Super Bowl 2021 Betting Safety Tips

Anytime something becomes a massive phenomenon, its security and stability must be evaluated. As the world of sports gambling has evolved into a global hit, a greater emphasis on safety and trustworthy business methods has followed to ensure this upward trend continues.

In fact, gambling safety has become one of the primary concerns in the sports betting industry for all parties involved, as gambling safety and its practice can make or break a sportsbook or casino.

With online betting trending upward, safety through the internet is now also vital, as the lack of human on human interaction creates a chance for safety to be compromised. This is why knowing that you are protected and using a reputable gambling site creates a strong feeling of security and comfort, with any nervous feeling being reserved for the bets themselves (as it should be).

While many kinks in various systems have been worked out through the years, the implementation of safe sports betting practices is something that has found a lot of success due to the skills and professionalism of oddsmakers and the consistent activity of the betting public.

For major sporting events like the Super Bowl, the importance of this safety is only increased, and it is something all bettors should be familiar with.

For new bettors, however, knowing where to go from the jump helps establish a feeling of security and ease. When looking at betting on the Super Bowl, we only recommend the best real money Super Bowl betting apps and Super Bowl betting sites that have accumulated excellent reputations of safe, consistent sports wagering.

Safest Super Bowl Betting Sites

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The Importance of Safe Betting

Sports gambling has grown so large that it has become recognized as one of the most well-run, professionally handled industries in the world of gaming. Much of this has to do with the fact that the safest online sportsbooks pride themselves on honest and reliable practices with their customers.

With sports betting fighting an uphill battle against the stigma of gambling for decades, being able to execute professional, trustworthy business has helped the industry survive evolve. Safety must be a priority for oddsmakers as it is what keeps the shop’s clientele in their back pocket. By creating a sense of security and trust, patrons will feel more comfortable to take their gambling risks at a bookie’s business establishment.

This safety serves as protection from outside influences and the house itself, as it is emphasizing that a customer will not be ripped off while placing bets at that particular book. When the player realizes this security blanket works, they will be more likely to return to that shop to get action in the future as a relationship was founded and solidified simply through safe, ethical business practices.

Safe and Legal Super Bowl Betting?

Yes, betting on the Super Bowl is legal. For patrons living in the United States, our recommended Super Bowl betting sites are completely safe to use and with no legal issues associated with them.

If you intend to bet but are stalled due concerns regarding the legality of online sportsbooks fear not, as the laws and regulations that target online sports betting are directed towards the markets themselves and their base of operation.

For these reasons, the legal consequences of betting Super Bowl Sunday have more to do with the house’s location and its respective business practices rather than the individual customer looking to make a wager.

A simple way to remember this is “I am allowed to bet, but is this sportsbook legally allowed to take my bet?”

You can find out more about the legal aspects of sports gambling and how to protect yourself here on our safety page.

Of course, it’s important to note we are not lawyers, nor do we claim to give legal advice. For any questions about your local state laws we encourage you to seek the help of a professional in either the legal or gaming fields.

Super Bowl Betting Sites to Avoid / Blacklisted Sites


While it is very difficult to have a grip on the functionality and legitimacy of all Super Bowl betting sites, there are certainly some red flags bettors should be aware of.

Here are a few examples:

  • Slow line changes
  • Lack of bonus/rewards promotions
  • Difficulty in navigation
  • Lack of customer service
  • Limited game/player props and event-oriented bets
  • Disjointed sign up process
  • Delayed payouts

Why Trust Our Super Bowl Betting Sites?

  • Long-standing positive reputations
  • Reliable real money deposit options
  • Huge deposit bonuses/Reduced Vig in sign up process
  • Regularly offered promotions
  • Easy withdrawal options for players
  • Consistent customer satisfaction
  • Website works well on mobile phone and tablet, not just computer
  • In-game wagering (live betting) is offered and is a main attraction

The best betting sites do have noticeable differences in their line variations, visual appeal, and overall usage, but most of them also have several of the aforementioned things in common.

All these factors should be considered when weighing between online options and trying to find one that can be trusted.

How to Safely Deposit at a US Betting Site

All the Super Bowl betting websites we recommend on this page have easy-to-find sign up tabs in the top right- hand side of the webpage. The site will prompt you like any other type of sign up/subscription page does, with inquiries about personal and financial information.

All sites will have their own specific way of getting signed up, but they all follow the same basic pattern and once you sign up at one you will quickly find it to be just as easy to sign up at others.

Once your personal and financial information has been entered and your account created, you can then manage your money and plays accordingly. Assuming you have chosen a safe, tested Super Bowl betting site, this will be easy moving forward as you are now in the system and can wager freely based off the amount of money you have deposited.


What’s the most important Super Bowl betting safety tip to remember?

Know what the repercussions of your bet are. The biggest feeling of safety stems from simply knowing what is on the line with the wager. Don’t get so caught up in what you are putting down that you gloss over what you could be potentially getting back. This is easy as you don’t have to be a betting expert, especially given the fact that all betting tickets both on the spot and online have the proper wager and payout info included on it.

I am financially compromised from a bet I made, what do I do?

Contact the house immediately. Every credible market has some form of policy for nearly every scenario, as odds makers and casino executives are in the customer service business and have to be ready to deal with the inevitable issues that arise in a market. Issues like these happen frequently at legitimate sports books given how a large clientele increases the likelihood of some form of roadblock occurring.

Are land-based bookies safer than online sportsbooks?

What matters is if the book is reputable, safe, and professional, the type of market it is irrelevant by comparison. Both sports betting websites and traditional books check these boxes, it just depends on which ones. Good chance if it’s a market that is well-known to the public, you will be protected as the popular shops must maintain safety due to their large influx of customers.

Why are some Super Bowl betting sites safer than others?

Because of who is running them. Like any business, it all comes back to the folks in charge. The people who allow these online sportsbooks to function are the best in their chosen field of endeavor and providing safe opportunities for profit is what keeps them in business. This is why most of your safe, tested sportsbooks are known brands, as their reputations have grown due to their successful business models and ability to cater to their target demographic.