable driver. This means that you can cash in on your prediction and not have to worry about whether or not the driver wins the race.

Prop Bets

F1 prop bets can be entertaining, as well a great source of profit if you’re sharp. Proposition bets are wagers where something is proposed to either happen or not happen. Sometimes these are things that you can predict with skill, and sometimes they require a flat-out guess. If you’re only looking for entertainment value, you can bet any F1 props you want, and you’re sure to have a great time. If you’re worried about your bottom line and are looking to make money, you should stick to prop bets that require skill to predict properly.

Thankfully, the sportsbooks and betting sites neatly separate the prop bets into skilled and unskilled categories for us…right? No way, Jose. It’s up to you to tell which category a prop bet falls into. While we can’t give you every possible prop bet you’ll see in F1, we’re going to give you an example of a skilled prop bet and an unskilled prop bet, and it should be crystal clear to you what the difference is.

A skilled prop bet might be a bet on whether a particular driver will lead the most laps in a race. This bet clearly requires skill to predict. A well thought out prediction will have a much better chance of winning than blindly picking a driver to lead the most laps.

You have to have knowledge of the drivers and how well they perform at the given track, and make a prediction on how many laps you think they are going to lead.

An unskilled prop bet might be a wager on whether or not there will be more or fewer than five cautions during a race. Sure, you could make a case that you might be able to predict how wildly the drivers are going to drive, but in reality, you’d be making that case just to be difficult. A random bet on either side of a prop bet of this nature will most likely have as good of a shot as winning as the other side of the bet. Basically, you’d be guessing. Bets like this are great for entertainment value, but you’re not going to be able to beat the book in the long run making these sorts of wagers.

Pole Position

The pole position bet in Formula One is a bet on which driver will qualify for the first slot in the starting grid. This is another bet that falls under the simple category. Pick a driver and make a pole position bet. If your driver has the best qualifying time and earns the pole position, you win. There’s no way to overcomplicate this bet.

As with all of the other F1 bets where you’re selecting an individual driver to do something, the payout odds will reflect the difficulty of a correct bet here. This can be a great bet to make if you think a driver has a super fast car, but might not do as well in traffic or under normal race conditions. It’s also a great bet to make if you need some betting action to satiate your craving before the official race starts.

Futures Bets

A popular F1 bet to make is a futures bet. Futures bets are bets on who or what team will be the Champion at the end of the season. In F1, you can bet which team you think will win the Constructor’s Championship, and you can also bet on who you think will win the Driver’s Championship. The most popular time to make this bet is before the beginning of the season, as some sportsbooks close the action once the first race begins.

Other sportsbooks, though, will continue to allow you to bet on these two futures bets throughout the entire season. What those books do differently is that they adjust the odds based on how likely or unlikely it is for a driver or a team to win the Championship. This means that if someone starts off the season hot, the payout odds you can get are most likely going to be worse than what you could have gotten before the season started. On the flip side, if a driver starts out colder than expected, you may be able to get better payout odds on them winning the Championship if you still think they’re going to turn it around.

Here’s a Tip
Futures bets are most profitable when you buy at the driver or team’s lowest point of the season. The less likely they are to win, the better odds you’ll be able to get.

The Big Picture

If you’ve made it this far, dare we say that you’re an expert F1 bettor now? While it’s probably still going to take some practice to claim that title, we can say one thing for sure. You have all the tools that you need to elevate your betting game to the next level and achieve the success that you desire. Our last recommendation is this: take things slowly and take your time building your winning F1 betting strategy. Use the tools and the information we gave you mixed with your own observations and research to construct your optimal winning strategy.

Once you have your preliminary betting strategy, start testing it with small bets. If it goes well, start moving your bet sizes closer to the desired size you’d like them to be at long term. If things keep going well, it’s only a matter of time until you’re rolling in the dough as a professional F1 race bettor.