Super Bowl Line Changes

As the sports gaming industry’s premier event, the Super Bowl receives an overwhelming amount of coverage from all angles on an annual basis. With the betting participation for the game bigger than ever before, understanding how to bet the Super Bowl has become as important as knowing who or what to bet.

In order to develop this understanding, one must familiarize themselves with the concept of Super Bowl line changes and their function in betting the NFL’s championship contest every year.

In this guide, we will break down why lines for the big game move the way they do, what both experienced and novice bettors do with said lines and explain why this aspect of sports gambling is one of the biggest factors for the gaming realm’s biggest event.

Why Lines Change in NFL Betting

Line changes are one of the most important components of betting on the National Football League. With so much focus put on the entire NFL season, pro football games are often wagered in extreme volume with heavy money attached to them.

This paired with the instincts of the oddsmaker leads to a spread shifting up and down, effectively change the play in hopes of getting more action going the other way. While it may seem confusing to a newcomer, line changes allow people to learn one of the most important parts about betting sports: timing is key.

As bettors refine their skills by breaking old habits and creating new ones, the ability to comprehend line changes and their time frame gradually become second nature.

Super Bowl Line Changes vs Line Changes in the Regular Season

The fluctuation of betting lines in professional football isn’t just restricted to the postseason, as this concept carries importance all throughout the football season. While everything is amplified, and in some cases modified for Super Bowl Sunday, gambling on the NFL is a practice that can bring both risk and reward at any given moment.

It’s not so much a matter of being able to define “regular season line changes versus Super Bowl line changes”, as much as it is understanding why some games move from their opening number faster and more frequently than others.

Regular season line alterations aren’t any more important or held to a lesser standard than those related to the Super Bowl, it is merely a matter of focus. With such intense concentration on one 60-minute football game, there naturally comes a multitude of ways to dissect and evaluate it.

It is for this very reason that prop bets (which still hold relevance in the regular season) are substantially more popular in the build-up to the Super Bowl as there are so many to be found that otherwise would not exist.

Simply put, every type of bet that can be made sees an uptick in action going into Super Bowl weekend, with the constant changing odds a clear reflection of that.

Best Sites for Tracking Line Changes in the Super Bowl

Tracking Line Changes Using Online Sportsbooks

Accessibility reigns supreme here, as the use of online sports betting sites has made tracking line changes as easy as checking the weather or a social media app on a smart phone. Being able to follow line changes through a device by way of the internet gives bettors the easiest route one could ask for.

With gambling websites and their modified mobile app versions becoming a new standard practice in sports betting, it is perhaps now easier than ever to be in tune with what is going on.

Again, it must be emphasized however that one cannot be in tune if they lack the baseline knowledge, so it is imperative that at the very least a patron is familiar with the key terms, rules, and do’s/don’ts of betting a football game. If they are, then the rest is on them and depending on the site they are using, they may be in store for more opportunities to walk away with something in their pocket.

The ability to use these websites at any time (assuming use of the internet/technology is within reach) is part of their appeal, one that continues to draw more and more customers away from the traditional land-based sportsbooks on a yearly basis.


While anybody can follow changes in the number if they know what they’re doing and where they are looking, the use of sports betting websites has introduced a whole new style of play that is quickly becoming the norm in the sports gaming world.


In the 2 weeks leading up to the super bowl will line changes stop?

Towards the middle, as line changes often see their greatest movement early before slowing down around the middle-to-end of that first week. The action picks up again later in the second week as kickoff gets closer and the final wave of bets comes surging in. This is not universal as if a line is posted for action then it can always possibly shift, but most of the time this occurs closer to the release of the opening line the finalization of the closing line at the game’s kickoff.

Should I bet multiple lines to ensure profit for myself on Super Bowl Sunday?

If you are not an experienced bettor this is not advised as the process would seem more tedious and disjointed. But if one has grasped the basics of sports betting then it actually can be a good opportunity to cut losses and maximize profit as these Super Bowl line changes have just enough variation between them to find something that can be beneficial.

What are some red flags to monitor when tracking Super Bowl line changes?

Line shopping will help you with this one, as getting your eyes on multiple spreads from various markets not only helps a patron find betting value, but also will give them precautions of what to avoid. If a line at shop looks off from it otherwise does at that respective market or if it looks substantially different from its contemporary markets, then that is a good sign something may be fishy and the bettor may be better off using a different sportsbook or gambling website.

If the line isn’t shifting is that a sign to stay away from betting it?

Not necessarily no, as too much line movement can also be a negative. The best way to determine if a line move is legitimate or not is to try and follow the influx of both sharp bets and public bets. These trends often help shed some light on where the money is going, which in turn directly affects the movement of the line in either direction. By gauging this rather than the actual movement or lack thereof surrounding the point spread, a customer can better determine if it is worth the wager.