American League Championship Series Odds

The ALCS should be exciting in this 2010 MLB season. The New York Yankees swept Minnesota in three games and the Texas Rangers lead by Cliff Lee beat out Tampa Bay in five games.

Here are the odds for which MLB team will win the 2010 American League:

New York Yankees: (-175)
Texas Rangers: (+155)

If you are unsure how to read these betting odds (american style odds) check out our Betting Odds Explained article that will help you fully understand the odds listed.

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Article Written Before the 2009 MLB Season:

Odds have been released for who will win the 2009 ALCS for the MLB. The American League is pretty stacked this year with top teams including the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays and the Angels. With the amount of highly skilled teams in the American League you will be able to find some good odds for teams that still have a chance at winning the AL but aren’t rated as highly. This includes teams such as the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins.

Looking at these odds my personal pick would be a team from the American League Central. With the way the MLB playoffs are setup it allows for a maximum of two teams from each division to make the playoffs. Three of the top four favorites are from the American League East which gives you good odds to pick a team from outside of that division. The three teams I would consider from the AL Central division are the Tigers, White Sox and Twins. All three of these teams have a chance to make the playoffs and a decent chance at winning the AL if they do make the playoffs. With the odds given to each team my money is on the Detroit Tigers to win the American League Championship in 2009.