Soccer Betting League Analysis


The Spanish League title is usually won by Real Madrid or Barcelona. The competition began in 1928 and was suspended for three yeas from 1936 to 1939 during the Spanish Civil War.

Only nine teams have won the title to date. Real Madrid have won the league 31 times and Barcelona have been champions on 20 occasions. The next best side in terms of league wins is Athletico Madrid with nine titles and the other successful sides have been Athletic Bilbao, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Betis, Sevilla and Deportivo.

Madrid and Barcelona have shared the last 7 championships. The last side other then them to win the league was Valencia in 2003-04. Matches between the two most successful sides in Spain are known as El Classico’s.

The two sides have different political allegiances with Barcelona representing the area of Spain called Catalonia which often lobbies for independence with the Spanish parliament which is based in Madrid.

Real Madrid won the championship last season, taking 100 points from a possible 114. They scored 121 goals and conceded 32 so their games produced an average of almost four goals. All teams in the league scored 1050 goals at an average of 2.76 per match.


Juventus won Serie A last season without losing a game. This club is known as The Old Lady as traditionally they have been the most successful and popular team in Italy. They have benefited from investment by the car giants Fiat which has made them one of the most prominent teams in Europe.

Italy is generally a relatively low scoring league. In 38 matches last season Juventus scored 68 goals and conceded a mere 20. Overall the average number of goals in matches involving Juventus was just 2.32. The average number of goals for all matches in the season was 2.67

In recent years the two Milan clubs of AC and Inter have been Juve’s biggest rivals. They share a ground at the San Siro but their matches are amongst the most passionate derbies in world football. AC Milan finished second in the league last season, four points behind Juventus.

That club have the won the Scudetto, the name of the Italian league championship, 28 times in their history. Both Milan clubs have 18 titles to their name and the next most successful club is Genoa, with 9 championship winning seasons.


Manchester United have won the English league title 19 times, once more than their great northern rivals Liverpool The English League changed in structure in 1993. The number of teams was reduced from 22 to 20 and lucrative television deals had made this the richest league in the world in terms of salaries and business turnover.

During the new era Manchester United have won 11 titles in 20 years. Both London clubs Arsenal and Chelsea have three championships to their name and the only other Premiership champions have been Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City last year.

City are typical of an English club that has attracted overseas investment. The club has the greatest disposable income of any team in world football. In 2008 the club was purchased by Abu Dhabi United Group. Their huge investment paid off when City won the title in 2012, their first league title for 44 years.

City scored 88 goals and conceded 27 in 36 league matches last season for an average per game of 3.2 for and against. All teams scored 1001 goals in 360 games at an average of 2.78 per game.


Bayern Munich are the most successful team in German football history. In total 43 clubs have won the German championship and Munich have 22 titles, more than any other club. Borussia Monchengladbach and Borussia Dortmund have won the most Bundesligas besides Bayern but with just five each.

Dortmund have been German champions for the last two years. They also won the German Cup in 2011-12 to complete a rare double. Dortmund’s league matches last season produced 105 goals at an average of marginally more than 3.The average for the whole league was 2.86 goals over 306 matches.

The current Munich squad includes the nucleus of the German national side, in addition to Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben who play for France and Holland respectively. Munich have the biggest poplar support in Germany and are the richest club in terms of wages and turnover.

Munich have won the Champions League, formerly known as the European Cup, on four occasions, most recently in 2001. In 2012 the final of the premier competition for European club sides was played at Munich’s own stadium. Despite this advantage they lost the match to Chelsea from England after extra-time and a penalty shoot out.


Montpellier won the French league title for the first time in their history last season, amassing 82 points in 38 games. They scored 68 goals and conceded 34 over the course of the season with each match averaging 2.68 goals. The average for the entire league was 2.52 goals per match.

The most successful club in recent French football is Lyon. That team won the title in seven successive seasons from 2001-02. The club were also successful in Europe and their position was strengthened domestically by being able to buy many of the top players from other clubs.

Despite that dominance over a number of years, two other clubs have won more French titles than Lyon. Marseille have won the French championship nine times while St Etienne have finished top of the league on one more occasion. St Etienne have traditionally played well in Europe and reached the European Cup final in 1976.

Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer (MLS) is the main professional league in the United States and Canada. This version of the league was founded in 1993 as part of the US’s bid to stage the 1994 World Cup. Due to a closed membership there is no promotion and relegation.

Since 1996 there have been nine different winners. DC United have won the most titles with four but their latest championship winning year was 2004. Los Angeles Galaxy are the next most successful club with three titles including last year. The league received a boost when the United States reached the quarter finals of the 2002 World Cup.

David Beckham plays for Los Angeles. He is one of the most famous sportsmen in the world and his contribution helped the club take the title last year. Beckham has won over 100 international caps for England but his fame goes beyond sport, due to his high profile image and marriage to a former pop star.

With Beckham committed to another season at LA a successful defence of the title is a distinct possability. The English player had the second most assists last season, behind Brad Davis of the Houston Dynamos who made most. Beckham signed from Real Madrid in Spain in 2007 as part of a deal worth $250 and the highest profile in the history of MLS.