What Are the 5 Biggest NFL Contracts of All Time?

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In 2020, Patrick Mahomes shook up the NFL with a massive contract that made him the highest paid player in NFL history. His deal was similar to a massive NBA or MLB contract and it was a sign of the times to come.

Since then:
Other teams have followed the Chiefs example by giving their respective franchise quarterbacks some of the biggest NFL contracts ever.

Let’s take a look at the 5 biggest NFL contracts ever and see how they all stack up against other. Additionally, feel free to check out some of our football betting sites to wager on these players during the upcoming season.

1: Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs, (10 seasons, $477 M)

Going into this season, the biggest contract in NFL history belongs to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who signed an NFL deal that earned him roughly $500 million.

Mahomes is also sitting with the longest contract in NFL history as he should be a Chief through the 2031 season. He was presented with $477 million in 2020 as he was guaranteed $63 million at the signing, 103.5 million in March, 2021, and 141.4 million in March of this year. Mahomes led Kansas City to its Super Bowl XIV win over San Francisco in 2020 with the 31-20 win.

In that 2019 season, he earned what is the biggest contract in NFL history as well as the longest in NFL history.

He orchestrated a Kansas City comeback as the Chiefs trailed the 49ers, 20-10, in the third quarter.

Mahomes also had suffered that season as he was out of two games with a dislocated knee cap in a 30-6 Week 7 win over Denver.

When he came back in Week 10:
He threw for 448 yards, but the Chiefs fell to the Tennessee Titans, 35-32.

That $45 million for the 2022 season will be the third-biggest contract for the year as Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ $50.272M will make him the highest-paid quarterback this upcoming season.

2: Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (6 seasons, $258M)

Many NFL pundits are picking the Buffalo Bills to finally win the Super Bowl this upcoming season.

Much of the reason for that is the continual consistent play of Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who is poised with the second-highest contract in NFL history. Allen’s six-year deal guaranteed him $150 million as the $43 million per year is second to only Mahomes, who posts that biggest contract in NFL history, and gets $45 million per year. Allen’s extension when he signed in 2021 was posted with what was the second-longest contract in NFL history with those six seasons.

His $43 million for this upcoming season will be the fourth most in the NFL.

Allen completed 63.2 percent of his passes last season which was well off the mark of 69.2 in 2020. The completion percentage in 2020 had to be a key factor in earning him one of the biggest NFL contracts ever.The Wyoming Cowboys product has three NFL playoff wins but they have all been home games for the Bills.

Kansas City came back and defeated Buffalo, 42-36, in overtime, in the playoffs last season at Arrowhead Stadium.

3: Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns (5 seasons, $230 M)

The legal issues of Deshaun Watson gave everyone the idea that he might never appear in the NFL again, let alone sign a contract.

As he went from the Houston Texans to the Cleveland Browns, Watson took a signing bonus of $44.965M with a $46M average salary.

Cleveland’s presentation of $184M in the first four years is a $48M raise to that he would have made with the Texans.

The Browns shocked everyone by giving him one of the biggest NFL contracts ever. The Browns’ signing is an assertion that former quarterback Baker Mayfield and his delusional career were over on Lake Erie as they ponied the maximum for Watson, who may or may not be available right away.

Please Note:
The former Houston Texans quarterback did not take a snap last season because of the allegations of sexual assault. He last played in 2020 when he threw 33 touchdown passes with seven picks and 4,823 yards. Watson also averaged 4.9 yards per carry when he rushed 90 times and accomplished three rushing touchdowns.

Meanwhile, Watson’s lawyers have reached a settlement with 20 of the 24 people who have named Watson in their allegations. The Browns guaranteed all $230M on his contract as Cleveland traded three first-round picks, a third-round, and a fifth-round to Houston to acquire Watson.

4: Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams (4 seasons, $160M)

The Rams immediately cashed in on quarterback Matt Stafford with their 23-20 Super Bowl win over the Cincinnati Bengals last season.

Stafford led LA from a 20-13 third-quarter deficit to a 1-yard touchdown pass to Cooper Kupp with 1:25 to play to give the Rams the 23-20 win. Stafford capped a 15-play, 79-yard drive, and the championship showed why they guaranteed $135M of his $160M contract upon negotiations this past March. He was set to make $23M in the last season of his contract, but the Rams sweetened the pot significantly for the man who led them to a Super Bowl victory.

Stafford picked up a $12.5M base salary with a bonus of $10M. That roster bonus made him one of six NFL players who are all set to make at least $40M this season.

He completed 67.2 percent of his passes which amassed 4,861 yards with 41 touchdowns and 17 interceptions last year.

The Georgia product was getting set for the final season of a $135M contract by the Detroit Lions that paid him over five seasons. The Rams were justified in giving him one of the biggest NFL contracts ever.

5: Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys (4 seasons, $160M)

Dak Prescott is tied with Stafford, but he received $95 million which was guaranteed when he signed. Now the third-largest guaranteed bonus in league history, when he signed the contract in 2022.

Please Note:
This contract has a potential out clause in 2024, so if the Cowboys can’t get to the Super Bowl and then win, would Prescott or the Cowboys or both want to ask out of the contract and move on?

Dak signed this contract in 2021 where he received $66M at the time of the signing and then his salary was acknowledged with $126M in guarantees as $95M was fully guaranteed.

One of the NFL’s biggest contracts ever was listed to take Prescott through the first three seasons of the four-year stint. However, there was nothing on contract for the fourth season. Prescott, like many other Cowboys quarterbacks since the mid-1990s has not been a stellar playoffs contributor as Dallas is 1-3 under Prescott in postseason play. He had that lone win in 2018 when the Cowboys won, 24-22, over Seattle in Dallas.

The Cowboys are 4-11 in the playoffs since they won the Super Bowl in 1995 and all four of those playoff wins have been in wild-card games.

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