How to Cheat Online Betting Sites: Beat the Bookies Legally

How to Cheat Online Betting Sites: Beat the Bookies Legally

How to Legally “Cheat” Betting Sites

Have you ever wondered how to cheat betting sites? Every gambler would love a cheat code to unlock unlimited profits at online betting sites

While this sounds appealing, it’s actually a bad idea. The Sports Geek does not recommend going against sportsbooks policies to win, because this won’t end well. You will lose everything and might even go to jail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an advantage by stretching the rules!

In this article, I show you how to legally “cheat” betting sites to get the most value of every wager! 

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting, also called sure betting, is wagering on both sides of an event to guarantee a profit. When you make an arbitrage bet, it doesn’t matter who wins the match. 

Regardless of whether Team A or Team B wins, arbitraging ensures that you’ll come out ahead! To successfully pull off an arbitrage bet, you must make two separate bets on one event at two different betting sites and the odds must be high enough to profit, no matter what.

Let’s check out a real-life example of how arbitrage betting works:

How to Arbitrage: 

  1. Sign up at a sportsbook, for instance, Bovada is a trusted betting site to consider. 
  2. An account at a second sportsbook is required, so look into another well-rated site, like BetUS.
  3. Search for arbitrage opportunities, where you can stake money on both teams to earn a profit. For example, imagine a close game between the Cowboys and the Eagles in the NFL, where you can see the following ML odds. 
    • Dallas Cowboys (+100)
    • Philadelphia Eagles (+120)
  4. In this example, you place a $100 bet for the Cowboys to win on the moneyline at +100 odds early in the week. Before kickoff, you discover that the Philadelphia Eagles are +120 to win outright at another sportsbook, so you bet $95.45. Live betting can also be used to find deficiencies in the markets.
  5. If the Cowboys win, the bettor will profit $4.55. Conversely, if the Eagles win, they’ll win $14.54.

The profits might be small, but they are guaranteed! This is why arbitrage betting is called sure betting.

Note that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cheat betting sites with this strategy. Sportsbooks work together to ensure that these opportunities do not happen often. Also, the margins are thin even if there is an arbitrage present. 

However, it’s not impossible and arbitrage opportunities still exist. For more information, please check out our summary on arbitrage betting.

Line Shopping and Odds Comparison 

Since arbitrage sports betting is becoming more difficult, consider line shopping to discover the best betting value. It’s imperative to shop around for the best prices before locking in your bets.

Large discrepancies in the odds can be present between one online sportsbook versus competitors. This is why The Sports Geek always recommends having accounts on at least two or three safe betting sites.

Let’s delve into the Wimbledon 2024 men’s odds at the time I’m writing this post. Here are the prices of three online sportsbooks for the main favorites:


    • BetUS: Carlos Alcaraz (+175), Jannik Sinner (+175), Novak Djokovic (+400)
    • Bovada: Jannik Sinner (+180), Carlos Alcaraz (+225), Novak Djokovic (+400)
    • MyBookie: Carlos Alcaraz (+175), Jannik Sinner (+330), Novak Djokovic (+350)

Check out the varying prices across these three betting sites! If you like Jannik Sinner to win, you’ll want to bet on him at MyBookie, where he has +330 odds. This is a huge difference between his +175 odds at BetUS.

Meanwhile, Bovada is your best bet for Carlos Alcaraz to win Wimbledon at +225. This beats his +175 odds at BetUS and MyBookie by a wide margin. Over time, backing the best prices can be the difference between cashing a profit or losing.

Even if the difference in the odds seems insignificant, it can add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the long term of a bettor’s career. Also, keep in mind that prices will continually shift, so pay attention! 

Check All Markets

Before finalizing your betting card, consider examining multiple markets. There are countless wagers on pretty much anything you can think of in this era of online sports betting! Prop wagering has never been so popular. 

Check over the odds of similar wagers and place bets that provide a larger return. Although every event won’t provide these opportunities, there are many gems to find if you dig deep enough. 

There are a few prominent examples that we’ve come across over the last year:

Survivor Season 46:

Survivor betting has grown in popularity among gamblers in recent years. For Survivor 46, we were able to exploit a discrepancy between the contestant winner odds and the odds of the winning tribe.

For multiple weeks, Kenzie Petty was the favorite to win Survivor, which she ultimately won. At one point in the season, she had +250 odds to win Survivor 46. Meanwhile, her tribe, Yanu, had a +280 price to win the game.

A $100 bet on Petty at +250 would have yielded a $250 profit. Conversely, wagering $100 on Yanu at +280 netted a $280 return.

It was the better wager not only because of the odds, though. Backing the tribe would essentially cover Perry and multiple other contestants from her tribe!

Super Bowl LVIII:

If you were confident in the Kansas City Chiefs winning Super Bowl LVIII, then there was a likely chance Patrick Mahomes was your MVP pick, too. Over the last 15 Super Bowls, 11 quarterbacks have won Super Bowl MVP

In the Chiefs’ case, Mahomes is the driver and leader of this team. He was likely going to win MVP aside from a terrible performance, which would have resulted in them losing the game anyway. 

Mahomes was +120 to +150 to win Super Bowl MVP. Meanwhile, the Chiefs were +100 to +110 to beat the San Francisco 49ers. Betting on Mahomes for MVP was the best pick here for any Chiefs bettor!

Stanley Cup Final 2024:

For our final example, the Edmonton Oilers were +117 underdogs in the series odds before Game 1.

Naturally, as hot as Connor McDavid had been playing throughout the playoffs, he was the clear favorite to win the Conn Smythe Trophy.

If the Oilers won the Stanley Cup, there was a high probability he would win the Conn Smythe. As it turned out, the Oilers didn’t even win the Cup and McDavid still brought home the MVP hardware

McDavid entered the Stanley Cup Final at +265 to win the Conn Smythe — a significantly better price than the Oilers at +117. This was a nugget that was too strong to ignore! 

Exploit Bonuses and Promotions

Although you can’t cheat online betting sites in the literal sense by stealing money, there are lucrative sports betting bonuses to claim. Just by signing up and betting, sportsbooks offer tremendous promotions for their customers. 

The vast majority of online sportsbooks have sign-up match bonuses, so even without wagering a dollar, bettors can claim free credits to get their journey started. Passing on bonuses is simply throwing money away that should be yours!

For example, BetUS currently has a superb 125% (25% for the casino) match bonus of up to $3,125 on the first three deposits. This can be increased to a 200% (50% casino) match bonus of up to $3,250 and 30-risk free bets with a cryptocurrency deposit!


Operators will consider registering for multiple accounts a true form of cheating betting sites. Do not fraudulently sign up for multiple profiles or you risk being permanently banned. 

Use the Geek’s Help

The Sports Geek is here to help guide gamblers on the winning path. We offer a variety of useful resources to make the best decisions across a number of sports and casino games.

Sports bettors can take advantage of expert A.I. sports picks and our sports betting blog to unlock the latest best bets! If you ever need top advice for your favorite sports, entertainment events, and much more, check out the Geek’s best daily picks.

We are confident that the edge you gain from our tips will assist in leading to a more rewarding online betting experience! 


While breaking the terms and conditions you agreed to when signing up for an account is strictly forbidden, bettors should be on the lookout for tactics to improve their chances of winning.

No system is foolproof, but being a smart and informed gambler is certainly a must to extract the most value. Cheat betting sites by doing it the right way and not infringing on the sportsbook’s rules! 

To get started and gain access to a plethora of top betting bonuses, we have prepared a list of top betting sites!

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